Local Area Girl a Boston Bombing Victim

Erika Brannock 600

We received this today on our Facebook page from the friend of a local girl who was one of the victim’s in yesterday’s bombing in Boston.

This is my friend Erika Brannock (pictured). She is a diehard Ravens fan who has watched every game praying for the team and her favorite players.

Yesterday, while watching her mother Carol Downing run in the Boston Marathon (wearing a Ravens shirt), she was a victim of the bombing that took place. Right now she is undergoing surgery at Beth Israel Deaconess Medical Center to repair damage to her leg caused by the blast.

Thank you for your help.

Kelly Pucillo

We pray for you Erika and you Kelly and I will share this with members of the media to see if they can help raise the level of positive karma headed Erika’s way at Beth Israel Deaconess.

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23 Raves on “Local Area Girl a Boston Bombing Victim

  1. Kathy on said:

    This past fall I to was on a ventilator fighting for my life. I ended up getting my fingers amputated for septic shock. I pray, that like me, she awakens for the horrific tragedy. Also, I have an amazing doctor that I can refer her to at Shock Trauma at UMMS if she needs further help. My prayers are with her and the rest of her family.

    • Diane Deverell Rafferty on said:

      Hang in there Kathy! In 1981 my Mom lost her fingers and much of her feet with septic shock. It was a horrible struggle to recover from the illness and the surgeries. But she never let anyone say she couldn’t do things. She would always find a way. She traveled. She shook hands. She used whatever devices helped her to get the job done. My mom died of old age this January, just short of her 94th birthday. May you have a long healthy and fun life — don’t look back!

      • Kathy on said:

        Thank you so much! I also lost 7 out of 10 toenails but it’s nothing compared to what happened to yesterday’s event. And as you can see I can certainly type. I wish that I can be there for this young lady for when she wakes up so she knows that there are others that have been there/done that and she to will get through the events. Prayer is very powerful and with everyone on here leaving messages I just know she will pull through.

  2. Marsha on said:

    As for our home in PA… we are praying for a complete healing… complete restoration of body and mind. Where doctors may sometimes say its impossible… know this.. God says… I AM POSSIBLE!!!!

  3. Thom Walker on said:

    Best wishes for a speedy and complete recovery. Don;t lose faith that there is more kindness than meanness in the world. Good thoughts from Corpus Christi, TX,

  4. Anonymous on said:

    She also was a swimmer 1993 to 1999 for NBAC . Prayers to all of her family. Our family has great memories of going with her Mom Carol ,to Nashville for swimming Nationals.

  5. Tony LombardiTony Lombardi on said:

    UPDATE (from Erika’s friend Kelly): The extent of her injuries were so severe, the doctors needed to amputate her left leg below the knee. She is also suffering injuries to her right foot that they are working to repair. The good news is that she is now awake and alert able to speak with her family. She has many surgeries ahead of her and will need lots of time in rehab but I believe she will be ok.

    We are holding a vigil tomorrow night @8pm at St. Marks on the Hill in Parkville for her. Just thought you should know.

  6. Kathy Devaney on said:

    Tony….I’m not sure if my other message will go through that I had sent on my Iphone but please have her family reach out to Dr. Ray Pensy at UMMS. His phone number there is 410-328-3179. He did my amputations and is amazing. I can say this since I’ve now had 5 surgeries done. Dr. Pensy will also get Erika in to rehab at Kernan which is also awesome. Once the surgeries are done then they can put her and the family in touch with Hanger Prosthetics. I’m finally meeting with them for my hands on the 22nd of this month. If I can be of any assistance to the family, please give them my name and email address of devaney117@verizon.net. I’m happy to help all of them through this process as it can be overwhelming at times. My continued prayers are with them all.

    For the rest of you on here. Please do not disclose my email information unless its to truly help another amputee.

  7. JerryB on said:

    Thanks for this post, Tony. I believe my granddaughter attends Trinity, but regardless, there are foundations being established to help this young woman, who will need both emotional and financial support as she struggles to overcome her horrendous injuries and adjust to a new lifestyle. So, while we pray and hope for her recovery, we can also help with donations……..

    • Kathy Devaney on said:

      Please don’t take what I’m about to say in any disrespect. Please have her family reach out to social services at the hospital where she is at if they haven’t done so already. Erika will only be responsible for the out of network, out of pocket….annual maximum amount. with her health insurance With what has happened she should hit that amount really easy. Once you get to that amount then everything is paid for at 100% for the rest of this year. Ask Social Services what that magic number is because that is key to the family when receiving all the claims and bills in the mail. She will also be able to qualify for financial assistance through where she’s currently at. All major hospitals offer this. How do I know…..I’m still going through this. And if she doesn’t have health insurance then the hospital will also be able to help with that. Key is to ask for Social Services Representative for her.

      • Kathy Devaney on said:

        Oh and one more piece of advice…..have her apply for social security disability. when she qualifies for that (its a long process) then she will also have healthcare coverage through them.

  8. Chris Humiston on said:

    pleasr let me know where wr xan send donations to help Erica with all the bills she will be facing. Myself and a many others would like to contribute. Thanks and God Bless

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