ONE FAN’S OPINION: These Guys Know What They’re Doing

Steve Bisciotti, Ozzie Newsome, John Harbaugh

The Ravens made a conscious decision following last year’s Super Bowl win not to repeat the mistakes they made following their 2001 Super Bowl win, to wit: not standing “pat” in an attempt to win back-to-back championships in favor of re-building for future winning consistency.

That has been reported in the media and was evident this year when ALL their concentration was devoted to replacing a plethora of defensive players in lieu of an offense, where they had lost just two by virtue of Matt Birk’s retirement and Anquan Boldin’s trade.

They believed they had enough returning on offense to compete. What they obviously could not have known or predicted was Dennis Pitta’s and Kelechi Osemele’s season ending (virtually) injuries, the trading of Bryant McKinnie, Gino Gradkowski’s failure to develop quickly enough, and injuries to Jacoby Jones and both running backs early on.

Those issues, coupled with disdain for Juan Castillo and his interference with their blocking “calls”, schemes, etc. produced a woefully inept offense from both a talent and coaching perspective. Agree or not, that they were able to win 8 games and stay in the hunt until the last day is testament to their “franchise QB” and his fortitude under all those circumstances!

Much is made of the salary cap constraints and how Flacco’s contract, along with some others will impact them going forward. To suggest that management isn’t aware of that and how to effectively deal with it is sophomoric at best and naïve at worst! They absolutely know what they are doing and no doubt have a plan for accomplishing it!

Today’s press conference provided more insight and clues.

We fans fret and moan about things we really don’t know about. We’ve done it in the past and will no doubt continue to do so in the future because it’s human nature and provides for great debate.

However, it’s silly to suggest that a franchise that has been in existence a mere 17 years and is obviously committed to winning as evidenced by their record, including 2 Super Bowl championships in that time frame, doesn’t know what they’re doing!


So, stay tuned!

Just one fan’s opinion…


Submitted by guest blogger Jerry Brotman

15 Raves on “ONE FAN’S OPINION: These Guys Know What They’re Doing

  1. HotInHere on said:

    Great writeup. I agree with everything you said. Well, except for the ‘being in existence 17 years’ part. You might wanna check that math.

  2. Carl on said:

    These guys know what they’re doing? Usually, but not always. Dumping Boldin was one of the dumbest moves of the century last 100 years, not since 2000). While some turnover is a good idea why totally ditch the possibility of winning back to back Super Bowls as they did this year? And bringing back Castillo? Hard to understand that one, too.

    • Nate on said:

      We didn’t have the 8 million to pay him, and expected Torrey to take a bigger role in the offense. I understand where you’re coming from. Considering how our off season was going with the defense, and what it is now… I think “they” didn’t a pretty good job.

    • Marcus on said:

      The author is right. There is no way to predict injuries and the lack of development on the younger players part. Bringing back Castillo, even though I am not a fan of his, I hear that he IS a very good O-line coach, Tony Lombardi can shed more light on that, but the whole thing behind Boldin leaving was a business thing. I think they could have gone about it differently, but I do not know all of the details.

  3. charlie on said:

    remember-these are the same guys that “gave” the HC job to jason garett only to have been dissed so we hired J Harbaugh-BIG DAD ART ain’t around any more.

  4. RichieG on said:

    SAY WHAAAAAAAAA?!? Weren’t you constantly ranting about JuanC and his schemes that didn’t fit the personnel…and that he was one of coachJohn’s too many cronies?!? I’m sure they know what they’re doing, and yet: I’d bet GinoG got pushed around all spring/summer in camp and THEN in the glorified scrimmages…Oher had shown his true “ability” in previous seasons – just to mention a few questionable decisions. And, when OZ says they need a reliable receiver, what is he saying/not saying about MarlonB (we’ve known for 2 yrs that Torrey cannot be trusted)?!? Weren’t there more athletic safeties in last year’s draft?
    Oh, to be a fly on the wall!

    • JerryB on said:

      It bears repeating that despite ALL the problems with the offense, they still managed to go 8-8 and stay in the playoff hunt up to the last game! So, there is EVERY REASON to believe that THEY WILL address the offensive needs this offseason as they did the defensive needs last season and return to the playoffs next year………

  5. Jon Fazzone on said:

    They DO know what they are doing but ARE NOT Perfect…They DO Make Mistakes…Trading Q WAS a MISTAKE…The Rest of the Moves were done with a PLAN in Mind…But the Q Move WAS a Mistake…Joe Deserved 100 Mil but NOT 120 Mil…And Going into the Year with Gino as the Starting C WAS A Mistake Also…Todays Press Conference Pretty Much Confirms This…Looking Forward to Ozzie Taking Care of these Mistakes during FA and The Draft…Go Ravens !!!

