Ravens 7 Round Mock Draft

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With compensatory picks announced, the draft outlook for the Baltimore Ravens is finally set, with eight draft picks, including four in the top 100.

For a team that addressed plenty of holes in free agency (mainly through re-signing its own free agents), there aren’t many glaring needs with the draft less than two months away.

But now having the draft picks set, it’s finally time to start taking a look at who the Ravens could potentially target, and more importantly when.

Here’s an initial seven-round mock draft for the Ravens:

Some notes:

* Mock drafts are nothing but a guessing game. Don’t take any mock draft picks verbatim, but rather use the mocks as general guidelines of who teams could target and in which round(s), as well as which positions will be focused upon. Nobody knows what will actually happen on draft day, not even NFL general managers.

* With news that the Ravens could potentially bring in competition for Tyrod Taylor at backup quarterback, drafting a quarterback this year may become a realistic scenario. But as of now, with the news so fresh and little information as to just how inclined the Ravens are to adding legitimate competition for Taylor, projecting when/if the team will draft a quarterback is a shot in the dark; so no quarterbacks in this mock until the picture becomes more clear.

* Only players who I’ve actually studied in some fashion thus far were eligible for the mock, which did limit the pool from which to select. It’s painfully obvious that many other mocks don’t follow this practice, but we’ll keep it honest here.

* The “what would I do?” and “what would be the best scenario?” concepts are factored in, as it almost has to be a component of a team-specific mock.


Round 1, pick No. 17: Ha Ha Clinton-Dix, Safety, Alabama

This is probably too optimistic of a projection, as Clinton-Dix very well may be off the board before the Ravens pick. As a comparison, the first safety selected last year was Kenny Vaccaro at No. 15 overall. If available, Clinton-Dix would be an ideal long-term option at free safety, and would create a diverse duo with Matt Elam.

Clinton-Dix’s niche is coverage, where he is instinctual, rangy and reliable. However he isn’t a difference maker on a consistent basis. He won’t make game-changing interceptions on a regular basis, but in man coverage and as a one-deep safety, he is a reliable asset. If Clinton-Dix is off the board, safety could still be a first round target, with Louisville’s Calvin Pryor and Northern Illinois’ Jimmie Ward being options.

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Round 2, pick 48: Troy Niklas, Tight End, Notre Dame

As a tight end with little experience at the position but desirable physical traits, it’s hard to gauge just how interested teams will be in Niklas early in the draft. Despite re-signing Dennis Pitta, the Ravens still need at least one more starting-caliber tight end on the roster, and Niklas could fill that void. He possesses down-the-seam mismatches, but most importantly his blocking ability  would be the single asset that would be valuable to Baltimore’s offense.

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Round 3, pick No. 79: Jarvis Landry, Wide Receiver, LSU

You don’t need to do much digging to discover that Landry has been profiled positively on this part of cyberspace before. Outside of the noted attraction to Landry’s game, he fits what Baltimore needs in the passing game. Adding Steve Smith gave the team a reliable chain mover, and adding another player with that dynamic would further improve a once abysmal receiving corp.

In such a deep draft class at the wide receiver position, there are too many names to mention as possibilities for the Ravens. But given that Landry fits what Baltimore needs, as well as the fact he was one of the few receivers the team met with at the combine, the connection is easy to make.

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Round 3, pick No. 99: JuWaun James, Offensive Tackle, Tennessee

This may be too low of a projection for James, whose draft ceiling is as early as the second round, but being available at this point in the draft isn’t completely unrealistic. Entering the NFL with 37 consecutive starts at right tackle – Baltimore’s biggest offensive need – makes him a viable plug-and-play option. The starting right tackle position could ultimately go to a free agent, but as a long-term investment, the athletic, powerful and experienced James wouldn’t be the worst option.


Round 4, pick No. 134: James White, Running Back, Wisconsin

The coaching connection has already been discussed regarding White and the Ravens. But even outside of that – as that connection could mean absolutely nothing – White fits what the Ravens need at the running back position. As a mid-round pick, White can provide value as a quick-burst, change of pace ball carrier, whose effortless cuts make him a viable zone-blocking running back.

He is also a viable pass catcher out of the backfield, and possesses many of the same traits as running back Ray Rice, just without the same impact. White could contribute in year one and also provide value as a Rice insurance policy, with the star running back’s long-term future in Baltimore in question.

