I Should Have Known Better

Ravens SB XLVII Ring 600

I feel like a Beatles’ song this morning.

I should’ve known better.

Yes, like nearly 99% of you I looked at the model of the Ravens Super Bowl Ring and thought it was a train wreck and personally I thought its origin was the middle of a Cracker Jacks’ box. Saying that it was ugly was a gross injustice to all things that are ugly.

It looked hideous!

I even wondered if the ring was a plant – that some clever member of the Ravens’ PR Department slipped the picture to a reporter who was supposed to keep it under wraps but driven by an insatiable desire to break a story (as if that has the pre-social media value that it once had) just couldn’t resist putting it “out there.”

For all I know it could’ve been a trap but either way, I should have known better.

I’m blessed with the access to see the Ravens building, talk to their people and absorb first-hand the class and quality that is at the core of the organization. Why I even remotely thought the garbage floating around on the web yesterday was going to be the symbol of the team’s historic 2012 season is unexplainable. I now know how silly many of you feel after falling annually for my April Fool’s Day pranks.


At the end of the day all is well. The rings are sweet and the players, coaches and deserving administrative staff are all elated.

Yet it begs the question, which ring is better, XXXV’s or XLVII’s?


Which Super Bowl Ring do you prefer, XXXV's (on left) or XLVII's (on right)?
XXXV (22%)
XLVII (78%)
This poll has completed. Thank you for voting.
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17 Raves on “I Should Have Known Better

  1. Matt on said:

    I definitely like the most recent ring better, even though I would have done things a bit differently. I’m a big fan of moving away from the yellow gold that the SB XXXV ring had as white gold looks cleaner.

    If I had a say, I would have done the Raven’s logo all in diamonds, almost like a silhouette, with a single ruby chip to make the eye stand out. Amethyst accent pieces would then have been scattered around the periphery to,give subtle coloring to the front. Finally I would have had the Lombardi trophies angled outwards on either side of the central logo rather than side by side. I feel that would have created more symmetry and a more aesthetically pleasing face.

    Oh we’ll, maybe I can be on the design team for our SB XLVIII ring!

  2. Ashton VSG on said:

    I don’t really care for the new ring. The two Super Bowl trophies are lost among all of the bling. Plus, the trophies are too long.

    Has anyone checked out Josten’s fan collection of rings. I actually prefer the design of those rings much more and am seriously thinking about purchasing one.

  3. Ravenwoman on said:

    What I would like to know is why some (or most) of the players wearing the ring on their middle finger? Personally I think that looks dumb and it should have been fitted on the ring finger of either hand, like a class ring. Harbs and Suggs are wearing it on their ring finger.

  4. Rich on said:

    I like XLVII. It’s called moving forward. Can’t wait for new ring with 3 lombardi trophies on it! Go Ravens Go.

  5. RJ on said:

    The only problem I have with the new ring is its huge oval shape that I think was done only to fit more diamonds into. You could easily shrink it down to look more like a “regular” men’s ring like the first championship ring, but there is easily 20% more bling on the new rings, which I guess is the point.

  6. Rumor Ray on said:

    I was 100% sure it was a fake as well on Friday. However the image of the ring did not do it justice. The ring in person is way more impressive then the one photo looked.

  7. playboy52 on said:

    I like them both cause I think they capture the times they were won in and show how much has changed since the ravens won it 2001to now in 2013. The identity of the team and the nfl has gone through a serious makeover my question to everyone on here if both superbowl teams were facing each other who would win and who would win superbowl mvp?

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