Players feel the wrath of John Harbaugh

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After hoisting the Lombardi trophy, the corresponding roster moves spoke volumes as to who the undisputed leader of the Ravens would be. Owner Steve Bisciotti made it clear that Joe Flacco would be the on-field leader now that Ray Lewis had retired, but make no mistake about it – this is John Harbaugh’s team.

Standing near the sidelines for today’s training camp practice, we heard a very testy Harbaugh who had no problem publicly shaming a few players who were either underperforming or being disobedient.

As a typical training camp scuffle broke out between linebacker Courtney Upshaw and tight end Billy Bajema, cornerback Asa Jackson found himself being the first victim of Harbaugh’s wrath.

Jackson wasn’t involved in the initial scuffle and attempted to join the action running near the sidelines. Harbaugh intervened, standing between Jackson and the pile of players, and gave Jackson the business.

“Get your squirrely ass out of here,” Harbaugh said to Jackson, who is likely already on his coach’s bad side having to serve an eight-game suspension to start the season for his second PED violation. “If you do that again, you’re cut.”

As Harbaugh reprimanded Jackson for actions that could have cost the team a 15-yard penalty and an automatic ejection, Jackson walked toward the sidelines, away from his defensive teammates and took a knee by himself.

Now that Harbaugh’s blood pressure was already elevated, wide receiver Aaron Mellette and his poor performance on the field would be the next victim to feel the wrath of Harbaugh.

“Get number 13 off of the field,” Harbaugh said towards offensive coordinator Jim Caldwell who was standing on the sidelines. “He’s lackadaisical and lazy, get him off the field.”

Don’t worry, Harbs wasn’t done yet. Roughly ten minutes later, the first-team offensive line was embarrassed.

Following a snap near the the ten yard line, defensive end Arthur Jones blew through the offensive line, and unintentionally laid out running back Ray Rice.  Jones put a decent hit on Rice, but was likely surprised at how quick he blew through the line. Following the play, Harbaugh voiced his displeasure.

“[Rice] is too valuable to be out here if we’re going to block like that,” said Harbaugh, prompting Rice to jog to the sidelines and Damien Berry to take his place.

This certainly was one of the more emotional practices we’ve seen from Harbaugh, who is likely feeling the testiness of training camp. However,  this wasn’t necessarily an ill-advised display for the coach. In the cases of the offensive line and Jackson, Harbaugh was trying to protect his players. As for Mellette, he have opted to knock the rookie off his lofty perch provided by his first career touchdown grab on the first pass ever thrown his way during the Ravens 44-16 preseason victory over the Buccaneers.

For Mellette and Jackson, they’re likely praying that Harbaugh’s bite isn’t as bad as his bark. However, one thing is for sure, this is Harbaugh’s team and if you aren’t playing to the caliber of a Super Bowl champion, he’ll let you know about it.

For fans hoping the Ravens can repeat as champions, you couldn’t ask for more.

13 Raves on “Players feel the wrath of John Harbaugh

  1. Mac in Va on said:

    Whoa. Don’t believe I’ve ever heard a report of Coach being so testy. Surely doesn’t look good for Mr. Jackson.

  2. EdgarAllanPro on said:

    If Harbaugh WASN’T yelling at a bunch of guys that allowed an untouched sack, has been suspended for 12 games and been eligible for 16, and caught one pass in preseason when they underperform at camp – then we’d have a problem.

    I don’t care what the score says – this team is not ready for the regular season. Glad to hear he’s not letting a pre-season score loosen him up.

    Sign of a great coach – though the ring probably says that!

  3. Jacob Quitugua on said:

    Hey if you have a tough coach you got to have tough player were the superbowl champs we got to act like it,practice like it and play like it you dont see bill parcels or mike dicka going soft on them thats why alot is at stake before the reg season starts.

  4. spy on said:

    I have a little different outlook on this,,,,,,,I think Harbaugh is under pressure to show he can win a ring without the ‘on field’ coaching he had with Lewis , Reed , Boldin and others,,,,,,,the collection of savvy veterans he lost this past off-season will be telling,,,,,,,,,,,time will tell,,,,,,,,,,,,

  5. Gene on said:

    This what coaches do I thought? While I think it’s interesting, it surprises me that this report was featured in the press. You mean the tell me that this is the first time Harbaugh has been testy? Yelled at players? Been angry?

  6. Miestyl on said:

    With only 5 starters from our Superbowl defense Coach Harbaugh Keep your foot in their ass until the water from your knee quences their thirst.

  7. jamie on said:

    It takes a good coach like him to control the primitive egos that exist in sports, and his high standard of performance is what every team expects. With all of the changes they’ve had, they need to act as a unit to succeed. He’ll make sure they do. He’s earned our trust, which isn’t necessarily easy to do in Baltimore. Art Donovan would have loved to have been at that practice…

  8. Matt Lund on said:

    Harbs is setting the tone early. It needs to be done. I don’t think this team is as focused as it needs to be right now.

    It’s nothing groundbreaking what he’s doing, but its good to see that Harbs doesn’t want to see a “Super Bowl Hangover”

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