McClain tells his side of the story following arrest


With the Ravens “still working [their] way through it” according to Ravens general manager Ozzie Newsome, Rolando McClain told the Madison Weekly News his side of the story as his football future hangs in limbo.

McClain claims the police arrested the wrong man on Sunday, when he was charged with disorderly conduct and resisting arrest.

“The situation could have been avoided on my part,” McClain told the paper. “I was at the park in an attempt to keep my brother out of trouble as he said he was going to the park because some guys had spit on his car and had harassed him.”

McClain claims he was with his grandmother at her home grilling when his brother had came to the house, furious with the incident involving his vehicle.

“The police were already at the park when I arrived,” he said. I tried to get my brother to calm down. Police thought I cussed them. It wasn’t me. They arrested the wrong guy.”

Anyone who has watched the popular FOX show C.O.P.S. knows that police are constantly blamed for having the wrong person in custody even though the party arrested is innocent until proven guilty. Although McClain feels that he he was falsely arrested, claims from arresting office Todd Walker say otherwise, especially the fact that McClain reportedly kept yanking his arms away from Walker as he tried to arrest him.

Police spokesman Lt. John Crouch further detailed the incident.

“Some of the crowed was belligerent and began yelling back at the officers,” Crouch said when speaking of the 700 people who had gathered for a softball game at the park. Police had responded at 7:30 p.m. for calls of a fight in the park. “One of the individuals, as he was walking off the street, yelled to the crowd, ‘(Expletive) the police.’”

Officer Walker grabbed the individual yelling the obscenity and the individual repeatedly jerked his arm away from the grasp of the officer.

That individual was McClain.

“He never swung at the officers. He just kept jerking away from them,” Crouch said. McClain reportedly responded during the incident, “you told me to walk, and I’m walking,” according to police.

McClain wasn’t the only citizen involved in the scuffle with police as multiple friends of McClain were scuffling with police while others attempted to intervene and let order be restored by the authorities.

Given what appeared a final chance to get his life together and continue his NFL career, McClain signed with the Ravens five days after being released by the Oakland Raiders, who drafted him eighth overall in 2010. McClain is scheduled to play on a one-year deal worth $700,000, which to protect the Ravens has not a single dollar guaranteed.

McClain knows this latest arrest – his second in the offseason – could be the final nail in the coffin on his NFL career.

“This probably could end my chance to play football,” McClain said. “I haven’t cried in years, but I had tears in my eyes. I wasn’t going to let my brother get into a fight.”

Either the Ravens really are doing their due diligence to investigate the matter, or, if the police reports are to be believed, just waiting to see how their draft turns out. With 11 selections remaining and plenty of good, young and less troubled linebacking talent available in the second round, the Ravens could trade up and select one, which could also mean McClain’s time in Baltimore is over before it even really started.

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18 Raves on “McClain tells his side of the story following arrest

  1. Kevin in Warrenton VA on said:

    So basically McClain left his grandma’s house to get into a scuffle because his little brother “said” someone spit on his car?
    My sone has a temper problem and says inappropriate things when mad. HE IS 12!
    McClain acts like a 12 year old.

  2. Your English Teacher on said:

    I don’t see any reason to cut McClain now. If I understand his contract correctly, he doesn’t start to get paid until the first game of the season. Bring him to training camp and get a better read on his talent, and on whether he is truly committed to becoming a responsible person. If he doesn’t cut it, the Ravens should cut him at the end of camp.

    The reason that Ozzie is Ozzie and the rest of us are not is that he is smart enough not to react emotionally on stuff like this.

  3. Jerry M on said:

    I say give the kid one more chance I think he might have realized it could be all over for him if he don’t chill out.
    And if there is any problems from here on out let him go. But either way it won’t affect the RAVENS negatively. S 1 more chance for McClain.

    • Kris JonesKris Jones on said:

      His one more chance came earlier this month when the Ravens signed him. He even said: “I love my friends and my city and I won’t turn my back on them. I just need to make better decision in my life. I won’t be making as many visits to Decatur.” He said that in March… and this happened on his first trip back to his home town after signing with the Ravens.

      How many chances is a guy going to get?

  4. Ellicott on said:

    Guy clearly has issues when goes back home. The kind of second chance he was given, should’ve stayed far away. He won’t get another opportunity

  5. Juris Doctor G on said:

    I wouldn’t cut him now, but I would insist that he gets up to Owings Mills pronto and takes part in OTAs. If he does that, we should keep him through training camp and see if he can make the roster. He was incredibly foolish, but this isn’t the Unabomber we are talking about here.

  6. Tom Cate on said:

    I hope it was worth your possible NFL career! I would believe you if you weren’t a problem child prior to this. The Ravens gave you a second chance don’t F it up.

  7. Michael on said:

    Where is this “so called” Police Video? If there was such video, it would have been all over the web. Why didn’t the prosecutor add more charges? Im not saying he’s a choir boy, but it just doesnt add up.

  8. malik on said:

    look people must realize that no one want’s their family to be harm or make stupid decision , plus grandma was there so i understand why he went to the park

  9. Anonymous on said:

    Let’s see how he acts in practice when he has time to bond with some of the respectable influential players. There is always hope this guy can turn his life and career around for the better. Why not as a Raven?

  10. Gary on said:

    Let’s see how he acts in practice when he has time to bond with some of the respectable influential players. There is always hope this guy can turn his life and career around for the better. Why not as a Raven?

  11. Paula on said:

    If he can’t handle himself in Alabama how the heck is he going to react being in Baltimore? Between Canton, Fells and The Block this guy will end up in big trouble!

  12. Hollywood24 on said:

    Let’s just say that McClain was telling the truth, why would he want his younger brorher to get into a fight over something as someone spitting on his car, where his brother could be injured or even killed? And as someone stated earlier, where is the footage of the incident? You mean to tell me that it hasn’t made the news or even worldstarhiphop. I wasn’t there, but I find it a little hard to believe that out of 700 people that McClain was the ONLY one to yell, “F” the police and get arrested. Maybe he kept pulling away from the police so that he could keep his brother from doing something stupid. Who knows? Evidently the Ravens seem to be monitoring the situation very closely before they decide what they will do with him.

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