Let’s Not Jump to Conclusions

Rice Palmer

If we’ve learned anything about the modern media and social media in recent years it’s that news travels quickly while bad news seemingly travels at the speed of light.

Today has been a tsunami of bad news for Ravens running back Ray Rice.

More than likely the full story has not yet been told so it’s premature to draw any definitive conclusions. Hopefully what happened between Rice and his fiancée Janay Palmer, is simply a misunderstanding and that soon cooler heads and the truth, whatever that might be, will prevail.

Until then the court of public opinion is in session and while it is, we should all be reminded of our own transgressions.

Good people do make mistakes.

Ray Rice’s track record overwhelming states that he is a good man and for now he deserves the benefit of the doubt even if the alleged evidence suggests otherwise.

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60 Raves on “Let’s Not Jump to Conclusions

  1. catgirl54 on said:

    I believe the charging documents stated that he hit her and she became unconscious. That sounds like the facts were stated and the conclusion was obvious.

    I’ve always been a Ray Rice fan and some friends who had seen Rice around the stadium indicated that his wholesome persona was carefully crafted. That he had an ugly side. I wouldn’t believe them. Now, sadly, if this is as reported (and the video is horrifying; most people wouldn’t drag their pets around like that if they were hurt), it seems that they were right and once again, sports heroes have feet of clay.

    Domestic violence isn’t just a “mistake”. It’s assault. It hurts and kills people every day. Ray Rice is dangerously strong. He plays a violent game. He will get his day in court, and everyone will hopefully see the truth.

    • Jacob on said:

      catgirl54, this is incorrect: “I believe the charging documents stated that he hit her and she became unconscious. That sounds like the facts were stated and the conclusion was obvious.” A complaint contains nothing more than allegations. The information in a complaint is not necessarily facts.

      As for the video, I think it shows someone who is “blackout drunk,” nothing more. Remember the earlier reports? They said neither party had any injuries. If Ray Rice knocked his financee out by striking her head with his hand, there are visible injuries. I could be wrong, but I will reserve judgment as you should.

      • catgirl54 on said:

        I saw the video. As I said, he was dragging her as if she was road-kill. If he hit her, if he laid a hand on her in violence, enough said. There is no excuse whatsoever.

        That being said, I don’t excuse her behavior either. Female-to-male, male-to-female, physical altercations are just unacceptable. BUT, there is no doubt that Rice is dangerously strong. It wouldn’t take much for him to seriously hurt a woman.

        I’m pretty sick of the apologists for this type of behavior.

        • whoever on said:

          I don’t believe he was carrying her like road-kill. You are seeing exactly what YOU want to see. How would you carry someone that had blacked out from being drunk? Under the arms, like everyother human. I believe road-kill would be dragged by the legs, or hair. He seemed to be carrying her like you carry someone who is not able to get around on their own. Like when someone is drowning, and you bring them out of the water onto the beach … that is how the young lady was being transported out of an elevator.

          • DarthSizzle55 on said:

            Charging documents are made to make the person sound guilty. They are not going to charge someone and in the documents say there could have been a misunderstanding.

        • Nancy on said:

          I saw the same thing catgirl that he was not exactly tender with her but I also saw her gain some new found energy when the security guard came up. Is it possible she was playing it for all it was worth? Sure looked like it. I am with Tony, lets wait and see because lack of tenderness is not enough to ruin a man’s life!

          • catgirl54 on said:

            It did not look to me like she was “playing it up for all it was worth.” Come on! She was knocked out cold and just coming to. “Lack of tenderness”? Unbelievable! He knocked her out with his fists! Have you seen Rice’s muscle development, for God’s sake? It’s like a five year old being hit by a 20-year old. Women and children will always be undervalued by society and will always be at risk. Even worse are the women who say she “deserved” it. This whole sordid episode is enough to make me want to write off football. So many little kids looked up to Rice.

    • catgirl54 on said:

      He dragged her out of that elevator as if she was road-kill. No tenderness, no care, no concern. I hope that young woman backpedals, and FAST. But she probably won’t. Look at the way Rhianna still defends Chris Brown. Where there is a pattern of abuse and forgiveness, all too often the pattern repeats itself endlessly.

