Montgomery Out, Castillo Next?

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When you are the Running Backs Coach for a team that averaged a league worst 3.1 yards per carry and finished 30th overall in total rushing yards and said team missed the playoff for the first time since George W. Bush was in the Oval Office, job security is about as realistic as a January heat wave in Green Bay.

And therefore it should come as no surprise that Wilbert Montgomery lost his job with the Ravens yesterday.

The spin from John Harbaugh on what many are reporting as a “firing” of Montgomery is interesting.

“Wilbert has decided to pursue other coaching and life opportunities.”

Perhaps the event that triggered the firing – excuse me, that changed the pursuit of Montgomery’s coaching and life opportunities, took place last week against the Bengals when Ray Rice was barely seen on the field during the first half, to the alleged surprise and dismay of Harbaugh.

Montgomery is known to be enamored with the potential of Bernard Pierce.

Either way, Montgomery was on thin ice and he is the first of the coaches to, eh-um, seek new opportunities.

Next up is Juan Castillo who around mid-season was place on the far end of the coach’s mantle and will now be taken down, dusted off, shined up and put on display for head coaches around the league who have the personnel to match up with Castillo’s coaching principles.

In other words, the Ravens are trying to help Castillo find a new job before they burn a couple million more of Steve Bisciotti’s dead Presidents.

While Castillo was miscast in Baltimore, the blame for the Ravens lame rushing attack isn’t all on him. Let’s remember who brought him on and who convinced the team’s front office and ownership to pay a coach handsomely to break what wasn’t broken.

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21 Raves on “Montgomery Out, Castillo Next?

  1. -joe d on said:

    I think Montgomery’s firing means that Caldwell will be back as O.C. unless, in the unlikely event, he gets a head coaching job. If the Ravens release their only two African American offensive coaches, they could be viewed as racist. Hence, they will bring Caldwell back for appearance sake if nothing else.

  2. JerryB on said:

    Let’s see if I’ve got this straight: up to this year, the Ravens have enjoyed a very successful running game under coach, Wilbert Montgomery. Harbaugh hires Juan Castillo, pays him more than $1M and gives him the unprecedented title of “Run Game Coordinator”. The running game…..disappears and the first to get fired is……Montgomery! Seriously?! Tells us all we need to know about Harbaugh……..

    • Tucker: M&T Sec 527 on said:

      Hard to coach running backs when there is no offensive line. Unless Montgomery was part of the “hurt/not hurt” scenario surrounding Rice, it’s hard to blame him for the YPC.

  3. william hughes on said:

    i would love to see us get st louis 2nd pick take the lt from texas a and m keep our pick at 16 or 17 get a big speedy receiver or rt and get a center in the 3rd round

    • TRUTH on said:

      …and I would like to recommend you to a rehabilitation center that can help you overcome whatever drug it is that you’re addicted to.

      “Cocaine is a helluva drug” -Rick James

  4. roy from roland park on said:

    Who was the last SuperBowl winniniing coach who was not happy and dumped Dilfer for Grbac? Why are they not happy with what they have, and strive for incremental improvements? i guess that would not sound like genius.

  5. frank g on said:

    I think the only coach with any backbone to go over that jackass Harbaugh’s head and bench Ray Rice was Montgomery.Harbaugh said he was surprised Rice was on the bench.Well the Ray Rice I saw couldn’t run for more then two yards or he was tackled for a loss on just about every carry.Harbaugh knew this guy was hurt all season long and he got his signals crossed between stupidity and loyalty and wasted a lot of downs giving the ball to Rice. Why didn’t Ozzie or Bisconti step in early in the season? For having the guts to do what he did in benching Rice Montgomery should have been made head coach and Harbaugh let go to pursue other life opportunities.

    • Ryan on said:

      Calm down buttercup. Harbaugh is a top NFL coach and well respected. He and his brother are the standard for coaching in the NFL. A bad season is a bad season. Harbaugh has been a great head coach for us.

      • axion101 on said:

        Man, Ray ran that locker room. Here’s reality, there’s a leadership vacuum that Harbaugh can’t fill. He’s looking like another Billick. He’s so sure of his decisions but they suck. So unless he can recognize that, he’ll continue to suck. They’re making roster changes because of money and our team is older; I get that. But he’s been given a solid running machine that’s been running well for the last couple of years and now they’re breaking down? Next year will tell. If it’s a repeat, it’s Harbaugh and his terrible decision making skills.

  6. akacrow on said:

    Is your contention wrapped around the premise that Gino and Shipley would not have shat the proverbial bed under different tutelage?

    • Tucker: M&T Sec 527 on said:

      Their toilet training [or lack thereof] is not at debate here. I object to Gino being a “next man up” plan for Birk, a signing that they should have known was going to be short[er] term from the get go. Plus, what tutelage Birk could give Gino in a season did not help Gino face the challenges of Castillo’s blocking schemes. Shipley was brought in to back up the mistake made in Gino. And efore I blame him for not being up to the task of replacing KO, I gotta ask where was Jah Reid in all this? I guess we let him copmpete for RT next summer w/ Oher [necessarily] gone? The OL clusterf*** spirals as far down as the eye can see. I’m going to look away now that the 2013 season is over. Wonder how much that kid w/ too many names @ C from New Orleans would cost us? He looked like a major leaguer last night vs. Philly.

