Pollard’s Termination Letter from Ravens Fuels Motivation

Pollard Titans

Athletes and football players alike employ many different tactics intended to provide additional motivation. For some players, it’s being told they’re not good enough. For others, it may be smack talk from an opponent that eventually becomes locker room bulletin board material.

For former Ravens safety Bernard Pollard, his determination will be driven by termination.

NFL Network’s Albert Breer tweeted a photo of Pollard’s locker, now a member of the Tennessee Titans. Pinned inside the locker is a Notice of Termination sent by the Baltimore Ravens on March 14, 2013, a day after news broke of Pollard’s release.

The notice reads:

You are herby notified that effective immediately, your NFL Player Contract with the Club covering the 2013, 2014 and 2015 football season has been terminated for the means checked below:

(X) In the judgement of the Club, your skill or performance has been unsatisfactory as compared with that of other players competing for positions on the Club’s roster. 

Club: Baltimore Ravens

The letter was signed by the Ravens Vice President of Football Administration, Pat Moriarity.

The ploy by Pollard is hardly shocking. He shied away from voicing his opinion about as often as he shied away from delivering a crunching blow to an opponent. In other words, NEVER.

As a Raven Pollard would often hold court around his locker. He is magic to the ears of media members who are always on the prowl for a sound bite. Now the Titans press can happily transcribe venomous future bites directed towards the Ravens and more specifically head coach John Harbaugh who Pollard is rumored to hold in fairly low esteem.

Pollard had issues in coverage and this coupled with the club’s desire to get faster and younger led to his release. His opinionated ways probably did little to help his cause.

Some of the criticism aimed against Pollard could be looked at as unfair and unjustified. He did after all lead the team in tackles and he made plenty of big plays contributing to the team’s successful run through Super Bowl XLVII.

Just ask Patriots’ running back Stevan Ridley.

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38 Raves on “Pollard’s Termination Letter from Ravens Fuels Motivation

  1. Ron in Owings Mills on said:

    Goob, I get that this man is not perfect. Definetely aint great in coverage but how can you not love this guy. The dude cares so much. I just love this. And the way he speaks, the dude’s a man. He might be outspoken at times but he cares and will always play for the man beside you. I wish him the best

        • bogeyroy on said:

          I like Pollard’s determination and being a team player, but if he needs that letter for motivation, he has a problem. Matter of fact, shouldn’t he have a few more “Letters of Termination” hanging at his locker ?

    • Kris JonesKris Jones on said:

      Ron, I actually really like Pollard. He was very nice to us in the locker room and I really liked his devastating hits, even though they did cost the team a time or two. I’m just writing about what he did, not necessarily going against him at all.

      Honestly, if that happened to me, I’d probably do the same thing.

  2. Ron on said:

    Can anyone read the other options that could have been marked off on this form letter? I am trying to but I have some eye problems and can’t make them out.

    • g money on said:

      I can read the first two, unless I am mistaken, they are as follows:

      You have failed to establish or maintain your excellent physical condition to the satisfaction of the club physician

      You have failed to make full and complete disclosure of your physical or mental condition during a physical examination

  3. Mike Rice on said:

    First , Ridley is responsible for knocking himself out. He ducked his head and that’s what lead to concuss hit to the head.
    Second, Pollard has had the same problem in Texas and KC. He thinks he ‘s on the same level as a coach but no head coach has yet to surrender their locker room to him. That’s why he’s gone from KC, Texas and Baltimore. You should also add in that those big hits and his outlawed style of play gave him almost 120yds in penalties. He helped his opponents a lot last year.

  4. Paul Lukoskie on said:

    I definitely think he can feel resentment. He just got fired after winning a SB. Of course he’s pissed. Who wouldn’t be? Boldin is probably peeved too, but the media isn’t focusing on that too much and Boldin is much more mature than Pollard ever was.

