Jim Harbaugh, 49ers Have No Class

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Maybe I’m a little old fashioned but I like an organization, a team or a player that is classy.

I respect an organization that respects itself and forces all those within it to adhere to policies and codes that promote positivity, professionalism and dignity so much so that observers aspire to be part of who you are.

I like a team that collectively dresses like professionals, to and from a game; a team that recognizes, appreciates and accepts responsibility for the message that they send in the way they carry themselves, articulate to the media and through their body language.

I admire players who put their team first; those who quickly distribute praise but accept blame even if solely responsible for the success and barely responsible for the failure. I admire players who set standards for their teammates; who through their behavior, actions and attire establish a desirable benchmark.

And then there’s the San Francisco 49ers…

When the Baltimore Colts escaped out of town in the middle of that frosty spring night in 1984, I soon thereafter adopted the 49ers as my team until the Ravens came along. They were successful, had players with whom you could easily identify and were led by the classy Eddie DeBartolo, Jr. They were THE model franchise.

Now thanks to a front office that seemingly doesn’t care anymore about class, they’ve enabled a spoiled, classless brat like Jim Harbaugh who dresses like a janitor and behaves on their sideline like a 3-year-old who just had their lollipop snatched away.

The behavior trickles down and it grips the team – influences them to act like punks on the field and collectively dress like they just left the gym to and from the field.

Who has more punks than the San Francisco 49ers?


Jim Harbaugh might be a good coach – a very good coach.

But when they handed out class to the Harbaugh family, he obviously overslept – probably in that same black polo and khakis that he wears again and again.

He is who he is – a clown (and that’s an insult to clowns)

Perhaps some of you old enough to remember may recall that he sucker punched Jim Kelly before a game because the former Bills quarterback turned analyst criticized Harbaugh’s play.

He’ll never change. Even brother John laughs off his antics as little brother Jim just being Jim.

The blame lies with the enablers – those 49ers’ executives who look the other way because of Jim’s winning record.

Well winning isn’t everything.

One day we’ll see how Jim Harbaugh’s team handles losing. Then their true colors will shine through.

And I hope it starts on Sunday.



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94 Raves on “Jim Harbaugh, 49ers Have No Class

    • 313rd on said:

      after reading this, i truely believe that the person writing this blog never played sports. Jim H has a passion 4 the gm and so does his players. This makes football what it is today and i wish my city had a coach just like him and i promise if he was a free agent all 32 teams would bring him on as their head coach except for New England lol

      • Tony LombardiTony Lombardi on said:

        After reading this you would be wrong. And in case you are wondering players and coaches can be passionate yet still be professional.

      • Education on said:

        After reading your comment, i truly* believe that the person writing this never went to class… even in high school. Grammar and spelling, my boy, grammar and spelling.

    • Jrock on said:

      I can’t hate on winner. Do ya thing Jim. Ain’t nothing wrong for being in the playoffs. At least he don’t cheat like billchck and the pats.

    • Jrock on said:

      Poll which brother would you rather have. The actuall coach who can coach a team. Or the one who know special teams and bad challenges. I wonder what Jim could do with Flacco. I know you flacco supporters love him and say it isn’t about the numbers. But numbers don’t lie. “he won us the Super Bowl”. No the return of Ray Lewis got us there. The good TEAM PLAY got us there. First yr these two take over we don’t even make the playoffs.

  1. Joe on said:

    It’s a sad commentary when ANQUAN BOLDIN had to pull his coach aside and point out how his 15 yard unsportsmanlike penalty was hurting the team.

    Anquan Boldin.

  2. bogeyroy on said:


    I totally agree…Jim Harbaugh is way to cocky and classless, and I wouldn’t even like him if he was the coach of the Ravens. Kapernick is a punk, and at some point will get his ass handed to him while running the ball. But I think you need to throw Boldin into the mx as well…cocky and very arrogant on the field, and loves to talk trash. I honestly didn’t like those things about him when he was here. Am I glad we won, absolutely, but still didn’t like Boldin in purple and black.

    My brother and I had lunch this past Friday, and we both were in agreement regarding the 49ers being such a classless team.

