Kevin Minter or Manti Te’o could fill Ravens’ void at MLB


General Manager Ozzie Newsome has never been known to make the biggest splashes in the Free Agency period. Sure, he makes his moves and deals, but he is one of the NFL’s best because of the strategy he brings to the office year after year.

This 2013 NFL season has started out with a bang for seemingly everyone. Many big names have been moved and you will be seeing a lot of “Same Faces, New Places” as we head towards the new season.

The Ravens haven’t made the big free agency move that many have thought. The team signed former New York Giant Chris Canty, but no marquee name has walked into The Castle yet. Players have been walking out however, and there have been a few that surprised even those closest to the team.

Dannell Ellerbe caps the list of four players that have left Charm City and taken a spot elsewhere. The Miami Dolphins offered Ellerbe a 5 year/$35 Million deal and Ozzie Newsome and the rest of the staff just couldn’t match that.

Let’s take a big step back and look at the scenario as it stands at the moment. The Ravens’ two inside linebackers would be Jameel McClain and Albert McClellan followed by a young Josh Bynes, who had several good outings last season.

So, where do the Ravens now stand looking ahead to the NFL Draft? Two big names stand out—Kevin Minter and Manti Te’o.

Many won’t like the fact that Manti Te’o is even on the table as an option, but the fact is that Baltimore is a very possible landing spot for the media-overloaded linebacker. Take the recent “scandal” out of the picture and Te’o wouldn’t be a bad option for the Ravens and Dean Pees.

His NFL Scouting Combine outing wasn’t the most attractive showing in the world, but we cannot take one day with five drills as any indication for what Te’o is like on the field. The Notre Dame alum was the rock of the Irish defense and his emotion on the field reminded many of a guy named Ray Lewis. Ring a bell?

Te’o is a great run-stuffer and a true leader. He is great at identifying plays, and it wouldn’t hurt to have a smart guy who can diagnose offenses to replace #52. His only downfall would be his speed. He lacks the explosiveness to beat athletic offensive lineman that great defenders need. If the Ravens are willing to take the risk, there could be a high reward.

Minter is the linebacker that I can see fitting best with what John Harbaugh is continuing to do in Baltimore. He is a bit undersized at 6’0”, but that is the only real concern coming into the Draft.

This kid dominated the SEC as he emerged as LSU’s leading tackler in his junior year. Like Te’o, his instincts are fantastic and he resembles last year’s top LB Luke Kuechly in his tackling ability. He refuses to stop pounding running backs to the ground, and he fits the mold of “Playing like a Raven”. I’m very high on Minter and I believe that if he falls to #32, he will be stationed at the top of Ozzie Newsome’s Big Board.

Both of these developing stars have a shot to be donning purple and black in 2013, and could make up for the Ravens being quiet in Free Agency.

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21 Raves on “Kevin Minter or Manti Te’o could fill Ravens’ void at MLB

  1. gianna onorato on said:

    Neither will be Ravens. The Ravens want to get younger, cheaper, and Ffaster. Minter and T’eo aren’t faster. I see Bostic as a viable option. With huge value in round 3. Ravens need a LT and SS. I see Reed as gone but Thompson who we drafted last yr as our FS. Crazy speed and a play maker.

  2. Malteseterp on said:

    Manti Te’o? And you compare him to Ray Lewis? Are you kidding me? That guy has bust written all over him. He is slow and got destroyed in the National Championship game.

  3. hugh on said:

    Your seeing the Ravens self-destruct in front of your eyes over money and bruised egos. It’s insane, and man I don’t want to hear in Ozzy we trust anymore from all of the Kool Aid drinkers;there is no way this team recovers from this for at least for a few years. This team is like a one man band!

    • Jay on said:

      Self destruct? really? because the ravens are getting younger and faster? you think you know better than ozzie? this team still has a great core. get a clue man.

    • steve on said:

      drama much?
      Two days into free agency. From my viewpoint not a single move that was wrong.
      Get real we just won the SB but yea your smarter than Ozzie.

  4. Craig on said:

    Please stay on your own team’s boards. Fact is, the Ravens were extremely fortunate to do what they did this year. They have let go weak points on the “D.” Yes, Ed Reed in 2012 had to be covered up. He couldn’t tackle, play the run, etc. Pollard couldn’t cover, Kruger couldn’t play the run, and Ellerbe couldn’t play on the field – consistently – at all. Throw that all together at once and throw it up against Peyton Manning twice, and you have an easily exploited defense to the tune of almost 70 points and 1000 yards. Flacco won the playoff game, plain and simple. Ravens will be fine – as usual – this year.

