Owners and players stick it to their customers…the fans!


We’ve read and heard about NFL extensions and mediations and de-certifications and distributions seemingly for years. We’ve grown weary of the spin doctoring, the finger pointing and millionaires and billionaires crying poor while the fuel that drives their cash machine – the fans, struggle in an economy marked by skyrocketing expenses and plummeting wages.

These spoiled athletes with their out of whack collective sense of entitlement and owners who have probably never ventured outside of the velvet rope or VIP section will squabble over $9 billion in their cushy little worlds insulated by wealth – wealth made possible by those who don’t have it.

And why is that?

Simple answer really – because we as fans allow it to happen.

In the real world a company that makes a product enjoyed by millions will normally have owners, management and front line employees for the most part working in an atmosphere characterized by harmony, peace and prosperity. Consider Fortune Magazine’s Best 100 Companies to Work For and you will find employers who do their best to shape happy lives for their appreciative employees in exchange for above the norm effort and performance in their respective professions.

Naturally competition helps to fuel the drive for excellence among the best companies. Fall behind and a fickle public seeking value particularly during times of economic strife will take their dollar elsewhere faster than Charlie Sheen will dial up the next porn star goddess.

But herein lays the problem. The NFL has no real competitor. There isn’t another league that their customers can stray to while the owners and players bathe in greed.

Sure there will be some families living pay check to pay check, struggling to put their kids through college who may become disgusted and not renew their season tickets; perhaps they won’t buy that player jersey after all; maybe they’ll even cancel their cable sports package.

Yes the league will suffer some losses at least initially but let’s face it, after a season or two even the most infuriated fans will return for the love of the game. You know it and I know it and so too does the NFL.

The fact is we Americans are extremely forgiving particularly when it comes to celebrities. How else can you explain why a serial dog murderer two years following his release from prison is second in fan Pro Bowl voting?

That’s right!

Michael Vick was second only to Tom Brady and far outdistancing the Super Bowl quarterbacks from the previous season, both with stellar off-the-field reputations – Peyton Manning and Drew Brees.

Yes it hurts. It hurts that the owners and players can toy with us this way. It’s on par with the girl who leaves you, breaks your heart then wants you back only to break your heart all over again. Until there’s a meaningful alternative that can fill the void created by their absence, they hold all the cards.

It’s that simple.

And despite his faux attempt at empathy in his letter to fans, Roger Goodell really doesn’t care about how you feel nor does DeMaurice Smith for that matter. They only care about your money and as long as you keep shelling it out – and I know you will, they will continue to manipulate your emotions and love for the game.

That’s just the way it is…


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7 Raves on “Owners and players stick it to their customers…the fans!

  1. Vince on said:

    We as fans who purchased PSL’s should come together as one and file a class action lawsuit against both the NFL and the owners for breech of contract. When we contracted to purchased those PSL’s we bought in with the understanding and expectation that we would have NFL football, not scabs, not replacements, not a season without NFL footbal. Under my PSL agreement if I do not purchase my season ticket every year, I lose my PSL and seats. I purchased with the understanding I would receive football in return. Now, because for some reason $9 BILLION cannot be split up equitably, I have to go without what I have religiously paid for the last several years. If anyone is getting screwed here, it’s the fans. That is why we should take the NFL to court and make them keeep up their end of the commitment. We lose if we don’t. What happens to them if they don’t? NOTHING!!!! Nothing more than a rich bunch of thieves!!!!!

  2. Todd on said:

    There is an alternative, you can always embrace your local college football team or pick one from around the country and give them your money so they can bring in more teens and give them a college education.

  3. Scott on said:

    Great post Vince not just PSL owner but all Football fans should join in a class action lawsuit. Lets tell all major sports we are tired of a bunch of rich you know what stopping us from watching and enjoying what we love.

  4. Dave on said:

    Scott, you’re right, all fans should join in a class action suit but the PSL holders would likely have more of a case. There must be some good PSL holding attorneys out there that would take this on and make it an opportunity to promote him or herself by taking on the big boys at the NFL. One other point, I think all fans, across the country, PSL holders or not, need to make one sacrifice to send a message (lawsuit or not). Every first home game of the season should be boycotted. Let the TV cameras roll on empty stadiums in all 32 NFL cities on their home opener! It would be a somewhat equal sacrifice for all fans but the message would be powerful. Have tailgaiting parties, preferably not at the stadiums, but DO NOT ENTER A SINGLE STADIUM on the teams home opener unless they come to terms by a designated date to be determined. That’s my solution.

  5. Jim on said:

    Tony, You could not be more correct in your assessment. There are other ways to put the squeeze on the owners and players. Boycott the sponsors of the NFL… Drink some Clipper City or a local brew instead of Budweiser, Do not buy the Old Spice or Head and Shoulders go with the generic brands or brands who do not shell out huge endorsement deals to the NFL. I am curious now that a season ticket holder in Cleveland has sued the NFL for breach of contract how long before other PSL holders in other cities join in? How long before our state Legislators get involved? Was it not our tax dollars that built M&T stadium? How long before the other cities who used tax payer dollars would join in. That 9 Billion in the owners war chest would not last long if the sponsoring companies, fans and Municipalites joined together. Remember the bulk of the NFL money does not come from the fans but comes from its sponsors and television contracts.

  6. join together on said:

    The ideal solution – Ban together as fans, take survey’s on our collective views as fans and as fans refuse to watch in anyway the game if not played the way we want. I am in for that. I will never agree with everything, but I if the fan base as a whole is in agreement I will let it go. From drafting, to salary, to replay. Pull together, run the survey and walk the line as a fan. No voice, no vote.

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