Leach on his way back to Baltimore?

Vonta celebrates

Tick-tock-tick, doo, doo, doo-doo!

Time keeps on slippin’…

And the more it does, the more likely that No. 44, Vonta Leach will return for his third season with the Baltimore Ravens.

As of now Leach has had no offer extended to him by the Miami Dolphins, the team long rumored to be most interested in his services.

Yet given what appears to be a Dolphins’ offense that is moving more towards a spread attack when considering head coach Joe Philbin’s history in Green Bay as offensive coordinator, you have to wonder why GM Jeff Ireland would pony up more than the incentive laden $2M deal Ozzie Newsome reportedly extended to Leach.

Might the alleged interest from Miami simply be a smokescreen conjured up by the fullback’s agent Ralph Vitolo for others potentially interested in Leach?

One would think as training camp approaches, Leach’s value to possible suitors will diminish because there’s less time to learn a new offense and the associated terminology.

This is just a hunch but I’d say there’s slightly better than a 50-50 chance that Leach returns to Baltimore, with the New York Giants or Houston Texans being the most likely teams to prevent the happy reunion.

Who will Vonta Leach play with in 2013?
Baltimore Ravens (84%)
Miami Dolphins (8%)
Houston Texans (4%)
New York Giants (2%)
He will retire (2%)
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15 Raves on “Leach on his way back to Baltimore?

  1. LaVerne on said:

    Last I checked the Giants and Texans has less cap space than the Ravens. They may want Leech but I doubt they can pay him what he wants. I feel if the Dolphins really wanted Leech they would have made an offer by now. The question with the Ravens is how long is the offer going to stay on the table?

  2. Rxdoxx on said:

    Is that block now an illegal lead with the helmet 15 yd penalty?
    Sure looks like Ed “The Flag” Hochuli would have called it

  3. Tucker: M&T Sec 527 on said:

    Even, w/ a return by Leach, the Harvard kid could still make the roster in a reserve TE role. He wouldn’t produce much more cap hit than a Bajema. The family was thinking just last night how much fun it would be to see Vontae unload on Paul Kruger on Sept. 15

  4. ravensean509@gmail.com on said:

    The texans already have Greg Jones, who was pretty good anonymously in jacksonville, so i don’t know if they’re in the market. I think they signed jones to a pretty good deal for a fullback……………one of the few that actually has a respectable contract. The giants never seemed to feature a FB, generally keeping one (henry hynoski or ex colt jim finn) but never seeming to utilize them much except for obvious roles like short yardage. I think leach will end up back with us………………….maybe conveniently shaving a couple of weeks off of training camp.

  5. john schultheis on said:

    My email to my many followers agrees with your thought today Tony. Miami has not offer any written contract and is likely NOT in Raven 2 million dollar offer range despite his agents hard PR work down there for Leach. Giants and Texans far off in matching Raven offer. even if equal he wants to be a Raven again! It is likely Ravens will wait until camp opens in at least the first weeks of workouts to see what new rookie does in all areas. This will influence Ozzie’s final offer. The Ravens are not that ready to give up 2 million in cap space after “Final 53 roster” is selected in September( see my email today on final cap number). Yes , Tony, Leach re-signing is likely in the 51% range as you suggested and with him refusing to except Raven offer by now was a foolish move. As far as fans with their love for Leach….. the NFL is a changing pass oriented league now ,quick moving offenses with blocking fullbacks a lost art and likely will soon disappear from most offenses. Leach should take Raven offer TODAY!

  6. JerryB on said:

    Not sure that this matters one way or the other because the offensive landscape has changed drastically in recent years to favor the passing game. So, other than welcoming back a familiar face, it probably won’t have the impact it once had……

  7. charlie on said:

    i think the reason the dolphins have been so inconsequential for so may years shows in the vonta negotiations. this team calls itself a contender yet will not offer a bonafide “rock n’ roller” fullback a 2 yr contract that will show the rest of the SOFT afc east it’s going to TAKE the title away from the pats. i am purple all the way, but we can’t give VL the deal he deserves and think his best stop is nyg as it’s their time to overpower the always overrated NFC East.

  8. Phil from Frostburg on said:

    I have a feeling that some false pride is in play with this decision. I wonder if he will take less somewhere else instead of taking a pay cut with the ravens and dealing with the “disrespect” of being released

    • Tony LombardiTony Lombardi on said:

      Phil, I think that depends on how the Ravens handled it with Vonta. They apparently had an understanding with Bryant McKinnie when the tackle tested the free agent market. When he was satisfied that the market wasn’t going to produce a better situation than the one he had in Baltimore, McKinnie returned. The difference with Vonta was that he wasn’t a free agent and the only way to extend the same courtesy to him was to release him. Now it appears that the market has sent Vonta a message and like McKinnie, he could be coming home.

  9. Tgun#42 on said:

    i am a Vonte Fan big time. However, I think we can spend 2 million dollars better.
    1. Our YPK was better in a single back set
    2. Cauldwell didnt use him much and we have other goal line options such as the Ngata package and the sizzle pakage and juice.
    3. Juice is more versitile and a better catcher
    4. we could use the cap room to carry over
    5. He does not play special teams, we can use that spot to keep another DB or RB with spec teams potential

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