PFT’s Florio Takes a Vicious Swipe at Ray Lewis

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Whenever there’s a story about Ray Lewis originating from online publications not based in Baltimore, inevitably the topic of murder surfaces – usually in the comments section.

The hate could be explained in countless ways and ranges from jealousy to insecurity to jadedness to ignorance amongst fans.

Of course Ray made mistakes. He once ran with the wrong crowd. In the fleeting seconds after the Atlanta slayings he panicked given the potential consequences of his twice-removed connectivity to such brutal crimes.

The details of the case (or lack thereof) are well documented. Ray’s behavior since is even more, well documented. He’s been a model citizen. He’s been a community activist. He’s been a philanthropist both publicly and privately. He’s been a leader on and off the field.

Some, usually his critics or the sad lot of people who want to use that night in January of 2000 against Ray to pathetically try and boost their own self-esteem by undermining the integrity of others, will accuse him of being a selfish man seeking attention and dismiss his acts of kindness as disingenuous.

For those fortunate enough to know otherwise, it’s only natural to be angry; to want to defend Ray. Our understanding liberates us yet it further fans the flames of our anger.

Funny thing is, the ugly fans of those other 31 teams who treat Ray with disdain would love to have had him on their town’s team in a nanosecond.


No one said all fans are intelligent, rational and/or logical thinkers. It’s easier for some to just be ignorant.

But for mainstream media to be so ignorant, that’s an entirely new ball game.

Recently in his Saturday One-Liners, ProFootballTalk’s Mike Florio had this quip for the Ravens and Ray Lewis as the prepared to visit President Obama.

There was a day when Florio would post a random rumor – even outrageous ones conjured up by fans who would play him and his PFT just to see if he had the gall or naivety to post it.

And usually he did.

But over the years, Florio through his relentless dedication to build something meaningful caught the attention of GM’s around the league and then suddenly his stories became more credible, so much so that NBC decided to pony up some cash and acquire his site and Florio’s snarky commentary.

He’s become mainstream.

Yet with this extreme below the belt shot at Ray, he’s stooped to the level of all of those aforementioned jealous, insecure and ignorant fans. He should be embarrassed.

And NBC, the home of the league’s television jewel, Sunday Night Football, should be even more embarrassed.

You can take the punk, put a suit on him, comb his hair, powder his nose with make-up, wipe the crust from his eye, give him a Life Saver, put him on national television and make him a media star.

But unless he grows up, he’s still a punk.

And obviously Florio hasn’t.

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75 Raves on “PFT’s Florio Takes a Vicious Swipe at Ray Lewis

  1. Deb on said:

    Florio is just an ass. Ray will definitely rise above this…if he even really hears it….he tends to focus on the positive and block this sort of garbage out.

    • Anonymous on said:

      get over yourself. ray is a great man. i bet no one says that about you! could you have been mpresed with a visit to see the deceitful Mr O? WHY WOULD THAT IMPRESS ANYONE/ HE IS THE WORST PREZ WE HAVE EVER HAD. CANT WAIT FOR HIM TO GO.WOULD LOVE TO SEE HIM IMPEACHED. HES BEEN AN EMBARRASSMENT TO THE OFFICE AND TO HIS PEOPLE.HES A SNAKE

      • Jani on said:

        About Ray, I can agree with you, but about Mr. Obama? That’s your opinion, and I, for one don’t agree with it or respect it. To label the man the worst president we have ever had, when he followed George W. just labels YOU as an unthinking, Fox-watching bigot. Oh, what’s the use. No use arguing with the likes of you.

          • Tucker: M&T Sec 527 on said:

            Save yourself some time and don’t discuss politics w/ someone so chickensh** that he/she goes by the handle “Anonymous.” Furthermore, I have observed that his/her views are more welcome around here than yours would be.

    • dfarley on said:

      Ray was also involved in a murder in Randallstown MD. After leaving a bar on Liberty Rd. somehow a young woman in his company wound up dead–it was swept under the rug ,and Mr. Lewis was kept out of trouble.

  2. Joyce Fagan on said:

    He wasn’t talking about our ray Lewis he was speaking about himself he looked in the mirror. Ray has done more good for the communities he went into than this hopeless idiot who most likely doesn’t know the word charity. Shame on him for tearing someone down after they rebuilt their life to become a model citizen…Leave ray alone you jerk…and I am a 68 year old white woman with no ax to grind just telling you like it is.

  3. RavensFan on said:

    I had a RayLewis username on his site and they literally rejected all of my comments involving a defense of Ray Lewis. Meanwhile it gets flooded with horrible horrible things bout him. He is trash.

    • Jerry on said:

      The whole point of the comments section on the site is for sad, poor people to rip on NFL players. Florio plays to it and doesn’t want people intelligently defending the players and making the loyal commenters question why they are spending their lives commenting on PFT’s crappy posts.

