MEDIA WATCHDOG: Holding WNST Accountable


Like many of you, I follow Nestor Aparicio and his little sports media company, WNST, on their various forms of social media. Also, like many of you, I can’t stand 95 percent of their content and disagree entirely with their brand and message. I just have to stay plugged in to what those guys are doing there at that small AM station in Towson.

Yes, I know. I know. You can stream them online, they write blogs, send out a “Daily Newspaper” (that’s actually just an email newsletter) and are “real fans” unlike the “out of town jabronies” they have working at that FM station. I get it, but I want my sports commentary from a source I can trust, not a company led by a guy that has an ax to grind against Orioles ownership.

Nestor loves to blame everyone but himself. He uses that “big guy trying to keep the little guy down” commentary to attempt to cover his biases.

The truth is, WNST lost their press credentials with the Orioles because they decided to stage protests against the team’s ownership. In the media world, if you want access to a team, you have to agree to their guidelines. A press credential is a privilege, not a right. You follow the team’s rules and in exchange you’re given access that fans don’t receive.

No one asks for you to be cheerleaders, they ask for you to follow the rules — and they’re pretty basic. You can’t cheer, ask for autographs and have to follow a very loose dress code. Which is why I’m always so surprised when Nestor sports that 1998 custom “Nasty” Ravens jersey in the M&T Bank Stadium press box. That’s beside the point though.

The constant hammering of the O’s not only gets old, but often squanders the quality work of guys at NST like Luke Jones, who produce quality, unbiased content. Often times, Nestor’s commentary on the Orioles is blatantly inaccurate. Need an example?



At the time of these tweets, December 2012, MASN had been in existence for five years. So that third tweet would have calculated to $650 million ($130 million x 5 years) in alleged “profit.”

How much has Angelos pocketed again? $500 million, $650 million or $700 million? I guess it depends on when (and on what account) Nestor is tweeting. Interestingly, published the revenues that each Major League Baseball team made from their respective TV deals. MASN brought the Orioles $29 million annually according to figures in 2012.

And that’s just one example.

Not surprisingly, Aparicio blamed Angelos for refusing to move the Orioles September 5 game against the White Sox so the Ravens could open their season at home. Numerous reports indicated that the Orioles, traveling White Sox and the Major League Baseball Players Association would have had to sign off the game being moved. To no one’s surprise, Aparicio put all the blame on Angelos and his darn “stubbornness.” Ravens owner Steve Bisciotti even denied those claims.

In a lot of ways, I’m a part of the problem. I click his trolling Facebook statuses, I reply to his inaccurate tweets and write hundreds of words about why he’s so inaccurate.

Perhaps it’s best that the Media Watchdog just hits the mute button when it comes to this agenda-driven station.

Care to join me?

51 Raves on “MEDIA WATCHDOG: Holding WNST Accountable

  1. Neil b on said:

    Everyone has an agenda. He is just out front with his. I don’t agree with him either but hit pieces like this make me sick.

  2. Fran the Fan on said:

    Completely agree, Michael. One of the joys of living in Glen Burnie is that 1570′s signal is very weak, even during the day. And after sunset it melts completely into the nighttime static. I was starting to tune out WNST for poor reception even before the owner went on his anti-Angelos campaign. So it was easy for me to let it go – the station, the web site, the tweets – all of it. I’ve been Nestor-free for years, and am a better sports fan for it.

    Go for it. You’ll like it.

  3. Mike H on said:

    I don’t totally agree with the Nestor bashing. Yes, he has a deep hatred for Angelos and it gets old after a while but there’s no denying he tries and wants the Orioles to be a winning franchise again. In the past, I have seen him admit to them taking his press pass due to “Free the birds” although he may not say that every time he brings it up. But you can’t fault the guy for at least trying to bring change to the organization that was terrible for 14 years. As Neil mentioned above, pieces like this blatantly bashing another media site are really unnecessary but I guess it’s a part of your agenda

  4. AM on said:

    Plain and simple– WNST and Nestor are embarrassments to the Baltimore community. The majority of their content appeals to a very specific type of breed here in Baltimore: the emotionally unintelligent. Nestor, at the end of the day, really only cares about himself (masked in “passion” for Baltimore) and providing destructive and misinformed information to the emotionally unstable who like his content….and there are who love his style, which is why WNST is still in business.

