McClain’s Career in Baltimore Over?

McClain Raiders

Many of us praised Ozzie Newsome for acquiring a player with a high ceiling, a former first round pick who is just 23 years old. Rolando McClain could potentially fill a need at inside linebacker and deliver extreme value on a near league minimum investment.

The Ravens gave McClain a second chance. They gave him an opportunity to play on a high profile team and resurrect a once promising career.

Last week when asked about the former defensive leader of the Alabama Crimson Tide Ozzie said, “Rolando is being given an opportunity to come in and make our 53-man squad. That’s it.”

Many thought that Ozzie’s guarded response was simply a motivational tactic intended to inspire McClain to prove himself. Maybe Ozzie just doesn’t trust the troubled player and outcast from the Oakland Raiders, a franchise that almost seems to embrace thug-like behavior.

Last night McClain may have blown that second chance after being arrested again in Decatur, Alabama, his hometown, for disorderly conduct and resisting arrest.

Strike three.

Any hopes of building trust blown to smithereens.

Inside linebacker now an even bigger need in Thursday’s NFL Draft.

The Ravens PR staff is calculating, cunning and almost always one-step ahead. There’s a reason that they didn’t prop McClain up before the Baltimore media in an introductory presser.

Now McClain will probably never get that chance.

After the season Steve Bisciotti when commenting on the resilience and ability of his team to overcome adversity credited his staff with bringing on men of character.

“You can’t teach character”, according to the Ravens owner.

And apparently in the case of Rolando McClain, you can’t teach common sense either.

Ozzie & Company should at least be thankful that McClain’s stupidity and lack of trustworthiness reared its ugly head before the draft and before he ever took the field.

This is no more than a false start and now the Ravens need to huddle up and call a new play.

One that doesn’t include Rolando McClain.

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33 Raves on “McClain’s Career in Baltimore Over?

    • Gary on said:

      Foul ball.. This guy obviously is a 23 yr. old boy in a man’s body. The talent is there but the brain is still a bit mush. Obviously incentive is not enough. (so many spoiled millionaires n the NFL) What this guy needs in mentoring from strong, powerful, professional teammates. A sure investment of trust mixed with brotherhood that being a Raven can provide. Rolando…you are on double secret probation.

  1. Rumor Ray on said:

    I agree the saving grace is that it happen prior to the draft and that he did not affect the cap in anyway. The sad part is that McClain had a second chance to play for an NFL Team and he blew it. If it would have worked out the Ravens could have had a great LB for pennies on the dollar. Nothing ventured …. Nothing Gained … This one just did not work out for us.

  2. True on said:

    Is he for sure being cut? Like positively? I’d rather have Keith Pough and Te’o.

    I can’t wait to hear what the Ravens will do.

    Now everyone is debating if we should give him another chance, and he’s only been signed for nine days or something! That’s pathetic.

  3. MJI on said:

    Seriously, did anybody not see that one coming? I was surprised 2 weeks ago that a gifted strategist like Ozzie would even waste time or money CONSIDERING this thug. Once a loser, always a loser – we didn’t have to wait long for him to prove it. To err is human, to forgive divine but Ozzie and company tried to do just that and look where it got them. So long to cheap trash.

  4. Ronnie on said:

    sorry for all the same comments, new to this sight. one reply was when i was a guest and then i signed up and became a member

  5. Ebuhuel on said:

    I am not sold that he is being cut for this, lets be honest it is stupid he got arrested and he should know better. But look what he is arrested for, he didn’t shoot or kill somebody, it wasn’t a DUI, it wasn’t for carrying firearms or doing drugs. He went to the park to hang with a group of people, that group apparently got to big. Officers told them to disperse but being a football player with an obvious temper he probably responded that they weren’t doing any harm and it is there right to be in the park and relax. Probably being rude to the officers and he got arrested.

    Is it stupid? Yes. Is it terrible to have a player on your team who likes sitting a park with a big group of people? No

    • RJ on said:

      The problem is that of all the 700 people in the crowd, apparently HE was the ONLY one screaming “F the police” at the top of his lungs over and over again. When the cops singled out McClain and asked him to please stop, he refused and kept screaming it! THAT’S what got him arrested, and why his sorry a$$ will be unemployed by the end of the week, if not the day!

