Ravens 53-Man Roster Projection 3.0

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After two preseason games the Ravens have done little to develop any rhythm on offense, cohesion on defense and no one has stepped up as worthy candidate to start opposite Torrey Smith at wide receiver.

John Harbaugh and his staff hope that preseason game 3 will hold plenty of answers. They will need to make their first cuts by August 27 (from 90 to 75) and then they will have to set their 53-man roster two days after the preseason finale in St. Louis (August 29) on August 31.

Based upon the practices open to the media and the first two preseason games here’s the third 53 man projection.

NOTE: The actual number of “IN’s” don’t equal 53 due to positional battles that are far from decided. The numbers shown next to the position represent the number of players typically retained by the Ravens at that position.



IN (2): Joe Flacco; Tyrod Taylor

OUT: In Projection 2.0 Caleb Hanie was labeled Curtis Painter 2.0. Apparently he’s not even that good. When you don’t see the field in Preseason Game 2 when trailing 23-7 after three quarters, you have no shot at the Final 53. Sorry Caleb.



IN (5): Ray Rice; Bernard Pierce; Vonta Leach; Anthony Allen; Kyle Juszczyk

OUT: Damien Berry

PRACTICE SQUAD: Bobby Rainey’s contributions in the return game could save him particularly if Jacoby Jones’ struggles continue.



IN (4): Torrey Smith; Jacoby Jones; Tandon Doss; Brandon Stokley

BUBBLE: LaQuan Williams; David Reed; Marlon Brown; Aaron Mellette; Deonte Thompson

OUT: Tommy Streeter

PRACTICE SQUAD: Mellette could land here and Brown’s injury could land him on IR.

UPSET SPECIAL: If Bobby Rainey and Deonte Thompson can assert themselves as good return options for Jerry Rosburg and Jacoby Jones continues to struggle in the passing game, suddenly Jones’ $4.9M cap figure (the team’s 8th highest) could be difficult to ignore. The team could save $3M but releasing Jones who hardly looks like a starting receiver, something the Houston Texans realized after the 2011 season. Jones is often looked upon as a dynamic returner and it’s hard to argue with the results. But let’s give the special teams unit some credit to for parting the red sea at times for the speedster…David Reed’s special teams play could also save him. He’s a favorite of ST Coordinator Jerry Rosburg.



IN (2): Ed Dickson; Dallas Clark;

BUBBLE: Matt Furstenburg; Visanthe Shiancoe; Billy Bajema

NOTE: Dennis Pitta because he didn’t start the season on PUP isn’t eligible. If reports are true that Pitta has the possibility of returning later in the season the Ravens essentially have two options: 1) Place him on the active 53; or 2) Place him on IR “designated to return” like the Ravens did with Ray Lewis last season. Keep in mind that such a designation can be used only once each season, making this roster decision particularly interesting. (Special thanks to “Joe”)



IN (8): Bryant McKinnie; Kelechi Osemele; Gino Gradkowski; Marshal Yanda; Michael Oher; Jah Reid; A.Q. Shipley; Ricky Wagner.

BUBBLE: Ramon Harewood;

PRACTICE SQUAD: David Mims; Roger Gaines; Jack Cornell

IR: Ryan Jensen



IN (7): Haloti Ngata; Art Jones; Pernell McPhee; Chris Canty; Marcus Spears; Brandon Williams; DeAngelo Tyson;

BUBBLE: Terrence Cody;



IN (9): Terrell Suggs; Elvis Dumervil; Arthur Brown; Daryl Smith; Adrian Hamilton; Courtney Upshaw; John Simon; Albert McClellan; Josh Bynes;

BUBBLE: Bryan Hall

PRACTICE SQUAD: Brandon Copeland; Nigel Carr

PUP: Jameel McClain



IN (3): Michael Huff; Matt Elam; James Ihedigbo

BUBBLE: Omar Brown; Brynden Trawick

SUSPENSION: Christian Thompson



IN (4): Lardarius Webb; Jimmy Smith; Corey Graham; Chykie Brown;

BUBBLE: Marc Anthony; Moe Lee; Chris Johnson

SUSPENSION (Not Part of 53): Asa Jackson



IN (3): Sam Koch; Justin Tucker; Morgan Cox

SUMMARY: This projection lists 47 players as “IN” with another 17 players competing for the other 6 roster spots. It goes without saying that Thursday night, August 22 will affect many careers when the Ravens host the Carolina Panthers.