  4. Tracy on said:

    Do I even want to start on Florio? Hell no! He is not worth my breath or time! At least Ray has become a wonderful person and turned life around. How about turning Florio’s around, huh? Nah, again, not worth it! Go RAVENATION!!!!

  5. RJ on said:

    Shame, shame, shame on Mike Florio, who until this tasteless tweet was one of my favorite NFL “reporter”. It’s one thing for an opinion columnist or such to post something so infantile as this, but from what I understand Florio is supposed to be “serious” in the national media and should be above this sort of crap!

  6. Ravenwoman on said:

    His website use to be about football, but lately it has turned into the National Inquirer. Some of the minutia posted sounds like it was written by a dodo bird. His views are purely liberal which accounts for much of the underhanded comments he makes about productive upstanding individuals. He has total disdain for players like Ray Lewis and Joe Flacco. The best way to pay him back is not to visit the website.

  7. paulie on said:

    Mike Florio is a self made man . . .
    And what he has made himself is petty enough
    to occasionally make Skip Bayless look creditable.

  8. Matthew Richey on said:

    I haven’t read his entire article but judging what you’ve quoted here, he shouldn’t be embarrassed at all. He made a joke, and actually, it was pretty funny. Your article, on the other hand, seems like it was written by a fan who is angry rather than “rational and/or logical”. It’s a joke, did it really need to be dissected and criticized to the point that it deserves almost 500 words on your site?

      • Matthew Richey on said:

        I disagree. His joke is trolling for page hits, and you went ahead and obliged him by drawing attention to it.

        • Bobby on said:


          If you don’t agree with Tony, in his opinion, you’re wrong. This article is ironic in the sense that it’s everything Tony and RSR is about. That is what’s so funny about this whole thing. Everyone is entitled to their own opinion, Tony.

  9. Jasamine on said:

    I hate that ass hole. He’s such a racist and HIGHLY unprofessional. He’s been taking shots at Ray since the raven went to the super-bowl. He is obsessed with ray, and believes everything he reads in the media.

  10. playboy52 on said:

    the sad thing about this it wont stop in few months it’ll be some other idiot taking a shot at him and then another its the ignorant society we live in.

  11. DeputyDawg on said:

    Even though Florio can be a jerk and is just talking this trash for publicity, the reason Tony don’t like him is because Florio is a better writer and personality than he is. That’s why Florio has the TV gigs and Tony gets to scrape the bottom of the barrel in the industry…lol, watch how quick this gets deleted and then you’ll know what I’m talking about.

    • Tony LombardiTony Lombardi on said:

      Dawg, you are funny. Maybe you do think Florio is better and that’s ok. But a guy who writes, “the reason Tony don’t like him” and then criticizes the writing of another…that’s hysterical. Thanks for the laugh!

      • Deputy Frank on said:

        Tony, leave this idiot’s comment up FOREVER so we can all enjoy his stupidity.

        Dawg, “the reason Tony don’t like” you is the same reason the rest of us don’t like you. You’re a moron.

  12. JerryB on said:

    Ignorant is as ignorant does! This guy is so off base, he couldn’t find the center with a probe! Incidentally. as a lawyer I watched that entire trial on TV and the most compelling testimony came from the victims’ friends, each of whom testified that Lewis had nothing to do with the murders! That bears repeating…..the VICTIMS’ friends testified that Lewis was…..innocent! That’s why the charges were….dropped! He was overcharged by overzealous prosecutors looking to make headlines! Enough on this subject already……

    • Shar Esq on said:

      As an attorney myself, I agree with you 100%…I know that DA, Paul Howard. He was an “over- zealous” prosecutor seeking fame off the back of, Ray Lewis. He was only a DA for 3years when the insident took place. However, I have to correct you. The dead were far from “victims”…I’m sick of people using this issue as a way to take shots at, Ray. These haters such as, Florio have no facts & don’t believe in researching before spewing lies & hatred. I with you, enough of this!!

  13. mark on said:

    just one more reason why I don’t watch nbc programming or trust their news nbc viewing stops and ends with nfl sunday night and hockey..i don’t watch any primetime programming or news programming on either nbc or bsnbc..I don’t trust them and I think they are not honest in their want an example..look no further than the doctored up 911 call in the travon martin case..
    DTA..don’t trust anybody..especially nbc….

  14. Jake Caralle on said:

    Don’t listen to your hater comments Tony. I love reading your articles and you’re 100% on the money in this article…I was personally outraged seeing the Florio quote too.

    • Tony LombardiTony Lombardi on said:

      Thanks Jake. We encourage the opinions of others. People like Deputy Dawg amuse themselves while others laugh at them, and not for the reasons they intended.