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Round 4, pick No. 138: Charles Leno, O-Lineman, Boise State

The Ravens should be in the market again this draft season for another guard/tackle hybrid, as Jah Reid’s days in Baltimore may be over before the 2014 regular season begins. When it comes to backup linemen in the draft, the Ravens almost exclusively draft players capable of playing multiple positions along the line (ex: Ricky Wagner, Ryan Jensen, Reid, Ramon Harewood).

Leno, an offensive tackle in college, is an intriguing athlete who has the length to play tackle, and short area quickness to be a valuable run-blocking guard. His athleticism makes him a worthy project to undertake, and could be a swing guard/tackle backup until/if he develops.

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Round 5, pick No. 175: Jay Bromley, Defensive Lineman, Syracuse

Nothing has been more cyclical on Baltimore’s roster in recent years than the defensive line, where the Ravens annually use a day-three pick on a defensive lineman, keeping the rotation up to date as free agents depart elsewhere (in this year’s case, Arthur Jones).

To keep the cycle going, the team figures to use a late-round pick on a versatile defensive lineman again, and Bromley fits the bill as a two-gap player who could be a disruptor as a defensive end in Baltimore’s 3-4 defense.

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Round 6, pick No. 194: Ricardo Allen, Cornerback, Purdue

The Ravens suddenly have a vacancy at the cornerback position with Corey Graham’s departure for Buffalo. The third cornerback/slot corner role is available for the taking and incumbents Chykie Brown and Asa Jackson figure to have the first shot at filling Graham’s void. Adding depth behind the two is also a priority, and drafting a corner – preferably with slot-coverage capability – is a plus.

Allen is a small, feisty corner who plays more physical than his size and is athletic enough to also contribute on special teams.

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All videos courtesy of DraftBreakdown.com

23 Raves on “Ravens 7 Round Mock Draft

  1. Run.It.Back.Reed on said:

    Beyond perfect draft, Landry is my favorite player coming out this year. Plus Clinton-Dix, James and Niklas fill the largest remaining needs.

  2. Joe on said:

    Landry may not last as far as our 3rd round pick. I’d love him on the Ravens, but I get a sinking feeling our 2nd rd is too high to draft him and our 3rd rd is too low.

  3. Matt on said:

    Clinton-Dix had one good play in that entire highlight footage! He got beat multiple times or wasn’t involved in the play at all. How is this guy a first round pick? He looked mediocre at best! He is simply a product of coming from Alabama, just like every other draft pick from there. Because the school does good it means they are good. Which they aren’t Trent Richardson, Courtney Upshaw to name a few. Stop being blinded by their school. Just because the school does good doesn’t mean the player is worthy of first round pick!

      • Mike on said:

        Derek, “one of the best players on our D” is a big exaggeration. Upshaw is solid, but has yet to show why he was considered a first round talent. I am not a big fan of Clinton-Dix, he has range and ball skills, but he also misses on plays far too often.

      • Lyon on said:

        No way Upshaw is one of the best. He is serviceable, that’s it. Will he become a great player? Probably never. He is an oversized linebacker but an undersized defensive ends with short arms. You should also know that he is lazy and cannot watch his own weight. He was the 35th pick of 2012 draft. If you take a look at who else we could choose, you know it was a bad decision.

      • frank on said:

        I dont see anything wrong with that assumption… YES he is damn well one of our Best defenders.. he might not show up on the stat sheet game after game, thats not his job description.. but HES ONE IMPORTANT EFFING PIECE TO THIS TEAM…. love me some courtney..

    • mill on said:

      That is my fear with bama players. Julio Jones is the only player out of bama the last few years that uas lived up to the lofty expectations. On defense they have produced a lot of mediocre at best players.