        • derf on said:

          Q has more class off the field than the rest of the 49ers team combined. But yes, he um, showed his ass Sunday. Damn I miss those players that just do their job and return to the huddle. When did trash talking and chippiness after the play become the norm instead of the unusual?

  3. Ruth Rice on said:

    I don’t have a problem with Jim harbaugh although I found it hysterical that Boldin had to “coach” his coach and calm him down. I totally agree with how the 49ers players dress for post game interviews. It drives me crazy! Maybe they should watch Peyton Manning’s post game press conference who was wearing a full suit (and talking about drinking beer;)

  4. RJ on said:

    TL, I agree with embracing an organization that handles itself with class….no ‘ands’, ‘ifs’, and ‘buts’ about it! However, I LOVE Q’s passion for the game, so long as it does not penalize the team; and regarding Jim, I always believed that a team personifies its coach. To that end the ’49ers’ are competitive, hard-nosed, and tough, and play with a physicality that I certainly wish our team would return to, especially in the running game!

  5. Tom on said:

    I don’t agree with everything here. I like to see a coach that is that passionate about the game! I love Jim Harbaugh as a coach! I do agree though, about the relaxed, unprofessional dress code!

  6. Matt on said:

    John Harbaugh is just as bad. Ravens fans are just mad the 49ers are an actual team who can actually make the playoffs consistently

    • Dustin on said:

      Jim started coaching in 2011..that was the first season u made the playoffs since 2002…please. U guys have been a laughing stock for 20 years.

    • Dustin on said:

      Oh and the Ravens have made it to the playoffs 9 times out of the past 12 seasons while your team was consistently at hone watching them. And u haven’t beaten the Ravens since 1996. Ravens are 3-1 all time against u including the super bowl. Since both teams have been in the league..it hasn’t even been close. Ravens have 2 superbowls to your 0. And one of those was against u!! Haha.

      • Jim on said:

        Were you just born yesterday? Ravens 2 SF 0 in Superbowl’s??? Why don’t you crawl back in the hole you and the rest of those retards voicing their idiotic statements. The 49ers are 5-1 in Superbowl’s and they should have been 6-0 if those poor excuse of officials would have called pass interference in the end zone. Look at the replays of the last plays. Granted, it was idiotic calling the same play four times; however, if the officials would have done their jobs, it would have been Superbowl 6 for the 49ers. And some of you talk about class, I suggest you look into your own backyard first. Better still, before spouting off without any semblance of accuracy, review the games of the Ravens this year AND last year. They had/have some of the most classless people playing pro ball. The Ravens have a great coach and some very good players, but they also have their faults.

        • Peter on said:

          I loved Joe Montana and Jerry Rice… thought Young was a hothead… You’ve had the same mixed bag the rest of us have had… I really hate the ref blew the super bowl line though… firstly, lets assume you did score… Flacco has a history of last minute drives and he had plenty of time to do so… secondly, I hate the blown call BS – just prior the refs missed an obvious personal foul hit of bounds that would have taken more time off of the clock. And as long as we are talking about could have beens, I really would like to see how much more the Raven’s would have beaten the 49er’s by if the power hadn’t gone out in the first place.

          • Jim on said:

            I don’t know what game you were watching because there would have not been enough time for ANYBODY to make a comeback, NOT even the great Joe Flacco!!! What on GOD’s green earth has the power going out have to do with the game? Momentum change? Doubtful! There are always ebbs and flows during championship games. If you want to blame someone for the power problem see your local utility company!! By the way, for all you diehard Raven’s fans, you don’t hold a candle to the truly great fans during the Colts era. And I was one of those since I lived in Baltimore. We would love going to the restaurant that Johnny and the rest of Colts visited after the game. Those were the great days in Baltimore’s history. Gino Marchetti, Artie Donovan, Ray Berry, Lenny Moore, Alan Ameche, Johnny Unitas, Raymond Orr, etc. etc. etc. My GOD those were wonderful years. I loved my Colts and the Irsay (sp) sneaked out of town with the franchise like a thief in the night. I’ll never forgive him (or his son) for that and getting the Cleveland Browns as a replacement does nothing for me. I only watch the Raven’s because they are from my hometown, not because they are my team. At least the Colt Band stayed together (for awhile).