      Really appreciate your support!

  15. DeputyDawg on said:

    Well, I see your employees did what any scared brown noser would do, and anyone with an IQ above a frog can see that Florio is leaps and bounds above a hack like you Tony.. By the way, when does your NFL network program come on, oh that’s right they only hire professionals….HAHAHAHAHAHA
    Now you and your 5 supporters can go back to your smoochin’ ….ROTFL

    Listen to your boys and leave this up now, ya hear ?

  16. DeputyDawg on said:

    Well thank you, little man !!…I’ll let Florio know that you want to be just like him when you grow up…
    Chin up now, and dream big, the worst you can do is fail …Woops , you already did that !! Oh well, just keep dreaming anyway…..hack, hack, hack, you got a cold or something ?……ROTFL

  17. DeputyDawg on said:

    No, you and stallion have that job all locked up, in between your slobbering all over a hack writer…
    Going for the gusto, there peepee….You’re too weak for me, little one….Better leave this to the grown ups, before you get your feelings hurt….lol

    • Tony LombardiTony Lombardi on said:

      BRAVO DD!!!

      You are on a roll!

      By all means keep them coming…you’re a funny guy, you know….in an unintentional kind of way.

    • paulie on said:

      How do you figure that pencil neck?
      You’re the only one here who’s stuck up Florio’s a$$.
      If you weren’t Mike’s bi!ch and hadn’t had your feelings
      hurt you wouldn’t be talking weak trash on Russell St. now.
      And like all cyber punks your mouth is writing checks
      your boney little butt could never hope to cash in person.
      Deputy Dawg? How lame could you possibly get?
      What are you, some Cleveland swamp child inbred?
      Inquiring minds want to know . . .

  18. DeputyDawg on said:

    Well, what a surprise, Tony makes a slur at gay people to defend himself..
    Failed again, little man, I’m straight but won’t the media have some fun with you on this one…hehehe
    Give an idiot a spool of thread and he’ll find a way to hang himself with it….nice going, Hack. ROTFL

    Oh and by the way, pee pee paulie, it looks to me like you are the cyber bully here or at least attempting to be….Watch out now, you might scare one of the roaches in that ghetto house that you live in with your 40 relatives….That’s about all you’ll scare, pee pee..hahahaha

      • DeputyDawg on said:

        How would a mindless maggot know anything about confession, Sad Hack ?
        I’m not Catholic , so another failed attempt at sarcasm, you really are a dumb hack, aren’t you ? ROTFL

    • paulie on said:

      Ghetto house? Now that’s almost clever Deputy D’OH. So how is your mom doing ? Did you leave her in the projects or is she living in your basement now?
      Notice you aren’t going anywhere near the Cleveland question – so I can only assume that you are the Mistake on the Lake inbred who left a ring around Lake Erie.
      BTW – speaking of basements, enjoy yet another season down there. Homer. LoL.

      • DeputyDawg on said:

        And it only took you 2 days to come up with “nothing”.
        Yea, you are TL’s boo , that’s clear to see.
        I guess you had to wait for someone to guard your box house while you went to use the library computer….ROTFL
        Cleaveland ?, child please …
        I’ll spare your mother the insult, she has already been embarrassed enough by giving birth to the likes of you…
        No match, pee pee !!

        • paulie on said:

          No took me two days because you are a bore. Just a bunch of kinder-smack and your man crush on Mike Florio. Bet you get all soft and mushy over Skip Bayless too. Guess you’re just a New York Post kind of guy.
          And don’t worry about mom, she’s doing fine. I got her a nice job at the grocery store stacking cans . . . Later for you.

    • Tony LombardiTony Lombardi on said:

      Why would I delete anything you post? Actually I’m beginning to feel sorry for you… digging your own grave and all that…

      Should we start a fund to underwrite your next shovel? Clearly you are wearing this one out!

  19. DeputyDawg on said:

    A bit dramatic, aren’t you Tiny ? But then, you are a drama queen pretending to be a writer. “Sad Hack”
    If anyone needs sorry attached to their name , it is you , a midget peon.

  20. Jazz on said:

    This is ridiculous. get over it, DeputyDawg!! Find another site to troll instead of taking immature & senseless shots at Tony. Thanks, Tony for a job well done.

  21. DeputyDawg on said:

    Troll ????? Your ignorance is glaring, Jazzy…..My criticism of Tiny isn’t unwarranted, he banned me from the Forum board because I questioned his sincerity and disputed one of these articles that he wrote…When the owner of a forum is that immature, it can’t be good…That’s why I have NO RESPECT for him or his ability to head up a sports site… He’s rude, sarcastic, disrespects peoples religious beliefs, and opinions…You want to kiss up to him, help yourself, try a little debating with him and watch how quick he bans your butt….Yea, good guy alright !!!!!