    I stopped following and listening to WNST and Nestor a few years ago when I could no longer take their misinformed analysis and constant bickering. Is Angelos perfect? Hell no. Is he greedy? Yeah, he probably is a bit (even though he still is one of the top charitable givers in Baltimore). But, there’s a few things to keep in mind. 1) Spending tons money in baseball does not guarantee success [Angels, Blue Jays, Yankees of late, Dodgers, Phillies of late]. 2) Getting to the playoffs and excelling is really hard. You need a good combination of placing the right bets, building talent through farm and plain luck (injuries). Everyone knows that Angelos is not the caliber of owner as Biciotti, but to blame Angelos for all the Orioles woes like Nestor has done is just wrong and lacking in critical examination.

  5. Brian on said:

    I am not a fan of his either but I just lost all respect for this article and for Russell Street report after this article. Correct me if I am wrong but I believe at one time or another Tony L did a show on 1570 and that station was all fine back then. Why the need to bash the competition now you make yourself sound like him.

    • Michael O'NairMichael O'Nair on said:

      Tony did host a brokered program on NST several years ago. But much has changed since then and much of what once made NST good is no longer there. Bashing? I see it as more of a piece that points out lies.

  6. In Sider on said:

    The Orioles ownership (there are many not just Angelos) who give themselves and their corporations huge “Bonuses” that takes off 10′s of millions from the “Net Profit” they announce to the public.

  7. Bud on said:

    Um, 105.7 has gotten worse and worse. They “stir” up conversation even when the Ravens are winning(like why did the Ravens only win by 10) for ratings, I get tired of hearing about what they had for dinner for an hour, and a lot(not everyone) of their hosts brag about their football knowledge? Nestor can be over-the-top sometimes and to challenge him on that is fine, but the bias of (105.7 is better) in this article is obvious.

  8. Voice of Reason on said:

    Although I don’t care for Nestor personally, I happen to like Drew Forrester’s program better than Norris and Davis in the morning. Also, Luke Jones does a fine job reporting Ravens news. The rest of the programming is sub-standard. If you look at 105.7 the fan, many of the sports guys are former WNST employees. Jeremy Conn, Bob Haynie, Rob Long and Terry Ford all worked for Nestor. Bruce Cunningham and Aaron Wilson had a fantastic Saturday’s Ravens program that was extremely popular. I think the quality of the station declined because of sponsorship and Nestor’s inability to pay a competitive salary to keep his staff. Frankly, I don’t think he has ever fully recovered from that purge of great talent. I do think it is good to have competition among the radio stations, even if one is not very good.

  9. Davie on said:

    Nestor’s a fan. He represents the feelings of a generation of true Baltimore sports fans like me. I grew up living and dying Colts and Orioles. Our generation feels differently and expects professionalism. You obviously don’t get it. Open your eyes. The Orioles office and involvement with the community has improved over the last few years – but there was a long run under Angelos where it didnt exist. Angelos ran a dictatorship and was detrimental. Nestor called it out. His methods may be out there – but he lives his love on his sleeve – which matches up with a lot of us. Those of us who can name the Orioles starting lineup in 1972 like Nestor.

  10. paulie on said:

    Guess I’m almost two decades ahead of you Tony. I knew (and desliked) ‘Nasty’ back when he was claiming to be Luis Aparicio’s nephew – right up until the cease and desist order threatened to sue him into his own personal stone age if he did not stop immediately. That should tell you everything you need to know about his relationship with veracity. He was a liars liar back then and a modicum of notoriety appears to have brought no changes.

  11. Brett on said:

    I work for WNST and find this article off base. You claim that WNST is terribly programming but yet do not identify anyone that is actually on air. There is a lot people yheir who work their asses off to keep that small AM station in competition with bigger outlets.Your agenda with Nestor is one thing but dont lump the likes of Luke Jones, Ryan Chell, Glenn Clark and everyone else into your bashing. Though you may not agree with him, Nestor has brought in tons of talented people including most of those who now work for yhe FM station. WNST is still opetating at high level, considering the limitations of doing AM, thats pretty impressive. Nestor must be doing something right.

    • John P on said:

      To be fair, you really should read the article before you hit the “reply” button. I don’t know one thing about your radio station, but even I already knew the author singled out Luke Jones as someone who produces quality, unbiased comments.

