Kidz Korner: Ravens-Eagles preview


Wasn’t that last one fun?  The Ravens beat the Bungles so bad, that they left Baltimore with their tails between their legs.  Nice way to begin the season on prime time, with a good old fashion beat down.

Now, enough celebrating – we have a tough one on our hands now.  The Ravens travel to Philadelphia to play Michael Vick and the Eagles.  Last week, as we all remember, Vick barely came out of the Dawg Pound alive, as the Browns found a way to be the Browns, losing the lead at the last minute.

In order to come out on top next week, the Ravens need to utilize the tight ends, stay disciplined on defense, and force Vick to make mistakes.

1) Last year, everyone was overhyping the Eagles defense.  The additions of Nnamdi Asomugha, Cullen Jenkins, and the emergence of Jason Babin led everyone to think that they were an elite unit.

Well, they were wrong.  While they do have a great defensive line, and cornerbacks, they have NOTHING else.  I haven’t heard of any of their linebackers or safeties, and if I haven’t heard of them, they’re either bad or rookies, and I don’t think they’re rookies.

Ed Dickson and Dennis Pitta will have field days out there (assuming Cam Cameron doesn’t go back to being the idiot he usually is).  Philadelphia is simply outmatched in this area of the field, and is going to have their hands full.  Then add a dose of instant Rice.  While the linebackers are worried about the tight ends, and the safeties are worried about the receivers getting behind them as well as Dickson and Pitta, all Rice has to do is get past the line.  If the Ravens offense plays their cards right, the field is going to be wide open for them to put on a show.

2) On the other side of the ball, the Ravens defense is going to be faced with similar problems.  First off, they need to know where LeSean McCoy is at all times.  He is the most dynamic weapon the
Eagles have on offense.  He can beat you as a receiver and as a running back.

They also should always know where Jeremy Maclin and DeSean Jackson are.  To cover Jackson, all they need to do is make sure that he doesn’t get behind them.  That is the only facet of his game, and if Ed Reed is playing centerfield per usual, Jaskson won’t be a factor.

For Maclin, just keep Spider-Man (Webb) on him, and he won’t beat you deep.  If Maclin is kept short, he is a severely limited weapon in the passing game.

Lastly, the Ravens must always be on their toes about rushing Vick.  In Cleveland, he was sacked twice, picked off four times – FOUR TIMES – and forced to throw 56 times.  DID ANYONE HEAR ME!?!?!?!?!  FIFTY-SIX TIMES!!!!!!!!!!!!

There is NO WAY you should win if your quarterback is forced to throw 56 times.  As you can tell by the stats, Vick barely got out of the Dawg Pound alive.  Well, from the way it looked, all the Ravens have to do is what the Browns did…though that is easier said than done.

Cleveland was able to do what they did because they stayed disciplined.  Give ground, and advance at the same time.  Close in on Vick while making him think he has room to run.

Vick can be beaten, but there are two keys to doing so.  Keep him in the pocket, or make him roll to his right.  If he stays in the pocket, he is and average QB at best.  He is forced to make plays with his arm without the benefit of his legs.  If you can’t stop him from using his legs, make him roll out to his right.  As a left handed thrower, rolling to his right diminishes his passing skills.  He is a well below average thrower when rolling to his right, meaning that the Ravens can focus on the run on plays where he goes right.


  • Ravens… only team in the AFC North to win last
    week… sweet
  • I completely agree with Pollard’s statement that
    it was time to put up or shut up… and they put up
  • Somebody give Joe an extension!  I mean really!?!?!  I think he shut up any doubters on
    Monday Night
  • If Eagles fans are giving you a hard time, like
    they’re doing to me… just show them this


3 Raves on “Kidz Korner: Ravens-Eagles preview

  1. leachisabeast on said:

    The Eagles have a good LB in Demeco Ryans, and they drafted a nice rookie in the second round that the Ravens where interested in, in Mycal Kendricks, who has so far looked really solid. I think this will be a really tough match, despite how bad the Eagles offense played last week.

  2. Ed in LA on said:

    Gotta agree with leachisabeast- if you haven’t heard of Demeco Ryans, and Mychel Kendricks, then that shows your ignorance. It doesnt say anything about how bad their LB’s are. They didn’t have either of those guys last year of course, and thats why they were terrible. However, they don’t have much beyond that.

    Also, I wouldn’t worry too much about Jeremy Maclin- It doesn’t look like he will make it on the field. That should make it much easier to defend Shady McCoy and Vick.

  3. Schroeder on said:

    As the author, I did say they could be rookies if I hadn’t heard of them. Kendricks is a rookie. And yes, I’ve heard of Ryans, but no I don’t think he’ll be much of a factor because of the difficulty that comes with switching teams, switching defensive systems, and have a different core of players around him.

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