        • Dan on said:

          Jim if your are going to complain about that then go back one game before the Super Bowl against Atlanta and on the last play of the game the 49ers did the same exact thing that the Ravens got away with. Just think if the Refs would have called that then the Ravens would have played Atlanta instead of the 49ers. HUM They didn’t call that and the game is over so get over it!

  7. Jay Tolstoy on said:

    I personally find the Seahawks just as classless as the 49ers. The entire Seahawks team acts as though they havent won before and they continually make it known with the amount of trash talking they do.
    That said I was sick of Boldin talking and Colin behaviour when he imitated Cam’s touchdown celebration

  8. Jeff on said:

    First, it seems pretty classless for a Ravens fan to be bashing on their coaches brother.
    Second, the Ravens organization is one of the LEAST classy organizations in the NFL. Team FULL of thugs and fans to match.

    • SDOT on said:

      Thug?? Like who? Or are you just repeating words that you heard your friends say 10 years ago? In terms of class Ravens are up there at the very very top if not the Classiest organization. In fact, our front office is so serious about class that we barely have any players with attitude and swagger (which I happen to miss and embrace contrary to common opinion)

    • rvnsfan52 on said:

      Ok tell me ONe player on the Ravens that is in any way a thug….You have to be a Steeler fan…everyone in the media and in the NFL says the RAVENS are a class organization..even players that have left have said the RAVENS organization is a class act..and although I am sure, like with every other team there are some fans that are not the best ,there are a few Ravens fans that may not represent the bulk of Ravens fans…mostly we have a great fan base….And again I would bet that you are a STEELER fan!!!

  9. MAC on said:

    Anquan Boldin is one to be pulling the Coach aside (though he needed it greatly) he acts like an ass on the field and somehow manages not to be called on it. Football just doesn’t seem to be the same anymore!

  10. Sheila on said:

    So this ridiculous just passed thru my stream…..and I am NOT pleased.

    First, Harbaugh has LOTS of class and PASSION for the sport. Maybe find out how his own brother (Coach of the Ravens btw) feels about his before associating this with the team?

    Second, the 49ers have had a reallllly down decade prior to Harbaughs arrival a few years ago. Harbaugh has brought pride to the 9ers fanbase since his arrival….something that 10+ years of horrid front office and bad coaching desperately needed.

    Thirdly, I dont care how a football coach OR a player dresses.

    Fourth, If the writer did adopt the Niners after the Colts left (and I was a Niners fan far prior to that horror) he would know some of the utter ridiculous crap that occurred in the interim within the Niners organization. (and true fans have remained fans of the Niners despite having a local STOLEN team)

    Fifth, Uh, Harbaugh was not a coach when he hit Jim Kelly, Not that I excuse the behavior….but it was in 1997 and he has since apologized – Oh, and lets not forget he did injure himself and was not able to play that day. Oh, and Jim Kelly says the punch never happened. So theres that too.

    In conclusion, this writer clearly is without fact and is just writing ridiculousness in order to gain site views. Nothing factual contained in this article….thats for sure.

      • Tony LombardiTony Lombardi on said:

        “Is is”, C’mon RC, spit it out bro!

        As for being all over the place, I agree. One day I’ll opine on Jim Harbaugh, the next Eric DeCosta, then the Ravens offense…maybe throw in a thing or two about the Offensive Line. Yep, all over the place for sure.

  11. JerryB on said:

    Couldn’t agree more, Tony! You’ll recall how he “mis”…treated Jim Schwartz following the Niner’s defeat of the Lions last year! The guy is a consummate…..BOOR! And Kaepernick reminds me that 25% of the male population suffer from hemorrhoids, while the remaining 75% are just like him…..PERFECT SPHINCTERS! Here’s hoping the Seahawks take them to the proverbial “woodshed” next week…..

  12. Jason Wheeler on said:

    Yeah this load of bull crap means a whole lot coming from a team that kept a murderer on it’s roster, and who only “won” the SB by getting away with a dirty play.