Which of the following moves would surprise you most?
Bobby Rainey edges out Anthony Allen and Damien Berry (12%)
Tandon Doss is cut (36%)
Visanthe Shiancoe makes the final 53 (30%)
Terrence Cody is released (22%)
This poll has completed. Thank you for voting.
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33 Raves on “Ravens 53-Man Roster Projection 3.0

  1. rocky m on said:

    i honestly don`t get doss…another 3rd year guy who has done very little to distinguish himself…and the more i watch him,the more stiff and unathletic he looks…he doesn`t get separation,his hands are not “as advertised”…and he actually looks a bit timid at times….

    the front office always gets a ton of credit for the consistent job they`ve done over the years…but they should also get some criticism for appearing to miscalculate the wide receiver talent we had on hand(in regard to replacing boldin)…the draft was chock full of excellent receivers and it was a bad time to short flacco(coming off his best season,confidence at an all-time high)…looks from here like the second wideout position is going to be a real liability going forward unless the ravens decide to go with people who actually appear to have real-game talent instead of deferring to unsuccessful draft choices

    • spy on said:

      Agree 100%,,,,,,,,they really did over value their receivers,,,,,now I get the feeling Ozzie is telling Harbs , don’t worry I will get a veteran in ten days like Evans or Stalworth or TG ,,,,,,just you wait and see , better start worrying people,,,,,,poor Joe,,,,,,,

      • Robert Fuse on said:

        I don’t think they’ve completely overvalued their receivers. I think they’ve just overvalued the depth chart. For instance, there is no reason Tandon Doss should be ahead of most of the guys just because he is a higher draft pick. Jacoby Jones while being a pretty good deep throw guy and an explosive paymaker on returns, isn’t really as good on short routes. In my humble opinion LaQuan Williams, Deonte Thompson and Aaron Mellette (If he continues to make plays) could easily play alongside Torrey. There ARE some good receivers here. Just not the ones Ravens expect to be the number 2 guy. I’m also gonna throw Marlon Brown out there, but I think he needs another year to develop.

    • Ravenwoman on said:

      Agree 100% What has Tandon Doss ever done (name 1 thing he does well) that deserves even the slightest consideration of keeping him on the team? He couldn’t even play a punt properly the other evening and the other team downed the ball on the 2 yard line. He is deficient in so many areas and is afraid to be hit. It won’t be a surprise to most fans if he is cut.

  2. Matt on said:

    A couple of things

    1) Isnt Christian Thompson in the same boat as Asa Jackson with his suspension?
    2) I think Nigel Carr will get a look for the practice squad again
    3) You listed McPhee as a DL but he is a LB now
    4) Some other guys I think will make it but I would consider Bubble are McCllelan, Hamilton, Tyson, Shipley, Anthony Allen

    • Tony LombardiTony Lombardi on said:

      Matt, get out of my head. I just made that edit on Thompson and realized I left Carr off ;-) Nice catch bro! Coffee has already kicked in for you I see. As for McPhee, tomato… tomahto :-) Great post!

  3. Joe on said:

    Just a clarification, Dennis Pitta can’t be PUP. He would need to be IR (with return designation or just plain IR) or carried on the 53.

  4. Jasper on said:

    Im surprised you have Tyson as “In”. I agree I would take him over Cody at this point but I wonder if the coaching staff feels the same way.

  5. Triple A from W. Bmore on said:

    Wasn’t it Suggs on the IR (D.T.R.) at the beginning of the season? I also think D. Berry beats out Anthony Allen. Berry just signed a new contract didn’t he? or does that not mean anything? I like Berry better anyway, we need more wiggle not power which I feel is the difference between the 2

    • Robert Fuse on said:

      Nope. Damien Berry is an Exclusive Rights Free Agent in 2014. Maybe you’re thinking of David Reed? Honestly, while Berry is a pretty good running back, I’ve seen him drop and hobble a lot of passes. Joe likes to dump the ball off a lot and if Ray Rice or Bernard Pierce ever went down and they still do the duel-back thing, I’d feel uncomfortable with Berry in there.

