Ravens Fans Label 2014 Draft “Worst Ever”

Ozzie Laughs

We love NFL fans, particularly those who don the colors of purple and black.

We admire the passion and the devotion and how for 3 hours on Sundays in the fall, regardless of our differences, we are one within Ravens Nation.

We second-guess the play calling, John Harbaugh’s clock management and Joe Flacco’s decision making — many times with good reason.

But then there are times when some fans, Twitter know-it-alls and message board “superstars” lose all sensibility, driven by the competitive fire that burns within.

And that lost sensibility almost always rears its ugly head during the NFL Draft.

If Twitter and fan forums are any indication, the Ravens had a really bad draft this weekend. Here’s a sampling of the irrational chatter:

“What is Ozzie doing?”

“Worst draft ever!”

“Weird, strange picks.”

“Ozzie should be fired on Monday.”

“I give [this draft] a S+ rating right now, Sucks +”

“It might be time for a new head at GM after this year.”

“I think it’s time for Ozzie to retire and take his ridiculous “BPA” strategy with him.”

I’m not making this up.

Somewhere, Ozzie Newsome has to be laughing at this…

But before we jump in with all fours, let’s first take a step back.

Draftniks will pour through online and print publications; watch NFL Network and ESPN; study mock draft after mock draft and use the digested, sometimes regurgitated data to form their opinions. They treat the accumulated data on college players as if it was the gospel on such draft-eligible talent.

But where does this data come from?

It comes from media analysts!

Fans are basing their own opinions on the opinions of people who don’t scout the collegiate talent for a living. These media types haven’t seen the players at practice; understand how they interact with teammates; poured through the medical reports or Wonderlic scores; interviewed the respective head coaches and positional coaches.

Yet so many fans will use the media’s evaluations as THE standard. When teams pick players that don’t measure up against this flawed standard, criticisms zip around like flies on a horse farm.

And the horse farm probably smells better.

GM Ozzie Newsome played in the NFL for 13 years and has been a front office executive for 20 more. Assistant GM Eric DeCosta has been with the Ravens for 18 years and like Director of College Scouting Joe Hortiz who has been with the club since 1998, is a graduate of the Ravens “20/20 club”.

George Kokinis has been a front office exec since 1991 and was once a GM in Cleveland. The Ravens employ 8 area scouts each with resumes steeped in player evaluations. They scour the country for 9 months studying players, coaches and systems looking for players who blend in with their team’s coaching philosophies.

Each year the front office assesses and reassesses the scouting process, analyzing where they were successful and why. And perhaps more importantly they study why they failed in certain situations.

What players continue to mature while in the NFL and which peak at the collegiate level? Is there a body composition that lends itself to further development or plateauing?

Do the skills sets of players under consideration complement those already on the team’s roster? Can the players adapt to the Ravens brand of football and how do these players embrace coaching and use the lessons to better their play on game day?

Sixty hour work weeks from dozens of men with eons of experience working together towards a common goal – to get better. And somehow, fans will dismiss those scholarly assessments, preferring instead to base their own opinions on flawed information from the less informed.

And then they’ll call for Ozzie’s head.

Here’s a man who is among 32 in the world to hold the title of NFL General Manager and one who is regarded as among the best of those 32.

Yet Joe Blow on the message board calls the Ravens 2014 draft class the “worst draft ever.” He’ll scream at the TV for the Ravens to draft T Morgan Moses not knowing that he’s stiff and not equipped to be an effective zone blocking tackle and isn’t exactly the sharpest tool in the shed.

It’s kind of like being pretty good at Guitar Hero and then telling Eric Clapton how to play.

That’s the world of the armchair GM.

But we still love ya!

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73 Raves on “Ravens Fans Label 2014 Draft “Worst Ever”

  1. Pat Grace on said:

    People were pissed when we picked Jonathan Ogden when we already had Tony Jones. It’s fair to judge a draft 3-4 years later so let’s all just relax and see how things unfold on the field this year.

      • ohsofunny1 on said:

        Lawrence Phillips was the best RB in the draft, and as always, offensive players get more attention from fans, but Jonathon Ogden was a far superior player than Lawrence Phillips. As time ended up proving.