      • Ebuhuel on said:

        that is pretty darn stupid, maybe he doesn’t like to be rich and rather work in a burger joint. still dont think he will be kicked right away, he might just be used as an extra body during training camp :-)

  6. Jerry M on said:


  7. bogeyroy on said:

    Apparently McClain just doesn’t get it, and will eventually end up doing a lot of time behind bars. Not sure how Dansby would fit in B’more, but his price is probably very cheap right now. If Ozzie and company want an experienced LB, maybe offer a similar no risk contract to Dansby…if he works out, greta, if not, no harm no foul.

    • Jerry M on said:

      Yeah he sounds like a win/win situation but only for 1yr. But Its also good to have another veteran LB like Dansby to teach whoever we pick up in the draft how to make it in the NFL, Which McClain clearly never had.

  8. g money on said:

    i dont think we cut him for this. at least he is a very cheap player who can contribute off the bench. thankfully, it was a one year deal. what an idiot

    • bogeyroy on said:

      I see your point, but this is his 5th or 6th time getting into trouble…and that doesn’t count what problems he had at Alabama that were hidden. What if his attitude/lack of respect rubs off on a rookie or two…or a yong veteran ? What if we keep him and he starts playing well, and then in October/November he gets arrested again ?

      A lot to consider !!!

  9. Jack on said:

    Disorderly conduct can be making too much noise as in reving up a motorcycle and resiting arise can be as small as refusing to get out of the car. What are the details before we make judgment?

  10. Melvin on said:

    I don’t necessarily see a need to cut him. He’s only due 700K. He might learn a few things when he hits the Raven’s locker room. That said, I’d keep him on a very short leash.

    It sounds like he has a legitimate issue with hometown police picking on him. But that doesn’t excuse his behavior. He is very immature. He needs to learn how to handle that type of thing. It comes with the territory.

  11. paulie on said:

    Unless I’ve misunderstood how this works, they’re going to have to pay him at least part of the contract anyhow. He’s a low cost acquisition so bring him on in and see if he can stay out of trouble for the OTA’s and camp… Maybe he’ll figure it all out once he gets here. They can cut him any time. At his contract number there is very little to lose. We gave Chris McAlister a number of chances (at a much higher contract cost). At the same time plan B should be to pick up a good ILB in the draft and/or maybe keep an eye on the waiver wire.

  12. ChiefMikey on said:

    Strike 3! There’s a reason this former Raider and Alabama AA was signed for the league minimum, no one else wanted him. There are plenty of good LB’s in the draft, a big credit to Ozzie & staff for giving McClain a 2nd chance. Cut ties with this guy, he’s not grown up enough to play in the NFL.

  13. Anonymous on said:

    It will be interesting to see how contrite he becomes in front of the Ravens management. We have our opinions but the Ravens have proven over and over again they know what to do in these situations. If they cut him it will be with good cause, if they keep him then we have to just trust they see something in him still that merits it. Trust Ozzie and the Ravens; there’s a reason we are the reigning SB Champs and always in the hunt.

  14. Nathan on said:

    After listening to the police report, I agree. This guy has no place on the Ravens. With the way he handles himself with the police, he’s a danger to any other players on the team. All it takes is a dinner after a practice or game where he decides to play the thug fool and he could get more than just himself in trouble. I’ll pass on this trash.

  15. RichieG on said:

    Been meaning to ask and it seems like this is a good time: is there interest in KarlosDansby or … is he pricing himself out of the market or is he too far past his expiration date?
    RichieG in Dallas

  16. Unibomber on said:

    What a stupid immature loser. He blew it. I still agree with the signing as we gave up nothing, but it’s still disappointing. Idiot couldn’t even last the month.

  17. Janaro on said:

    What an idiot. The team that just won the superbowl gives you a shot at creating a great career and you blow it in a month. He doesn’t deserve to wear a Ravens uniform or any team for that matter. That’s 3 jail trips (should be 4) since 2011. Let his ass stay in jail where he belongs.

  18. Bruce_Almty on said:

    Ya think the police chief of Decatur is the father of an ex-girlfriend??? Seems like everytime McClain goes back he gets his butt thrown in jail. Welllllllllllllll, we are talking about a slow learner aren’t we.

  19. va fan on said:

    Keep the guy. Yes he was stupid but he still has tremendous upside. Get him into camp. Speak with him. See what you have and then make a decision. Still need an inside LB. Ravens were taking one in the draft regardless of this situation. Just makes it even more obvious now.

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