    • Aj Hattaway on said:

      Jason seems to be one of the only one that knows what he is talking about! The rest of y’all should stick to a more “classy” sport like golf or chess! Lmao haters always hate. And the only reason Baltimore won was their dirty ass plays. But we are back! Ravens ain’t nothing without themurderer!

      • KJ Nickel on said:

        WOW!!! lol, a murderer on the roster? LMAO, AJ and J Wheeler, you all sound SO BITTER! Refresh my memory, who was ever convicted of murder on the Ravens roster? Who was ever charged with murder, on the Ravens roster? Please, refresh my memory, because I can’t recall who you are speaking of fellas. And the only reason why we won was because of a dirty play, and dirty ass players? WHAT ARE YOU ALL SMOKING???? Then AJ says haters always hate…umm, thanks for contradicting yourself, because you seem AWFULLY bitter…or as they say, or you, HATIN, on the Ravens. Lol, before you come with your 5th grade grammar. Yeah, the 49ers are back, in the NFC Championship, for the 3rd year, without a Superbowl…lets see if Jim can keep up with his brother, and win a Superbowl in his 3rd chance in the NFC Championship…oh wait, he has to beat Seattle first…WHO BEAT THE BRAKES OFF THE 49ers when they went to Seattle! LMAO, I can’t STAND PETE CARROLL WITH A PASSION, but will DEF be pulling for Russell Wilson to get to the Superbowl!!!

  13. Sauce on said:

    I agree, but they are a team that is looking good and primed to get to the Super Bowl.

    We will see how they fare in Seattle, go Seahawks!!!

  14. Marko on said:

    I couldn’t disagree more. I hate all the no-taunting, no celebration rules the league has forced upon us. I hate seeing my team’s players smiling and hugging the other team after a loss. Maybe it’s the hockey fan in me, but I don’t want the players or coaches to like each other. I don’t want to see any handshakes until a playoff elimination. I don’t want to watch a friendly game off emotion-free football. I want I see my team to play their opponents with all the passion and hatred that I feel. You’re entitled to your opinion, but I think you’re completely wrong. Winning IS everything, and calling a team “classless” for showing a little passion just dilutes the game. So maybe you can watch your team lose and say, “Oh well, at least we were classy”, but I certainly don’t feel that way.

  15. Bischoff on said:

    I agree wholeheartedly with this article. I think the Seahawks are very similar also. Watching people celebrate a tackle after giving up a first down is the best.

  16. Diane T on said:

    I will be rooting for the Seahawks on Sunday to pop the 49ers bubble. They should put an GIF together of all Jim’s crazy looks on the sidelines – it would be so funny. And If CK kisses his bicep one more time……ugh!!

  17. yupyup on said:

    This coming from a team whose leader for years was Ray Lewis?!?! wow. I do agree that Jim whines too much at times but this article is written like its coming from someone involved in a playground fight…Kaep is 26, I feel he is allowed to still wear his hat backwards, he can barely rent a car. Have you ever watched a Pats game? I wouldnt say how the coach dresses has much to do with the performance of the team, Bill dresses like a hobo as well. In fact, there aren’t many coaches in the league making the cover of GQ on the sidelines in the NFL in this era. And as funny as the gif above is, he is doing exactly what Cam did in what was one of the worst calls of the playoffs so far.

    • KJ Nickel on said:

      And what is wrong with Ray Lewis as a team leader? THE G.O.A.T. was one of, if the the best, motivational leaders in the history of the NFL as a player! So yeah yeah, or whatever your name is Sandlot, what is your point about Ray Lewis?

  18. Walter on said:

    Everyone is entitled to their opinion. Personally I don’t see Jim H and his team the way TL does. Perception is reality – each person has his own filter and sees through it. What I see in the 49ers are guys being themselves without regard for what others think. Obviously Jim could care less about variety in his wardrobe – and to me that’s not important. Steve Jobs only wore jeans and black turtle necks and people thought it was cool. Regardless, one thing is clear – the 49ers play tough, smart football and they win. Prior to Jim’s arrival, the 49ers weren’t exactly thriving. Jim wears his emotions on his sleeves – but what you see is what you get. A guy with a lot of heart who competes his tail off, and has inspired the same determination from his players. If I had a choice between Jim and John to lead the Ravens, I’d take Jim. I just think he’s the better coach. Time will tell..

