MONDAY’S RAVENS ROUNDUP: Peterson Adds Salt to the Snow



The Ravens made a statement when they traded Anquan Boldin last offseason, and that statement was that they thought their receiving corps was going to be able to develop and make up for Boldin’s 2012 production. A lot of this production was supposed to come from emerging tight end Dennis Pitta. Then Pitta got hurt in training camp, and was originally believed to be done for the season and possibly his career.

“I remember when I got injured, I didn’t know if I was even going to be able to play football again, and so being able to stand here and talk about a victory and being part of that is special for me,” said Pitta.

It’s truly remarkable that less than five months from suffering the injury, Pitta was back on the field Sunday, and playing at a high level. Pitta finished the game second on the team in both receptions (6) and yards (48) and also added an impressive diving catch and later scored what looked to be the game-winning touchdown just before the two-minute warning on a 1-yard pass on 4th and 1. Flacco looked Pitta’s way often, especially on third and fourth downs.

When Pitta is in the lineup, Flacco looks more comfortable, and the Ravens offense is able to run more smoothly. As the Ravens look to make a serious run at the postseason, getting back one of Flacco’s favorite targets in the middle of the field is important. “He knows how to get open,” Flacco said of Pitta. ”He knows how to run routes and he catches the football. He means a lot.”



Baltimore is home to the worst fans in football, at least according to Vikings superstar running back Adrian Peterson. After suffering a painful ankle injury and watching his team lose in the final seconds, Peterson had every right to be unhappy, and took to twitter to bash not just the officials working the game, but the Ravens fan base.

Peterson’s beef with the officials was primarily about a ruling in the first quarter that Toby Gerhart fumbled, when it seemed clear his knee was down before losing possession. It seemed like even the Ravens expected the ruling to be overturned, because they kept their defense on the field.

The attack on the Ravens fan base however, is presumably based completely on fans throwing snowballs. While any fan who threw a snowball at Peterson should have been taken out of the game, Peterson also needs to realize that as a visiting team player he is subject to some dislike from the home team’s fans. If fans have been drinking and are getting restless, it’s not surprising they started playing with the snow.

Terell Suggs, however, has a slightly different point of view about the Ravens fan base, he later tweeted “Ravens’ fans? BEST.FANS.



After the Ravens defeated the Vikings 29-26 Sunday, Jacoby Jones explained how we all felt after the game, saying that it was impossible to get too emotional in the final two minutes, because it was just too confusing about whether the Ravens were going to win or lose.

Flacco went as far as to say the finish was even crazier than the famous “Mile High Miracle” game in Denver last January. While that may seem a little drastic at first, Elias Sports Bureau (via ESPN) explains that this truly was one of the craziest finishes in NFL history. Consider that:

  1. There has never before been a game in NFL history with SIX lead changes in the 4th quarter.
  2. The five touchdowns in 2 minutes and 5 seconds was the quickest that five touchdowns have been scored in over 50 years… by almost 4 full minutes.
  3. The two teams combined for 36 total points in the final two and a half minutes of the game, and the previous high was 24 in a game back in 2004 between the Chiefs and Titans.

This win probability chart (which looks like a bad heart monitor) explains the rest.



After the disheartening loss Sunday to the Ravens, where the Ravens scored with just four seconds remaining in the game, it was a pretty safe assumption that the Vikings would have liked to leave Baltimore and get away from the game as fast as possible.

Unfortunately for the Vikings however, the team plane was hit by a catering truck after the game, and they had to spend almost three hours longer in Baltimore waiting for a new plane to arrive as a result of the collision.

Vikings defensive end Chase Baker put it best when he tweeted, “apparently the catering truck ran into our plane… so we’re stuck here for three hours. Not the snow…the catering truck #areyoujoking?!”

After Adrian Peterson was hit by snowballs, and the entire team had to wait after being hit by the catering truck, it seems like a safe assumption that the Vikings won’t want to return to Baltimore any time soon.

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10 Raves on “MONDAY’S RAVENS ROUNDUP: Peterson Adds Salt to the Snow

  1. Patty on said:

    And did Peterson tweet about the Raven’s fans that actually stood up and applauded him when they took him in to be checked out when he got hurt… NO!!! He did not, maybe next time he want be applauded. He was respected by many fans for his ability. Not too mention he can handle a 250 lb guy running at him and tackling him, but not a snowball.. pretty sad. Most of live us a love good snowball fight, especially when we don’t see nearly as much as Minnesota does.

  2. Sean Dunn on said:

    My respect for Peterson has diminished slightly by this. Did he look at the stands around him? I know they were FULL of RAVENS fans and they stayed to the end and cheered their team on and we do that on a consistent basis! Another thing is that snowball fights are awesome! Stadium snowball fights? LEGENDARY!

  3. Michael Dragon on said:

    Had the snowfall been less, he might have seen Raven’s fans across the field tossing snowballs at the Raven’s sideline as well. Neither behavior is appropriate, but no one likes a crybaby why conveniently omits that my fellow fans and I applauded his getting off the field under his own power after the hit that hurt him.

  4. Lady Di on said:

    Why is it when people want to make a statement about something or someone, they only tell what they want you to hear, ok let’s tell it like it was, not what Peterson want you yo hear. Peterson you failed to tweet that your team mates were throwing at the fans, and get your fact’s right, it wasn’t ice balls, how quickly you went from snow to ice. My parents taught me that what comes from the mouth without thinking is the truth, after you saw it hit the media you went from snow to ice, oh that’s right you had time to think about it. I had some respect for you before, but now a lair is a liar and not to be trusted. IF your going to tell the incident tell all of it, your teammates were throwing snowballs, I wonder why they aren’t complaining or irate about snowballs, they were enjoying the snow as much as the fans. I don’t expect any more from a person who make babies and not take care of them, get a life and grow up little boy.

  5. Big Scotty on said:

    Anywhere you go in the NFL at every stadium come 4th quarter fans having a great time and there’s snow, you will see them hurl snowballs at the visiting bench. Look at Sh@tsbugh last winter at their home game -vs- B. Ravens where fans hurled snowballs at our team, I never saw anyone from Baltimore or our team really throw a crybaby fit or complain. Why? Because it happens. Only if somebody gets hurts is it a problem besides how do we deal with it other than eject fans caught. So to Peterson…deal with it and grow up. You get tons of money to play a kids game play like a kid and throw some back, right T-Sizzle?

  6. paulie on said:

    Kind of sad and alarming how big of a prima donna and a wuss AP has become over the last couple years. I’ll just chalk it up to the frustration of annually dwelling in the basement of the NFL. I don’t think the officiating was very good either, but I do think it was pretty much equally not good. Maybe AP should go play a game in Philadelphia to gain some perspective. They cheer when you go down and don’t get up – and they throw batteries there, not snowballs.

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