  2. Anonymous on said:

    Thank you Tony,
    People are way too quick to pile on not knowing the whole story.
    If you did not see it with your own eyes, hear it with your own ears, then do not repeat it with your big mouth. Everyone needs to exercise a little bit of patience until all of the facts come out.

    • jef on said:

      TMZ played the video of her lifeless body and him dragging her out of the elevator. What more is there to see? He looked scared as hell like he didn’t know what to do. He messed up and he knew it. Watch the live camera feed and tell me something different

  3. Joshua on said:

    A police report was released today stating Rice knocked his fiancée unconscious with his hand after he struck him with hers. I for one find this inexcusable. There is absolutely NO recourse for a man to hit a woman…none! I hope the organization takes some kind of stand here.

    • Tim on said:

      Joshua, I tend to agree. If a woman is hitting you (“you” being male) you can restrain her, you can call for help, you can walk away. My parents always told me a man never hits a woman. Unless she’s armed with a weapon and threatening your life a man doesn’t have any reason to touch a woman violently. And if she’s your lover then all the more reason to not lay a hand on her.

  4. Anonymous on said:

    We’ll never know what happened in that elevator. I understand that she hit him first. Only a fool, man or woman, would just stand there and not defend themselves. He’s a strong man and she shouldn’t have hit him regardless of what they were arguing about. He/she who draws first blood should be prepared to pay the price.

    • Holltwoodheiz on said:

      Don’t most casino elevators have video cameras inside them? Where is that video at? If TMZ was really covering this story they would have all of the tape.

  5. Mary on said:

    I’m sick over this since I just met both of them this past winter. Not good for Ray since one of his missions is “anti-bullying”. I agree that when I first saw this I thought she looked more drunk than knocked out from a hit. Hopefully there aren’t any injuries on her to support the alleged hit. There is more to this than we know. Either way not good for him. If he is arrested that could come too close to a suspension from he NFL.

  6. Rob on said:

    It’s one thing to hear about something and another to actually see it. When I heard this story, my thoughts were to wait until all the facts were in before passing judgement. Then the video footage hit the public. Beyond brutal, especially considering all the anti-bullying work Rice has done. Rice was one of the last guys I’d expect to see pull this crap. Wonder how the Ravens FO and Harbaugh will handle this.

  7. Chris on said:

    For one, If she was passed out in the elevator a man wouldn’t drag his fiance’ by her arms. He would simply pick her up and carry her. He was arrested for hitting her.. How much more do you need to give him his do process? Remember when Ravens fans were making fun of Big Ben for the Date Rape? well Karma’s a bitch and now the Ravens Team has a misfit in the bunch! I do understand Men have a right to defend themselves and if she was beating his ass he should be able to defend himself. But I believe he needs to be removed from the Ravens. He will be booed, He will be called wife beater and his work with children with be thrown out the window because now people will ALWAYS look at him for knocking out his fiance’

  8. Anonymous on said:

    Why haven’t we seen her charging her documents? I am sorry but I think a man has a right to defend himself as well. If a woman is starting an attack with a man I think he has the right to fight back. To many women out there think they can hit and do what they want to a man and either get away with it or if the man fights back they want to cry out abuse. Sorry its assault also. I am woman and think this. Lets get the whole story before we start judging. IF it turns out he started the assault than he will no longer have my respect.

  9. Anonymous on said:

    I am going to be honest I have never liked him and knew there was always something about him. He has been nasty with people on his Facebook page, let’s not forget he spit on another player during a game. The thing that really gets me is the fact that he has all this against bullying, which is a good thing but in reality he is a serious bully. For him to hit this woman is inexcusable. There is no reason, if she hit him why wouldn’t he just grab her arms and stop her?

    • catgirl54 on said:

      True, and they continue to stand by him. I’m done with the Ravens organization. Have totally lost all respect for them. If a man Rice’s size, with his muscle development, slugged Harbaugh’s daughter, do you think he’d be standing on a podium saying what a great guy he was???? It’s one thing to spin the outcome of a game; it’s another thing to covertly sanction physical abuse.

