McKinnie and Harbaugh speak by phone

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Baltimore Ravens left tackle Bryant McKinnie, who was instrumental in the team’s run to a Super Bowl XLVII victory, is another of the team’s key veteran free agents.

While the team has already lost a number of starters to free agency – Ed Reed, Paul Kruger, Dannell Ellerbe, and Cary Williams – to retirement – Matt Birk and Ray Lewis – or to cut/trade – Anquan Boldin and Bernard Pollard – it would seem to make sense for the team to hold on to McKinnie, at least on paper.

After signing quarterback Joe Flacco to a six-year. $120.6 M contract, you would think that the Ravens would be wise to invest in the protection of his blind side (and no, not by Michael Oher, thank you).

McKinnie, though, comes with his own set of issues, including a questionable work ethic and past problems with staying in shape.

Still, as soon as McKinnie was inserted into the starting lineup, the Ravens saw improvement at the OL in two positions, according to our own Ken McKusick (some will say three positions, but I’ll stick with the analysis of the guy who goes by “FILMSTUDY.”)

Since the Super Bowl, there has been little-to-no progress between McKinnie and the team. However, they have at least now been in contact.

According to WNST’s Luke Jones, McKinnie said he’s been receiving the most interest from the New Orleans Saints.

Last night, McKinnie posted the following to his Twitter account:

For those unfamiliar with The Twitters, I’ll explain what happened there.

Bryant McKinnie tweeted that he “Just got off the phone with Coach Harbs.”

Ravens wide receiver Torrey Smith then responded to that tweet with one of his own, saying “SIGN WITH US.”

McKinnie replied to Smith that “lol we’ll see.”

Riveting stuff, I know.

McKinnie has stated that he has no interest in taking a discount to stay in Baltimore. With the departures of his fellow “U” alum Lewis and Reed, that stance has surely been solidified.

Do you want the Ravens to keep McKinnie around? Or should they focus on a longer-term solution than the 33-year old?

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11 Raves on “McKinnie and Harbaugh speak by phone

  1. Kathy on said:

    I think we should keep him, until a better replacement comes around. Joe can’t throw if he is on his ass! I agree, that Oher is not the answer

  2. Tgun42 on said:

    This year we are going through so much with changes at D we need to sign him. Oher can not play LT and KO is better at guard. We need to be strong on both sides of Gino as he is learning too. Flacco will have time so He can pick people apart.

  3. Dave on said:

    Kathy pretty much nailed it. Resign McKinnie but with incentives requiring him to stay in and report in shape and ready to play. Pick a good replacement in the draft that can learn from him and take over next year.

  4. Jerry M on said:


  5. Matthew on said:

    Wait and see. If the Saints choose not to sign him, he’s going to get desperate eventually. He’s got enough money problems that he needs to keep playing for now. Get him on the cheap while we train up a drafted developmental LT.

  6. jimmy q on said:

    this guy needs to go. he is a bargain, a one year band-aid. he has no commitment to the game, he shows up to camp out of shape, and he is old. we need a long-term solution, someone who wants to play football.

  7. C on said:

    He was desperate before his first contract with the Ravens. I fear without Lewis and Reed to keep his a$$ in line he will only behave less professionally as last season…if that is possible. Everyone remember him not showing at camp, no communication then brings a note from his chiropractor. My vote would be incentive laden contract only.

  8. Ravenwoman on said:

    The Ravens should wait until after the draft to sign him and like the other comments above, only to a one year deal. The longer he goes unsigned, the cheaper he will become. I do worry about his commitment to conditioning. He was great last year because it was the playoffs and he was fresh off the bench. I think the Ravens should draft a tackle in the early rounds of the draft (trade up if necessary) if there is someone available in the first round. If Joe gets hurt, we are sunk.

  9. Mill on said:

    I am not a fan of Oher at LT but Bryant McKinnie is just a more accomplished Jarred Gaither. He is not reliable and we could very much end up with Oher at LT for that reason. I want to find a long term solution. Flacco has survived worse.

  10. FATTS on said:

    I think KO moving from RT to LG also helped the line bc it moved Mr Blindside back to his best position @ RT. Mc,Ko,Gino,yanda,Oher

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