IN SEARCH OF: Integrity in Broadcasting and Officiating

Collinsworth commentary

Some believe the Mike Tomlin incident on Thanksgiving Night has been beaten to death. To a certain degree they are right BUT…

Let’s not forget about the integrity of the game. This incident needs to be addressed by the league offices today and Tomlin should at the very least be hit with a 6-figure fine.

I found it interesting how the NBC broadcast team of Al Michaels and Cris Collinsworth so easily dismissed Tomlin’s actions as “gamesmanship” yet they crucified Jeff Triplette’s crew for moving the chains forward despite the Redskins NOT converting on a second down play during the waning moments of last night’s clash between Mike Shanahan’s downward spiraling bunch and the New York Giants.

To write off Tomlin’s gross violation of league rules as simply an act of a competitor when it arguably prevented a Ravens touchdown is either bad journalism or blatant bias. Did Michaels and Collinsworth demand a flag for Tomlin’s gross violation of the “No Fly Zone”?

ESPN’s crew and much of NFL Network’s collection of blabber mouths all support Tomlin and cast the incident aside as a mistake and as unintentional.

I call BS!

Why should we expect objectivity from a network that promotes THIS?

Clearly Tomlin’s act was intentional. Why would he watch the JumboTron away from the action when there is an identical JumboTron in the end zone towards which the ball was kicked? Wouldn’t that provide the best of both worlds to a coach who claims that he was simply trying to get the best vantage point?

It’s pretty obvious that Tomlin looks over his shoulder waiting for Jacoby Jones and when he arrives Tomlin steps towards him? Here’s your evidence >>> Click!

Since when does someone step towards the thing that startles him?

Tomlin should be fined heavily and forced to coach from the booth for the rest of the season. And he should take the medicine and be happy the Ravens won because had they lost, it REALLY would have hit the fan!

But back to the whining by Michaels and Collinsworth…

Look the officials got it wrong and that needs to be dealt with. But haven’t we seen similar mistakes by other officiating crews? Not that two wrongs make a right but why was this one so egregious in the eyes of Michaels and Collinsworth?

Conveniently this broadcasting duo overlooked (or neglected) the fact that the Redskins would have converted on fourth down, still with a chance to win, if Pierre Garcon and his butterfingers didn’t allow Giants safety Will Hill to strip the ball and the game from the Redskins.

Curiously Collinsworth went on about how the Redskins should stick with Shanahan and his plan because they have a great chance to win next season.


There’s not much evidence to support such a statement there Cris. Your boy is 24-36 as the Redskins head coach.

Maybe Michaels and Collinsworth just don’t want to get booted off Shanahan’s Christmas Card list. You know, a bit like CBS’ Jim Nantz who invited Tom Brady and Patriots owner Bob Kraft to his wedding.

Is it too much to ask for integrity in broadcasting and officiating?

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24 Raves on “IN SEARCH OF: Integrity in Broadcasting and Officiating

  1. bogeyroy on said:


    Totally agree with you. When Tomlin was standing there watching the Jumbotron he seen Jacoby getting closer and closer but chose to remain at that spot on the sidelines/field. But to me, the dead givaway was when he looked over his shoulder for Jacoby…that told me he knew exactly what he was doing.

    • The Truth on said:

      I seldom agree with TL , but I have to say; this is the best article I have ever read of his.
      To the point and no excuses….And Collinsworthless has the most annoying voice I have ever heard in the media world, I still can’t believe they chose a bum qb like him to replace John Madden…..That’s like starring Pee Wee Herman in a Hulk movie….lol
      Good article, it said it all, AGREE !!

    • mark on said:

      I GUARANTEE YOU that if this happened against a brady or manning team..all the phony’s on espn and all the blowhards that “inbiasly cover” the nfl would be LOSING THERE MINDS!!!! and the opinions would suddenly shift from..oh he made a mistake and didn’t do it on purpose to “oh what a selfish act and he did that intentionally to save his team’..BUT WHAT DO YOU EXPECT..the nfl nd the media still haven’t gotten over the ravens ruining their manning brady afc title game last year and I hope somewhere at some point in the playoffs..there will be a team that will do it again..

    • mark on said:

      and as far as nbc is more important that bob costas and peter king race bait the country about the redskins name,than be unbiased and objective and call mike tomlin for what he was trying to do..plain and simple..which is plain and simple..cheat..

  2. Molly on said:

    I completely agree – anyone who wasn’t trying that intentionally would have scrambled to get out of the way! His smirk after Jones was tackled was confirmation.

  3. I get it now... on said:

    This is real stupid myopic garbage. Embarrassing as a Ravens fan. Michaels and Collinsworth repeatedly mentioned the incident on Thurs. night. No, they didn’t get angry and shout about what a travesty of fairness it was, but they did continue to refer to it. They didn’t just gloss over it or “take Tomlin’s side” as you so obtusely put it. The “blabber mouths” at the Network and the ESPN will *always* give coaches the benefit of the doubt when it comes to sportsmanship things, so I don’t know how you can point to their rection as evidence of… anything. And as for ESPN’s terrible towel thing, this is the same network that has turned Ray Lewis into an American institution, so tell me again how much they love the Steelers and have it in for the Ravens? As for the confusion at the end of last night’s game, well it was a monumental failure of officiating at the very end of a one-score game. How exactly are the announcers supposed to react? By saying “oh well, somebody won and somebody lost, what are you gonna do? The refs do their best, good night everybody!” If it was the Ravens instead of the Redskins and that was Collinsworth’s response, why do I get the feeling you would take umbrage with that as well? Like I said, this is embarrassing to me as a Ravens fan. A little intelligence in blogging, is it so much to ask for?