  2. mike on said:

    I’m not crazy about the picks we made. We did not address areas of need. Durability is also very questionable with some of these guys.

    • ryan on said:

      Areas of need? You mean FS and RT? We drafted a FS who will probably start this season. And there were no RTs available. You dont pick based on needs per say. You pick by the board. Once Martin was gone in the first round. You had no offensive linemen left. Some said draft Ha Ha or Pryor but Mosley is the better talent. Same goes for Jernagan. MLB was actually an area we needed to improve on and so is dline. We addressed free safety. And we can sign a RT like Winston after June 1st. Why mess up your draft board by picking solely on needs? If we picked based on needs we wouldnt have half the talent we have on our team…

      • Dyel on said:

        I strongly agree with Ryan they were not in shape to trade up because of compensation picks. They still needed depth at the MLB position as well as the interior of the D line

  3. Chris on said:

    This just further proves that Ravens fans are spoiled. This is one of the most successful franchises in the NFL and somehow its not good enough. Granted, there are plenty of fans that let those that know about football, handle the job of running this team, but the ones that complain and have no credentials to back up any of the garbage they spew, makes it difficult to enjoy being a fan. These are the people that you hear about from other fan bases, complaining that Ravens fans are the “worst”. Here is a novel idea….shut up and watch how things pan out. This team has been in the post season nine of the past fourteen years. That isn’t blind luck, that is experience paying off in the form of solid drafts and free agency.

    • Malteseterp on said:

      Ravens fans are spoiled? What complete and utter nonsense! What exactly is your evidence for such a claim? A few comments on some fan boards? And from that you are able to extrapolate such a ridiculous claim?

      When Ravens fans stop filling the Vault, then you will be able to make that claim. Until then – No.

    • G on said:

      I really agree with you man. Ravens fans ARE spoiled. I’ve been a Ravens fan since day 1, and it truly baffles me what some people say. At this point, I’m of the mind that what ever Ozzie decides to do is OK by me. He and the rest of the Front Office have earned so much more than the benefit of the doubt.

  4. MrDot on said:

    “…shut up and watch how things pan out.”

    Exactly. And while you’re at it, stop paying attention to the media “analysis” around the draft. The majority of draft picks are a total roll of the dice as to whether they can be successful in the pro game. The teams aren’t going to leak their scouting, so everything you hear is hype and BS. Getting angry that the Ravens didn’t do what the white-noise coming from your radio or TV said is just playing the fool.

  5. nick on said:

    some raven fans are really stupid and clueless, ozzie had a great draft and a couple of steals, mosley could be rookie of the year and a pro bowler.

  6. wes laflamme on said:

    I liked the look we had going in, the NFL never speaks good of the Ravens and they are raving as us being one of the top teams to make out in the picks, go to nfl.com and see. To me, it just makes me think more fans have no clue what we need. Even Ozzie said he’s not done and we picked up offensive linemen after the draft in the 15 free agency signings made after. I am excited tosee where we end up this year.

  7. Fl Raven on said:


    Great article and spot on. Initially I was unhappy with the picks, especially the first two but by pick 3 I was starting to feel better and the more I read each day the better I feel about the picks. Fans keep forgetting drafts that pick players by need to do produce much if any immediate tangible results as very few picks, particularly those after the first round usually play much the first year anyway. One concern I had when we made our second pick was that I kept hearing Jerrigan was only 5’11 and now I’m reading he is 6’2. I hope the 6’2 is correct but I agree with Oz and staff that getting stronger up the middle was very important as we had a very difficult time stopping the run later in the games when we needed the ball back and couldn’t get it. Our guys were wearing down on defense. We also couldn’t stop the 3rd or 4th and short which was our defensive trademark in earlier years. One of the reasons our “D” was wearing down is we had so many 3 and outs as we also couldn’t get a first down on so many 3rd and 4th and short. Just no push from the line and no running back that could break tackles and get the important 1/2 yard which is why I thought it was so important that we draft a blocking tight end and power back. It looks like we got the power back and I thought we got the blocking tight end but now I’m reading his skills are more like Pitta’s. Not what we need. I think we did a good job addressing all but the starting right tackle and I expect Oz will be looking to see what veterans are cut now that the draft is over and later as we get closer to the mandatory cuts. I think this draft will look much better in a year or two which is what drafts are for. Anyone who thought we were going to get a bunch of immediate impact players from the draft doesn’t understand the draft process and what it takes to transition from college to the pros. I don’t blindly trust Oz like so many others but you have to be a fool to think any of us fans know the players or the process anywhere to close to what the GMs and Scouts do. That said, everyone is allowed to voice their opinion in this country which is why it’s so great.

