McShay mocks WR Patton to the Ravens in Round 1 – not likely


Draft Day is approaching, and Ozzie Newsome and Co. are still working hard to see who might be available to be the newest member of the World Champion (that never gets old) Baltimore Ravens.

In a recent piece, I explained why the Ravens might want to trade up in the draft to grab a top-15 prospect. While this could still very much be the case, expect the Ravens to stay put in round one. This is a very deep draft and quality players will be available at #32.

The receiver position is certainly an area of need for the Ravens. With the departure of Anquan Boldin, the depth chart is a bit scary, considering young Tandon Doss will be relied on heavily. If they want to go wideout with the first pick, there will have to be a big name and Newsome must be sure he is first-round talent.

ESPN’s Todd McShay has an interesting – and puzzling – take on who the Ravens will take first.

McShay projects that the Ravens will take Quinton Patton, a receiver out of Louisiana Tech University. Patton had 104 catches for 1392 yards in his college career.

“It’s no secret that the Ravens need a receiver. They didn’t replace Anquan Boldin after he was traded to the 49ers,” said McShay. “It’s hard to believe that the Ravens will go with either Jacoby Jones, Tandon Doss, David Reed or Deonte Thompson as their No. 2 receiver. Patton is a borderline first-round talent. He doesn’t have elite size (6 feet, 202 pounds) or speed. But he has great hands and catches the ball in traffic. Patton has been compared to Reggie Wayne.”

McShay does a lot of things right, but his take on this pick is way off. Patton does not fit the mold of first-round talent. He is a good receiver, but this would be the biggest reach of the draft. Patton put up great statistics in college, but he played in the WAC. For those not familiar, teams in the WAC are not top-tier. I like Patton and the skills he can bring to the table, but this move just wouldn’t make sense in the first round.

As McShay writes, he does have very good hands. Should Patton slip to the second round, look for the Ravens to jump all over him, as that is where he belongs.

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8 Raves on “McShay mocks WR Patton to the Ravens in Round 1 – not likely

  1. Fran the Fan on said:

    I pay absolutely no attention to what draftniks like McShay and Kiper have to say (even though I personally like Mel). Most of what they forecast is no better than informed speculation and general managers will tell you they give these draft trolls no credibility at all. That said, Ozzie BETTER not draft a wide receiver in the 1st round. His track record (Travis Taylor, Mark Clayton) is abysmal.

    • jai on said:

      Ozzie can’t be gun-shy as to his decisions based on bygones.
      As to discrediting McShay and Kiper (draft trolls?), they are very well informed as to player qualities, and typically spot on, their skills as sharp as any team scout. Of course statements about who will go where is informed speculation. It is also such for every team picking after pick 1, to increasing degrees. And, of course, GMs don’t listen to them. They have their own opinions and scouts. C’mon, man.

  2. Sharon on said:

    I respect what McShay does but his picks for Baltimore are waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay off. He has us taking Patton in the first and some center (what?!) in the second. Um…. thanks sir, but no.

  3. Mike on said:

    I actually love Patton more than most of the “top” receivers in this draft. I think there’s a pretty good chance he goes in the 1st, and almost certainly will not make it to our 2nd round pick

  4. Phil on said:

    Patton would be a great pick for us… the second round. 32nd pick is one hell of a reach. Hoping Matt Elam or Jonathan Cyprien falls to us at 32.

  5. Tgun42 on said:

    There is no way in the world we would take him. Too much other talent in the draft. if he was the best option at that point we wold trade out of the first round. Where we sit we need to trade way up and get a LT or trade back and still get a good saftey, MLB and slot reciever.

  6. SICK OF NOBODY'S writing articles on said:

    Just reading your Backup qb bulls#%$t, i’ll be glad when Tyrod Taylor finally gets his opportunity to shutup ALLLLLLLLLLLLLLL you so called experts…..

  7. jai on said:

    I think you are mistaken in judging or thinking Ozzie judges players with heavy attention to name recognition or collegiate division/conference over skillset and upside. Joe Flacco? Lardarius Webb? This projection is not as far off as you think.

    Give some thought to the actual state of Ravens affairs. At Safety– with Michael Huff in, we’re more specifically with a hole at #31′s spot of thumper, which can be found in round 2 or 3 or 4. At ILB, we’re about to get Rolando Mac, have starter Jameel Mac on roster, and guys like Bynes, McClellan, Hall on the come up, so if Ogletree or Teo aren’t there, maybe we wait til rd 2 or 3. (Ellerbe, McClain and Bart Scott were all undrafted, albeit able to study under #52). Plug and play LT’s are off the board before pick 32. So, especially given the offense we’re trying to build, WR may be the priority. Patton is a definite option. What’s ludicrous (though anything’s possible) is the idea that we’d trade up into the teens. That’d cost next year’s 1 or this years 2 & 4 likely.

    It’s all opinion, but I think we’ll take, in this preference, WR Allen, Hopkins, Patton, Rogers, or Woods. if one is on the board.

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