Ravens Should Move on from Jim Caldwell

Jim Caldwell on Field

Is the writing on the wall for Ravens offensive coordinator Jim Caldwell regarding his potential return to Charm City in 2014?

Have the Ravens told Caldwell somewhere behind closed doors at the Castle in Owings Mills that his services will no longer be needed and to pursue a coaching job somewhere else? Or has Caldwell made up his own mind that Baltimore is not the right place to be, just one season removed from the Super Bowl?

All valid questions in my opinion and many fans are sure to be wondering the same thing today as word has spread about Caldwell’s interviews that took place over the past week in Detroit and Washington D.C.

Per the Baltimore Sun, Caldwell met with top brass for that other team that plays in Maryland (Washington Red—ns) on Sunday and from all accounts was productive and impressed Washington officials.

One thing that was mentioned in the article I found truly troubling, which has lead me to believe his services in Baltimore will no longer be needed.

Pollard Alliance Foundation chairman John Wooden stated the following about Jim Caldwell’s meeting with Washington team officials: “Caldwell conducted a detailed presentation on Griffin (RG3) after a thorough study of his entire season.”

Wooden also pointed out to the Sun that Caldwell arrived with a similar plan on improvement for Detroit quarterback Matthew Stafford when he met with the Lions on Friday about their head coaching vacancy.

So, just five days removed from the Ravens’ Week 17 loss, Caldwell had time to put together a detailed analysis on Stafford, and eight days removed to put together one for Robert Griffin III.

The Ravens offense – as we all know –  was pretty much non-existent in 2013. The team’s rushing offense produced an average of 83.0 yards a game (30th) in the league. The passing game wasn’t much better averaging just 224.4 passing yards a game (18th) and the Ravens averaged just 20-points per game (25th).

Perhaps if Jim spent a little more time conducting analysis of his own team and the offensive woes that were taking place on his side of the ball, the Ravens could have figured out a way to produce touchdowns in the red zone, something that plagued them all season long.

I know Juan Castillo had a lot to do with the offense struggling this season but Caldwell is not blame-free by any means.

It isn’t clear if Caldwell has a legitimate shot at either of the head coaching positions he has interviewed for or if he is just a product of the NFL’s  ”Rooney Rule.” However, the feeling here is that the Ravens need a fresh start on offense and Caldwell isn’t, nor will he ever be, the answer.


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23 Raves on “Ravens Should Move on from Jim Caldwell

  1. The Truth on said:

    Thank you Brian, finally someone with enough guts to speak the truth regardless of the super sensitive racist criers…..I have not had faith in Caldwell since we handed him the OC job and let a brilliant OC go late season….All Caldy did was call Cam’s plays throughout the last few games and the playoffs, he’s never been an OC before and everyone knows Peyton ran the offense that Tom Moore taught him in Indy……That being said, I think it’s time to move on from Pees on as DC also, his bend but don’t break theory keeps the other team in the game all to often and we lose some because of that opportunity he gives them….Belichick was smart to move on from him and we would be also….Bring back our Organized Chaos D, and let’s play some Ravens football….Does anyone have Cam’s number, just sayin’ !!

    • aikomule on said:

      I agree with the absolute fact that both Caldwell and Castillo have to go. But to call Cameron a “brilliant OC” is one heck of a stretch. He was never brilliant in his time in Baltimore. He was dull and uninspired. Let’s get somebody with a zeal for O and kick up the D and we shall prevail!!

      • Ed in ON on said:

        Bring in the other Pagano brother- John Pagano from San Diego!

        Just a side note, who besides me loved seeing JJ win a playoff game, one of my favorite ravens who plays the game the right way, and I don’t blame him for going for the money. I wish him much luck and hope he can win another round or 2 or 3!

        • The Truth on said:

          I am rooting for SD mainly because of JJ and we aren’t in the race this yr.
          To answer aikomule; Cam took a rookie qb and HC to the playoffs 5 straight seasons, and we had no offense before he came here.
          I’d call him a brilliant O mind as many in the league do also.
          Just remember the string of bum qb’s and OC’s we had before Cam showed up and then you’ll appreciate his accomplishments.

  2. BmoreB on said:

    Caldwell will be gone. Harbaugh’s hoping he gets hired so he doesn’t have to have that awkward talk in his office. Hired or fired, it happens this week.

  3. sc_raven_fan on said:

    This is a really short-sighted opinion. When Caldwell took over from Cameron a year ago, he successfully playcalled this team to a Superbowl victory. Yet, instead of fully giving Caldwell the reigns, Harb’s loyalty pierced his decision-making skills yet again, and the HC brought in one of his unemployed Eagles buddies. The Raven’s HC is a good one, but this area has been his downfall twice now. His loyalty to coaches with lackluster performance records continues to be his Achilles heel. O-Line performance was horrific, which affected both the run AND pass game. The “run game coordinator” failed. Miserably. I can understand giving them another year to get it right, but if anyone should be fired….it’s Castillo.
    Lastly, you find it troubling that a former HC would be fully prepared for an interview? Really?? ….C’Mon, Man!

  4. Daryan on said:

    Obviously nobody was pleased with the performance by our offense this year, but my question is if you Caldwell, who do you bring in to replace him? You can’t simply say that Caldwell isn’t the answer and that he has to go, if you don’t have any potential prospects to fill the position next year.

    • Ed in ON on said:

      Someone more innovative. Look at all the great offensive minds out there- Norv Turner, Arians (now a HC), Pep Hamilton, Bevell. There are tons of creative, innovative, offensive minds out there!

  5. CoRavensFan on said:

    Caldwell was not any better than Cam Cameron. I hope that Harbaugh hires someone on the basis of his offensive planning and coaching skills and not on the basis of which of his friends needs a job next season.

