Projecting the Ravens 53-Man Roster (Version 1.0)


The Baltimore Ravens will convene in just a few days as they begin their defense of their title as World Champions.

As we are all aware, Ozzie Newsome & Company boldly dismantled the team’s defense, an unusual tactic for a champion yet warranted nonetheless. The team sought to get younger and faster and on paper they have succeeded.

But now it’s time to move our attention away from paper and towards the field and in doing so, here’s an early projection (and we’ll update along the way) on who will be among the team’s final 53 when they take the field on Thursday Night, September 5, 2013 in Denver to face Peyton Manning and the Broncos.

Note: The number in parenthesis represents the usual number of players at a given position that the team carries on their 53-man squad.


IN: Joe Flacco; Tyrod Taylor

OUT: There may be a day when Caleb Hanie takes the field and impresses Ravens fans in preseason mop up duty but let me just remind you that we’ve been there and done that before (see Curtis Painter). QB’s like Hanie will always be available in an emergency situation. Besides, if things get that bad and they need to rely upon the likes of Hanie, it’s SOL for the Ravens.


IN: Ray Rice; Bernard Pierce; Anthony Allen; Kyle Juszczyk

OUT: Damien Berry

PRACTICE SQUAD: Bobby Rainey is a poor man’s Ray Rice and appears more svelte heading into TC 2013. But a No. 3 RB must bring something to special teams and as long as Jacoby Jones is on the roster, there’s little for him to do.

NOTE: If Vonta Leach returns it will have a ripple effect and potentially threaten Allen and Furstenburg.


IN: Torrey Smith; Jacoby Jones; Tandon Doss; Deonte Thompson; David Reed; Aaron Mellette

OUT: LaQuan Williams

PRACTICE SQUAD: Tommy Streeter gets another season with the team to broaden his skills. He’s still just too one-dimensional and doesn’t contribute on teams.


IN: Dennis Pitta; Ed Dickson; Matt Furstenburg

OUT: Billy Bajema ~ A no brainer if Leach returns.


IN: Bryant McKinnie; Kelechi Osemele; Gino Gradkowski; Marshal Yanda; Michael Oher; Jah Reid; A.Q. Shipley; Ricky Wagner.

BUBBLE: Ramon Harewood, Ryan Jensen; Jack Cornell

PRACTICE SQUAD: David Mims; Roger Gaines


IN: Haloti Ngata; Art Jones; Pernell McPhee; Chris Canty; Marcus Spears; Brandon Williams; DeAngelo Tyson; Terrence Cody;


IN: Terrell Suggs; Elvis Dumervil; Arthur Brown; Daryl Smith; Jameel McClain; Courtney Upshaw; John Simon; Albert McClellan; Josh Bynes;

BUBBLE: Adrian Hamilton; Bryan Hall

PRACTICE SQUAD: Brandon Copeland


IN: Michael Huff; Matt Elam; James Ihedigbo

BUBBLE: Christian Thompson; Omar Brown


IN: Lardarius Webb; Jimmy Smith; Corey Graham; Asa Jackson; Chykie Brown; Marc Anthony


IN: Sam Koch; Justin Tucker; Morgan Cox

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19 Raves on “Projecting the Ravens 53-Man Roster (Version 1.0)

  1. Michael on said:

    There are going to be quite a few legit NFL players who get cut this year. This team has some serious depth. If we get a few injuries, they are not going to be devastating. (with the exception of Flacco and Torrey) I’m liking the offseason moves Ozzie made. Deep on OL/DL and fast at LB/DB & WR. This team has some serious potential. Just get into the playoffs & whatever happens, happens……..

  2. Steven on said:

    I’d like to see Bryan Hall on the Practice squad instead of Brandon Copeland after he was asked to switch to LB from DT.
    Switch the OL practice squad to Ramon Harewood and Ryan Jensen and David Mims (cut Damien Berry, backup RBs are a dime a dozen if any injuries happen).
    Otherwise the roster’s looking pretty good.

  3. Rxdoxx on said:

    Tony, takes guts to step out this early (you know we’all are going to tweak/adjust what you say :) )
    But appreciate you doing it, someone has to start somewhere.

    QB, yep advantage is Haine will have terminology down (IF we need to call him back)

    RB, I’m not giving a spot to Allen, he may get one but too many wild cards (Jusczyk Vonta) and unknowns on what will be shown on ST (Berry Rainey). He is coming into his 3rd year so salary is creeping up but not major yet. I have him square on the round bubble.

