How Do Flacco’s First 5 Seasons Measure Up?

Flacco Camp 600

Joe Flacco has certainly received his fair share of criticisms during his career both on a local and a national level.

The Super Bowl XLVII MVP has been shredded by the likes of ESPN’s Skip Bayless and NFL Networks Heath Evans. Not that Flacco should be worried about these two clowns whose contributions to sports journalism are on par with Britney Spears’ advancements in music.

The point is that Joe The Quarterback doesn’t get his proper due, although the more qualified Ron Jaworski does his best to stave of the naysayers.

Here’s a closer look at Flacco’s accomplishments during his first five seasons as presented by guest blogger Luke Springer. ~ Tony Lombardi


In hopes of illustrating how ridiculously underrated Joe Flacco has been thus far in his career, I am providing a 2-Part statistical breakdown of how he compares to all other QBs in modern-era NFL history. Parts I is presented below. Part II is shown HERE.

In order to be eligible for consideration, you have to be in the top 120 QBs in NFL history in passing yards and have completed 5 NFL seasons. This is also for all QBs who started their careers post 1960, which eliminates All-Time greats like Otto Graham, Sonny Jurgensen, Bart Starr and of course John Unitas.

For comparative purposes consider the following performances from some Other Hall of Fame inductees during their first 5 seasons:

Regular Season Wins (first 5 seasons)

Other Hall of Famers: (13) Troy Aikman-38, (14) Joe Namath-37, (22) Terry Bradshaw-32, (29) Bob Griese -29, (30) Joe Montana-28, Fran Tarkenton-23, Dan Fouts-12, Jim Kelly-10

Total Wins (first 5 seasons)

Other Hall of Famers: Namath (39), Terry Bradshaw (36), Montana (32)

Total TD Passes (first 5 seasons)

Other Hall of Famers: Namath (97), Tarkenton (96), Elway (85), Montana (78), Griese (77), Aikman (69), Bradshaw (48)

Total Passing Yards (first 5 seasons)

Other Hall of Famers: Aikman-13,627, Tarkenton-12,018, Montana-11,979, Griese-10,281, Fouts-7658, Bradshaw- 7524, Jim Kelly 6391, Steve Young 5468, Warren Moon-0, Roger Staubach-0

19 Raves on “How Do Flacco’s First 5 Seasons Measure Up?

    • Paul Lukoskie on said:

      He is loud, controversial, and gets ratings.

      Shit Bayless is a punk and a contrarian for the sake of being a contrarian.

      I firmly believe that he in no way, shape, or form legitimately believes some of the dumb that comes out of his mouth. He’s just doing it for the ratings.

      • Rumor Ray on said:

        Shit Worthless does not even deserve to have any of his name stated correctly. Maybe he does not agree with what he is saying, and maybe it is all for the ratings, however sometimes you just have to agree that the grass is green and the sky is blue when EVERYONE one KNOWS it as FACTS!!!… I would never waste my time watching a fool. Same reason I never got into professional wrestling … If you know it is fake … why waste time and money on it !!!!!

  1. Paul Lukoskie on said:

    Nice write up.

    Part of the problem is Baltimore has gone without a prolific QB for so long that the “average fan” just isn’t interested in Baltimore. Thus why media pundits are making such a big deal about how the Ravens will overcome the losses of Ray Lewis, Ed Reed, and Bernard Pollard.

    I guess the way the offense performed after they jettisoned Cam Cameron means nothing.

    Real Baltimore fans know what’s up. We know we’ve got something special with Joe Flacco.

  2. EdgarAllanPro on said:

    A lot of those stats are incredibly weighted to new QBs – those that have played in 16 game seasons with an extra round of play-offs. That’s without rule changes.

    I’d love to see a list that compares Joe’s first 5 season’s worth of games (80) versus the first 80 games of QBs over the same time span.

    I have the feeling Joe (and Ryan, Roethlisberger, and all bunch of the rest – Palmer, really!?!) will sort out a little lower.