  10. Twan on said:

    If most of you knew anything about a charge you would understand this is all it is. No matter what the reports says until it is proven and a conviction is given then and only then can we say he is guilty. If a video surfaces that shows him hitting her. In most domestic cases if the woman or victim tell the police that you hit them even if there is no bruise they have to record it. Once again, he has not been charged nor convicted. They received a summons to come to court and left together. Trust me, if he had knocked her out and they release them together and kills her after that then the NJ law enforcement would be in so much trouble. In a domestic violence situation they would never release them together. So like Toni stated get the true facts first then if you choose judgment at that time.

    • Bmorelady on said:

      I agree, Twan. As a member of law enforcement, I can tell you from experience that any evidence of injury or video if her being knocked unconscious would have resulted in him being booked; not released & certainly not released WITH HER. No law enforcement agency would expose themselves to that kind of liability so there is more to this than what has been released. However, this certainly doesn’t look good in any way. It’s extremely difficult to defend him when he isn’t bothering to defend himself. He needs to get out in front of this & speak for HIMSELF & not through attorneys. His attorneys didn’t cause this; HE DID. What I can defend, though, is THE REST OF OUR TEAM. Nobody else from the RAVENS was there. This is about RAY RICE & RAY RICE ONLY. However this turns out, he has certainly embarrassed our franchise, RAVENS NATION, & our city

  11. Lisa on said:

    There is no excuse unless he warned her first. I heard he warned her so after that he is entitled to strike her. It says so in the bible.

  12. JerryB on said:

    Despite media frenzy that often prompts trial by the court of public opinion, there is a constitutional presumption of innocence. There are ALWAYS two sides to every story and often sights, sounds, and reports are easily misinterpreted. The report of Rice knocking his fiancee unconscious is nothing more than an unsubstantiated allegation at this point. What’s interesting is that both allegedly hit each other; that both were arrested; and that both went home TOGETHER, indicating a domestic quarrel with no perceived imminent danger to either party. Until ALL the facts are known, “Let’s not jump to conclusions”, is fair and sound advice……..

  13. Shawn Cochran on said:

    Everyone is blowing this way out of proportion. I know Ray wouldn’t just react like that unless it was absolutely necessary. I’m sure he probably at least warned her first.

  14. Anthony on said:

    Guys you know what…that’s a lot of BS that men should NOT hit a woman. If I’ve done nothing and a woman is bold enough to hit me then I’m going to use the old golden rule of “An eye for am eye and a tooth for a tooth.
    A punch can kill a person and if you stand there and take it you may get a few more. Don’t put your hands on me and I won’t put my hands on you is the rule I live by. If she smacks, I smack back. If she kicks I kick back. The old days of NOT striking a woman is no longer accepted.
    My 1st wife I had to kick her ass at least once a week. She tried to control me ad smacked me around, push me and once took my gun, cocked it and threatened to blow my future of America away. I truly hated having to hit her but protecting myself was stronger then my love for her. After 40 years married to this wife Never 1 time have I hit her. She was seen on tape hitting Ray 1st and she got what she deserved. Bet she will think hard and long before she hits him again……….Good going Ray…….I support your actions.
    about an hour ago · Like · 1

      • dave on said:

        Sorry Mr. Lombardi,

        Both Raging Bull & Scent of a Woman will be casting sequels and we would like Anthony to audition. Mr. Lombard, are you available for Prince Charming ? We will not need for you to read for the part. Ahem, this will be for the “Adult” version.

        Producer “X”

    • John P on said:

      First off, you need to seek counseling because you’re out of your mind.

      It’s NOT okay to hit anyone you can overpower. That makes you nothing more than a bully. If your wife really did all those things, you could have merely restrained her then called the police.

      Ray could have done the same thing. Ray runs anti-bullying camps, remember? Don’t you think somewhere along the way he was taught better?

      Gimme a break.

