Flacco’s Parties Need Some Work

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“It’s not something I really like to talk about,” says Joe Flacco. “It was pretty humiliating…It was hard for me to admit that I needed help.”

What exactly is he talking about?

Apparently, while the quarterback can be elite on the football field, Flacco’s parties need some work

In this wonderful, 3:12 video, people talk about how Flacco is lost and scared in his own living room like most of us would be on the football field.

In the words of Jack Nolan, a beverage specialist, Joe Flacco “has no idea how to host a football party.”

Joe’s high school football coach thought that he might need some coaching in order to make it work. However, Flacco seemed inexperienced. He didn’t know how to stop throwing things at the party.

What helped him was when the team in charge of upping Flacco’s party game showed him the tape of what he did wrong. “It was like my eyes were open for the first time,” said Flacco.

Where he seems to struggle the most is with bowls. “Yeah, bowls can be confusing,” he says. Then he asked his team, can I throw bowls from room to room?”

Then, he wondered how to win the party, “Should I keep some second-, third-string guests in the house, like in the garage?”

The story ends triumphantly, as the team gets Flacco to do the commercial correctly and host a good football party.

“Joe emerged victorious like the champion he is.”

We all know that Joe Flacco is an elite champion on the football field. Now we know he’s elite at hosting football parties, too.

Or so some of his friends say…

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