  4. Smitty on said:

    I’d bet we dont take a single player on that list. Is this what you would like to see? HA HA is a fringe 1-2nd rounder, and taking him at 17 is a reach. Landry will not last until the 3rd round, and waiting till the 3rd for a lineman when Martin may be available at 17 doesnt seem likely. Martin has probowl written all over him

  5. Cheri on said:

    Your wrong again……This team will go offense in the first round.They will not go defense in the first round for like the 6th year in the row.Dix is overrated just like most Alabama players that come into the NFL.You just wait and see.I think they will go with a M.Lee in the first and then a OL Richardson or Moses in the second. Or they will go with a Martin in the first and then someone like a Allen Robinson in the second. They will try to get a Jimmy Ward in the third and the CJ kid the TE from Iowa with their 2 third round picks.
    A dream draft would be
    1. Lewan for RT (though I do love M.lee) This guys numbers only fell off because he did not have Woods to help take attention away from the other side of the field and of course he lost his qb in Barkley.
    2 Robinson a bigger physical WR who dominated the big 10 would be perfect as a #2 for Torry.
    3Ward and CJ for safety and TE.
    PS..Now that I think about it your draft doesn’t look too bad because you have a F/S though Dix scares the hell of me, you have Niklas who I do like and Landry who at times i like alot and other times i don’t want to touch him at all. White I would like in our ZBS.

    • Kevin on said:

      Big fan of Allen Robinson here, and there is a good chance Ravens wait till 2nd-3rd for a WR prospect (uless Evans Falls sin their lap!). There are also some good DT available in the first where the Ravens pick so I see that as a possibility as The Ravens D starts with the D-line.
      The O-Tackles are all highly rated, there is a good chance the top3-4 are gone by the time Ravens pick at 17. The TE I think will be addressed after the 3rd round pick (3rd comp or later)
      I am one of those that really thinks our Backup QB is terrible, I would like to see one of the 4th round comps go to a QB prospect.

  6. D Rock on said:

    This would be an awesome draft if it happened. I love Landry! Clinton-dix would jump right into our biggest need, FS.

    Although I would rather trade down and grab Jimmie Ward. This would allow us to grab Nikklas and trade up for Landry if need be with the extra pick received from trading down.

    -Donte Moncrief would be a great 4th round pick if we have not drafted a receiver yet.
    -Reports say the Ravens love Brandon Thomas ~2nd rounder so I wouldn’t be surprised if we traded down

  7. Mo Wilz on said:

    I like this Mock Draft… Here’s mine (base on CBS Sports ratings), and based on adding a free agent or two prior to the draft. I think the main focus will be on offensive depth with adding some hidden gems on defense:

    Depth Needs: DL, RB, ILB, WR

    1. Hasean Clinton-Dix, FS – Alabama(15)*
    2. Morgan Moses, OT – Virginia(47)
    3. Robert Herron, WR – Wyoming(100)
    3. C.J. Fiedorowicz, TE – Iowa(105)
    4. Christian Jones, ILB – Florida State(123)
    4. Andre Williams, RB – Boston College(129)
    5. Brent Urban, DE – Virginia(165)
    6. Shamar Stephen, DT – Connecticut(193)

  8. Joshua on said:

    I think it would help if Kyle did an entire mock draft incorporating every team so us Ravens fans can see which players are still on the board. That would lead to a nice debate.

  9. mike on said:

    pryor might be better than haha. i think he has a much higher ceiling while haha is probably already a finished prospect

  10. Scott on said:

    Good draft, but I would take Mo Wilz’s draft instead. I read that Monroe is a mentor of Morgan Moses (the UVA connection), and some bonding along the OL is always a good thing. C.J.F. of Iowa is a beast but his catching is a little suspect (which is why he drifts to rd 3). He’d help with blocking better than Niklas and would be another red zone threat. I would take Andre Williams over James White. Also agree that we need ILB and DL depth more than two OL picks at this point. I like Pryor and Ward, and I’m not convinced about Haha. In fact, I wouldn’t be shocked if we picked Zach Martin in rd 1 because Yanda’s contract is expiring soon, he’s been getting dinged up lately, and he’s not getting any younger. Zach can play RT this year then switch to RG later.

  11. Cheri on said:

    Reading most of these mocks it’s truly amazing how Ravens fans are so easily satisfy with a below average core of WR’s .This is the best class in a long time and still a lot of you don’t want to address the position till like the 5th or 6th round.The Ravens have done this way too many times and need to address this early.Steve Smith is 35 and Marlon Brown is a good red zone target not much more then that even Torry for as good as he is is still a good #2. Thank God Ozzie is running things and not most of you people .Glad the Ravens are bringing in M.Lee for a visit hopefully it will lead to them taking him at 17.
    Yea I am just some woman who don’t know a thing anything about football yet I was hoping like crazy the Ravens would had taken Alshon Jeffrey instead of Courtney Upshaw two years and last year I was hoping we would take Keenan Allen instead of Aurthur Brown. hmmm.

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