    I support Joe, but the numbers don’t tell the real story here.

    • Luke on said:

      Good points, but that would swing the pendulum too far the other way. For instance, Jim Kelly was probably 30-31 years old by the time he started his 80th regular season game. He barely played his first 3 NFL seasons. So he was a more mature QB who was familiar with his system when he finally became a starter. It’s not fair to compare him to a guy who was 4 months removed from University of Delaware. A lot of the 1970s-80s era QBs were far more polished when they got their chance, so that’s not totally fair as a point of comparison either.

      • Reading Comments on said:

        Kelly was playing by the time he was 26. Flacco 23.
        Kelly also had the benefit of his team not being dismantled do to the salary cap.
        And how many guys on that chart were polished before they started playing in the NFL?
        Kelly did not play in 9 games in his first five seasons.
        Rice played in 13 games, starting four games (Only 107 Attempts, 33 Recepts) in Flacco’s rookie season and you had Mason, Clayton, and Heap.
        Kelly had Thurman Thomas, Andre Reed, James Lofton, and Don Beebe on those SB Teams.
        And there were many rules that helped the offense as well as the defense at the time. Force outs are a big one.
        Now I would not put anybody playing on the list before 1978.
        And yes Wins, and Post Season Wins can be skewed. But think of it this way, your team has more chances to be eliminated so you could argue you have to play even better.
        It will be interesting to see how Flacco’s career plays out, and how much more hair I will loose.
        Maybe Tony Gonzalez can help me out?

        • Reading Comments on said:

          Oh and as far as Kelly Barely playing his first three seasons, 480, 419, 452, attempts, and 56 TD’s in your first three seasons is not what most of us would call barely playing.
          I just looked in the mirror, just had some major re-growth.

          • Anonymous on said:

            We also cannot discount the experience he gained from two years of USFL experience with the Houston Gamblers slinging it under Mouse Davis’ Run and Shoot offense.

          • Reading Comments on said:

            I agree. I thought everybody new that. I should have added it because it would have proved my point even more.

  3. Dan on said:

    It’s going to be great when Flacco finally shuts these people up this year. The Ravens won the Super Bowl because of him last year, and real Baltimore fans know it.

  4. Big C on said:

    I wasn’t with Drafting Joe… I’ll be 100, I liked Troy Smith… But after that first start when he caught that long pass I knew he was the guy. He absolutely is the TOUGHEST QB in football. Hands down, not even close. He’s got good genes, not getting injured is a TALENT in professional football believe me. It’s part luck and part toughness and part how you’re put together. His arm is a live wire and I hear he doesn’t warm up, doesn’t ice after practices ever (which is BANANAS, literally people every other NFL QB ices their shoulder and elbow after practices) He’s the man for the job, he’s Baltmore’s type of guy. He’s a throwback. The kind of NFL player you see in a bar, have a few rounds with and play darts with. He doesn’t cry even though the media shows him NO RESPECT. He’s the only QB judged on regular season stats. I personally believe it’s because he’s not a particularly handsome guy by traditional standards… I mean if he was in NY, he’s have a Nike shoe..

    All that being said, he’s our guy… I’m so happy he’s our guy and no idiot media guy can take away that bling in that ring. I think this season is when he finally shuts a lot of people up.

  5. Raven_4_Life on said:

    It’s also funny how so many fans from other teams have to come over just to bash Joe. They know he’s good and it scares them and the only way they have to alleviate there fears is to talk the trash they hear from KnowLess and the other mouthpieces. They put down what scares them. Joe could repeat the SB and still wouldn’t have the respect that lesser Qb’s have. And that’s from the media on down.
    How many players from other teams have said “Any time during the game Joe can open it up and win at any time”. I have heard several players from quite a few teams say things like that on interviews. That speaks volumes over the media mouthpieces.
    Joe, if you read this I for one am proud you’re the Ravens quarterback. Keep up the good work.

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