  7. purpleneonexpress on said:

    “While Castillo was miscast in Baltimore, the blame for the Ravens lame rushing attack isn’t all on him. Let’s remember who brought him on and who convinced the team’s front office and ownership to pay a coach handsomely to break what wasn’t broken”


    Harbie’s got his faults, thats a certainty, he’s a thin skinned, uptight dude who traded on the SB win to get what he wanted in the off season. He got it and IMHO the clusterbuck created from that hire rendered the offensive line impotent for the first half of the season.

    Just think of this……OL comes together late in the season last year and plays very well in the biggest games of the year. They gotta be feeling pretty good about themselves, but someone, has a friend, and well, you know the rest of the story.

    I thinks the Raven’s would do well to bar FOJ’s from the coaching staff and instead hire the best man available, no matter how much that hire makes Harbie uncomfortable.

    Its time Harbie elevated his game, and a little competition, like they say at the Castle, brings out the best in players…..that goes for coaches too.

  8. TRUTH on said:

    For all of those ready to crucify Harbaugh and blame him for all our woes remember that after you’re finished your erratic hate bashing, you then have to blame him for that annoying Super Bowl he won…errr, don’t u hate stupid logic!

    • Dan on said:

      Is it stupid logic or stupid band wagon folks we have here complaining. I aggree Juan should have been fired long ago. But dont some of you aggree that the line was deffinately weak this year especially with the rookie Gino. If he wants to keep his position he better beef up and get stronger because he blew too many blocks. Oher who cant count to save his but(too many false starts) guess he needs to go back to college to learn snap counts. My other problem was why did Ozzie sign Leech back to limit his playing time. Any team out there knows Rice needed him to block, but Caldwell should have used them as decoys when Joe was passing. Fake hand off to Rice with Leech in there would totally mix up any teams coaching Scheme. Ravens play calling were too predictable and once we were one dimensionable, teams knew we were throwing. Those people who think the teams deffense couldnt get off the field are wrong in the fact that the offense couldnt stay on the field long enough to score touch downs and always depened on Tucker to kick game winners.

  9. FL Raven on said:

    I always felt that “Ray, by announcing his retirement, won that super bowl” in giving the players an extra incentive to win it for him. I never felt last year’s team was that good but in every sport it’s all about who gets hot in the end. It seems the best regular season teams in every sport rarely win the championship. I don’t know why but I’ve got to think that if they’re record is that good they were able to coast at the end and they lose that sharpness. I just don’t think players can turn on and off the intensity whenever they want it. That’s why it seems the wild card teams seem to win the championships more and more. But lets take our
    emotions and personal feelings out of this for a minute if we can. Whether you like or dislike Harbs or anyone else on his staff, it’s not just about last year. How many coaches can say they went to the playoffs every year in their first five years? Same with quaterbacks? Harbs and Flacco both accomplished that. Neither did it on their own. It took great coaching, great playing, great leadership, lots of luck etc. It’s also why it’s so rare to repeat in any sport. First, we lost some key players. Second, we had some key injuries. Third, we had a monster schedule. Fourth, we had a bullseye on our backs. Point is, we’ve had our most consistent winning records during Harbs tenure here. I felt this team under acheived. I felt it was too cocky from the start and had the superbowl hangover. Both will be gone next year. There was a lot of frustration and disappointment in that locker room after that last game. This team – players, coaches, management and ownership will be hungry and out to prove they can get back to the top and that last year was not just because of Ray’s announcement. Sometimes you need to take a hard fall to get back up to where you want to be.

    P.S. Boy are we spoiled. Look how many cities would kill for what we have and have had the past six years.

    • Ravensfan3168 on said:

      I agree FL. Come on folks. The Ravens have been here less than 20 years and in that short time they put 2 Lombardi trophies in the case. With a couple of exceptions they are perennial contenders and have made multiple draft picks that are HOFers! We have a Qb that has one of the best post season records of all time and a coach most teams would love to have. Are we that spoiled!

  10. TRUTH on said:

    I think it boils down to the simple fact that we have both pessimistic fans and optimistic fans. Unfortunately for the pessimists Coach Harbaugh is an optimist and that complelet goes against their nature. They cant handle that much positive outlook. But whats odd about our pessimistic fans is that the glass isn’t just half empty its HALF MISSING!! Someone has to be blame for the lack of fullness!!! WHAT AN OUTRAGE! Where as the poor Cleveland brown fans are dying of thirst and just want the slightest drop of success to quench their need of having something to cheer for. I truly believe some of our fans were pissed to the core that the Lombardi Trophy wasn’t shiny enough…throw it away they say we don’t want a semi shiny Lombardi Trophy! What a glimmering sheen with a full gloss!!

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