Harbaugh Content With Coaching Staff, for now…

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Offensive line looking at change…

Ravens head coach John Harbaugh wrapped up the Ravens 2013 season on Tuesday afternoon with his last press conference of the season.

While the team faces many crossroads as to what lies ahead with its players the same can be said for the coaching staff as well. In a season where the Ravens lacked an identity on offense and defense, Harbaugh seems content with his staff.

“I don’t plan on doing anything,” Harbaugh said when asked if changes would be made to his staff. He then qualified the statement with, “I don’t want to make an oath.”

Not really what Ravens fans want to hear just two days removed from failing to reach the postseason for the first time in Harbaugh/Flacco era.

Run game coordinator Juan Castillo has been tried and ridiculed throughout the season for the Ravens run game and blocking woes and rightly so, however he certainly isn’t the only one who should be blamed.

“I’ve got complete confidence and belief in all our coaches, goes for Juan Castillo. Harbaugh acknowledged. “He’s a great coach.”

It was pretty clear though that Harbaugh realizes the Ravens coaching staff has to improve including himself.

One thing the Ravens certainly need to do in this offseason is to address the madness that took place on the offensive line this season. For a unit that yielded  the second most sacks (48) and producing just 3.1 ypc (32nd ranked) change is needed and Harbaugh wasn’t shy about it.

“Every one of our guys understand that it’s a production business.” Harbaugh said on potential changes to the offensive line. Harbs went on to add that  he expects competition or potential change at every position on the offensive line except for right guard where Yanda is locked in.

Heading into the offseason we all know the Ravens have their work cut out for them. Player salaries, choosing who stays, who goes and so on. But number one on the list is determining what kind of football team the Ravens want to be.

Before any coaching can begin or any coaching moves can be made the Ravens must answer, “Who Are We?”


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8 Raves on “Harbaugh Content With Coaching Staff, for now…

  1. steve on said:

    I have heard the coach use the term “accountability” a lot, however, it only seems to apply to the players. He repeatedly talks about execution and improved play, but rarely addresses the poor game planning/calling or mental lapses by the coaching staff. I understand the complexity of issues Ozzie has to address regarding players and the salary cap and can see the logic in the moves he has made. I think an upgrade at some of the coaching positions would have a huge impact without cap implications. Without a strong personality on the team willing to take on the leadership role , like Ray did, it is up to the coaches to be the leaders.

  2. Georgia sherman on said:

    I think that the ravens gave it their best win or lose they are still our raven and I proud to have them as our home team 2014 going to be a good year for the raven

  3. what3rd on said:

    The Ravens need to make coaching moves as much or more than they need to make personnel moves. Juan Castillo should go. Our once dominating run blocking could not stop the old ladies from Edenwald (retirement home). Find a new receivers coach. Our receivers need to taught how to get seperation from the defenders. And stop using pass plays that one analyst from NFL films said were outdated in the 1970s.

  4. c-man on said:

    get rid of hostler – our receivers can’t gain separation and are manhandled by aggressive press play. i see absolutely no innovation from him or the rest of the offensive brain-trust. we need a fresh start – a new approach with the offense.

  5. Jim on said:

    Hi guys. Can someone answer a question please. Who’s “offense” is this? Is it John Harbaugh’s, Jim Caldwell’s, Juan Castillo’s, or the Baltimore Ravens? I know Jim Caldwell called the plays, but who determines what type of offense is run (ie. West Coast, Read Option, etc)? If Caldwell leaves, will we have a different offense? Thanks.

  6. TRUTH on said:

    The best thing that can happen to this offense is for another team to hire Jim Caldwell. A lot can be said about scheme but there’s no excuse for ineptitude. Obviously, Juan Castillo needs to go. Good coaches don’t fix things that aren’t broken. In Juan’s case, he broke something that was working, just to fix it, only to make it worse. I agree with the guys above when it comes to moving on from the WR coach. If im not mistaken Hostler was assisting Caldpoor on passing plays by calling the routes. If the WR coach cant call successful route combinations that get HIS receivers open, then why the f— is he coaching our WRs in the first place??

    I’m thinking Ray Rice was injured the first half of the Bengals game. Nope! Turns out the offensive coaches wanted to experiment with the offense – for an ENTIRE HALF to see what they could accomplish WITHOUT their best playmaker on the field. -_- Really? In the most important game of the year!?!? Come on!!


    Not once did I see a shotgun formation with Vonta Leech. Not once did I see a shotgun formation with Vonta leech on one side of Joe Flacco with Ray Rice on the other. Who’s our best pass-blocking back?? Vonta Leech!! Who can catch the ball out of the back field?? Vonta Leech!! Who could’ve used the shotgun formation with Leech and Rice to show pass, then easily audible into an I formation?? Jim Caldwell!! Who didn’t do that?? Jim Caldwell!! Who didn’t use his best pass-blocking back for 90% of the season?? JIM CALDWELL!! Who was an underutilized threat on offense that could have provided a new dynamic from time to time?? Kyle Juszczyk!! Who could’ve been chanting “Juuuuuuuuuuiiice” everytime he caught a pass?? WE COULD’VE!! Who didn’t find a creative way to keep Leech on the field without tipping the run?? JIM FREAKING CALDWELLl!! Who needs to be punched in the face?? JUAN CASTILLO!!! Who kept Ray Rice out of THE ENTIRE FIRST HALF of the most important game of the season?? Jim Caldwell!!

    Who needs to be fired??

    Jim Caldwell!!

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