  6. SeaBass on said:

    when your offensive line can’t block not much else matters. This weekends was about running in the football in 3 of the 4 games. I would not mind if Caldwell goes but I doubt he the problem.

  7. Voice of Reason on said:

    This team needs a new offensive philosophy, more aggressiveness like the teams you just saw this weekend. I don’t believe there is a single team the Ravens could have beaten this weekend. Out with the old, in with the new.

  8. Mac on said:

    “Perhaps if Jim spent a little more time conducting analysis of his own team and the offensive woes that were taking place on his side of the ball….”

    Ouch! That one’s gonna leave a mark!

    I can see where that’s coming from but consider that Caldwell was only hired through this year and that Castillo was made the “run game coordinator” (I still don’t know what the hell that is). McKinney wets the bed and is shipped to Miami, KO is KO’ed mid season and someone filed a Missing Persons Report on our running game as a result.

    There was no long term commitment made to him; Maybe the FO didn’t want him back or maybe he didn’t want to come back. Can’t fault a guy for preparing for his future employment/unemployment.

    We as Ravens fans ought to be careful what we wish for. Wouldn’t surprise me one bit of Juan Castillo was named OC

  9. Red on said:

    People complained about Cavanaugh, Fassel, Billick, Cameron, and now Caldwell. I think they should hire a crazy young gunslinger to come in here with something to prove.

  10. John on said:

    This bum with a few others need to go. If not, what you seen in Ravens offense this past year,is what you get next year, next to nothing.

  11. TRUTH on said:

    Good Article. You’re spot on buddy. You know as much Castillo was to blame for the run game Jim Caldwell was still the “offensive coordinator” and at the end of the day the responsibility to orchestrate the run rested on his shoulders. Unfortunately I don’t ever think Jim Caldwell was ever the offensive coordinator – only in title. I think he served as an intermediate fill in the gap play caller and the coaching staff as a whole took on a more “collective unit” coordinating style approach. When it came time to run the ball the coaches that coached the run influenced the play called. When it came time to pass the WR’s coach and the “Offensive assistants” influenced the play called. The responsibility was too scattered and too many hands were in the cookie jar and as a result the offensive continuity was never established. We didnt have an identity of what we were offensively or where we were trying to go and unfortunately it appeared Cladwell was in over his head. We need a guy who will come in and establish a clear direction for our offense to head in. We need an aggressive coach who will establish a consistent tempo. Our offense was too flat and out of sync for what seemed like every other play . One minute we’re moving the ball the next we look lost. One quarter theyre hot, next quarter theyre cold…College coaches seem to be more in tune with the spread attack and taggressive nature to score quick and with that they often bring refreshing concepts to NFL. Look what Pete Carrol has done, Chip Kelly, Jim Harbaugh…I don’t want an oldschool stuck in his ways coach that’s been around the league since forever and hasn’t adapted to the modern style of play. I don’t want norv or chad or wisenhunt. I want someone new and refreshing and aggressive with the mindset that we have to score every drive in order to win. Obviously Caldwell isn’t that.

  12. j.o. on said:

    Why is Caldwell all of a sudden a problem? At the end of the 2012 season and thru to the super bowl he provided a huge spark was considered by many the main reason we made our run. Now after a season in which we were without two of the top three targets on offense, the qb of the o line in Matt Birk, and our blocking scheme was completely changed and we want to start from scratch again? Please. Give the man a fair chance and another draft/off-season to regain some traction then talk to me after the 2014 season.

      • j.o. on said:

        So one bad season with all that went wrong is a fair chance? If thats the case why did cam cameron get four? I’m talking about a season with a full complement of weapons, our offense had below average play at every single position. No way a reasonable person would consider that a fair chance, no oc in the league could’ve succeeded under those circumstances

  13. Ron on said:

    Caldwell has to go. He ran Cam’s plays when he cam in during the 2012 season and in those playoffs. Yes he had more success with them because he had more guts than Cam and was willing to sling the ball around a little more, but once he had an entire off season to install his offense it turned out to be one of the worst offenses in a teams history that has almost always been offensively challenged. 1998 to 2007 where some awful offense and 2008-2012 were some mediocre offense at best. Getting rid of Cam was absolutely the right thing to do in 2012, the team wasn’t going anywhere with him at the helm of the offense. It’s been proven out over his career and especially his time in a place like San Diego, where QB’s like Brees and Rivers didn’t become the players they are until they got out from underneath Cam, that his has very little imagination to his offensive play calling. He was great for Joe in his first season, making everything pretty simple for him, but Cam did nothing but hold him back after that.

    Castillo needs to go as well, but Caldwell is not totally without blame. Once again the offense had little imagination to it and when Caldwell did dial up some of the deep routes that worked so well in the playoffs Joe just simply didn’t have enough time to deliver the ball. Joe was sacked the second most times in the league and a career high, despite actually showing maybe his best pocket command of his entire career. He was able to move around and make some plays with legs and also extend plays, avoid pressure and when his receivers helped him out by working back to the ball, make some nice plays in the passing game, but he was on his back and out of the pocket way to much because the woeful running game. In turn the bad blocking led to the bad running which also hurt the passing game because it frankly made the play action pass useless. No one in the league feared the Ravens running game at all and by the end of the season 4 man, and even sometimes as sad as it is to say 3 man D-lines were collapsing the pocket and penetrating on the run game. It was just plain ugly!

    A young innovative offensive mind would be a welcome addition to the team. Hell, even if it happened to be a older offensive coordinator like Norv Tuner it sure couldn’t be any worse than it was. Someone threw out Kubiak’s name, that wouldn’t be a bad idea either.

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