Looking For a Rooting Interest in The 2013 Postseason

chiefs colts

I’m wondering if I’m the only one trying to find a team to hitch my emotional fanwagon to during the postseason.

Let’s consider the possibilities…


  • New England: Yeah right… I’d rather wear Tom Brady Uggs than root for them.
  • Cincinnati: No thanks…I want Andy Dalton to continue to be for the Bengals what Matt Schaub is for the Texans.
  • Indianapolis: Isn’t that blasphemy for a Baltimore native?
  • Denver: Sorry, sick of hearing about Peyton Manning and I’ll never forgive Mr. Ed, aka John Elway.
  • San Diego: Nope. Phillip Rivers got his last name because he regularly cries one.
  • Philadelphia: I sort of like those knucklehead fans having a trophy case without a Lombardi.
  • Carolina: I’ll wait until that kid from the Play 60 ad takes over for Cam Newton.
  • New Orleans: Seriously, does anyone think the Saints can march into the Meadowlands in February and win?
  • San Francisco: Really like Q but despise Brother Jim more! Just an arrogant franchise.
  • Seattle: Can’t root for a coach who leaves a college program (USC) in shambles and then signs a 5-year deal for $33M+

So that leaves two teams, the Kansas City Chiefs and the Green Bay Packers.

I think I like that improbable match-up.

The Packers for me, are hard to dislike. If I could pick a quarterback for the Ravens my ideal choice would be Aaron Rodgers, provided of course Mike McCarthy came along with him. I also like RB Eddie Lacy – a guy who hits the hole hard and is a north and south runner.

As far as the Chiefs are concerned, what a great story! If they could win out the Chiefs would become the poster team for parity in the NFL going from the very worst club to the very best. Such a fairy tail couldn’t happen to a better guy, Andy Reid, who has weathered his share of personal tragedy in recent years.

Kansas City Chiefs v. Green Bay Packers…I like it.

A repeat of Super Bowl I.

Thanks…I feel better now.

I’m glad we had this chat.

I hope the Super Bowl XLVIII winner is:
Carolina Panthers (13%)
Cincinnati Bengals (2%)
Denver Broncos (4%)
Green Bay Packers (14%)
Indianapolis Colts (1%)
Kansas City Chiefs (23%)
New England Patriots (2%)
New Orleans Saints (6%)
Philadelphia Eagles (5%)
San Diego Chargers (5%)
San Francisco 49ers (8%)
Seattle Seahawks (17%)
This poll has completed. Thank you for voting.
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8 Raves on “Looking For a Rooting Interest in The 2013 Postseason

  1. RantsNRavens on said:

    Packers fan is almost as annoying as Stoolers fan, no thanks. And I’ve never liked the “Chefs” either, but out of that lot you’re right, they’re the least hated. But give me Carolina in the NFC please, I like the new and improved (more mature) Cam and Riverboat Ron!

  2. Joshua on said:

    We’ve had our differences, but I am with you on EVERY SINGLE point that you made above. Rodgers is, to me, the most talented QB in the league and I have always admired the Green Bay organization; I am old school when it comes to sports, and they are a franchise worth rooting for if your team isn’t in contention. I can say the same thing about KC. They have a devoted and crazy (in a good way) fan base, and I wouldn’t mind seeing them finally take home another championship. Plus, on a personal level, I attended college near Eagles country during their peak years, and I was right there to see their demise year after year after winning a division title. Andy Reid is a good coach and seems like a decent man as well, and I think he finally deserves a Lombardi trophy on his mantle.

  3. MikeinGlennDaleMD on said:

    I grew up in Monterey County, California. The 49ers were my first love. The military brought me to Maryland in 1994. The Ravens were new here…I was new here…PSL’s were purchased and the rest I’ve lived just as you have. Ravens fan for life, but never forget my first love.

    Hard not to root for whiney Harbaugh. Navarro Bowman is from Lanham, MD. Vernon Davis is local.

    The choice seems obvious to me. GO 49ers!!!

    • Tony LombardiTony Lombardi on said:

      And as a diehard Ravens fan Rick Noppenberger shared with me today, if the Niners win, they’ll have “6″ too and that could silence the Black & Yellow.

      • ravenshead57 on said:

        C’mon, don’t be a hater. If 9ers win, at least we’re keeping it in the family. And I definitely won’t mind if Q gets a 2nd ring….he is well-deserving of it.

  4. Hollywoodheiz on said:

    Gotta go for the Who Dats solely for the love that their fans gave us in NOLA last February, when we won Super Bowl 47 in their city. Anyone remember that?

  5. JerryB on said:

    My “dark horse” favorite is the……..Philadelphia Eagles! Not that I’m an Eagle or Philadelphia fan, I just like what Chip Kelly has done with this team. Proves, once again, the value of good coaching…….

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