    • Daniel on said:

      I agree with voicing opinions but some are so outrageous that as a Passionate fan, who take insult from someone saying this was the worst draft. Guess what it may be a phenomenal draft or all players could fail miserably but just out of the info we know. We got 3 players that were at the top of their positions in the first 3 rounds, that alone just tell someone to give it time and be patient to see what else occurs. I am confident that the other two positions we need are going to be addressed before we start the pre-season.

  8. Jay on said:

    Ravens get the consensus top inside linebacker in C.J. Moseley. They get one of the top defensive tackles…who should have gone in the 1st round, in Timmy Jernigan. Instead of focusing on what the Ravens didn’t get…focus on what they did. This was hardly a terrible draft. The Ravens will get the right tackle they need. Trust Ozzie

  9. Matt Jones on said:

    Great article, one thing you left out was the”fans” commenting on the various Ravens Facebook and Instagram posts calling for a new QB because Flacco sucks, I really don’t understand some of the lovely people who follow this team.

  10. Nick on said:

    in my experience many fans (especially the ones TL mentioned) want to win now.

    Ozzie (as he should) picks as though he wants to build a team for the long term. We maybe short of a WR or an OLman for the next few months.

    But the possibility of the ravens having a great D over the next few *years* has certainly gotten me excited.

    Ozzie is certainly not sabotaging the ravens!

  11. Richard Halprrn on said:

    We also picked up and signed 16 other rookie players. You never know where the best players are in the draft.

  12. Grey on said:

    Not terrible…but I can understand how some of the Ravens faithful are disappointed. Lets just hope there are no Sergio Kindle’s or Dan Cody’s in the bunch.


    Last year we lost many games in the 4th Qtr when the Defense couldn’t stop the opposition. We had a need on Defense and this gets us closer to a 4 qtr Defense. On the offense we have several RT candidates, so let’s see what the kids can do. Let’s see what the Offense can do with a real OC who may not have found Ted Marchibrodas playbook.

  14. mill on said:

    You throw out all the idiocy that some fans spew but you completely ignore the one valid and most important point and that is that the NFL is a what have you done for me lately kind of league. Ozzie has had exactly two above average drafts since 2008. The Ravens have not done a good job drafting lately. That is undeniable. So when people moan and groan it is not all rash fan reaction.

    • Tony LombardiTony Lombardi on said:

      To “moan and groan” about the 2014 draft is just ridiculous. People complained about the 1996 draft too, wanting the team to take Lawrence Phillips.

      This article was about 2014, not 2008 or 2009, etc. That’s a completely different debate since there’s evidence now to evaluate those drafts.

  15. Eric on said:

    You have to remember what the FO is trying to do. They are drafting and building a team that can win the division first! We are going against teams that have big bruising backs to run the ball effectively. Our draft focused on a strong defensive middle to stop it, because if we can’t like last year (remember Buffalo!) we will not win. Let’s win our division first then we take care of the pretty boys in the conference like we did in our SB run!

  16. Voice of Reason on said:

    I for one, was very pleased with the draft. I have no problem that the majority of the picks addressed the defense. Our defense last year had difficulty defending the short passes across the middle, which is what most of the good teams do. We had a hard time getting off the field period. So to say we did not address our needs is just silly. In addition, we lost Art Jones to free agency. Ngata is getting older, Cody was horrible and Suggs can’t do it all when he is being double teamed. I want the Ravens to get back to being the dominant defense that they were in years past. I am not sure if that is totally possible, but with all of the improvements in offense made by our AFC North rivals, I think these picks will help us diffuse some of the playmakers in this division.