      And – read my comment below. I’m not happy with this article either.

    • Michael O'NairMichael O'Nair on said:

      Luke Jones is one of the best reporters in town. I haven’t taken Glenn Clark seriously since he told Adam Jones to “go f himself” on Opening Day two years ago.

  12. Alonzo on said:

    This is a terribly biased article, and your attempts to belittle Nestor (“their tiny little station,” and their daily newsletter) reveal a juvenile mind at work. I may not agree with everything Nestor’s done, but he’s hung in there, he’s local and I respect that he’s made his station last as long as it has. Your attempts to show the inaccuracies only showcase how “small” you come off in your own thinking. “Like 95% of you,” when did you take this poll. I come to the russellstreetreport for football, what motivated you to write this?

    This is supposed to be a hit piece, but the author has taken the biggest hit. You had a zillion options to write about regarding the Ravens. What possessed you to write about Nestor and his radio station. You should keep your own personal war (that’s what it sound like) to yourself.

    • Michael O'NairMichael O'Nair on said:

      Alonzo, I cover the media. My angle may be analysis of their coverage of the Ravens, but the Media Watchdog column will also be written about local or national media.

  13. Curtis Dickey on said:

    Tony… big thumbs down for putting this crap on your website … You should be above this. Its the same thing type of thing Nestor would do. Do you wanna be like him and drag media names thru the mud. Be an equal opportunity offender then and talk about how much of a no talent assclown Steve Davis is, and how listening to Scott Garceau is about as exciting as watching paint dry. I know you’re on 105.7 often so you probably shouldn’t criticize them.

    Michael O’Nair… Media Watchdog…Ok??? … Whatever you say Toots. Sure, Nestor is way over the top with his constant bashing of Angelos and it gets to point where I tune out (his loss). But ultimately, Baltimore needs an annoying media asshole to stand up to that Pariah. How can you forgive and forget the hell that person has put Os fans through all these years? God forbid 105.7 and WBAL ever say anything negative towards Pete. When the Os cry small market after they don’t pony up the big bucks in order to retain their big names, how will those stations spin it? Will you Media Watchdog justifiably call them out? Or will you be just another lemming following them off the Angelos cliff?

    • Anonymous on said:

      A No talent assclown Steve Davis…. AGREE! Scott Garceau is about as exciting as watching paint dry…. AGREE! 105.7 and WBAl are not worth listening to… AGREE! Oops, is Michael McNair on one of those stations?
      I haven’t listened to nasty radio in several years, but for the most part… note I said for the most part, Nestor is and was right about Peter Angelos. He singlehandedly ruined the Orioles.. The shoddy treatment of Davy Johnson, the Albert Belle debacle, letting Jon Miller go, hiring yes men for managers and pitching coaches.. you know who I’m talking about. Come on man, be real…. was ANY ONE ELSE besides Nestor carrying the banner? Were they?… Who? Realistically, and of course Pete the Greek would NEVER admit to it, but it was Nestor’s holding his feet to the fire that finally, finally forced the owner to change his MO. I don’t see how ANY ONE could deny that.
      Not a fan of Nestor personally, but if we’d all be honest, we ALL owe him a debt of gratitude for being the impetus for the hiring of personnel and players that have provided the last two years of watchable, followable baseball to believe in and be proud of in Baltimore.

      • pgavin on said:

        If you think Nestor holding “his feet to the fire” had ANYTHING to do with the improvement of the Orioles you are as delusional as him and like him don’t understand sports. How about a bunch of drafts and a great couple of trades and luck. You can’t have it both ways… P. A. can’t be both. A single handed wrecker of a franchise and NOW a savior of it(by hiring baseball people).

        And remember this Nestor beats on potential sponsors, listeners and anyone else in the market. He blamed the tiny amount of books sold(if we can believe HIS Math, which has a history of lies) on “football fans don’t or can’t read books”. Maybe people don’t trust him(and with the huge number of silly errors the people are right)

        • Michael O'NairMichael O'Nair on said:

          Nestor begged for the Orioles to spend money they didn’t have, then took credit for their turnaround when they built a winner in 2012 following the same plan they were following through the Andy MacPhail years. Baltimore is a mid-market team with a mid-market payroll. Anything else you hear is a lie.

