Ravens Add Depth to D-Line, pick Brent Urban


Add Running Back Taliaferro Too

The Baltimore Ravens continued to bolster their defensive line by selecting Virginia defensive tackle Brent Urban.

The 6’7, 295 pound Urban got a late start on football in his life growing up in Mississauga, Ontario in Canada and certainly has a lot of room to grow in the NFL.

“Definitely. I’ve only been playing football at a high level, really since I got in at UVA. So, I think there’s definitely a lot of years of growth left in me,” Urban stated on a conference call after his selection.

“A lot of American kids have been getting high-level coaching since high school and even earlier. So, I think I still have a lot of potential that’s untapped, and I’m excited.

While Urban’s draft status suffered due to a high ankle sprain he suffered while later having surgery in February, he will be ready to go sooner rather than later.

“The ankle may have hurt me a little bit. It’s feeling good now, though, and it’ll be ready for late-May, early June,” Urban added when asked about the injury if it would hamper him.

“So I’ll be able to be ready for training camp and that kind of thing. So, it’s going well and I’m excited to get started, and I think I’ll be able to compete right away.”

In 2013, Urban started the Cavaliers first six games and final two contests at strong-side defensive tackle. He recorded a career-high 40 tackles (13 solo), one sack, and was second on the team with 11.5 stops for losses minus of 34 yards.

“He was a guy we liked throughout the entire process” Joe Hortiz stated about the addition of Urban.

The other fourth round selection is one that many Ravens fans have been waiting for since the start of the 2014 NFL Draft.

While it took to the 138th pick in the 2014 NFL Draft, the team finally got their running back and plugged a position of need in the process with the selection of Lorenzo Taliaferro out of Coastal Carolina.

Taliaferro, the 6′, 230 pound running back may have come from a smaller school but that certainly won’t stop him from competing against opposing defenses.

“I have to go out there and take care of business at the end of the day, since it’s a coaches decision. I don’t play for people; I play for the love of the game. I just try to be the best that I can be.” Taliaferro stated during his conference call.

Ravens Director of College Scouting Joe Hortiz had nothing but great things to say about the production Taliaferro had in 2013.

“He’s a very physical runner,” Hortiz stated. ”They used him in a variety of ways. They’ll even flex him out, too, on occasion-motion him out. He’s got very good hands out of the backfield. He is a really outstanding pass protector.” Hortiz went on to say about Taliaferro’s collegiate career.

Taliaferro has similar type style to styles to Pierce rather than Rice however, the Ravens are looking forward to what Lorenzo brings to the team.

“Obviously, Ray is pretty exceptional in all aspects of his game. Bernard is a big, physical, explosive runner. Bernard is faster than Lorenzo,” Hortiz stated when asked who Taliaferro resembles.

“In terms of style, he is probably more of a downhill guy like Bernard-a one-cut runner- where Ray is going to be a little more elusive. In terms of hands, he can go out there and catch with those guys. And his pass protection, if he is on the field based on he plays in college- now, he is going to need some technique work and NFL coaching-but the way he plays in college, if he is on the field in a passing situation and you’re asking him to protect, he’s 6-feet, 230 pounds, so he can take on a big guy coming at him. He’ll be able to hold his own.” Hortiz went on to add.

Taliaferro is excited to get going in the same backfield with Rice and Pierce and ready to compete in any way he has to.

“It’s going to be exciting. To go out there and compete with guys- it’s all about competing,” Taliaferro said.

“I can’t wait to build a relationship with these guys, but at the end of the day, it’s about competing and doing the best I can do for the team.”


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