Mosley Pick Makes Sense!

Mosley no 1

Some Ravens fans were left scratching their heads over the team’s selection of CJ Mosley with the 17th pick of the 2014 NFL Draft. They reasoned that the Ravens have other needs much more pressing than inside linebacker.

After all, didn’t the Ravens re-sign Daryl Smith to a new 4-year deal and didn’t they burn their second round pick in 2013 on Arthur Brown?

Fair enough.

But let’s consider the big picture.

CJ Mosley was the best player on the team’s draft board and from what we’ve heard it wasn’t even close. The Ravens entertained offers to move back but none was enticing enough to pass on this special player who is built to play the Mike linebacker at a high level in the modern day NFL.

trips-new-orleans-bigeasy-300x250Plus, isn’t defense part of Baltimore’s DNA? Don’t we embrace hard-nosed, smash-mouth football like we do steamed crabs, Natty Boh and the Chesapeake Bay?

If Mosley was the defacto best player on the board hasn’t Ozzie earned our blind trust?

Back in 2001 the Ravens didn’t need a tight end but they picked Todd Heap anyway. One year later they really didn’t need a safety but remained true to their board and picked Ed Reed.

How did those choices work out?

Is the pick of Mosley a knock on Arthur Brown?

Not at all!

According to sources the Ravens are hopeful that the one-two punch of Mosley and Brown will ultimately rival the best in the league. Mosley has been compared favorably to Patrick Willis while Brown projects as a Navarro Bowman clone.

Just because Brown didn’t see much of the field in 2013 doesn’t mean the Ravens have lost faith. In fact the buzz out in Owings Mills is that Brown possesses mad athleticism and the coaches are excited to see how that translates to the field now that Brown is more immersed in defensive coordinator Dean Pees’ system.

Smith was a great free agent acquisition in 2013. He provided leadership and was a productive player at a bargain price. The Ravens were able to keep last season’s defensive standout by signing him to a cap friendly contract.

But don’t think for a second that Smith will see the end of his 4-year deal. Smith is 32 and is entering his 11th season in the NFL. Don’t be shocked if at some point during the 2014 campaign the Ravens hopeful answer to Willis-Bowman begins to take shape.

More than likely, Smith will be a quality backup in 2015 after which odds are he’ll be a cap casualty. Releasing him in 2016 would represent a $2.125M cap savings.

Being an armchair GM is great and it’s one of the reasons why the NFL is relevant 365 days per year and it’s why the NFL Draft TV ratings outpaced two NBA and two NHL playoff games combined.

But let’s be real here. Criticizing Ozzie Newsome and his extremely capable staff for making what many fans believe was a bad pick is ridiculous.

The trouble with Ozzie’s business is that he has millions of “experts” trying to tell him what the Ravens should do on draft day. It’s akin to listening to a bunch of whiny hypochondriacs for medical advice instead of trusting your doctor.

Watch out for those rubber gloves…

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21 Raves on “Mosley Pick Makes Sense!

  1. Chad on said:

    I love Mosley and i think he will be a great fit in Baltimore, my only skepticism was our need at Safety and the fact that Pryor and Clinton-Dix were both still on the board. I have faith in our front office and hell, they are the ones who get paid to get the best talent. Welcome to Charm City C.J

    • Kevin on said:

      It’s simple really,
      Mosely was head and shoulders the best ILB prospect, while the Safeties are pretty similar on down to Dion Bailey (while some say Ed Reynolds is a bargain buy). So why “reach” for a safety.
      OT is pretty deep and I for one don’t think drafting a RT in the top half of the first round (let alone the first round at all) is a good idea in this age of Salary caps.
      There were some good Corners available at that pick, but again there were a lot that are similarly rated. (I really thought the pick would be Dennard though).
      OG you just don’t need to draft in round 1
      WR is uber deep, there will be valuable players available in rounds 2 & 3

  2. JPP on said:

    Your reasoning should be apparent to anyone who has followed the team from the beginning. The Ravens have always placed an emphasis on defense and probably always will as long as Ozzie is the GM. Many fans want an offensive juggernaut and have their dreams crushed when they don’t go after the playmakers on the offensive side. I think fantasy football skews thought to embrace stats over wins. Daryl Smith will be a good mentor for a couple of quality MLB prospects. Now that he’s been picked and upon closer study it’s easy to see what they liked about Mosley.

  3. brooksie78 on said:

    Also — they have time available immediately. Jameel played a lot of snaps after he returned last year. He’s gone. Even assuming Brown takes a number of them, he won’t play every down…

  4. Allan on said:

    Most fans have tunnel vision and play checkers. Ozzie has a 10,000 foot view and plays chess. Plus he has the benefit of really knowing what he has in his current players, and thousands of hours of research on the players he drafts. It’s bizarre that he’s even being questioned. It’s akin to you or me criticizing the technique of one of the world’s best neurosurgeons.