  19. Chip Riddleberger on said:


    I couldn’t agree more with your assessment of the spoiled punk that is Jim Harbaugh. It’s the culture he has developed in San Francisco and the players follow his lead. Plus I can’t stand that arrogant chant “whose got it better than us? nobody”"!! That chant came straight from father Jack.

  20. lol on said:

    Self-righteous diatribe from Tony Lombardi about “class”…. check…. and my irony quota for the day is already met. Nice.

  21. Ratbirdkilla on said:

    Sounds to me ravens fans are butthurt that their “elite” qb is watching the playoffs at home. It’s sooooo classy to murder 2 people.

    • KJ Nickel on said:

      Hmm…must be a Squeelers fan…hiding behind aliases…nice…how’s Big Ben doing this off season? Leaving little girls alone? Again, with this murder talk, who murdered two people? Stop watching CSI: Miami Horatio Caine!

  22. mark on said:

    first of all..leave ray out of this..he did not murder anyone and the only reason you think he did is because he doesn’t play for your team..he had an unfortunate situation delt to him and has since become not only a two time champion and hall of fame player..but a hall of fame human being..if he played for your team you would feel the same way and don’t tell me you wouldn’t..stop being fake..second..punkernick is a punk..take last years playoffs for example..russel Wilson gets knocked out of the playoffs in ATL and says man I cant wait to get back to work next year..i learned so much this year and cant wait to see what lies ahead..meanwhile..your precious kapernick whines and cries and says man we had that..yeah..you sure did..you didn’t respect the Ravens at all last year and that team proceeded to whip your tails and you needed a blackout to save your butts..you gave up 28 points before the blackout and expected the refs to bail your tails out in the end and did nothing but whine..please..how is that class??..perhaps if you looked in the mirror and took some accountability that YOUR TEAM gave up those points to begin with..but accountability is something that a lot of people run from..then you look at the espy’s..everyone in a nice tux or nice suit..ladies all dressed in gowns..then you have your kid punkernick..red jacket..blue pants..blue shoes..hat on sideways..WHAT A CLOWN..i could go on..but the bottom line is that this kid needs to grow up..get a little humility same with the rest of the team..

  23. c-man on said:

    there is such a thing as sportsmanship and it has been whittled away by a me-first mentality. trash talking, showboating – all that juvenile crap has permeated sports as well as society. a lot of young people haven’t seen anything else and assume life has always been like that. these stupid dances and “look at me ” crap is an insult to people who love the game. it is what it is though – and it sucks.

  24. rod on said:

    punkernick lol fits him perfect! I like when, after the game against the Packers, the reporter asked him about not wearing sleeves and he pointed to one of the other players and said “he got no sleeves”

  25. c-man on said:

    these boards prove what i am saying – no civility – cheap shots and insults from the anonymity of cyberspace – road rage crapolla delivered at anyone who disagrees with someone’s opinion. it’s sick and getting sicker. i can only wonder how the children of these yahoos will be – they’ll be watching people play knockout on reality tv.

  26. Allen on said:

    ….he’s competitive and animated big deal it’s a new era of the every coach can’t be tony dungy and every player can’t be sportsman of the year he had every right to flip as you can see him saying on the play THE CLOCK WAS STILL RUNNING that flag came because he was screaming at the refs to stop the clock

    The 49ers last I checked haven’t won anything and handled the losses in the NFC championship and Super Bowl respectively with class I don’t doubt if they lost on Sunday they would do the same. Get real people everyone’s expectations of how players should act is so bias

  27. Tommyb on said:

    The spinning routine this past week took the cake! Jim has always acted like a spoiled brat, and a big cry baby, and makes faces that only a mother could encounter without recoiling in disgust. He sometimes appears to be a smart coach but ruins the impact with bad sport, low class antics and an attitude that says ‘the only thing that matters in this world is ME.’ Yes he dresses like a nerd freshman at a cheesy college, and yes he encourages boorish and thuggish behavior on his team…but that is somewhat common in the NFL. I find his behavior the core issue…he comes across as creepy, somewhat disturbed psychologically, and very arrogant…a trait he shares with his brother. It would be an interesting choice for who you would prefer to coach your team between the two brothers….the guy that can coach but who is too disgusting to watch on a weekly basis, or the one that can’t coach, but dresses nicely and spins a slick corporate line every week? Any takers out there?

