Harbowl III?


Unless you’ve been hiding under a rock you now know that the Ravens preseason schedule has been release, details of which you can find here.

A couple of things jump off the page upon first glance at the schedule.


  • Harbowl III ~ The Ravens host the San Francisco 49ers to open their preseason schedule on August 7. The travel distance seems a bit extreme. It isn’t often that teams travel across the continent for a preseason game. Maybe the Harbaughs are hosting a family reunion in John’s new home? He is staying right?
  • The Ravens will now make two trips to New Orleans in 2014 – their final preseason mop up game that will feature nothing but backups and players on the bubble. More than likely many of the established vets will stay behind. Baltimore is scheduled to play again in the Big Easy during the regular season. That’s rather unusual.
  • Maybe the NFL is trying to shuffle the deck in an attempt to spark interest in the glorified practices and not feature the same preseason opponents year in and year out. The Ravens have often played the Giants, Eagles, Redskins and Falcons because of their proximity and the fact that they are in the NFC.

Some teams in the league are expected to adopt variable pricing for tickets this season. Such pricing doesn’t affect the overall cost of season ticket packages but it redistributes the face value based upon the desirability of individual games.

At the end of the day, it’s six in one hand, half dozen for season ticket holders. The tickets the Ravens hold back for individual games are sold within minutes anyway.

So why bother with this facade?

Speaking of tickets and schedules, the NFL is expected to release their regular season slate of games later this month. Last season the schedule was released on Thursday, April 18, exactly one week prior to the NFL Draft, which commenced on April 25, 2013.

However the 2014 NFL Draft will not be held until Thursday May 8 and therefore it’s possible the league will wait until April 24 or even May 1 before releasing the schedule.

The waiting is the hardest part.

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8 Raves on “Harbowl III?

  1. O'Shea on said:

    It may just be a pre-season game but I just love Harbowl games. Both teams are stacked with talent, both headed by great successful coaches, and there’s just something awesome about seeing sibling rivalry on this level.

  2. Cheri on said:

    Toney what I am susprised about being it’s the brothers again and they can only play each other every what 4 years or so and that the Super Bowl is still pretty fresh on peoples mind considering it was only 14 months ago that this game isn’t going to be on a National stage Espn etc, that I know of anyway.Personally, I think for fans it’s cool to see other teams far away but from a players stand point I think it make’s more sense to keep it geographically close like it used to be with teams like the Redskins, Eagles, Giants and Jets.

  3. Mista T on said:

    re: “At the end of the day, it’s six in one hand, half dozen for season ticket holders. The tickets the Ravens hold back for individual games are sold within minutes anyway. So why bother with this facade?”

    The facade doesn’t affect season ticket holders who don’t sell or donate any of their game tickets, true. However, for those who sell their tickets, bringing face values more into line with market prices could be advantageous. Preseason tickets are essentially worthless; however, at $100 face value, the season ticket owner is stuck with a loss of $200 per ticket each season. If the Ravens increased the 8 regular season game $100 tickets by $10 each to average $110 each, and cut the home exhibition games to one game (as has been bandied about for several years) at $20, the ticket seller would only be stuck with a $20 loss.

      • Rick N on said:

        The past few years its been real tough to sell tickets actually, people always say call them for tickets, but when you actually call and say its $110 a ticket, they are like, well…. I think its the economy, use to be able to sell tickets and parking passes fast and over face, but now not as easy.

        I also agree, for those selling preseason tickets it makes it easier to sell when it says $50 face value, then if it says $110 for a meaningless game.

  4. jws on said:

    TL, The key to this year’s preseason scheduled is home games are important teams for fan enjoyments to see and the regular starters will play against good competition in those weeks to get more out of their dollars spend!. The 49ers in game one with their defense will let us all see Flacco’s progress and accuarcy early on with his new receivers and the newly rebuild offensive line and their pass protection level and run blocking skills along with the running backs ability to hit the holes timely. In game three against the Skins which always is the most important and only important preseason game for starters that usually play into the third period, it should be fun to watch. By then the offensive new Kubiak play book should have been learned by all players and the progress of this offensive under Kubiak and Flacco should be able to be evaualted to some degree. Silly story is any Harbaugh meetings because by 2016 one or both are likely NOT with the same teams. Another point on preseason schedules is, the league now assigns teams when teams use to set up their own schedule with teams.

  5. JerryB on said:

    Like trying to put lipstick on a pig! No matter how hard they try, it’s still preseason, which means not much more than a……..scrimmage!

  6. Ravcolt on said:

    Who knows, maybe the head coaches won’t show up. Isn’t that the new definition of preseason games – who doesn’t play? But we know who pays and at full price.

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