  15. Becca on said:

    I saw the video. it looks very bad, i’ve met ray in person and hes a sweetheart i honestly believe that they were both drunk and he was probably trying to get her to wake, and such. who knows, but ray is not a bad person. And have you taken anything into retrospect catlady person? or are you just another proclaimed band wagon fan? Nobody knows the truth except them let it be solved in court and give the man a chance to speak. ya’ll tormented lewis for what hes done. where any of you there that night? have you seen it in person? no, and his whole career into now people still bring it up! and now for poor ray no matter what he does that is good he will be called a woman abuser and such. unless you were there dont jump to conclusions!

  16. NobleSas on said:

    There’s no benefit to jumping to conclusions. The police have their evidence, the case is being handled. The truth will out. Nobody in the media or any fans anywhere have any say in what goes on from her on out anyway.

  17. John P on said:

    It’s reportedly an upper-cut. If so, an upper-cut to the chin or the jaw would not necessarily leave a mark.

    While I also agree the female looks drunk, I can promise you this: If my wife were passed out drunk, I would NOT drag her out the way he did.

    Sorry folks – this smells AWFUL!

    At the end of the day, this story will end as do countless others. Neither will press charges, and it will go away within a month.

    But that doesn’t excuse what happened.

  18. Jacob on said:

    A lot of armchair lawyering going on in here. It’s a complaint, not a jury verdict. It’s only one side of the story. Rice now has to appear in court and answer the charges against him.

    And you know why Rice wasn’t lifting his wife “tenderly”? It’s probably because he was drunk too. He is swaying in the video.

    I thought there would be too many people giving Rice the benefit of the doubt on this site. Instead, it’s more harsh on him than a Steelers’ fan site.

    • Mike Z on said:

      That is what happens when you are already a target because of lack of production on the field. This town will jump on you quick if you and/or your team does not live up to expectations (think Eddie Murray).

      There is no excuse if the fact play out like it seems to right now. But there has to be SOME consideration to the extent of her injury (if any) and the good this man has done since arriving in Baltimore. As I said previously, 1000 rights should not be totally erased by one wrong.

  19. Mike Z on said:

    Tony, as usual you sound the voice of reason. Unfortunately in today’s society 1000 rights can be erased with one negative. I truly hope that this is not as bad as it looks. But I think it is.

    I do believe that alcohol played a major role. What really bothers me is the hypocritical stance most take. People forget their own mistakes and hold others to higher standards when something like this happens.

    What I see in the video is someone freaking out because he knows he did something wrong. I have been know to be drunk once or twice, and have had trouble walking let alone trying to carry someone out of an enclosed elevator. I invite everyone reading this to go rent a hotel room, get trashed, and then try to carry 100+ lbs of dead weight. I believe they argued, he hit her and immediately got scared that he really hurt her. That was what you see in the video.

    Bottom line is he hit her. There does not appear to be any justifiable reason for it. Yes there are justifiable reasons, such as life threatening. He should be punished. He should be fined, and suspended. But his career should not be ended.

    This society has evolved into one that does not accept mistakes. The “zero tolerance” mindset, not not allow us to grow as people. We learn from our mistakes, but this society does not allow it. If the real Ray Rice is the one in that elevator, it will come out. But if the real Ray Rice is the role model and leader of the anti-bullying crusade, how are we as a society measured if we do not allow his to learn and grow as a man from this?

  20. DREKSLAYER on said:

    Wasn’t Rice called on the carpet early in his career for hanging out with Little Wayne? Didn’t Ray Lewis pull him up in the Castle cafeteria? Spitting? Now this after his worst season? Cut him. take the loss and move on.

  21. Diana on said:

    1. No matter how she was rendered unconscious, wouldn’t you call 911 and get her medical attention? 2.How did Ray get her from the spot where she went down and then IN the elevator? 3. If there were witnesses, why didn’t someone stop him or help him? 4. Why couldn’t he carry her? I mean, isn’t he strong enough to carry her? 5. Why did he have his phone in his hand? Maybe if he put his phone away he could have carried her. Just sayin….

  22. Marcus on said:

    You know, I find it funny that all these people are jumping on Ray Rice because of some grainy video that does not show who those 2 people were. We all make mistakes, none of us is perfect by any means. If the facts show that Ray did knock her out, than I would loose all respect for him, even though I or any of us know for sure, what really happened in that elevator.