  28. MikeinGlennDaleMD on said:

    Thought provoking, polarizing article Tony. To that I say well done. It’s got to be pretty challenging to keep all of us Ravens fans satiated now that our defending Super Bowl Champions have met the end.

    After I read the article the first thing that popped into my mind was the 2000 Ravens Super Bowl team’s visit to the W held White House and I always remember Rod Woodson and Tony Siragusa wearing casual T-Shirt’ish outfits, and overall the teams casual appearance.

    I am the furthest qualified to comment on high fashion, so maybe I should do a lot of self reflection and update my corporate attire. I dress like Whiney Harbaugh in my job so maybe I should update.

    This gets more to the heart of conservative views compared to liberal views, old school compared to new school.

    Good article though. It got a lot of comments.

  29. John on said:

    Personally, I don’t love either of these teams. But I don’t dislike them. But, why must you people hate. His brother is just as bad.

  30. Melody on said:

    Haters gonna hate….they become motivators. SF is not “my” team, so that’s not my motivation for commenting. What would be is the behavior that I saw from the Carolina Panther players on the field this past Sunday. They behaved like angry juveniles picking fights during the entire game. SF seemed to handle this behavior well and didn’t fall to the PANTHER CLASSLESS level.

    Harbaugh is just passionate about the game and his team. Stop being a clothing snob. Jesus doesn’t care if you wear jeans to church. Why should we care if Harbaugh dresses BETTER THAN THAT for a football game?

  31. purpleneonexpress on said:

    lets be honest here…Jim Harbaugh has some emotional/mental issues…..always has and always will. He was born that way. Had problems in school with teachers and administrators, Dad always took the side of his son. Son learns he can act like a complete ass and Dad will have his back. Great coach, not so great person.

  32. Mitch on said:

    Jim Harbaugh is a great coach. He got the most out of what was a talented but underachieving team under previous coaches. Many of those years the 49ers were predicted by many football experts to win the NFC West. And they didn’t. Year after year they couldn’t win even with the most talented players in the division. In comes Harbaugh. He instills discipline, camaraderie, team play, and precision on offense and defense. He turns the team around 180 degrees. Who cares if Kaepernick wears a snapback backwards to a press conference? Or Boldin wears a winter vest? How does this make the team lack class? What’s wrong with the way Harbaugh dresses? Last time I checked Jim and John Harbaugh dressed alike on Sundays. (Sure beats Bill Belichick and his Emperor like hoodie!!!). And why exactly is Harbaugh a “whiner” for sticking up for his team? IT’S HIS JOB AS A HEAD COACH TO DO SO. And what does the incident with Jim Kelly in the late 1990′s have anything to do with the current 49ers team? I agree with Brian Probst. Tony – you’re bitter and disgruntled all because the Ravens didn’t get to the playoffs. Sounds like you’re spewing sour grapes at the 49ers all because the Ravens had a subpar season. And I’m a die-hard Ravens fan talking!!! I think the 49ers still represent class and dignity in the NFL. I, for one, hope they win it all this year. I’d like to see Kap, Gore, Willis, Davis, and my favorite player (and former Raven), Anquan Boldin, get rings. Go Niners!

    • Tony LombardiTony Lombardi on said:

      Fake punt when up by 13 points with 24 seconds left in the game…that’s classy? And does it to an opposing coach who he claims is his friend (Ron Rivera)? Classy? Really?

      The sucker punch on Kelly shows a pattern of behavior. The run-ins with Pete Carroll, the handshake with Jim Schwartz, constant whining on the sidelines. Did you watch any of the pressers leading into the Super Bowl?

      Who is Brian Probst and what did he say that you agree with? Enlighten me.