    • JerryB on said:

      No doubt they missed Boldin, but a healthy Pitta would have compensated for his loss! Losing both of them, combined with all the other problems was insurmountable! That being said, look how they finished in comparison to the Falcons, where Matt Ryan lost his two playmakers, but just could not compete!

  6. TRUTH on said:

    Nicely done on the blog. I agree, as fans we know very little on what actually goes on behind the scenes but It sure does makes it fun to act like we have all the answers doesn’t it. Makes the season more exciting when you become that invested. I think at end if the day we have to realize that the guys behind the scene running the show know exactly what they’re doing and as much as we may disagree at times we always have to remember to support this team thru in thru at the end of the day (even when they make horrible decisions) because this organization is truly one that loves winning and that loves representing our city and our fans to the absolute fullest. We’re lucky to have these guys on our side. Football wouldnt be the same if we had it like cleveland has it. Negative criticism is just as important as positive criticism but when it gets to the point where we start attacking eachother and start taking sides and start making it personal for the players and the coaches and even guys in the front office it becomes counterproductive. This team loves playing hard for us and they hate letting us down. Let’s not forget that. They play their best football on Sundays when they’re at home in front of a sold out stadium because they understand how much they mean to us. Hate or love the decisions made by this team, the coaches, the players… The only way to be a fan is to ride or die. I’m all in for next Season. If we sink I’m going down with em in tears and sorrow, if we make it to the playoffs the ride to another superbowl it’s going to be that much sweeter. Last year when they gave us every reason to believe they weren’t good enough to be in the playoffs let alone contend for a championship, I never gave up hope and never bought into hype that the season was a failure and in return they rewarded me with the greatest playoff run I’ve ever scene and been apart of. I don’t think the same was true for the fans that abandoned ship mid season with their negative outlooks and negative complaining about every flaw they could find. The point I’m making is let’s be the best fans In the league for a reason not just because it’s fun to brag about. Our team feeds off of our energy and passion like no other in the league. Our players play harder, our coaches coach better. So whatever your stance is on the team as of right now for better or worse, that’s fine. But come the start of the regular season it’s time to put our differences behind us, strap up our fan boots and support these players and coaches to the fullest. None of that negative hate bashing bullshit. None of that Flacco sucks, harbaughs gotta go, fire Ozzie and cut so and so, rhetoric. Save that fair weather donkey Shit for Cincinnati fans.

    Let’s go Juan Castillo! Prove us all wrong. I wanted you gone but now I’ve got your back..

  7. Anonymous on said:

    Yup! For the most part these guys do know what they are doing…no arguement. All plans are based on assumptions and educated guesses, but there are wildcards thrown into every season. These are intelligent guys with tremendous football knowledge, so…
    1) They had to know Gino sucked at the beginning of the season, but there was no contingency plan other than the hope Castillo could coach him up. Obvious failure.
    2) Ozzie tried to cover for Reed leaving with Huff an Oakland reject. Many people with football knowledge saw it as a bad move because the guy never touched the ball in the time he was in Oakland. He continued to suck in Baltimore, and was cut which was an obvious admission of failure. Elam as a backfill did the best he could under adverse circumstances.
    3) Pitta was slated to be the new Boldin, and we all know what happened there. No real back-up plan. Obvious failure.

    I have to commend Ozzie’s courage to not stand pat with personnel, and make changes. But, he also has to take the blame for not getting the right players through the draft, and free agency since there were more athletic safetys, and better choices for center available when Elam, and Gradkowski were chosen. And, what happened to the other draft picks who were supposed be starters or competent back-ups? Why would a shlub like Shipley get the nod over Jah Reid a 3rd round draft pick? Failure. Either one of the Brown’s, or Jackson could not fill in competently at FS? Failure.

    Ah, the best laid plans….

    • OH NO! NOT JUAN! on said:

      Oh…its a given they will be in the market. There are a few good names; Alex Mack – Browns, De La Puente – Saints are a couple of strong names off the top of my head.

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