    The reality is that Pollard was a walking penalty flag on the field and while he is an outstanding hitter, that style of play is becoming obsolete in the NFL. Secondaries need to be able to run and cover. Pollard was a linebacker playing safety. He had some big plays for the Ravens last year and was a key fixture on the defense during the playoffs, but I’ll never forget how immature he was getting into it (REALLY getting into it) with the Colts coaches during the playoff game. I was sitting in section 153 right behind the Colts and Pollard literally was coming over onto the Colts’ sideline running his yap at the coaches and challenging them. He’s lucky that he wasn’t thrown out of the game.

    I’m all about guys who can deliver a blow, but you need to balance that with good coverage as well. In the very near future, the NFL is not going to tolerate players like Pollard who cannot play within the confines and stipulations of the NFL. That’s just the way it is.

    And this isn’t even touching on some of the things we’ve all heard about Pollard in the locker room and on the practice field. In a nutshell, Pollard didn’t seem like a very nice guy that respected his teammates and coaching staff.

      • Paul Lukoskie on said:

        Pollard’s hit on Ridley?

        That fumble was a HUGE momentum swing in the Ravens’ favor.

        Pollard wasn’t amazing in the SB, but he made a lot of plays last year.

    • Ronnie on said:

      He was on the colts sideline cause he got called a n***** by a assistant coach. It was all over the news. I don’t blame him. Heck I would have done more than yell. And I am white. I love his passion. He plays the way the game is supposed to be played. Now you can’t touch anybody.

      • Paul Lukoskie on said:

        I dont care what the coach called him. The guy could have been thrown out of the game and/or suspended. The refs already have an eagle eye on the guy for helmet-to-helmet hits. He has to be aware of that and know that all of his actions are under scrutiny. He has to be able to put the team before himself. He didn’t do that in that circumstance.

        Self control.

        You think he’s the first player in the league to have a racial slur thrown his way?

  5. Art on said:

    I wanted to send the Ravens defense a “Letter of Termination” after that Super Bowl performance. Although I don’t agree with the way it was handled (if true), getting rid of a lot of guys on defense was necessary.

  6. Sportz girl on said:

    The First two reasons are about physical exam stuff, can’t read the bottom ones. And I would probably be pissed if I got a letter too. It would be nice if they would tell you to your face. But I love me some Ravens and you got to move on!!!

  7. catgirl54 on said:

    I trust that Ozzie and Harbaugh had good reasons for what they did here. But I’m going to miss Pollard. He could really bring the wood.

  8. KH on said:

    As Ravens Fan we love defense and we love tough defense. Pollard was just too nasty on the field, almost like a gamble we took on ever play. He would either; get the big hit and make the stop, fail the coverage and tackle them but they got the first down already, or get the big hit and draw a yellow flag. As much as we loved seeing Pollard put people on the grass, we hated seeing Pollard put flags on the grass too. Ray Lewis and Ed Reed had big hits in their careers too but even probably combined, they did not draw as many flags as Pollard did and will continue to do. The termination was a good move, one thing the Ravens wont let you do is take the team over right from under the Coach and Owners. Ray Lewis had ground to stand on, he was seasoned in and the heart and soul of the team. Hate to say it but Ed Reed had ground to stand on because of Ray Lewis. Reed had locker room and coach controversy as well in the past too. Are we really gonna put all of “age” and “lost a step” on the reason behind not resigning Reed? I think some of this off field and in locker room attitude had some play too. Again, the Ravens dont mess around both on and off the field. Your business on and off the field.

  9. Anonymous on said:

    Well if he was good enough he would probly still be here i understand that he did great things for this football team but we wanted to get younger thats all that doesnt mean he can go out and say bad things about it just cause we let him go

  10. Raven 1857 on said:

    Pollard was one of my favorite players on the Ravens. His hard hitting, old school style of play made him fun to watch. The Ravens wanted to go younger and faster, which I understand, but I think they could have sugar coated the termination letter a little better. I mean, without Pollards crushing hits in the playoffs, they wouldn’t have won the Superbowl.

