Harbaugh Sees Progress in Offensive Line


One day after the Ravens suffered a crushing defeat in a game many deemed a “must win” against the Cleveland Browns, head coach John Harbaugh stood before the media calm, cool and collected.

Not only was quarterback Joe Flacco sacked five times, he also led the team in rushing yards. Still, Coach Harbaugh remained positive about the Ravens offensive line play.

“Our offensive line blocked well yesterday,” said Harbaugh. “If you see it on tape, you’d have to say that.”

I understand “Coach Speak” but c’mon John! Seriously? With a straight face?

The Ravens run game is producing a league worst 2.8 yards per carry…that’s right – a league worst.

Then there were the pass protection breakdowns that had Joe running for his life yesterday.

“We need Joe [Flacco] to take fewer hits, and we’ll continue to chase that.” stated Harbaugh.

He also mentioned that Cleveland stayed in a run defense and played seven in the box despite the Ravens attempting to spread them out with wide formations.

The offensive line unit is lost. Gradkowski is still getting mauled, Yanda’s play has certainly regressed, Michael Oher in a contract year seems to be standing there with his hands in his pockets and then there is A.Q. Shipley, who got the start replacing an injured Kelechi Osemele.

While Shipley is healthy, he is slow and appears lost at times; however, Harbaugh said he thought Shipley played well and held his own and indicated he’ll likely remain the left guard for the time being.

Football games are won (and lost) in the trenches and eight games into a season is not the time to be addressing these issues. Despite Harbaugh’s claims to the contrary, it seems little – if any – was fixed during the bye week.

If there is any good news for the Ravens, it’s that the AFC North is still up for grabs. With two games remaining against the division-leading Bengals, as long as they’re mathematically alive, we can still hope…right?

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10 Raves on “Harbaugh Sees Progress in Offensive Line

  1. Kathy on said:

    Harbs must have been watching a different game than I did. Joe was sacked 5 times and hit eight times. I worry about his ability to handle this abuse going forward. Enough is enough – I blame the coaching. Harbs wanted to get rid of the veteran players that spoke their mind. He has succeeded, and what are we left with? A dysfunctional team with no players leading. Harbs may have gotten his wish, but the team is suffering from it. SMH

  2. catgirl54 on said:

    Maybe the whole problem is, Harbaugh doesn’t know good playing from bad. Or, he thinks we’re all so stupid he can finesse us with his corporate b.s. and we’ll buy it.

  3. dave on said:

    Harbs at his glad-handing best. Harbs curriculum vitae includes time as a theater critic in 1861 when he wrote the infamous “Other than that how did you like the play, Mrs. Lincoln?”

  4. kevinj on said:

    Harbs is covering his ass just like last year when he covered for Cam. Juan Castillo has to change the blocking scheme from zone to man to man. It’s very obvious!!!!!! If not Castillo has to go!

  5. Bruce_Almty on said:

    Harbaugh has been drinking his own purple Kool-Aid. It doesn’t matter that the O-line is progressing and we are losing. Our playoff hopes are dead and everyone knows it less those drinking John’s Kool-Aid.
    We’ll probably win Sunday at home and against the Bengals but that will only fuel the false hope of the playoff-dreamers.

  6. Tucker: M&T Sec 527 on said:

    Progress???? Are you High-baugh?

    For 8 games (6 of which involved 4 of 5 starters froma Championship Team), they have been a laughing stock, One that very well may get our franchise QB injured through their ineptitude an lack of execution.
    OK, so Osemele was playing hurt; I hate to say it but hopefully the same is true of Yanda to account for his alarming drop off. Oher is regressing and needs to go. The Ravens fell for the hype when they drafted him in the first round – this ain’t Hollywood. Monroe may be an upgrade (faint praise indeed). But in this sh**tstorm, who can tell if it is enough to pay him beyond this season? Birk was done physically, but at this point I might say that his loss of on-field leadership isjust as great as Ray’s or Reed’s. The FO knew damn well he didn’t have a long time left when they originally signed him. But knowing that the best they could do for a replacement plan was Gino freakin’ Gradkowski. Really? And our reserves (as if an NFL offensive line surives a season unscathed)? Puh-leeze.

    But you’ve got to dance with the ones you brought to the Ball, right? But our “run game coordinator” insists on installing a blocking scheme (one not without merit IF EXECUTED EFFECTIVELY), saying “these things take time” and refusing to accept that this particular set of personnel is just not up to it, and oh I don’t know, maybe using the 2 weeks to try something else instead of throwing away a season in on-the job-training. Somebody tell Juan & John that the Ravens closed training camp to the public, that these 16 games actually count, and that cash paying customers expect more than the pathetic ground game they are putting out there in 2013. Like the moronic annct. at every game says,”fans can expect the best efforts of everyone … DON’T BE A JERK!” OFFENSIVE line? I’ll say!

  7. Dan on said:

    Harbs must be watching film from the past and I mean past. This line hasn’t changed one bit verses the run or the past. If they are doing so good then someone tell me why Joe flacco has so many sacks and interceptions this year. Harbs the number don’t lie

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