Ranking the Ravens’ Top 5 games of 2012


A storybook year certainly ended in storybook fashion. The elation of winning The Lombardi might never wear off and winning it makes the ensuing offseason seem even longer.

We’re getting to the point where news can be a little slow and where we miss the sport the most. September is still months away, so the most we can do is look forward to it and reflect on the season that will live in our hearts forever.

Counting down the top five games of last season—why not?

5: A Game of Inches— The Ravens get an Improbable Victory against New England

I had a hard time deciding which great regular season game should be number five, but I couldn’t leave this one off the list. Too many storylines to count in this game as Torrey Smith shined on one of the darkest days of his life.

Smith reeled in six passes for 127 yards and got his first two touchdowns of the season. It was all about emotion, and that carried all throughout the game as Justin Tucker got his first chance to prove himself in front of fans at M&T. We will never forget the inches that were needed for Tucker to boot the ball directly over the right upright to seal the victory. The famous words of Al Michaels said it all.—“Oh BABY!”

4: Giant Collapse—Eli and Co. Fall to the Ravens

Beating the G-Men 33-14, there is no doubt that winning this game gave the team the push they needed and propelled them into the playoffs. If the Ravens would have lost this one, they would have been put in a must-win situation in week 17 and at possible risk of ending the year on a five-game skid. Thanks to Joe Flacco, that didn’t happen.

Flacco was under the most scrutiny at this point in the season, but he came through when he was needed most. He put together one of his better games, throwing for over 300 yards as the team got their biggest win of the late stretch. New York didn’t have a chance from the beginning as the Ravens were up by 17 at half, and Eli Manning seemed to give up. He only threw for 150 yards and the Ravens clinched.

3: Hey Diddle Diddle—Ray Rice Delivers a Miracle in San Diego

You couldn’t leave this game off of the list! This game was U-G-L-Y until the 4:19 mark in the 4th quarter when Joe Flacco got the team within three points on a TD pass to Dennis Pitta. Dean Pees’ defense got a huge stop for an opportunity to set the Ravens up to tie, or even win the game.

What happened next would be the best play of the 2012 season thanks to Ray Rice and Anquan Boldin, who laid down the key block to get Rice past the marker.

Justin Tucker kicked a field goal to tie as time expired, and booted another with 1:07 left in OT to send the Ravens to 9-2. 4th-and-29 wasn’t enough to keep the Ravens down—a trend that would help the Ravens get to the ultimate game, which happens to be #2 on our list.

2: Mile High Miracle—Jacoby Jones and Joe Flacco Connect, Ravens Advance to AFCC

The Super Bowl may have meant more, but when you think of the season, you think Mile High.

The Ravens proved that no matter how much the media drooled over Peyton Manning, they were the better team. Every phase of the game was played with 100% effort, and it was clear from the start that this was a team that was not giving up. Jacoby Jones’ catch, followed by Corey Graham’s interception, all capped off by Justin Tucker being the clutch guy that he is—the Ravens were going to beat New England in the next one without question. This game provided the momentum that Ray Lewis’ crew needed to ultimately be the Super Bowl Champions.

1: Super Bowl XLVII—the Ravens complete the improbable, win Super Bowl

Baltimore fans finally got the victory that we had been waiting for since January 2001. The Ravens completed their best season in years to beat the 49ers and prove that, when it comes to Harbaughs, John really is better than Jim.

Joe Flacco EARNED the MVP he was given after his incredible playoff run that will be in the record books forever. Jimmy Smith came up with clutch plays by the goal line where the Ravens defense stopped Colin Kaepernick and Co. A power outage couldn’t stop the team that was meant to win the game. John Harbaugh picked up his first Super Bowl of hopefully many in a game that will never be forgotten.

I’m sure there will be some folks saying I misfired on this top-5, so let’s hear it – how’s your list look?

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15 Raves on “Ranking the Ravens’ Top 5 games of 2012

  1. RJ on said:

    No, that pretty much IS the Top 5 list for any true Ravens fan, and it’s hard to argue with how you’ve presented them. This season was a true rollercoaster ride with some of the highest highs and lowest lows this or any other team has every experienced, and is truly one for the record books AND the storybooks!

  2. Skip on said:

    Good 5 but I’d have to put in the playoff win vs New England. So many of the Ravens players have said that THAT gane was the big emotional one of the playoffs, plus it was such a good second half. I’d put this game at #2 and move the other games down a notch.

  3. Reggie in Afghanistan on said:

    If any game deserves an Honorable Mention, i’d say it would be the Dallas game. I can understand why its not in the top 5 though with the injuries to Ray Lewis and Webb, but anytime you can shut up Cowgirls fans it HAS to be good.

  4. Timpo on said:

    I dont know.. I think that, if you needed to mention the most memorable games, Ray Lewis and his last homegame as a playoff win after being gone since playing the cowboys.
    That was an amazing game with so much emotion that I saw more than just a few tear filled eyes in the crowd during the game.

    • Timpo on said:

      I completely agree. There was so much going on in that game, I almost pissed myself because I did not want to miss anything!

  5. Jim on said:

    I think you did a good job picking 5. If it were the best “game” I would substitute the Giants game and add in another close regular season game.

  6. Matthew Richey on said:

    While the Denver playoff game was probably the greatest game I’ve ever watched, I’d put the championship game win at NE as the most significant. After the Foxboro heartbreaker in 2012, nothing can describe what I felt watching our players dance and celebrate along the sidelines while Tom Brady sulked off the field.

  7. Joe on said:

    I almost think the playoffs shouldn’t count, because with 4 games, you’d basically go…

    1. SB 47
    2. Mile High Miracle
    3. AFC Champs vs NE
    4. Ray’s Last Home Game
    5. one game from regular season

    Honestly, the Colts game should rank above ANY regular season game.

    If I was just doing regular season…

    1. Hey Diddle Diddle – Most of the game was dreary, but it was the signature of our rise to the playoffs. We went out and showed we would not quit, period.
    2. G-men Hit Job – The game against the Giants was a perfectly crafted microcosm of a game. Flacco and the offense were money and the D held strong.
    3. Bengals Opener – We came out and SMOKED them
    4. NE Home Win – We had just come off a rough game against the Eagles and got a chance to exorcise a lot of demons with a primetime win at home vs Brady and BB
    5. Blowout vs Raiders – Many of our other wins were pretty uneven performances, but this was a case where we set out to just LAY WASTE to someone at home. And we did, convincingly. Raiders fans HATE us for this game. So much so, they rooted for the Broncos against us.

  8. Bruce on said:

    The playoff victory over the Patriots was the second best game only because everyone, and I do mean everyone, of the national media analysts said the Ravens were going to out matched and there was no way the Patriots were going to be denied in Foxboro in the AFC Championship game. The fact that the Ravens came from trailing the Patriots 7-13 after the half, just made the ravens scoring the 21 unanswered points was great. The most annoying thing about this game was the non-call of unsportsmanlike conduct on Tom Brady when he kicked Ed Reed in the family jewels to try and open something up down field later in the game (why I think Brady did it).

    • Mill on said:

      That game and the Mile High game have to be the greatest two game stretch in Ravens history. 9 point underdogs two weeks in a row and the Ravens dominated both of those games. They absolutely smoked New England. Trindon Holiday was Denver’s only saving grace.

  9. Johnny V on said:

    The Ravens v. The Broncos was the real “Super Bowl” as far as a close football game! If not for the power failure, I have a feeling it could have been a blowout in the Super Bowl v. 49ers!

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