      As for your accusation that I’m bitter…not at all “Joey Greco Lives”. (Say hello to him for me please.) I actually think the Ravens not being in the playoffs is a good thing for the team long-term, because it forces them to focus on the problems. Had they backed into the playoffs the berth may have masked those problems.

      And lastly, if the Jim Harbaugh-led 49ers represent class and dignity in the NFL, the NFL has a serious problem.

  33. tim on said:

    Mr. Lombardi it’s a shame you couldn’t write your piece with the same kind of “class” you expect to see out of the 49ers. They are certainly not the same team I grew up rooting for. But, neither is the league. You are old school I get that. I respect that. I too would rather see a suit and tie during post game interviews. But, it is what it is. If that’s a guys style and the league is fine with it. Then so be it. Would you say their gameplay is dirty? Would you say the players off camera don’t act with dignity, respect and give back? How do you rate the class of the New England Patriots? Most would say they are near the top. Can I guess by your complaints listed in the article, that they don’t meet your definition of “class”? The coach wears a sweatshirt on the sidelines and interviews. A SWEATSHIRT!!! The QB, as great as he is, throws tantrums and is very hot headed. He wears designer sweaters in interviews. Oh and 9 out of 10 times will throw the ball away rather than run for it and get hit. He also slid and raised his spikes in the AFC championship last year on Reed. Gronkowski…enough said. Point is, you can point to any organization and see a lack of class. Its a league problem, not a 49ers problem.

  34. Balthezaar on said:

    1) they seem to handle losing with a good bit of whining, but also by coming back stronger every season (see: 3 straight NFC championships)

    2) everyone would be defending him if it were baltimore. The human mind will rationalize anything that is beneficial to it. I bet when no one was thinking aboit how classy/unclasst it was when Boldin caught that TD in the SB then pointed at the DB on the ground who was trying to cover and him and laughed.

    3) yeah, worried about how “classy” guys look coming off a bus. Sounds like energy well focused. The nfl doesn’t have any other class problems you could look at like say price gouging fans, concussion denial, using tax subsidies to fund billionaires’ business ventures, player worship, locker rooms full of bigotry, etc. god forbid harbaugh wears khakis and kaepernick wears a sideways hat.

    Hard hitting journalism right here

    • Tony LombardiTony Lombardi on said:

      It’s a blog devil man! I wasn’t aiming to unleash my inner Frank Deford.

      If you want to, feel free. Let’s see what you’ve got there in that pitchfork!

  35. Ballin Baller on said:

    Don’t really have a dog in this fight but you seem to have a problem with people calling you out TL. You know you don’t always have to defend yourself against internet trolls. They will always be there to criticize. Just a friendly thought. Don’t worry, be happy.

  36. John in Big Sky on said:

    I grew up in Baltimore rooting for Johnny U, Berry, Moore, Marchetti, Donovan, Frank and Brooks. The 1958 NFL championship game and the 1966 World Series were unforgettable times. I moved to the SF Bay Area in 1978 and adopted the 49ers as my new team. Three years later they won their first Super Bowl behind the incomparable Joe Montana.

    During the Walsh-Seifert years the team dripped class. They were champions and acted like it on and off the field.

    They are winning now but it is not the same. Tony is exactly right.

    Sometimes it is hard for me to believe that Jim and John Harbaugh are really brothers. Say what you want about their comparative coaching abilities. The gap in class, maturity and dignity is glaring and impossible to deny.

    Colin Kaepernick has rare physical tools. He is immature, does not understand his leadership role in the community and, it is hard for this Niner fan to accept him as the face of the franchise after following Joe Montana and Steve Young. I would much rather have Russell Wilson as our QB.

    I root for both the Ravens and the 49ers. Last year’s Super Bowl was a bit of a conflict. I chose to root for the Ravens in the game because I wanted the great Ray Lewis to go out a winner.

    Go Ravens!

  37. Jrock on said:

    I’m a Die hard Ravens Fan. But I must say. STOP HATING. if they win they win. We at home. When the 49rs play I see a well coached team and a coach that truly cares for his players. Who cares what Lombardi thinks. If they hold up the lombardi trophy at the end of the year will it matter what you think.

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