  5. Jay on said:

    Im still concerned about the safety position, especially when we picked Mosley over the top two safeties in the draft, but I’ll hold out judgement till the draft is over. How it’s looking now though we may have to wait until June cuts to get our starter there, hopefully it pays off.

  6. BigRavensFan on said:

    I, as many Ravens fans we a bit surprised about the pick but the more I thought about it, I am coming around. I have to have faith in Ozzie and his team. It is better to get a really good player than an ok one just to fill a need. I am sure we will look at this pick in a couple of years and say, what a great pick.

  7. ron rayne on said:

    Ozzie hasn’t drafted a pro bowler since 2008 and last year’s draft was not useful except for Elam. If they don’t get lineman they’re going to ruin their 120m investment He will become gun shy-see Eli M last year. He doesn’t like to pay linemen except for left tackles and historically has tried to develop them or use retreads-Oher was drafted and paid as a left tackle. He also has become too attached to Alabama and Saban. See the most recent linebacker fiasco.
    Let’s hope that their grade was on Mosley and everyone else was wrong and that somehow we luck into a good safety and a quality right tackle.
    I think there’s a good chance Ozzie will retire to be the AD at Alabama in the near future.

    • Dave on said:

      With all due respect, I couldn’t care less about “Pro Bowlers”. I’ll take having a good team over having “Pro Bowlers”, thank you very much. I think people are selling Ricky Wagner short. They like him a lot. Also, there’s a ton of linemen still available if they really want to draft one. Also, don’t judge a draft one year after it happens. That’s just silly.

      As far as his “fascination” with Bama players, he’s drafted 3 since 2008, and that includes Mosley. That’s not a fascination.

    • Al on said:

      About time someone on here isn’t acting like Ozzie is god. It’s a bad pick. Should’ve picked a safety or lineman. As much as I love Ozzie I can be realistic and know when it’s a bad pick. And ya mention Reed, Heap but I can also write a list of all the busts we’ve drafted.

      • Derek ArnoldDerek Arnold on said:

        When have the Ravens ever drafted for need in the first round? Why should they start now?

        If you’re going to be “realistic,” you should just say “hey, the Ravens probably know more about this stuff than I do.”

        Unless of course you’re a current or former professional scout, in which case I certainly apologize.

    • Anonymous on said:

      The line is already improved. Veteran tackles will be easy to find and cheap after June 1. Safety is another story. They will need to find someone starter worthy tonight or by trade… The FA crop is weak and I’m not sure it will change much after 6/1

  8. Mark on said:

    I agree that, barring a premium offer to trade down, Mosely was a no-brainer. Still upset at the unexpected good judgment by the Cowboys because I dont think there is doubt that Martin would have been the pick if available. Ravens would also have had the option to extort a 3rd (or at worse a 4th) from Miami for Martin and to move to 19 and pick Mosely anyway.

    • Kevin on said:

      I don’t know about Martin being a guarnteed pick. Do you really want to spend such a high draft pick on a guard? Because that is where everyone was projecting Martin.

      • Derek ArnoldDerek Arnold on said:

        Did they even bring him in for an interview? I’d heard that they hadn’t though I’m not certain, and Mosley told reporters that he’d been told it was between him and Martin.

        At the very least, if Martin was still on the board it may have made a trade-down more likely.

  9. Mark on said:

    My guess is Martin was the guy because an agile, smart, coachable RT is just what Kubiak needs to run the ZBS. On a pure power running team, maybe Martin wouldn’t be the perfect road grader but a smart guy who will make the correct ZBS reads on the fly, he’s perfect. Also, being versatile enough to play every position of the OL is a huge bonus. He is a great pick but less valuable to the Cowboys than to us.

  10. KC on said:

    You have to remember that Elam is going into his second year and had quite a few rookie moments last year. Bringing in Ha Ha to be opposite him could have been a recipe for disaster…..

  11. rgr on said:

    The point is that we needed a big time player=not supporting cast=and we have drafted NONE in 5 years. and we don’t have the luxury 0f building for 3 or 4 years with best player available. Flacco will be physically shot by that time. He’ll draft a tackle , safety and running back tonight but they’ll be second level. The best are gone. And we still need a running back. We unfortunately have too many needs to not address them with a 1sr rounder. If Ozzie was not the GM this selection would be roundly criticized.He gets a pass because of what he and Savage did between 1996 and when Reed was drafted.
    every neutral report on Mosley I’ve read had him dropping, some to the second round because he has reached his maximum potential and his health.
    I hope Ozzie hits the jackpot tonight and draws an inside straight but we are in trouble if we get our QB killed and can’t rub the ball like last year.

  12. JerryB on said:

    With all these self proclaimed “experts”, it’s a wonder they aren’t GMs somewhere! I wonder if they spend as much time evaluating talent as they do expressing uninformed decisions! We’re lucky here in Baltimore to have a front office that knows what they’re doing, which is why we boast two Super Bowls in the last 12 years!

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