  23. bullseye on said:

    There are a few things we can say about Ray Rice. The theme is that the Ray Rice of this past year does not remotely resemble the guy we saw in the years prior – on or off the field. Ray Rice had an awful year in 2013, near the bottom statistically of all NFL RBs, after having been paid about $24M of his $35M deal two years in. In 2013 the organization admitted he was too heavy and lacked elusiveness as a runner. And there was the questionable spitting incident with Phil Taylor. And Rice gave mixed stories one week to the next as to whether he was hurt or not, and what the impact was on his performance. Seemed like he kept spinning things and making excuses, but the root cause seemed to be that he didn’t come into camp in shape and ready to go for 2013. So after getting the big money ahead of the 2012 season and winning the SB, and then seeing Ray Lewis move on, Ray Rice has undergone an alarming transformation. This recent incident in NJ is likely to have significant ramifications. And apparently it’s all on video. So we’ll see what comes of it. Regardless, clearly the Ravens didn’t get their money’s worth from Rice last year, and now the prospect of a suspension in 2014 looms. We can only hope this recent episode wakes Rice up, and helps him grow as a person and a player. And that he begins to earn the money he’s been paid. Otherwise it’s going to end up as a major lose/lose situation for Ray and the team.

  24. Anonymous on said:

    The way Ray drags around his fiancé appears to be with disgust and frustration. Logically, if he knocked her out, I would think that he would have cared for her. Normal humans would quickly realize that knocking out a woman is something terribly wrong, so one would handle their victim gently. I mean even when the third party arrives, his demeanor doesn’t appear to change. If he was guilty of knocking out his girl, don’t you think that he would have all of a sudden reacted after seeing the person and tried to cover up his crime. Don’t you think he would have picked her up and told that person, everything is ok. Only way I could think that Ray would have knocked out his fiancé and treat her useless garbage after seeing another person was if he was insanely drunk. He doesn’t appear to be stumbling drunk in the video. This is assuming Ray is a normal man but maybe I’m being a bit too presumptuous

  25. Akili on said:

    One thing is for sure– both Ray and his fiance–with the assistance of legal counsel–will be crafting their stories very carefully before they get to court on Tuesday. You can bet they will attempt to minimize what really happened and try to chalk it off as a minor incident that unfortunately got a little bit out of hand. I don’t think the general public will ever get the real story–
    Obviously, Ray’s image has already taken a major hit. Whether he can recover from this–and, more importantly, whether his play on the field will improve next year, is anybody’s guess.

  26. Bella Michelle on said:

    The setting is a Casino, every inch of this place is covered by cameras. Where is the video tape from the elevator? Why is it so easy for some to come to a negative conclusion without the facts?

  27. Bella Michelle on said:

    John P, Ray Runs anti bullying camps, he is active in the community, you have never heard anything negative about the man thus far but yet you called him a THUG! Im curious to know how you came to the conclusion that this man is a thug without the facts. U dont want to know more because labeling him is easier to you? Perhaps you already thought he was a thug but you gave him a pass because he s a Ravens player?

  28. Tina on said:

    Thank you Tony. I’ve heard some things about that night that will exonerate Ray. Janay, is FAR from innocent. But Ray is a man. Charging documents are nothing more than allegations. I can tell you, there is no video of him “knocking” her out. Everyone thinks they’ve in a glass house & fail to remember their own transgressions. So quick to point the finger without all the evidence coming out. I will reserve judgement until ALL the facts come out in court.

  29. Lora on said:

    All I care to hear is the truth. I do know I saw the video and you do not know what happened so why go off? I did not see anything offensive about the way he held her. We have no idea if he hit her, if she passed out from something, or where he was in the elevator when she passed out. Have you ever tried to lift or hold onto dead weight which is what happens when you pass out. If you try to catch someone you do so on reflex and that doesn’t always lend to looking the best etc. Just remember in the USA you are innocent until proven guilty.

  30. Justin on said:

    I just read all the comments and came to the conclusion that most of you should have been swallowed by your mother, instead the world was blessed with your stupidity.

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