          You think Major League Baseball would let an owner secretly pocket billions of dollars while collecting revenue sharing from large market teams? Not in a million years.

      • paulie on said:

        With all due respect, I think both you and Nestor are giving Peter Angelos way too much credit. Have either of you read the ownership history of the Milwaukee Brewers/St. Louis Browns/Baltimore Orioles? Hell, just since 1954 this franchise has been ruined more times than a drunken prom queen in a hay loft.

  14. John P on said:

    This article is utterly ridiculous. Yeah, I know Nester has a bad name. Guess what? That’s part of the reason I don’t follow him (other reasons being I work from home so I’m not in the car much, and when I am, I listen to Sirius XM like a lot of other people).

    But you know what? This article just brought Russell Street Report down to “Nester’s level”, as you say. Really? This is a Ravens fan site. That’s your mission. Shouldn’t every article be aimed at that mission?

    Does bashing Nester, or some other media outlet help complete that mission? Does it inform me about my beloved Ravens? Heck no. It’s about Nester and the Orioles. Neither of which has anything to do with the Ravens!

    If you want to defend Peter Angelos (if that’s even possible), do it on your Orioles site. That’s why you have it. And if you want to start a Media Watchdog site, do it.

    Just leave it the heck off my Ravens site!

  15. Jeff on said:

    Not going to take sides with anyone, but we should all fight the same fight, what Michael fails to report is that this has been going on for longer than even reported in this piece. Also, as much as you want to Dis Nestor, he was the only one providing us 247 sports radio since back before the Ravens came to town, so I will give him props for giving us sports, albeit, on a small frequency dial, in fact Mike, you sound a bit bruised by him for some reason, more oft, it sounds like sour grapes more than reporting. I stopped listening to them when Haynie left, he was the best of the best there, and Nestor doesn’t like anyone to get bigger than him or the station, you need to be someone who falls in line. But I like Nestor the person, and have known him casually for years, so I can’t bash him the person, we don’t all get along with everyone or agree with everyone and we are entitled to our opinions whether we like them or not. The age of the digital world has made it so, anyone when an education can get online, create their own blog or vlog or blog talk radio and make themselves into stars. The bottom line here is, if you don’t like them, don’t listen to them, if you like them, listen to them, me, there are some who have been worse than those on NST, like Anita Willis McGhee Marks, for example, but there are things allot worse than WNST to moan about, such as Angelos’ not being willing to open up the purse strings, which is fact, not fiction, anyone can cook the books to make them appear in one way than another. Come on boys, these are billionaires we are talking about, they didnt get there by not being able to maneuver money. In the big picture, I dont bashing one station or the other or the people is accomplishing anything. Just be glad that we have sports radio 247 in this town to talk to and listen to.

  16. Jack Smith on said:

    This is not an article about the Ravens so I’m not sure why this is posted here. I dislike the article. I don’t think it represents accurately what WNST is.

    Nestor organized a nice march at the Superbowl. Nestor hires nice, happy sounding people who care about the teams and the local community. There’s very little negativity from both personalities and callers from 6am to 2pm, not much from 2pm to 6pm (and after that it plays Fox national programming). They have a steady stream of great guests from websites like predictionmachine and KFFL.

    I believe that Nestor’s ego is large, but I really like his hires. I also think that the Raven’s owner has a big ego, but I like his hires.

  17. Stevie R. on said:

    Wow, looks like Nestor got his henchmen out. Probably half of these responses are Drew and his sycophant Clark or maybe just Nestor himself. The only reason I wouldn’t write this article is the fact that no one outside of the 15 people that listen to WNST gives a rat’s ass about that station anymore.

  18. Anon on said:

    Seriously? This article had no reason to be written on this site. This is a RAVENS site. To talk about the RAVENS. This is not a place for personal media bashing.

    I am disappointed in RSR for allowing this kind of trash on this website. Here is one of the biggest reasons why I cannot stand this blog. The constant drama by these writers is absurd and absolutely ridiculous.

    Great job, Michael, on writing a “story” that is all about your personal feelings and the Orioles. This had nothing to do with the main topic of this website.