  17. jman on said:

    Well said, Tony. The whole front office came out after the super bowl, and said their whole plan was to get the team back into playoff contention in a couple of years. Not immediately, in other words: down the road a couple of years. And this is how you do it: by bringing in a whole bunch of people whom your scouts have said were the right picks, and giving them a chance to prove themselves. Not by making huge sacrifices to draft one elite person at an area of need who will start immediately.

  18. Niceville Ravens Fan on said:

    The Ravens may have gotten two of the best steals of the draft with Timmy Jernigan and Terrance Brooks. I’ve watched these two at the National Champions FSU for a few years and they are hard-nosed, full throttle players who along with C J Mosley will most likely be All Pro players for years to come.

  19. blah3 on said:

    I’m sorry, I don’t agree with the idea that GM’s are football professionals and not just spectators, therefore they cannot be criticized. I’m sure Tony Lomabardi has criticized people he is not nearly as experienced as.

    Also, why exactly did the RSR have all the write-ups about potential draft picks if they are so useless? I mean those media members don’t “scout the collegiate talent for a living” they “haven’t seen the players at practice;” They don’t “understand how they interact with teammates” They haven’t “interviewed the respective head coaches and positional coaches.”

      • dave on said:

        Mike Ditka is a HOF tight end also, but he traded all of the Saints 1999 draft picks (plus their 1st round draft pick in 2000) to the Washington Redskins to move up in the draft and select Texas RB Ricky Williams.

  20. chrisg on said:

    If this draft wasnt bad than that means last years was bad… you dont draft MLB, DT and S in back to back years with the first 3 picks unless you missed on people. A lot of needs on offense and we didnt address those at all. We picked up a practice squad TE and practice squad HB and a smaller, more injury prone WR. Our Defense would have played better if we didnt go 3 and out all year. At least our division is really weak we still might get into the playoffs at 8-8 or 7-9 if they are going to add more teams

    • Brandon Portney on said:

      I disagree. It’s very important to build the middle of your defense. The Ravens have been extremely successful in the past with the middle of their defenses shining. They have just rebuilt the middle for the next ten years with the past two drafts. Two DL, two MLB who will be great together in a couple of years, and two athletic safeties who can anchor the secondary for 10 years. You can’t say after one year if a team missed on a draft! IMO we have 6 defensive starters for the future of this defense in the past 2 drafts. Right up the middle. Everything will have to be on the edges against these guys. And with Webb and J Smith, good luck with that.

    • dave on said:

      Exactly. Elam was touted as being able to play either S position. Not exactly. So we need to draft FS Terrence Brooks the very next yr. Nfl.com/combine/profiles say that he’s not a playmaker … a great trait in a FS.

      We gave up our 2nd, 5th, 6th rd picks TO MOVE UP & draft ILB Arthur Brown who made 15 tackles last yr. Of course, the Ravens say they’re not disappointed in him. But we use our highest 1st rd pick since 2006 to draft another ILB the very next yr.

      We use our 2nd rd pick to draft a DT Jernigan. Our 2010 2nd rd pick DT Terrence Cody has never really panned out, but of course the FO isn’t disappointed in him either.

      Ozzie has been a great GM, but it would be nice to get a balanced review of his drafts instead on these sycophantic “In Oz We Trust” comments.

  21. thebirdsareback on said:

    The top three guys we drafted will be on the field a lot this year. We now have fresh legs in the middle of our defense and more depth than we have ever had. Getting Shipley and Gradkowski off the line are already SERIOUS improvements to the o-line. If the offense can cut down just a little bit on the 3 and outs the Defense will reap all the benefits. I expect our defense to be dominate for many years to come. The last two drafts will be looked at as AMAZING value drafts and all the people who are saying it sucks right now, are the same losers who will be calling the radio and hitting the forums saying how much they loved these guys coming out and how Ozzie is the man.

  22. Luke on said:

    I was also amused by some of our unrealistic fans calling last years season a “disaster”. An 8-8 season is a disaster?

