Looking at the Ravens’ Future


Looking at the Ravens’ Future

The Baltimore Ravens surprised many people by winning the Super Bowl, especially since many of the team’s defensive stars were at less than 100 percent throughout the playoffs. The team entered each week as an underdog, but pulled out victory after victory to ultimately win the big prize. Next season, Baltimore will lose its inspirational leader, Ray Lewis, to retirement and could see Ed Reed test free agency. Despite these losses, Baltimore is likely to be an above .500 team next year and could surprise some people.


The main reason for the Ravens’ success in the playoffs was the play of Joe Flacco. Coming into this season, Flacco was somewhat of a question mark, as many doubted his ability to become a true franchise quarterback. Some around the league openly wondered if Baltimore should trade the former first round draft pick and rebuild around a different player. For his part, Flacco always believed that he was an elite signal caller in the NFL and proved this during his performance in the playoffs. Next season, much of Baltimore’s success will be placed on Flacco’s shoulders, so factor your football betting strategy around your belief in Flacco. This might come in handy if you consider placing bets at www.wageronsports.com.

Of course, the Ravens also have one of the top running backs in the league in Ray Rice. Rice’s ability to run the ball allows Flacco to be more effective by using play action passes to open up the defense. These two players, along with dynamic receivers Torrey Smith and Anquan Boldin, allowed Baltimore’s offense to carry the team through the playoffs and, ultimately, to a championship.


One of the concerns that may surround the Baltimore Ravens in 2013 will be its defense. Traditionally, Baltimore has always had one of the top defenses in the league, but those squads were always anchored by Ray Lewis. In addition to losing Lewis to retirement, stars like Ed Reed and Terrell Suggs could find themselves looking for employment, as the Ravens are dangerously close to the salary cap. Finding replacements for Lewis and Reed will not be easy, but look for the Ravens to fill those positions in the NFL draft. The Raven’s fate may depend on the team’s ability to fill those roster holes with competent players this off-season.

The Outlook

Despite their defensive holes, the Ravens can rely on their powerful offense to get into the playoffs and potentially do damage once they get there. After all, this team just showed the world how dangerous they are by winning the Super Bowl.

8 Raves on “Looking at the Ravens’ Future

  1. jai on said:

    This is a terrible “article.” The Suggs “looking for employment” thing is ludicrous. And, the “some around the league thought the Ravens should trade Flacco” is worthless, because whoever thought that is certainly not football intelligent or in touch with the team enough to have their opinion merit mention. Awful. If the writer is a little kid, good job young fella/lady. No offense. Keep working at it. There’s a lot of misinformation out there, and you’ll get better at deciphering where to get reliable/competent info. Sincerely. Go Ravens.

    • Tony LombardiTony Lombardi on said:

      Nothing is impossible LA but Suggs being released is pretty close to it. I’m with you on that but everyone is entitled to an opinion and if opinions could fly, this wouldn’t be a fan website, it would be an airport. Thanks for stopping by!

  2. Jerry M on said:

    Look The RAVENS always find a way to get it done and with FLACCO’s confidence level being this high I believe skies the limit for us. Also the defense will be ok we draft very well and you best BELIEVE that our 32nd pick in the 1st round will be an outstanding young man. Just BELIVE that’s the BALTIMORE slogan ain’t it.

  3. Tommy.O on said:

    Look Ozzie hides Gems all the time. Also look at the undrafted guys that become starters and plus players for us. Next yr we will have players that are already on the team know one knows about playing roles, Guys like A.Hamilton as a pass rusher, C.Thompson as a FS or special teamer, Bynes as a starting ILB, D.Thompson as a returner/Wideout, Tommie streeter as a WR, Tyson playing more D-Line, plus we get Webb back and Ngata and Suggs healthy. I dont see our defense losing many games. We will be young but we will be fast and physical. I see our starting line up being DE-McPhee/Jones NT-Cody/Draft Pick, DT-Ngata, OLB-Suggs/Upshaw ILB-Ellerbe/Bynes CB-Webb/Graham/Smith/Brown, FS-Reed?/C.Thompson SS-Pollard.

    But i cant see Suggs being cut i could see Ngata being traded. He is always hurt and hasnt produced like he did in the begining. You cant cut him it wont help your cap but you can trade him. Let A.Jones play his spot and Mcphee as the DE. McAdoo plays the back up DE spot and Tyson plays the back up DT spot.

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