        • ed on said:

          overall, RSR has been a good blog to read and I respect you as one of the better writers on this blog. Without naming names, there was another blogger who i felt (for a lack of better word) was obnoxious.

          As a fan, I would rather like to read quality stuff that help me understand/love the game in more detail rather than post that help rile up the sentiments of the fanbase by coming up with ‘conspiracy theories’ against our fiercest rival. I have seen way too many posts on a. how steelers fanbase sucks, how they are stupid, how they don’t know when they last won, how the league supports them etc etc.

          At this point in the rivalry, the game speaks for itself. the intensity of the game (every time they play) is enough for any fan to enjoy the game and we as ravensnation are better off talking about that rather than coming up with conspiracy theories about broadcasting and/or how the league supports some teams and are against others.

          just my 2 cents. RESPECT!

    • DarthSizzle55 on said:

      They did not mention it till the Ravens stadium crew played it over and over. Collinsworth and Michaels suck. This was a blatant blown call and just to say did their best is crap.

  4. RavenRob on said:

    Please! If Collinsworth had been any more “on the Steelers’ side”, he’d have been wearing their jersey in the booth. Totally gushing about Pittsburgh and Roethlisberger. Barf!!

  5. Steve on said:

    These last few articles on the announcers have been new lows for the site. Straight up whining. What happened to the maturity on this site (man.. that’s tough to say after Goob’s antics..). Chris C is no favorite by far.. but he’s better than getting stuck with Dan D for 90% of our games. Hearing he was retiring was the best thing Al said all broadcast.

    As for claiming Tomlin stepping TOWARDS Jacob… you would think a football site would recognize that EVERYONE needs to PLANT before pushing off. You know.. like those receivers we watch so much week to week?

  6. Eric on said:

    In my mind, what’s most egregious about this entire situation is the fact that the refs failed to call a penalty on the play. For those that attended the Jets game, they were called for unsportsmanlike conduct for interfering with the refs on a punt return. Where is the consistency? That’s what causes fans to suspect favoritism; i.e. everyone loves to jump on Rex Ryan, but somehow Mike Tomlin is above reproach.

    As this blogger has pointed out in a post a few weeks ago; poor officiating is ruining the sport. That is what I am most concerned about.

  7. Ravcolt on said:

    The best part of the Tomlin play was Flacco, not Harbaugh, calling him out after the game and totally destroying any defense Tomlin could have. Nice job Joe. At least someone talked like the head coach should have.

  8. on said:

    To be fair to collinsworth, he’s been pretty complimentary to the ravens over the recent years. One example would be that he always makes it obvious how highly he thinks of ladarius webb. Webb really got ripped off by not making the pro bowl 3 years ago and collinsworth must have noticed him that year because he always has something nice to say. It is refreshing to see any commentator mention the guys who are playing well and not just living on rep or having their love fest with the top tier QB in the game.

  9. JerryB on said:

    Hypocrisy knows no limits, Tony! Considering that Tomlin is on the “Competition Committee”, he deserves to be held to an even higher standard of accountability! No question that it was intentional either. Tomlin’s first step is into the field of play directly in front of Jones, causing him to lose a step as he alters his course to avoid Tomlin! Shameful display of poor sportsmanship by one who clearly knew what he was doing. Throw the book at him and the Side Judge for his failure to see the obvious infraction directly in front of him and his failure to call it or…..both!

  10. John P on said:

    Gotta partly disagree with you TL. Maybe I just like Collinsworth, I don’t know. But those two issues aren’t comparable. One was the officials making a mistake. The other was Tomlin, well, being from $hitsburgh…

    A better question would be – what would Collinsworth have said if Harbaugh had done that? And I think we both know is he’d have said the same thing.

    That said, I also wouldn’t pin the strip on Garcon either. I don’t think Boldin would have been able to hang onto that ball in that situation. The truth is the ball was thrown away from Garcon’s body, and Hill was in the right spot and made a great play. I’m sure Eddie George would agree as well…

  11. T. D. on said:

    I think the obvious difference here is you knew the chains were moved in error/by mistake whereas with Tomlin, you do not know for sure his intentions whether it was an honest mistake or purposely done. Unless you are mind reader or Tomlin himself, you cannot be 100% sure, only assuming. And being connected Ravens its pretty easy to see which way you decided to assume.

    • John P on said:

      Either you didn’t watch the replay, your blind, or your a Steelers fan (in which case your blind by definition).

      Tomlin left no room for interpretation. None whatsoever. If Harbaugh had done that, I’d never forgive him.

  12. Ed D on said:

    “Is it too much to ask for integrity in broadcasting and officiating?”

    Obviously Tony you don’t follow politics much do you? Integrity went out the window with the Kennedy Assassination…

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