  23. Mark on said:

    Tony, Great analysis. Preston’s idiotic “C” grade also falls into this category. He admits no premium tackles were available but complains we didnt’t get one. He also says it was Ozzie’s fault because we couldn’t trade up becuase of the 4 and 5 given up for Monroe, ignoring the fact that getting a healthy, smart, 26 year old LT with 5 years experience for a 4 and 5 was the steal of the year. Needing a RT is nothing compared to where we would be without a LT. Also, getting James Hurst as an UDFA may have solved the long term RT issue without having to use a pick.

  24. RAYVENRAYG on said:

    Hey TONY – Look’s like there will plenty open seats on the bandwagon this year. After the 1st few rounds all picks are pretty much a crap shoot. A lot of supposed studs will become human and find out how much their success was based on 10 other guys that played with them. A few under valued guys will get their big chance to shine and will do great. A lot of others will fail miserably and be done with football. We got some real good guys and some interesting prospects. Defense depth improved measurably with possible stars for the DL, FS & LBs. Gotta love us getting the 6.6 TE with huge hands who is adequate blocker late in draft. Couple of late choice OL guys & additional center with high IQ who can play center or either guard position. It’s not a bad draft. Those fans all fear that we didn’t grab that 1 guy who could fill all needs for our team just by us selecting him. Knowing last year’s problems pointed out our needs and they will just have to wait to see if it all works out. Tough job being a fan isn’t it. It’s even tougher job to be a loyal fan so that OZZIE doesn’t have to pull knives out of his back until fall. FAN UP!! or get off the bandwagon

  25. Nick on said:

    The mainstream media has created more stupidity in folks than can be quantified. Defense has been a winning formula for years in the NFL regardless of how many times we have to suffer through Peyton Manning highlight reals plastered across the NFL Network. Relax, no one here has any idea how Wagner and Jensen have grown during the offseason. Nothing is perfect but as pointed out above this team has been winning at a rate which is far better than 95% of the teams in the NFL, it is not blind luck and it certainly has nothing to do with a weak division like New England enjoys.

  26. Cheri on said:

    Count me in as a non believer in this draft I am very disappointed .It seems to me we took a lot of rotational guys who are not going be big time players.I can not believe for the life of me that they again ignore the offense in the draft for how many years in the row now? . The best WR class maybe ever and you wait to take a guy in the 7th round who was a great 7th round pick to take a chance on but still he has a better chance of being Derick Abney then he does Wes Welker. I was so upset to see all these offensive players come off the board knowing our offense SUCKED last year . I would have taking Landry or Robinson the WR’S in the second over Jernigan who isn’t even a good fit for our D. You pay Flacco 120 miillion the offense looks like crap you sign a 35 year odl who could just lose it over night and basically just mail it in. I am convince this team is afraid to take WR’s early unless they play in their own backyard like Torry did.Here is their motto best player available that does not have WR next to their name unless we are at our customary let’s take a wr in the 6th or 7th mind frame. :(

    • Mark on said:

      Other than Landry or Robinson (which one ?) in the 2nd, who would you have picked in the other rounds as the board fell ? Eric DeCosta said their board was stacked with offense but other teams picked it clean, leaving defensive players with much higher grades than the remaining offenseive players. Reaching for need for lesser players is no way to build a team.
      If they thought Landry or Thompson was a better player than Jernigan, they would have taken one of them. ( I even think the Gillmore pick was a significant reach to at least give Kubiak somebody on offense in the first 2 days, knowing that he probably wouldnt be there when we picked in the 4th)

  27. Anonymous on said:

    I am a bit embarrased by sharing the love of being a Raven Fan with some of these “expert fans” that spend their days working 9-5 jobs and then read an article that says we are drafting a RT so they get upset when we don’t. Discounting the fact that we drafted quality players. Any fan that says this is the worst draft we have had, should be banned from Ravens Nation. I understand that we might have a bad draft sometime in the future and have had one in the past, but just from the clear information, we got quality players in the first 3 picks and very good developmental players in the rest.

  28. Cheri on said:

    And oh people bash away all you like but the ones who bash me would be the ones who will saying if this offense sucks again this year “what does Joe suppose to do he has no line help” the wr’s aren’t getting open” “the running game sucks man” “Kubiak isn’t any better then Caldwell or Camereon or Cavanaugh.”
    That is my point I am not saying the Ravens picked bad players contrary to that they picked good players but I just feel you can not have two drafts in the row where the offense is sitting on the sidelines for first 3 or rounds and you are paying your QB that kind of money.