  19. Scott on said:

    I’m a big Ravens fan. I want information about my team, the Ravens. That’s why I visit this site regularly as well as WNST and numerous other newspapers, radio stations and blogs to find Ravens info. Sometimes I get crap, sometimes I get useful information. I really don’t care about Nestor’s issues. Journalists with an agenda? OMG, say it’s not so! We see that every single day on every cable channel, whether its FOX News, CNN or MSNBC. People have points of view that they want to push. We’re used to it. Hopefully most of us have their own mental filters functioning to sift out the crap from what’s useful.

  20. Rob on said:

    Nice hatchet job, Tony.
    Not sure why you didn’t just put your own name instead of “Michael O’Nair”.
    Tony doesn’t like Nestor.
    We all know that.

    Of course, the “watchdog” review of the station didn’t actually review anything about the station, the hosts on the air, the shows, their coverage of the Ravens, Orioles, Terps, etc. It wasn’t at all a review of the station, it was just a no-balls hatchet job of Nestor by Tony.

    • Tony LombardiTony Lombardi on said:

      Not mine but if it helps you sleep at night go ahead and blame me.

      Actually I really don’t care about Nestor or if I ever hear his name again. Didn’t even enjoy his pics on our site. Maybe you did.

      FYI…more Media Watchdog to come.

      Oh and now we know “Rob” doesn’t like Tony.

      • jim from dundalk on said:

        He did help you get your start in Baltimore media,,,,,,,,,,,,,where is your respect for a fellow media guy,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,Nestor is right more than he is wrong but bashing like this has no place on your site , it is losing credibility much like NST did,,,,,,,,,,,,,don’t follow in his footsteps but do look upon him as media competition , never under estimate the competition as they may surprise you,,,,,,,,,,,,,freedom of expression is American , it looks like this O’Nair person (never heard of him) is simply jealous of Nestor ( many many people have heard of him) , as the say no publicity is bad publicity but be careful how you play the game………………

    • Michael O'NairMichael O'Nair on said:

      These aren’t Tony’s thoughts. They’re all mine. You’re free to blame me if you disagree, but nothing posted above is factually incorrect. Rather, it calls out Nestor’s inaccuracies.

      I would be happy to go more in depth on WNST if you’d like. There’s a lot there we can get into.

      • jim from dundalk on said:

        Sounds like a good bit of jealousy from your part , probably because most of the sports people around here know of Nestor and have never heard of you,,,,,,,,,,,,,,any credibility you may have had (debatable) has been lost,,,,,,,,,,,,,

  21. Sizzle Chest on said:

    Personally I see a lot of similarities between Nestor and Skip Bayless…they purposefully beat their agenda’s into the ground until you just tune them out. I have stopped following on social media or paying any attention to both. They are outlandish for the sake of attention and a chase of fame which creates the worst kind of media personalities. Nestor was an innovator in this market but his belief that he could replace Bob Haynie with any of the clowns he has on his station now is a joke. And I know from personal altercations that Drew Forrester is perhaps the biggest jerk in this market. I know the few times I have tuned in to his “show” that I will hear him treat at least one called that is making an rational, respectful, opposing point like an absolute piece of trash.

    Luke Jones is a great asset to the station and he does an excellent job of remaining above the fray but he will likely move on to bigger and better things and Nestor will be left with nothing but egomaniacal clones like Forrester and Glenn Clark. As a former listener, Clark simply cannot carry a show and resorts to screaming and trying to make outlandish stunts to gain attention (like the recent disgrace with a Denver radio host that was one of the most ridiculous and asinine things ever put on the airwaves). As for his other broadcastor Thryl, I don’t know one person that has EVER said they enjoy or even listen to his show…how did Nestor believe replacing Haynie with that guy was an upward move? He just rambles endlessly because nobody is listening to call in and he tries so hard to use big words that half the time he misuses them in an attempt to sound more intelligent. I was a fan and I give Nestor credit for what he did 20 years ago but his dismissal of quality talent for mindless clones and his never ending grandstanding have made me completely ignore everything he does.

    On a side note I agree with a previous poster…whenever there is a negative story posted about WNST it seems like the comment section is flooded with fans of Nestor and his station. That’s funny that so many people care about the station but when I happened to be in attendance (by coincidence) for 2 of their events there were less than 5 people there for said event. Clearly Nestor and his employees jump to action and post like crazy to make it seem like they have way more support and influence than they actually do.

