Ray Lewis on What’s Wrong with Flacco

Ray Lewis on What’s Wrong with Flacco

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Do you agree with Ray Lewis? Is he right about what’s wrong with Flacco?

Whether he’s right or wrong, some including Bart Scott, think that Ray was wrong for calling Joe out.

“How many times are they going to keep letting Ray Lewis off the hook?” Scott asked on CBS Sports Radio’s Gio and Jones. “He already dissed Ray Rice when Ray Rice went through his situation. Now he’s dissing Flacco? Come on, man. You got that ring on your finger because of Flacco. See, that’s what I don’t like. You’re either with me or you’re not. If you’re a teammate, you’ve never heard me say nothing bad about Ray Rice, nothing bad of Flacco. Come on, man. That’s brother-on-brother crime right there. He’s supposed to be better than that. He’s supposed to be from the old school. You never come out publicly against one of your boys. Come on, man. You’re killing me.”

What's wrong with Flacco

Bart later added:

Joe Flacco was a great teammate. He was a great rookie. Come on, Ray. You’re supposed to be better than that. You’re supposed to be from the old school. You’re supposed to be the people that set the rules about how to be a great teammate. This is what happens: You get on the other side, and you got to say something, right? You got to say something because you got to make a splash. People put pressure on you to make a splash. When the Ray Rice situation came out, (media) tried to get me to go against my brother – and I wouldn’t, and it shocked them. But that’s what teammates do – because that’s family. You don’t come out against your brother. You got an issue with his leadership skills and all that stuff, you go talk to him. That’s what real men do. You don’t do that. That’s whack right there, Ray.”

You can listen to the program recorded earlier today HERE

What are your thoughts on what Ray Lewis had to say about Joe Flacco on Speak For Yourself?

Here’s how Flacco responded on Schein on Sports…

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