NFL Could Release 2014 Schedule on Tuesday

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According to multiple sources the 2014 NFL Schedule could be released as early as Tuesday April 22 but as late as Thursday April 24.

This would mark the latest date in a given calendar year that the league has released the annually much anticipated slate of games.

There’s little doubt that the league is pouring over statistics and consulting with sponsors of the schedule release program to be broadcast on NFL Network, to maximize the potential earnings. Perhaps that is the reason for releasing the “potential” dates today.

It also gives us one more thing to write about and distribute about the league.

Winner by TKO – The NFL!

Cynicisms aside, here are the games we already know about:

  • Week 1 on Sept. 4: TBA at Seattle
  • Week 4 on Sept. 28: Dolphins at Raiders in London, 1 p.m. ET
  • Week 8 on Oct. 26: Lions at Falcons in London, 9:30 a.m. ET
  • Week 10 on Nov. 9: Cowboys at Jaguars in London, 1 p.m. ET
  • Week 13 (Thanksgiving Day): AFC at Lions, NFC at Cowboys
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6 Raves on “NFL Could Release 2014 Schedule on Tuesday

  1. Cheri on said:

    Some people on your site has suggested that maybe the Ravens become the next Lions, Cowboys as that team that plays annually on Thanksgiving night.I think it would be cool but I think it was the NFL just throwing us a bone last year for not getting to open up on that Thursday night last year. NO MORE NO LESS. If i am not mistaken Denver is in Seattle this coming season boy, I would not mind seeing that game again, you saw what Denver did to us last year when they had revenge on their minds.I’m sure they would approach that game in the same light.
    Lat point, even coming off a 8-8 season I think the Ravens should still get at 3 prime games. After all we only had 4 coming off the Super Bowl instead of the normal 5 Super Bowl teams usually get.Then they took the Patriots game away which only left us with 3 so they owe us. :) :)

  2. jws on said:

    TL, What we do know about the schudule is the Ravens struggle to win on the road. They play at the Texans (a Kubiak and his coaches return) and often lose down there, at Indy against an up and coming Colt team with many Ravenex- players, At Miami where they struggled for many years but won last year, at the Saints which is a hard place ever to win and in the heat at Tampa Bay.As my weekly report to Ravens fans suggested with tough division away games too they must win at least three if they canand win 7 out of 8 at home to assure a playoff spot in 2014. Home schudulei ncludes easier games against Jags Titians and maybe Chargers that travel East but Falcons and Panthers interesting matchups along with division teams. As far as your recent commentby a person, the Ravens owner had suggested to the league to be Thanksgiving night host for games. as far as prime time games,every team gets athursday night game now and the Ravens are likely assure one Sunday NBC games and one Monday night encounter.

    • Cheri on said:

      jws I say this with all due respect to you but I suggest you look up the Ravens record against the Texans and the Dolphins and you will see that we hardly lose to these teams anywhere home or away.
      I might be mistaken but I can only recall losing to the Texans one time and the Dolphins two times once way back when Marino was still the QB in a driving rainstorm and then of course Cam Cameron’s only win as a NFL head coach. We play these teams quite a bit to so our winning pct has to be quite good.

      • jws on said:

        I was talking about since 2011,in 2012 when the Terxans had a good team they won 43-13, Ravens won when Texans had a very bad team 29-14. They have only played Hharbaugh overall road record in recent years.

  3. Tucker: Sec 527 on said:

    Yikes! Three London games!!! Can’t be much longer before one of my 8 season tickets is an exclusive offer to buy 2 seats at Wembley. Got nothing against the UK (I know how many Brits follow RSR…), but a football game is the wrong reason to visit. Oh, well – there are always those 2 mandatory purchase full-price home games offered each August to fall back on. W

    What up w/ Mexico City games, Goodell? That would be a little more manageable. I thought there was a Latino-market push on there for a moment or two.

  4. jws on said:

    Sorry my computer messed up .Last line should have read,Hrabugh has had a poor road record overall since he has been here.

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