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A quick note before we dive into the meat and potatoes of this week’s column. While poking around the interwebs and doing my research, I ran face first into the Baltimore Sun’s ridiculous paywall restriction and was kindly instructed via popup window to sign up for digital access to continue reading through our local newspaper’s slideshow.

As a person who is firmly against newspapers that jam ads down your throat then force you to pay for a subscription, I copied the URL of the article and pasted it into an incognito window in Google Chrome.

Just like that, The Sun got their greedy little hands off my wallet and I was able to read away.

There’s your free tip of the day. I didn’t even charge you 99 cents, like they would have.

Now without further ado, the aforementioned meat and potatoes.

And so we’ve reached the week between the conference championships and the Super Bowl. Some football fans call it “Pro Bowl Week,” but I choose to refer to it as “a week to ignore the garbage all-star game that the NFL continues to run out there year after year.” (Seriously, even the draft element found a way to be boring.)

I figured this week would be the perfect time to do some reflecting and what better way to reflect than to hold some of our local journalists’ feet to the fire?

Way back in mid-August of 2013, our lone Baltimore newspaper published some NFL season predictions for the 2013 season and now that we’re down to two remaining teams, it’s time to look back and laugh.


Mike Preston

Most humorous prediction: Falcons win NFC South

Most spot-on prediction: Broncos in the Super Bowl (Presto has them as the XLVIII champs)

Ravens prediction: Win AFC North, advance to AFC Championship game

Columnist/Brian Billick intimidator, Mike Preston, accurately predicted just three division winners (Patriots, Broncos and Packers) and seemed far too optimistic about the 4-12 Atlanta Falcons. The critical columnist also had high hopes for the defending Super Champs.


Peter Schmuck

Most humorous prediction: Redskins win NFC East

Most spot-on prediction: Chiefs grab AFC Wild Card spot

Ravens prediction: Win AFC North, advance to Super Bowl, but lose to 49ers

A repeat of last year’s Harbowl? That’s what Schmuck foresaw, only with a different outcome. Not only did Pete think the Ravens would be back in the ‘big game’, but he thought they would beat the Patriots again in the AFC Championship. I’m a Ravens fan and even I think that’s a boring postseason.


Matt Vensel

Most humorous prediction: Falcons win NFC South

Most spot-on prediction: Seahawks win NFC West

Ravens prediction: Win AFC North

Vensel’s predictions actually weren’t bad. Sure, he thought the Ravens would win the North, but who didn’t back in August? He accurately picked five division winners and the AFC champion, but thought Green Bay would represent the NFC in the Super Bowl


Aaron Wilson

Most humorous prediction: Houston grabs an AFC Wild Card spot

Most spot-on prediction: Broncos win AFC

Ravens prediction: Win AFC North, advance to AFC Championship, but lose to Broncos

Not a bad job by Wilson either. Had the 9ers held on last week, his Super Bowl prediction would have been intact. He did fall victim to the “believing in Matt Ryan” trend that a lot of The Sun writers seemed to follow, but we’ll forgive him for that.


Jeff Zrebiec

Most humorous prediction: Falcons win the Super Bowl

Most spot-on prediction: Broncos win AFC

Ravens Prediction: Win AFC North

The Falcons. The 4-12 Falcons were Zre’s Super Bowl Champion. Oof. I wanted to make his prediction of the Redskins making the postseason the most humorous one, but he forced me not to.


Monique Jones

Most humorous prediction: Redskins win NFC East

Most spot-on prediction: Bengals win AFC North

Ravens prediction: AFC Wild Card

Finally someone who didn’t think the Ravens would win the North. Jones still put Baltimore in the postseason, but didn’t have them advancing past the Wild Card round. Also, Falcons. AGAIN.


Stan Charles

Most humorous prediction(s): Bengals win AFC, Texans win AFC South, Falcons win NFC South, Redskins grab NFC Wild Card, Andy Dalton wins MVP

Most spot-on prediction: Seahawks win NFC West

Ravens prediction: AFC Wild Card

Oh Stan. It’s usually the guy that goes out on a limb the most that looks the most foolish. That guy was The Sun’s guest prognosticator. Andy Dalton for MVP? You serious dude?

All joking aside, making predictions is super tough especially when jerks like me go back and laugh at you for them. Isn’t the internet just wonderful?

Kudos to the Sun’s staff of experts for their coverage of the Ravens this season. Their analysis helps to keep fans in the loop on what’s going on behind the closed doors at The Castle, even if stink at preseason predictions.

3 Raves on “MEDIA WATCH DOG: Humorous Predictions From The Sun

  1. Boldin Raver on said:

    About the offensive line, Mike Preston wrote an article on Aug 26 titled “Depth is a concern for the Ravens offensive line.” He noted that behind some good starters there was little –Shipley and Jah: “The big concern is about depth, or lack of it. If the Ravens can make it through the season without serious injuries, they might have one of the best lines in the AFC. If not, barring a late acquisition, they are in trouble.” Preston later went on to annoy me by writing that he had to withstand withering fire after writing something negative about the Ravens (I’m still shedding tears). Like many of us, he expected better of McKinnie. No mention of Gradkowski. But the gist of the article was if anything goes wrong that O-Line, which looked to be good at the time, could fold up like a tent due to qualified backups. By far, the most prescient thing written before the season began.

  2. John P on said:

    Mike – I’d be interested in seeing what YOUR predictions looked like.

    Frankly – Atlanta WAS the #1 seed last year. They had a host of injuries this year that killed their season. Houston SHOULD have been the #1 seed last year, and was poised to be better. Frankly, I don’t recall ANYONE predicting either of those two teams falling from grace.

    The Redskins won the NFC East last year, and frankly the division wasn’t strong this year. Finally, the Bungles were many people’s favorite to win the AFC North at the start of this year (yours truly included). The only really “funny” prediction was Andy Dalton for MVP. I don’t think anyone saw that.

    Again, what were your predictions? I’d be interested in seeing how many you got right. Because I know I only got 5 division winners this year.

  3. East Endzone on said:

    Mike Preston intimidated Brian Billick? Billick, and all sober people, laughed at this clown as he tried to hide a lack of talent with make believe sources and unchecked facts.

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