  5. Bmoredude on said:

    Nice Craig! Sometimes I can’t tell if the sky is falling talk around here is tongue in cheek or not. Our offense won us the Lombardi, not the D. We really don’t know what Ozzie is doing, but to throw away the mantra “In Ozzie we trust” in the offseason FOLLOWING A SUPER BOWL WIN is just plain stupid. How many times does Ozzie have to prove himself before neurotic fairweather fans like Hugh get off his back? Sure Oz isn’t infallible but I guarantee he’s a helluva lot smarter than any of us!

  6. hugh on said:

    You guys are like talking to some type of cult member’s. You can’t see whats happening. The Ravens are getting cheap and young. Cheap so the “KACHANG” sound goes’ up in Steve’s bank account. The young because Harbs can then implement his own version of a High School football team where NOBOBY can say a word, just do as your told boys!! Its about greed and ego period! Ok, so where are all these great YOUNG replacements coming from?? From the draft, we draft like 32′nd correct at the bottom. Ok, they coming from free agency ?? You don’t have that much cap space or money to burn, so where are all of these great replacements coming from huh??? I can’t hear what you said? Where they coming from?? They simply destroyed the Ravens defense for the next few years …. face it!!! There is know way you are going to replace all those players with enough good young talent to compete and have a winning record.

    • Anonymous on said:

      How can you say Biscotti is cheap then admit the Ravens spend every penny of the cap in the same post? As far as what the front office is doing they are getting out ahead of the NFL. The only thing the D did well this year was hit hard. They often took the other team’s will away. Especially in the AFC Championship game but the NFL is not going to let that kind of play continue. Hard hitting equals flags now. The new name of the game is speed and coverage skills and the Ravens are moving in that direction. Give them some time to build next year’s roster before you give up on the season. Last year everyone thought the same thing and were proven wrong. I expect them to be very competitive and make the playoffs again this year. Then anything can happen.

    • Derek ArnoldDerek Arnold on said:

      Bob/Skip/John/Steelers Guy/hugh/whatever else you want to call yourself – you can speak your mind, but not copy and paste the same rambling comment on EVERY SINGLE POST. That’s spamming.

  7. Skip on said:

    I can imagine picking Minter or Te’o or Ogletree in round 1. Arthur Brown too but he’s the most likely to be gone by that point. All of these guys have the ability to be day 1 starters and future pro bowlers.

    And depending on what the team feels about McClain and McClellan, and they can’t be feeling great, I would love to have the team pick a second ILB-sort of like they picked 2 TE’s a few years ago now. On day 2 and early day 3 they could choose between Bostic, Alonzo, Reddick, or a bit later AJ Klein.

  8. Barnabas on said:

    All players cut with exception of Boldin were 1 dimensional.. D was a dissapointment last year and thats where teh cuts were made….

    We will be just fine next year.

  9. GoldSlice on said:

    I think that we need to take another look at Matt Falcao and Logan Bernstein. They’ve been quiet in the draft rumors, but they’re hungry and cheap!

  10. mystery man on said:

    Teo 4.9 forty,,,,Minter 4.6 forty,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,both way too slow,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,all will be fine as long as they bring in fast LBs , if they start bringing in these slow guys there will be a problem,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,the face of the LBs will dictate the Ravens fortune this year………………good comments , all the way around as this can get very emotional for fans,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,

  11. hank on said:

    Pollard was right, the NFL will be NO more in 30 years. As of today, the NFL wants to try to ban running backs from running with their heads down. This is the most insane buch of crap I seen so far. I hope the owners don’t vote this in …. i mean they can’t lol It would be a good laugh, kind of like a cartoon , but ahhh the NFL won’t be getting any of my money or time if this passes. But the Ravens screwed over Pollard. He played the game how it should be played. Now its more like touch football .. a joke!!!

  12. biggus dickus on said:

    Hugh, You seem to be neglecting the fact that the ravens defense was not that good last year. If we kept it the same it would be worse this year. Having a big/fast defensive front four will allow a MLB like T’EO to roam freely like Ray used to. T’eo was run over iby bama because the line couldn’t keep guys off him. The game is won in the trenches and it seems we have improved there….

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