Ravens fans should reflect on a great era of Baltimore football


The Baltimore Ravens and Ravens Nation know all about the great success the team has had over the last five years, as they are currently the defending Super Bowl champions. The best thing, I think, about the Ravens winning the Super Bowl is the fact that as a fan, you gain some perspective.

The modern Ravens have cemented their legacy in the history of the game. For the next few years at least, Ravens fans get to look back, reflect, and say that at least they got their two Super Bowls when they did.

Relax a little more. I sure am.

While Ravens fans continue celebrating the most recent glory, there are other small tidbits that I find interesting – since 2000 there are some numbers that speak to the level of success this team (and fans) has experienced.

SINCE 2000….

1.) The Baltimore Ravens are fifth in the NFL in total wins (including playoffs) with 138.

  • Ravens 138
  • Green Bay Packers 139
  • Indianapolis Colts 145
  • Pittsburgh Steelers 147
  • New England Patriots 168
This is a very impressive statistic when you consider the fact that people talk about the NFL being a quarterback-driven league. Most of the teams listed above have had their quarterbacks as the face of the franchise for many years (Favre then Rodgers in GB, Manning in Indy, Brady in New England, Roethlisberger in Pittsburgh), while the Ravens had the legend in Ray Lewis. Joe Flacco will take over that mantle for now, but this just goes to show that the Ravens have had a unique organization in the NFL over that time, as they’ve found other ways to win.


2.) Ravens have the most road wins in the playoffs with nine.


3.) Ravens are tied with the Eagles and Packers for the third-most playoff appearances.
  • Eagles 9
  • Packers 9
  • Ravens 9
  • Patriots10
  • Colts 11
4.) Ravens have the second-most playoff wins in the NFL only behind the Patriots.
  • Eagles 10
  • Giants 10
  • Steelers 12
  • Ravens 14
  • Patriots17
5.) The Ravens allowed the fewest points in the playoffs averaging 15.5 points per game.


As you can see, the last twelve years have really been a great time to be a Ravens fan. The fact that those twelve years were bookended by two Lombardi Trophies only makes it that much sweeter. Don’t take it for granted, fellow purple faithful – take it all in and reflect, as we enter a new era of Baltimore football. Here’s to it being just as successful as the last.
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10 Raves on “Ravens fans should reflect on a great era of Baltimore football

  1. Even Better If You . . . . on said:

    . . . look at the stats over the past five seasons (since Flacco, Rice and Harbaugh joined the team). They have 80% more playoff wins than any other NFL team over that time period and are tied with the most regular season and playoff wins with New England (63 each). The Ravens have been the best team in the NFL over the past five seasons, by far.

  2. HP on said:

    After the first loss this year, all the usual suspects will be out in force “fire Ozzie, fire Harbs, bench Flacco etc. etc.” like they do every year. The message boards went wild when we lost back-to-back games for the first time in over two seasons last year. Then it went into full-on meltdown when we lost the third game in a row. They wanted to scrap the entire organization from top to bottom and rebuild.

    The organizational philosophy was vindicated last year. They are not short-sighted and the Ravens are one of the elite organizations in sports. I consider them to be analogous to the San Antonio Spurs. A small market under the radar team that consistently puts together winning seasons and playoff runs on a near annual basis. We are living in a golden era of Baltimore football and we should enjoy it thoroughly. It is the instant gratification folks that want to blow-up the front office, fire coaches, and sign the flashy free agent at an over-inflated price after every loss or disappointing season that end up with long periods of dormancy. One only needs to take a look down I-95 at the Redskins to see how well that works.

    • Really? on said:

      You said:
      “After the first loss this year, all the usual suspects will be out in force “fire Ozzie, fire Harbs, bench Flacco etc. etc.” like they do every year. ”

      I haven’t seen it. Of course, all that matter is what Bisciotti thinks anyway about Ozzie and Harbs. He knows he has the best, I’m sure. Baltimore is lucky he is the complete opposite of Dan Snyder.

  3. Gail Kiser on said:

    Ravens are # 1 and always will be in my book. We have the best team in the NFL. Look how many other teams have come after Ravens staff to boost their teams. Black and Purple forever.

  4. Rick S on said:

    The Ravens are already looking good for 2013. It is a challenge to win the Super bowl in consecutive years, but I have every reason to believe the Ravens are headed for the playoffs again.

  5. PG County Ravens on said:

    We’ve been a model of consistency the past decade and I look forward to this New ERA of Ravens Football! I don’t expect to win the Super Bowl next year, but as long as we’re competing, make the playoffs and win a game – that’s success. Let’s just build and focus on winning it again in 2015 or 2016! A 3 yr plan to build a true contender is a very good plan!! GO RAVENS!

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