    • jim from dundalk on said:

      and just what business do you own and please present us with your background in the media so we can add or detract from your credibility,,,,,,,,,,,,exactly how many events have you held for the public , I’m sorry , I have never heard of you……………….are you somebody in the media like Nestor ?

  22. John M on said:

    Just so it’s out there. The guy above “Sizzle Chest” is actually Tom Clayton. A few years ago, he was a contestant in the WNST contest to find new talent. He was horrible. Never even got to the final show. So its pretty obvious with his attacks on Nestor, Glenn, Drew and Thryl what his real agenda is for this whole WNST thing. I tried out for the contest too and didn’t make the final show but I still respect Nestor and the station. Tom didn’t hate Nestor when he wanted to work for him in 2008. Now he does all the sudden. I wonder why?

    • Sizzle Chest on said:

      First of all I said that I had a lot of respect for Nestor but I have lost all respect for him and his station over the past few years…I gave concise reasons why I don’t like certain personalities and why my fandom has dissipated. I actually worked with Nestor after I didn’t win the contest so my opinion doesn’t arise from that. I would also like to point out that I DID in fact make it to the final show at Padonia Station and yes I probably was horrible because I was one of the few contestants that had never been behind a microphone in their life. I have no idea who you are or frankly why you so vividly remember me as the only people I remember are the few people that I became friends with after the contest. Your assumptions are 100% incorrect but you’re entitled to your opinion just like I am to mine…what is your name and when were you eliminated from the contest so I can critique you and what I’m sure was your highly professional, entertaining submission.

  23. A friend on said:

    Let’s see if the moderators allow this to be published. I doubt it.

    Tony, I’ve been a fan of your work and years ago at your old stomping grounds on Honeygo, we broke bread and talked about this site and your long term plans. I even introduced you to a man who is a current advertiser here.

    To say that I’m disappointed with this article you’ve allowed to be published on your site is an understatement. I don’t know Nestor, but I’ve had the opportunity to get to know Glenn and Drew and both of those men are class individuals. Last year I took some coats to the radio station as part of a drive they were doing and Glenn welcomed my 9-year old daughter and two of her classmates into the station and treated them like Queens. They still talk about it. My Ravens Nest has invited Drew out four times now to speak and he’s been outstanding every single time. Those two didn’t deserve the personal attacks they’ve received here. I don’t know Nestor or anyone else at the station very well, but no one deserves the treatment you’ve allowed, Tony.

    You owe them an apology and, if I can make a suggestion to you, I strongly recommend you look at the people writing for you to determine if they’re doing nothing more than passing along a dirty, personal agenda of their own.

    • Tony LombardiTony Lombardi on said:

      Not sure who this is. Any of my friends would reach out to me directly to share such sentiments so perhaps you too have an agenda.

      That said, I appreciate your kind words, concerns and your loyalties.

      As for that apology, when WNST publicly apologizes to the Orioles, I’ll have Michael acknowledge the atonement with one of his own in a future Media Watchdog.

    • Jim from Dundalk on said:

      You will never see an apology from Tony,,,,,he thinks he is above it all…………everyone has an agenda but Tony………

      • Tony LombardiTony Lombardi on said:

        My agenda is to deliver value for our customers. Value is measured by the presentation of banner ads and the number of times they are seen. So you see Jim, Jimmy, Spy and Mystery Man, I do have an agenda.

        As for an apology, I’m happy to atone when necessary. Ask Tandon Doss

        Jim when you apologize do you do so for yourself and the three alter egos too?

  24. J on said:

    Excellent column! The truth is that sports talk radio in Baltimore is absolutely horrid, which is sad considering the passion that Baltimore fans have for their teams is rarely matched in other cities. It’s so bad in fact, that I often find myself listening to 980 AM out of DC. Despite the fact that I have little to no interest in the Nats or ‘Skins, except for Doc Walker, their product is first rate. They never forget that they are a SPORTS talk station and allow themselves to get into long stupid stories about Man Caves & Barbeque-ing or spend whole segments mocking the lisps of NFL refs (hear me Jeremy Conn?). Truth me told, I often hear more insight from fans at a tailgate or in the stands than I do from Baltimore sports talk these days. Someone help us!

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