  6. rich munchel on said:

    I agree that D. Reed should be “in”. That contract they just gave him speaks loudly about their intention. I would not be surprised to see both Jacoby Jones and T. Doss released at the final cut.

    Special teams guys like Allen, L. Williams, D. Reed have proven to be considered more valuable to Ravens decision makers than other guys marginally better at the same positions. Anthony Allen is the perfect example.

    I believe that the number of safties that the Ravens traditonally keep is 4, not 3.

    • Mill on said:

      I doubt they both get cut. I honestly don’t believe Doss is on the bubble at all. He’s cheap and the Ravens like his potential, even though I am at a lost for why. Jacoby has real reason to worry though. The only reason he hasn’t lost that #2 spot is because everyone battling him for it so darn bad. If just one guy can even look half way servicable across from Torrey, Jacoby will get a Bryant Mckinnie esq ultimatum. Take a pay cut or good bye.

  7. Josh on said:

    I think Mellette is playing his way on to the team. Outside of Torrey, he’s been the most consistent WR through the preseason.

  8. Matthew on said:

    I’m not sure if I buy AQ Shipley as “in”. Based upon his performance against Atlanta, he looks like more of a liability at this point. If they feel good with Gradkowski and feel like they have a “good enough” backup option for him, they may choose to part with Shipley and save the conditional draft pick from his trade.

    • Robert Fuse on said:

      Shipley can play multiple positions on the line. While he had a bad game, if you go back and look at the games he was in while starting on the Colts, he was pretty good. One game does not define a career. He is a good football player and the coaches love versatile guys.

  9. paulie on said:

    Pretty good Tony. Not sure why you put Cody and Harewood ‘on the bubble’ – unless you think the Ravens will be cherry picking the waiver lists for linemen. I don’t think Jones or Doss are as good as any of the guys ‘on the bubble’ behind them. Kind of hope Furstenburg cuts through. He has way more up side than Shiancoe (who looks lost) and Bajema (who is slow0. What a novelty for this team he would be, a TE who can both catch and block. Not too happy about what I’ve seen of Huff or Bynes so far – bad angles, bad decisions, bad reads – but it is what it is . . .

    • Robert Fuse on said:

      I actually agree with Huff. I’d like to see Omar Brown get some times in his spot next wee. “Baby Ed Reed” is a ballhawk.

  10. Merlene on said:

    Tandon Doss just rubs me the wrong way for some reason, I feel like I pick and nag at him all the time. But all honest Doss has done nothing to prove his worthy to the team. That touchdown the other night, bet he had nightmares over it. Hope he does get cut.

  11. BoldinRaver on said:

    2013 Cody and 2012 Cody are two different players. 2012 Cody got knocked backwards hard. Current Cody doing the hard knocking. There was something to this hip business. 2013 Cody makes the team.

  12. Michael on said:

    Spears will be axed. Pericak already taking his snaps. Will give additional cap space. You can’t see it because you spend all of your time with your obsession with Tandon Doss

  13. Bruce_Almty on said:

    The coming 2 weeks will fill the IR with players the coaches want to keep. Turf-toe & wrenched knees will proliferate.
    Kapron Lewis-Moore, Ryan Jensen, Jameel McClain and Pitta make the IR. Pitta tagged with the DTR would handicap the team.
    I would not be surprised to see 4 well-known Ravens get their walkin papers.

    Good read TL.

  14. Bruce_Almty on said:

    If they can “store” Aaron Mellette, Matt Furstenburg & Marlon Brown somewhere (PS or IR) for next year I’ll be happy. They all need time to develop but they could be well worth the effort.

  15. melvin on said:

    Honestly, I think mellette is at least as good as all the other receivers fighting to play with the starters. Given he’s much younger, he has way more upside, and should be getting the snaps.

  16. JerryB on said:

    Watched yesterday’s practice at Stevenson University with great interest. The fullback/H-Back/ TE from Harvard is a….KEEPER! And, while Brandon Stokley won’t make anyone forget Dennis Pitta, I believe he will be more than an adequate replacement! Unless I’m missing something, Doss appears to have blown any chance of making the final squad……

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