OFFENSIVE LINE: Finding the Right Combination

O line v Patriots AFCC 2013

Many are quick to give credit to Bryant McKinnie for the Ravens improved offensive line play down the homestretch of the 2012 season – a homestretch that placed them first at the finish line.

It’s not that simple.

The upgrade to the team’s offensive front was really the result of finding the right combination of players. Michael Oher is just more comfortable at right tackle and apparently that’s where he should and will stay.

Perhaps you noticed during the Pre-Draft Press Conference on Tuesday that not a single syllable was invested in any notion of Oher moving back to left tackle. It appears that the Ravens have finally conceded that Oher is subpar at LT but he’s a very capable right tackle who could become a better player once he can mentally settle in there. He never did that on the flipside.

Matt Birk has retired and he’s passed the center’s torch to second year player Gino Gradkowski. Gradkowski is a bit undersized yet he’s a heady player, a solid technician and quick off the snap. The Ravens invested a fourth round pick in him last year and he fared well when given the bulk of the snaps in Cincinnati against one of the most formidable defensive tackles in the game, Geno Atkins.

Gradkowski is listed at 6’3”, 300 pounds – very similar to the highly touted Maurkice Pouncey, the Steelers 6’4”, 304-pound center.

To Gino’s right is multi-Pro Bowler Marshal Yanda who has developed into quite a leader himself and last year during training camp coined the phrase, “Embrace the grind.” Yanda is a smart, tough football player and without question the best third-round draft pick in the club’s history.

To his left Gradkowski will find fellow 2012 NFL Draft classmate Kelechi Osemele. KO spent most of 2012 manning the right flank of the offensive line but his move to left guard was a stroke of genius and THAT tactical maneuver, FAR more than the swap of Oher for McKinnie at left tackle made the biggest difference in the quality of O-Line play during the Ravens’ march through the playoffs.

Talk of KO as a left tackle is nothing more than that – talk! It’s a smokescreen intended to not make the team sound desperate for a left tackle in the draft and to help keep McKinnie’s asking price in check.

And if you think McKinnie was the difference, ask yourself this…

“Why is he still on the market?”

Maybe other teams saw the same tape of his play that the Ravens have watched repeatedly and while his play wasn’t bad, it’s certainly overstated. One only needs to watch Super Bowl XLVII again for proof.

That said, it’s possible, perhaps even likely that McKinnie returns for another campaign with the black-winged birds. The guess here is that the Ravens will get the enigmatic aspiring music producer at their price and then gradually transition him out of the position, paving way to an as of now unknown rookie that they are likely to select in on of the first 3 rounds next week.

You can count on two things…

One, there is a plan. The Ravens aren’t going to leave their $100 million man unprotected!

And two, Ozzie Newsome will remain patient and he’ll get the right player(s) at the right price. You only need to look at his body of work this offseason. The formula works and it will work again.

It’s that simple!

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4 Raves on “OFFENSIVE LINE: Finding the Right Combination

  1. Fran the Fan on said:


    Probably the most important thing you wrote in this column is that the Ravens are done with flip-flopping Michael Oher back and forth between RT and LT. I hope so. It served both the team and Oher no good and ending the switching will probably prevent serious injury to Joe Flacco.

    I must say that, with the except of Elvis Dumeriil, who literally dropped into Ozzie’s lap (and we can still make all the puns we want about how the Broncos bungled that one), Newsome has once again let the free agent market come to him. He’s playing the RP2 routine with McKinnie and Oz will again sit and wait, and then see how the draft shakes out a week from now. If we get a stud LT – doubtful, given our draft position – Bryant can pursue his interests with San Diego. If not, we draft a mid rounder with potential to grow. And then we sign McKinnie to mentor him.

    Sounds like a plan.

  2. JerryB on said:

    As much as I enjoy commenting, there is simply nothing to add to your assessment, Tony! It may be trite, but it bears repeating…..”In Ozzie we trust”………

  3. True on said:

    I think we’re going to draft a tackle. I think we want to focus on offensive line and defense this year. I heard that getting backup to Gino Gradkowski isn’t important in one of the other articles but it’s probably the same thing as the McKinnie/Osemele LT smokescreen that’s stated in this article. The Ravens will probably draft a guy who is more of a hybrid between Guard and Center and Tackle. Justin Pugh is that guy if I look at him. But that’s the thing, I’M looking at him, not Ozzie or Eric. Then they’ll go out and get a guy who’s a real LT. We might have 6-7 starters on the offensive line depth chart next year, and that’s a beautiful problem to have. Defense wise, I’m going to let Ozzie go. I think with all my heart that Manti is going to be great. But no one else does, and they make fun of me for thinking so. I watch college football, maybe not as much as some of these draft guru’s, but I do watch it. And I liked what I saw from Manti before I knew he was Manti. I also like DJ Swearinger, but I wouldn’t doubt if he turns out like Christian Thompson. It’s too bad that the Ravens probably won’t find a good receiver in this draft class. It’s filled Demtrius Thomases, Musa Smiths, Mark Claytons, and more. I love what Da’Rick Rogers brings to the table and I would take a chance on him right now. Cause the same sort of thing happened with Lardarius Webb. He was kicked out of a prestigious school and went to a TECH school. The same story with Rogers. But, how hard is he going to work? I don’t know how Ozzie and Eric deal with this stress.

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