  11. John on said:

    I say he should use whatever motivation works for him. As far as contempt – nah. That’s a standard letter.

    Still though – if he can garner motivation and play better with it in his locker – why not?

  12. Rxdoxx on said:

    Resentment for a form letter?
    I could see if if was personal or hand crafted, but that looks like a standard 5 check option stock form.
    Looking at some of the other options (as best as I can read), the one checked was the least offensive (though none would be pleasant to get).
    If Pollard needs it for motivation, so be it, but carrying resentments comes with a price.

  13. PG County Ravens on said:

    BP was an asset and liability! Loved his passion and old school style of play with an edge!! Asset: When you need a solid hit to turn the momentum of a game he could deliver. Liability: If he missed that momentum change play you could expect to see the flag thus resulting in a different momentum shift and you certainly couldn’t count on him pass coverage. 4 teams in 6 years requires a look in the mirror and when you’re caught up into you, you can’t see the forest for the trees! Will miss his hits but believe we have reloaded our defense for the better with more speed, better tacklers, and disciplined players. Let’s get this thing rolling!

  14. Big C on said:

    You all would feel the same way. I don’t blame him one bit, and it’s not like they released him right away…they waited until the first wave of players were signed; which was kind of a d@#k move. He just signed an extention in December and played the whole season w Broken Ribs. I’d venture that some of you people on here would probably have tried to put your hands on someone… I mean you got a family and kids and BAM, your paycheck is done. He just needs to leave it on the field. PLUS… you people need to realize that a lot of this and reason people are in the league is kissing ass or ingratiating your self w the higher ups. Hell that’s how Jason Garrett is still the coach of the Cowboys… str8 up smooching…

  15. melvin on said:

    whatever gets his competitive juices flowing…more power to him. but unless someone is out to sabotage a career, there is no sense holding a grudge. this is a business, not a fellowship, no matter howmuch themedia tries to glamorize it. the ravens did what they thought was best for their organization. fairness or loyalty are never considerations.

  16. TheChuck on said:

    A lot of people tend to forget that Pollard never has a nice thing to say about any team he has left. He bashed Kansas City and Todd Haley (though I do concede that there are not too many people out there who speak highly of Haley), bashed Kubiak and now Harbaugh.

  17. Big Perm on said:

    You crying, boy? Maybe we’ll go back down to McDonald’s… and get you a whamburger and French cries!
    How about a Whineken! You little sissy boy! Def Leppard sucks!

  18. Bruce Romo on said:

    He has a suspension waiting for him with his name on it; and his cover skills are suspect — compound that with his Salty Dog demeanor — please… I’m sure somewhere in his scrapbook; he has termination letters from the Chiefs and Texans, also.

  19. Chris on said:

    I dont think Pollard is doing himself any favors by holding a grudge against the Ravens. Especially since I can guarantee that Harbaugh has not lost one minute of sleep thinking about how much Pollard hates him. Grow up. You dont like the coach, so why the heck is he so butthurt over not being here anymore. What the Ravens did was best for everyone involved. Harbaugh could have Chris Mcalisterd him.

  20. charles fuerte on said:

    I still don’t understand why he was let go or left the ravens. They called him”the enforcer”and I thought he was great! I will Miss him and his outstanding Athletic abilitiy to play like a raven!

  21. bb on said:

    I think his backbiting style created a cancer in the locker room…and Reed was a contributor, too. The kind of play he brings may be irrelevant when a player undermines the coach’s authority…and I dont think Harbs is likely to throw his weight around. Harbs has demonstrated a capacity for collaborative decision-making. I doubt the Ravens will have any problems with leadership. The cancer has been excised and the team respects their coaches.

    OTOH, it is good to hear Pollard was decent to the press. Clearly he’s not just an inconsiderate loudmouth.

  22. Rumor Ray on said:

    Goob, I liked that Pollard was on our Team even if he did some damage in the locker room, however he is gone. What he does as a Titian does not bother me at all. Please add a new box for voting…. Yes , No and I DON’T CARE

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