  29. PG County Ravens Terps Army Strong on said:

    I don’t question Ozzie and staff about acquiring and developing football players and he doesn’t question me about training and preparing Soldiers for combat. We get along fine! In both case, it’s Next Man Up! Go Ravens!!!!!!!

  30. Nick H on said:

    I only had time to comment on one article. Someone saying this draft class isn’t a bust is the same as someone saying it is. We don’t know yet. Ozzie said it himself, it takes about three years to really start evaluating a draft. Unless C.J Mosley, Timmy Jernigan, and Terrence Brooks all start and earn defensive rookie of the year honors, it’s kind of hard to say after one year if Ozzie did his job or not, so how is it that people can say he is or is not doing it now? I’m optimistic. I think adding pretty good defensive rookies to an already pretty darn good defense will bring out the best in everyone. Not only that, but once our offense starts going off because Kubiak is here (I am sort of counting on that, forgive me) our whole team will be fired up and the league will really have to watch out for us.

  31. James on said:

    It’s almost as if they expected something big in a trade and didn’t get it. Then they selected a Middle Line backer, which I don’t understand why. No receiver, not tackle, a running back who probably won’t make the team. This wasn’t a good draft on the surface. Unless the team believes in Marlon Brown and Aaron Mellete, I just don’t see it.

  32. anon on said:

    From some of the reactions from Denver sports reporters, they were pretty mad we took CJ Mosley round 1. They were tweeting Denver was trying to trade up to get him. I’d say Denver is a very good evaluator of talent.

  33. richieG on said:

    Hey TL,
    Let’s not forget that those “media analysts” that the draftniks get their info from were once FO people, ie: PhilSavage, or once playing in the NFL themselves…sooooo, their info is pretty good: IMHO.
    I am afraid the raves will rue the day that they did not take CarlosHyde w/their second. AND, if you want to do BPA v “need”, if their board position was reasonably close, it seems to me that the “need” should win out.

  34. JerryB on said:

    Ludicrous! Casual fans and even sports writers who do not spend their time scouting or looking at hours of tape evaluating talent like front office personnel do year round prove the axiom that opinions are like rear ends – everybody has one!

  35. reisterstown raven on said:

    how can any fan say they know whats best for any team…..all you can do is give your opinion, which by the way isn’t worth a crap. ozzie and decosta get paid big bucks to get this team stacked w/ talent each year. I personally trust their opinions more than I trust some delusional fan that is quoting idiots like todd mcshay. you people are like five year olds…….ozzie didn’t draft a receiver or tackle because he didn’t see value where we were picking. so stop crying and get on board and support your team, that’s what real fans do. if you want your gm to reach for players and draft for need, then go become fans of the cowboys, jaguars, browns or other sorry teams. most of the successful teams in the league draft bpa. We just won a superbowl people. Ozzie knows what hes doing, be patient and get on board!

  36. Cdaddy on said:

    With some of the talk on here of “Bad Draft” and worse-Not trusting Ozzie and Company- You would think we are talking about a Cleveland team. We miss the playoffs for the first time in 5 years (Won a SuperBowl 2 years ago) and all the sudden the Ravens don’t know what they are doing? Don’t be silly. We have 1 of if not the best GM’s in the biz. GO RAVENS!

  37. Cheri on said:

    Gee so I guess because they make the big bucks and do countless hours of film watching means they are never wrong.Give me a break.You can sit there and agree with every pick and think it’s a great pick but others like myself can have the option do disagree with it.Last year I wanted Manti Teo and Keenan Allen instead of Matt Elam and Aurthur Brown does sit make me smarter then the Ravens of course not and never will I but through year one I would say I am looking better with those 2 picks then the Ravens are with theirs.And I can tell you there has been countless other times I wanted a player different then the Ravens took and my player turned out much better then the guy the Ravens grab. I also 2 years ago wanted Alshon Jeffrey over C.Upshaw.But my best one was when I was hoping that the Ravens would use a 4th rounder on Tom Brady and instead they used a 2nd on Chris Redman and I just knew, just knew Redman’s game would not profile to the NFL. So yes sometimes, sometimes remind you us fans can get ones over the paid experts.

