KIDZ KORNER: Joe isn’t the guy


It’s time to get real Ravens fans. No, I am not talking about the team getting back to winning. I am talking about the future. We need to stop saying things we all know are not true. We have to stop making excuses for players that are flat-out BAD. Yes, you know who I am talking about.

Sunday’s game just proved even more that Joe Flacco is not, has never been, and never will be a franchise QB. And for everyone that disputes, just answer me one question. What has he done for you?

What has Joe Flacco done that clearly states in your mind: “Joe Flacco is the future?”

Let’s take a journey back through Flacco’s 5 years in the league, and afterwards, you can again tell me if you think Joe is the guy to win a Championship.

2008: In his rookie year, Flacco showed that he was good, but not great. He had a measly 14 TD’s, which averaged 0.87 per game. He also averaged less than 190 yards per game, which was 6th worst in the entire NFL. That’s a good start, right?

After a very below-par year, he made the playoffs. Congrats, Joe. After having two games where he was SAVED by his defense, he would play in the AFC Championship game. This was his chance to take Baltimore to a brand new level. All he would need to do is have an AVERAGE game, and we would be going to the Super Bowl. Instead, the WHOLE loss was on Joe; throwing three INT’s and a passer rating of 18.2. 2008, Flacco was the guy that kept us from the Super Bowl. Not a good start.

2009: A year after his implosion in the big game, Flacco was out to show that he really could take us to the BIG game. Instead, he couldn’t even take us to an AFC Championship.

He had a better year statistically, but we all know that stats and playoff appearances are NOT enough. Flacco would fail miserably in the postseason. He lost to Indianapolis in the Divisional round and could not match the Colts offense that only scored 20 points. He threw two INT’s and ended that postseason with a combined 39.4 Passer Rating. Are you hearing Elite yet?

2010: This has to be the year, right? In his 3rd year, he would finally be prepared and experienced enough to lead us to the Super Bowl we had been waiting 10 years for. Again, Flacco failed to execute.

Through the year, he played really well and he looked like the QB we all had hoped for. Instead, his lack of mobility started an epic collapse. After being sacked 40 times in the regular season, he didn’t change at all. His pocket presence was AWFUL. In two postseason games, he was downed nine times. He had the chance to change in the last drive, but he didn’t. He failed to recognize a CLEAR Troy Polamalu blitz and fumbled. Because of that, the season would end.

Through the first three years, he definitely hasn’t deserved a big contract.

2011: We all remember this one pretty well. In 2011, Flacco’s stats declined majorly as he hardly got to an 80.0 Passer Rating. He won 12 games, but he single handedly lost four games that cost the Ravens home-field advantage. He played terrible in games against Seattle, Tennessee, Jacksonville, and San Diego. If he doesn’t collapse against just ONE of those teams, we get home-field advantage and easily beat the Patriots in the AFCC game.

Instead, we had to go on the road and we came up short.

2012: Do I need to say much about this year? Full of inconsistency and poor QB play, we are currently in a huge downward spiral large in part to QB play.

We all have to face the facts. Flacco isn’t capable of leading this team to a Super Bowl. He isn’t the QB of the future, and he has proved that in his five years in the league.

Tyrod Taylor isn’t much of an alternative; it’s time for Ozzie to start looking.

6 Raves on “KIDZ KORNER: Joe isn’t the guy

  1. Joe (not Flacco) on said:

    All you have to consider about Joe Flacco is that the supposed “best” game of his career…in which he “outplayed” Tom Brady…was a LOSS with a trip to the Super Bowl hanging in the balance! That is not to say that Flacco can be “blamed” for that loss. The point is that no great…or even good…QB should have to point to a LOSS as his “BEST” game. C’mon, Baltimore…c’mon Ozzie…c’mon Bisciotti…I love my team and I want to support the supposed “franchise” quarterback. But Joe Flacco ain’t that guy!

  2. Kah on said:

    So we easily beat the patriots if the game was in baltimore? What made you come to that conclusion? What if Lee Evans still drops that touchdown pass in the game. And I thought the Seattle game was all David Reed’s fault? Didn’t he have the two fumbles that gave them 6 points in the redzone. When the offense started clicking and had two td drives. The defense was too tired and couldn’t get a first down (ray lewis lost his ankles if I recall). I think Flacco should get one more year if he turns it around these last two games and makes some noise in the playoffs. But I ask you this what if Flacco and the offense scores 30 points in each of these last two games but the defense allows 31. The fact will be that we still loss and Flacco will not be a scapegoat in that game, but of course some will point to what he could have done better.

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