Ladies and Gentlemen, Elvis Will (Soon) Enter the Building.

Dumervil sacks Roethlisberger

After a week of hype after “fax-gate”, Elvis Dumervil, former Denver Defensive End, has agreed to terms with the Baltimore Ravens.

The Ravens had signed Chris Canty and Marcus Spears, but this is the marquee signing that Baltimore fans have been waiting for. The three-time Pro-Bowler will certainly make an impact from day one, on and off the field.

Dumervil is expected to start at Outside Linebacker in Dean Pees’ 3-4 defense. Elvis is no stranger to playing in the system. He had his best career season playing in the 3-4 in 2009 when he registered 17 sacks to lead the Broncos. He also forced four fumbles, and wreaked havoc all across the NFL.

A source close to Russell Street Report revealed that the team believes they’ve signed a player who is better than Paul Kruger for a fraction of the price.

Dumervil will replace Kruger, who left for Cleveland after his breakout 2012 season. Surprisingly enough, Dumervil will come significantly cheaper than Kruger would have. The former-Raven signed for $40 million over five years, while Dumervil has agreed to terms for a five year, 35-million dollar deal, per Adam Schefter.

Want even better news? Dumervil will cost Denver’s cap $4.5M, 2 million MORE than he will cost the Ravens this year. RSR’s capologist Brian McFarland has tweeted that the deal will leave the Ravens with $5.687M in cap space once completed.

Across the league, you’ll hear something along these lines “Oh, Ozzie DID have a plan.” Let’s be honest, anyone who has been around Newsome and knows his system, saw it coming!

Look back on a couple situations in the past. The Ravens had Dawan Landry, but let him go because of the money he was asking. Instead, Newsome worked his magic again. Ozzie replaced him with the more productive and less expensive Bernard Pollard.

That worked out pretty well.

How about Matt Birk? Preceding him was Jason Brown, who would have been a huge cap hit for Baltimore. Birk was signed at a lesser price, and was a rock in the ever-changing offensive line.

Many talked about Newsome and “how he has a plan”, but this is a unique scenario. Everyone knows about Ozzie’s “right player, right price” motto, and this solidifies one thing:

Ozzie Newsome is the best General Manager in the NFL.

Elvis Dumervil will be in Baltimore on Tuesday to take a physical, and finalize the deal.

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15 Raves on “Ladies and Gentlemen, Elvis Will (Soon) Enter the Building.

  1. Jimmypowder on said:

    Doom on one end and Suggs on the other !!

    You heard it from me ,our defense next year will be better then this years .

  2. ITrustOzzie on said:

    Ravens may set then break a few times the record for most sacks in a single game!!! May also set the record for the season sack record for a two rush tandem!!!!

  3. gianna onorato on said:

    The Ravens may be smart to play a 4-3. Dumerville at right end and Suggs at let end. You would have Ngata and Canty/Jones at DT. Upshaw can play strong side OLB and McClellan at Weak side OLB. We draft Arthur Brown or John Bostic to play middle LB. That’s the most dangerous D-Line in the NFL with serious potential at LB. Plus u have Webb and Graham and Smith at CB. Ihedigbo and Ried or Rambo or Thompson at Safety. Play the ole Tampa 2. We could dominate. Just an idea. Lol

    • Nick on said:

      I imagine they’ll go back to the hybrid 3-4/4-3 front they use to play all the time. Just 2 years ago they played it often, and Ngata had more snaps as a 4-3 DT than as a 3-4 DE (his primary 2012 position). If they did run a hybrid, I could see Upshaw at DE and Dumervil as SAM, despite his clear deficiency in run stopping.

      Would I’d really love to see is 3-4 on passing downs, Ngata at NT, Canty/McPhee at DE, Dumervil & Suggs at OLB. That’s 5 good rushers on the field together. If one of the middle linebackers could cover well, it would be an excellent pass package (base or nickel).

  4. Anonymous on said:

    Ok, Its official, Im faaaar too superstitious. I read this, and my first thought was “nooooo!”don’t sign a guy named Elvis right after winning the Superbowl! Don’t you remember what happened last time??” Lol

  5. GO52 on said:

    The legion of doom is coming as always OZ has a plan and to think everyone was in a panic I hope this puts to rest that OZ & F/O know what t heir doing they are the best in the y biz. You can bet they are not done yet, this is going to be fun!!

  6. Ashton VSG on said:

    I’m sorry, but the idea that this is part of some “Master Plan” is complete nonsense. Did Ozzie foresee that the Broncos would drop the ball and not get the paperwork processed in time? I love Ozzie and give him all the credit in the world for putting the team in a situation where it was able to take advantage. But let’s get serious. The Broncos blew it and no one saw that coming.

    • Mark D on said:

      Yes it was his plan. No he didn’t “foresee” Elvis being available but it happened and we got him and if you wear purple on Sunday you’re totally psyched! If Elvis wasn’t here we’d be signing Freeney or some other pass rusher. Yes this is Oz executing the “Master Plan” to perfection.

  7. Brian on said:

    Ashton VSG the master plan is not overpaying i.e. Kruger 40 Mil deal and getting the best deal if it wasnt Dumervil it would have been some other impact player thats the plan. Dont be such a hater give the organization some credit they have earned it one of the best front offices in the game.

  8. Big Perm on said:

    All of you commenting on how great we are for this were probably calling for Ozzie’s head a week ago. I’m embarrassed for you all.

      • g money on said:

        i am sure of it too. you wouldn’t take it so personally if you didnt think ozzie was doing a terrible job last week. but you did. no doubt about it. ozzie is building a masterpiece, i cant wait to see this offense with a fast defense that doesnt drag in the 4th qtr.

  9. True on said:

    Are the Ravens done in free agency? I just wish we had more 2nd, 3rd, and 4th round picks. I like Da’Rick Rogers, Kyle Long, DJ Swearinger, Manti Te’o, and Kevin Minter. I wish I knew if Christian Thompson, Tandon Doss, and Tommy Streeter could do it or not.

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