    • paulie on said:

      I just knew that if we waited long enough and were patient the truth would out. This all has nothing to do with Mike Florio. You probably don’t even listen to his show. (I wouldn’t – too snarky and shallow). This is all about ums getting his feelings hurt. You got your snotty a$$ banned (probably by a Mod or Admin – not Tony – he doesn’t mess with running the Forums.)
      Urban Dictionary defines TROLL as:
      One who posts a deliberately provocative message to a newsgroup or message board with the intention of causing maximum disruption and argument.
      So what would you call what you are doing here? Matter of fact, your rude, sarcastic, disrespect of peoples beliefs and opinions kind of qualifies you for every bit as little respect as you believe Lombardi has earned. For all intents and purposes I believe you have just dismissed yourself as unworthy of any credibility. Is it possible that you have vastly overrated your qualification or ability to objectively judge?

  22. DeputyDawg on said:

    Thank you Dr Phil, but it’s not really that involved. …. listen closely and read slowly, if you still don’t understand, call an adult to explain and draw a picture for you, pee pee..
    I said, that was the reason I have NO RESPECT for Tiny, I never said I was trying to hijack one of his amateur articles. Big difference Goober…Looks like all 3 of TL’s Boo’s together have the IQ of a piece of coal….Are we done now, or do you want to be embarrassed even more ?????

    • Tony LombardiTony Lombardi on said:

      “Even a broken clock is right twice a day.” ~ Tony Soprano (R.I.P. James Gandolfini)

      Deputy Dawg aspires to be half of what the broken clock is. Have a safe and successful journey Dawg.

  23. DeputyDawg on said:

    Well, it’s clear that you haven’t achieved that level yet, Tiny Hack….But as usual, the best you can do, is steal a quote from someone else because you are too dull to come up with a clever original remark….That one is older than dirt….
    Try this one out; “if you would think twice, you’d be the smartest person in your family”.. Duh !!!!

    • Tony LombardiTony Lombardi on said:

      I’m beginning to think I’m the subject of a man crush that went sour because I didn’t crack down on bad words that are used in 0.54% of our message board threads. But since I’m in a Pay-it-Forward mood I’ll send you a box of breath mints to help wash away the potty mouths of all our profane message board members. You have my email address there Dawg. I still have the many you’ve sent along. Just let me know and a lifesaver or two could be yours. Have a happy day!

      • DeputyDawg on said:

        Wow, how pitiful, down to repeating yourself and smelling your own bad breath.
        A sure sign of a hack writer with nothing of his own to say.
        Shouldn’t you be surfing Pro Football Talk, and NFL sites to find some news reports to copy and paste, Tiny Hack….ROTFL

  24. paulie on said:

    You are already a moron Doggie dodo. Please don’t add being a f*ing liar to it.
    You said it all right here:
    “My criticism of Tiny isn’t unwarranted, he banned me from the Forum board because I questioned his sincerity and disputed one of these articles that he wrote.”
    And if you do not understand what you said there in writing maybe you should “call an adult to explain and draw a picture for you”.
    Nothing changes the fact that you got your punk a$$ tossed and all you can do about it is come here and act out like an infantile, self absorbed little meh meh. Do keep the Charlie Sheen impersonation rolling, rocket boy. You’re the floater in our bowl and it’s fun watching you make yourself smaller and smaller.

  25. DeputyDawg on said:

    HAHAHAHAHAHA, you’re not smart enough to spell DOO DOO but you did reveal that you are an uneducated doofus that can’t see past Tiny Hack’s buttocks….Talk about a man crush, and it testifies to the fact that you have NO CONFIDENCE that he can handle his own debates, but he needs pee pee and jazz flea to come to his rescue….
    Gonna need more than 2 more incompetent slags to out wit the Dawg. ROTFL

    • paulie on said:

      Would you believe me if I said I was sorry you got thrown off the board?
      I certainly hope not, because that would definitely be a lie. Hahaha.
      Far as I can see you got exactly what you deserved and no one will miss you.
      Loved the melt but you are still toast, a Bulletin Board reject
      BTW – Seen it spelled both ways. But if spelling smack make you feel like ‘the man’, no skin off my nose. Later for you homey.

  26. DeputyDawg on said:

    And who did you copy and paste that from, Tiny Hack ?
    A simple typo , means the same as you trying to be a sports writer, A Mistake…..ROTFL
    You simply, ain’t good enough to hang with me, midget !

  27. DeputyDawg on said:

    I believe I have made my point now, and have better things to do than exchange banter with a nobody hack writer and his little clones.
    So have at it girls, I won’t be coming back to even see what you are raving about.
    We’re done here !!!!
    You have a nice life now, ya hear !!!! lol

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