  38. Voice of Reason on said:

    Average Joe/Jane Six Pack fan judges the quality of a draft when it’s happening more or less solely by meeting needs and to a lesser degree by the celebrity status of the player taken. To him/her, all draft prospects are monsters, they all put up video game stats when they were playing against college level competition, and they have 3-4 flashy plays that ESPN re-runs when they’re drafted. Joe/Jane Six Pack assumes that any taken in the first three rounds has to be the starter and savior of the team at that position for 10 years, so it better be a position that doesn’t already have a beloved player starting there already.

    They don’t consider that most productive players only have 1-2 years left on their contract, or that most contracts are absurdly backloaded giving the team all of the power with them. They also don’t consider that pretty much every position group but quarterback uses rotational systems, and tries to specialize players for appropriate situations.

    So really, virtually any position group can be upgraded for the present or near future at any given time. Why not upgrade them with the best players instead of marginal players? You’re not trying to make your team balanced and pretty, you’re trying to buy guys who can score points and prevent points, and hope that they translate into wins. Why have a team full of average players just because you’ve technically “filled” all of your holes?

  39. Hollywoodheiz on said:

    Same fair weather fools who leave the games early to avoid the traffic. Or who just don’t show up because its raining or snowing. And if they do show up its just constant bitching and second guessing. I bet these idiots are a lot of fun to be around at work. I can just imagine the finger pointing going on there. How would you like to be a neighbor to these know it all geniuses? “See I told you it was going to rain today”. Masters of the obvious? Almost all the time. Opinionated ? Definitely. But most of all obnoxious. Why don’t you just show a little positive passion for your team, instead of annoying every human being that you come in contact with.

  40. Badger Bob on said:

    It’s a good thing that our fanbase is spoiled. We’ve had so much success, we’re expecting it to continue, and if it doesn’t seem good, the fans are there to voice their opinions. It may sound silly, but it’s probably part and parcel of being a successful franchise. The Patriots probably face similar flack for their drafts.

    As for this draft, I think we did quite well, we have a few players who could start day 1, and could develop into pro-bowlers. Not too shabby, IMO.

  41. Voice of Reason on said:

    The worst thing that you could have is a fanbase that doesn’t support its team win or loss (Tampa Bay Rays, Jacksonville Jaguars, etc.) but the 2nd worst thing is a fanbase who supports the team blindly without deviation win or lose (Chicago Cubs, Washington Redskins, Dallas Cowboys, etc.). What incentive does an owner have to pour money into a team or get their act together and do the right things when they know they’ll be printing their own money either way? I think that our ownership gets the picture that things won’t be as fun and exciting if they forget about winning, but we’ll reward them for success.

  42. lagg1 on said:

    Fans should take a breath and relax then study the picks instead of the knee jerk reactions. Mosley is a good pick as is Jernugan. But the guy I really like is Terrence Brooks. This guy can fly plus play corner in a pinch. Taliaferro destroyed his college opponents plus he did it behind ‘zone blocking’. I also like Campanaro. He is stronger than Welker was when he entered the league. Plus he is a slot receivier who excelled there in college plus he gets to learn more from Steve Smith. That’s perfect!

  43. Cheri on said:

    I really really liked the Mosley pick the Brooks pick and the Urban pick.What I would had done and this is just me thiking out loud would had gone with
    1. Mosley
    2 Landy or Robinson the WR’s
    3 Brooks and the RB from BC Andre Williams or Freeman the Rb from Fla. St.
    4 Urban and Arthur Lynch the TE from Georgia
    5.I wqould had went with any number of corners that were there at that spot Purifoy out of Fla. mitchell out of Oreg. Exum VT Hampton out of SC. and Reynolds out of Oreg. St.
    6 Antono Richardson T out of Tenn. though signing Hurst softens that blow.
    At least I would had felt that this draft would had been a good balance of offense/ defense fills needs and most importantly no reaches. We shall see maybe and hopefully the Ravens will be right and my draft would had been total bust except for the 3 Mosley, Brooks an Urban.. :)

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