    WR agree LaQuan is probably numbered out, and Streeter is PS. I’m still iffy on Reed (4th year now) and have him bubbled. There usually is camp excitement about someone (Harper, Moore, Reed, Eron Riley….Deonte Thompson…) and this year I’m expecting more (Rashaad Carter? Omarius Hines ) It seems that an “outsider” has made it every year for a while, LaQ, Deonte, Reed, and I don’t expect it to change so bubbling Reed (watching camp returners)

    TE, agree, only wondering where Jusczyk is going to be slotted, as a RB or as a TE so he could be Furstenburg’s hurdle, not Bajema.

    OL no changes, dunno how well people can be coached up (we will get an idea when we see Cornell) and for some reason Mims is filed in my brain under Hale.

    DL I’ll be watching Cody Larsen (why does the name Cody give me shutters?) Video I’ve seen reminds me a little of Kelly Gregg sorry DeAngelo, you are in a roster fight big time.

    LB Bryan Hall sure is the unknown… I remember the Kruger experiment…LB to DL to LB and how much more effective he was after the DL experience. So not discounting a new LB who has solid DL techniques, but yea bubble only because of unknowns and what is stacked ahead of him.
    Smelling Jameel PUP?

    Only 3 safety? I can see that maybe Brynden Trawick and Gary Walker are only camp fodder.
    Christian Thompson Chris Johnson(swing) bubbles

    CB we have Cheeseborough’ed Moe Lee already ? :) Your list is definitely the way to see it currently.

    • Tony LombardiTony Lombardi on said:

      Luke, you are good… I just put the number in there to show the total for the position that the Ravens typically keep.

  4. Cerebral on said:

    The Ravens are looking to get younger and cheaper. Therefore, 3rd year draft picks who have rarely or never contributed will be released unless pre-season injuries become an issue. My picks to get cut are Ramon Harewood, Jah Reid, Terence (jelly-belly) Cody, and David Reed. Less expensive players who will be given the same chance to prove their worth as the above-mentioned players, such as David Mims, Jack Cornell, Adrian Hamilton, Bryan Hall, Tommy Streeter, and Omar Brown, will be the next line of replacements to round out the “53″. A darkhorse cut might be the undrafted rookie CB (Moe ??) taking Asa Jackson’s spot.

    • Rumor Ray on said:

      I agree with you Josh…. I like Bryan Hall and would like to see him get some more time on the field. I feel the time for Cody needs to come to an end since we have beefed up the D-Line and LB corps.

  5. Boldin Raver on said:

    Interesting that you have McPhee in the DL. I thought he was transitioning to OLB …?
    (either way it would be a call it what you will position anyway on the Ravens version of 3-4)

  6. Bruce Romo on said:

    Very well thought -out and logical.

    I’m not sold on Mount Cody (hip); nor am convinced of Doss ( soft with lame tattoos).
    I feel as though Chris Johnson battles his way onto the secondary conversation ( and his experience and special teams contributions could very well land him on the roster).
    I’m curious what Jensen can bring to the table; and I look at Asa Jackson as a rookie all over again.

  7. Jeff on said:

    I just want to know why you think Furstenburg will make it? I thought that resigning Bajema meant that Furstenburg failed to impress (I was hoping he would). If the Ravens thought Furstenburg were good enough to play backup TE, why resign Bajema after OTAs?

    • raven on said:

      Ozzie and Co. do not give away positions. They sign multiple guys and let them slug it out. The better player plays, and if it is too close to call, the cheaper player plays.

  8. raven on said:

    Two points, if I may-
    -I would not count LaQuan Williams out just yet. He does everything asked of him. He blocks well, he practices hard, and unlike Doss, he actually catches passes in real games when given the chance. Mellette will be ‘injured’ the last week of camp, IR’d, and LaQuan sticks.
    -Cody is squarely on the bubble. Two new vets and a draft pick are fighting for his minutes. If he is not night and day better than last year, conditioning and effort wise, he is GONE.

  9. Basil on said:

    Allen is very valuable as a special teams blocker and should make the team. I project Tyson over Cody for the last DL spot. Look for Omar Brown and Jack Cornell to surprise. Hope and pray Jameel doesnt make the team, he is terrible in pass coverage and misses important tackles. Without Boldin and (currently) Leach, Ravens need a blocking TE, short yardage offense was rough last year, so Bajema has a real shot also.

  10. Ravenwoman on said:

    I am not a fan of either David Reed or Tandon Doss. Personally, both of them should be cut. I would definitely keep Laquan Williams, as he has performed well on special teams and there was a time, I believe 2 years ago, when he was doing better in the preseason than Torrey Smith. I hope the Ravens retain Matt Furstenburg, as I believe he is a diamond in the rough who just needs a little more time to shine.

    As far as the offensive line, I don’t know where Jah Reid fits. I would really like to see a new rookie with more upside take his position.

    Until we see some of these players in pre season games, there is much to be decided.

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