Ravens Enthusiastic About Offensive Additions

Steve Smith Stiff Arm

OWINGS MILLS — The Baltimore Ravens’ primary objective entering this offseason was to improve on offense after ranking fourth-worst in the NFL in total offense last season.

Three months since their season ended, they feel like they have done that.

At their season-review news conference in early January, Baltimore owner Steve Bisciotti said that the front office planned to look at the offense with the same fine-toothed comb that it looked at the defense with last offseason.

And three months later, the offense has been revamped similarly to how the defense was around this same time last year.

Last year, the Ravens signed Pro Bowl outside linebacker Elvis Dumervil, free safety Michael Huff and defensive linemen Chris Canty and Marcus Spears.

They then took defensive players with each of their first picks in the NFL draft.

This year, they re-signed three core offensive players — tight end Dennis Pitta, left tackle Eugene Monroe and wide receiver Jacoby Jones — and they have since added former Pro Bowl wide receiver Steve Smith, center Jeremy Zuttah and former Pro Bowl tight end Owen Daniels.

“Those were some big, key parts we picked up to help the team,” defensive tackle Terrence Cody said after re-signing with the Ravens Friday, later adding, “[We] just made some great moves, picking up a lot of great players.”

There is still work to do.

The Ravens don’t have a clear starter at right tackle after losing Michael Oher as a free agent.

They also have question marks at running back. Ray Rice is facing an aggravated assault charge and could be suspended be suspended by the NFL depending on the outcome of his case. Backup Bernard Pierce, meanwhile, had shoulder surgery in January and will be sidelined until at least the beginning part of training camp in late July.

However, the Ravens have added weapons for quarterback Joe Flacco. They also feel like they should be better along the offensive line, which was a consistent problem area throughout last season.

They also have a new offensive coordinator in Gary Kubiak.

Kubiak was the Denver Broncos’ offensive coordinator from 1995 through 2005. He was then the head coach of the Houston Texans from 2006 until being fired in December.

During Kubiak’s 11 seasons with the Broncos, Denver led the NFL in yards per game (365.0) and points per game (25.2). His offenses in Houston, meanwhile, ranked among the top-seven in the NFL every year except one from 2008 through 2012.

Read more about the new additions at The Carroll County Times…

5 Raves on “Ravens Enthusiastic About Offensive Additions

  1. Cheri on said:

    Yes, it is improved but older .That is why they need to still be reminded which I am sure they are that they need to get a younger wr and te in the draft.Keep in mind, Smith is 35 and Daniels is 32. Solid moves but it should not detract from them doing what they need to do which is still get a younger wr and te early in the draft.Wr within the first round or 2 te by round 3 or 4. HEOPEFULLY.

  2. Ebuhuel on said:

    Some people tend to forget we have some young talent on the roster aswel wich we drafted last year and didn’t see a lot last season:
    - Kyle Juszczyk, stated as FB/HB has talent to be a blocking TE aswel
    - Aaron Mellette, put on injury list instead of practice squad so another team wouldn’t scoop him up. Has the talent and the drive to make the team this year as second string receiver. Went head to head last year with Marlon Brown
    - Kapron Lewis-Moore, very talented but dropped in draft cause of acl tear in bcs champ game, very curious to what he can do

    • Tucker: M&T Sec 527 on said:

      I’l grant you that there is young-ish developing talent we’re counting on already on the roster. For one, KO has to return to 2012 form at LG or RT. Pierce needs to be healhy – there’s no hiding for him this season. Arthur Brown is vital to the LB rotation.
      S for the roster alreadyon hand in terms of the needs that free agency created:
      1. Arthur Jones’ departure puts the light on D’Angelo tyson, Kapron-Moore, and even Cody.
      2. Coorey Graham will be tougher.We were pretty good w/ Webb, Smith, & Graham. Asa Jackson and Chykie Brown are a gradedown. Veteran DB cuts will be scrutinized from now through summer for affordable upgrades.
      3. Michael Oher: unless KO heads to RT, Wagner is the only other possibility on hand. I expect
      a swingman OG/OT ( Zack Martin?) taken in 1st 3 rounds

      More imagination at OC might get Juice into games beyond ST.

      Mellette benefits from Donte Thompson’s issues.

      Loves me some prospect of Steve Smith (Flacco play well w/ veteran posession/hands WRs: e,g, Mason, Boldin) but it’s not too early to begin trying to grow our own possession WR.

  3. Cheri on said:

    I will debate this with you if I may.None of us including the Ravens themselves know what they have in Aaron Mellette, remember this is a kid who went in the 6th round out of division 2 Elon College not everyone is going to be a Victor Cruz who goes to a basketball school UMass to play football goes undrafted and becomes a stud this is rare.Could Aaron be that guy could be but highly unlikely he would amount to anything that special.
    Juszczyk does give me some hope he made a lot of plays at Harvard but again the key word here is Harvard so I am going to temper my excitement as well but more hopeful for him then Aaron though I do think Aaron should be one of the 6 wr’s we carry into the season.
    KLM I think for sure will be on the team and things will be expected from him at least on a rotational basis with the age of our DL and the loss of A.Jones. Had a 3rd round grade before getting that injury in the championship game.

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