Ravens get a Steal with Arthur Brown

Arthur Brown Pick 6

After letting the majority of the second round unfold, the Baltimore Ravens traded up from 62nd overall to the 56th pick and selected Kansas State linebacker Arthur Brown on Friday night.

Brown is paired with first-round pick Matt Elam as the Ravens are rapidly undergoing a quick change across the defense.

The first-round talent slipped to the second round likely because of various injuries, mainly a shoulder problem, that held him out of many of the draft process events.

He missed the Senior Bowl and NFL Combine due to the injuries.

However, if Brown is healthy and a full-go for the beginning of the 2013 season, the group of inside linebackers that the Ravens have just got exceptionally better. He’ll likely be penciled in as a starter and Jameel McClain, Josh Bynes and Rolando McClain (if he’s still on the team) will compete for the other starting job.

Essentially, the team replaced Ray Lewis with an exact clone of a player in terms of playing style. Of course, at this point, it’s unrealistic to think that Brown will have the same type of career as Lewis. However, Brown’s instincts, range to cover the whole field, and ability to always follow the ball make him a near flawless prospect.

He’ll be a day one starter in the middle of the Baltimore defense and automatically becomes the most talented inside linebacker on the team.

Rarely any part of Brown’s playing style warrants criticism, but his size, or lack thereof, is often a concern. He’s listed by NFL.com as 6’0, 241 pounds, and he compares in terms of measurable to fellow second-round picks Manti Te’o and Kevin Minter.

Brown’s size is hardly ever a problem for him, though, as he continuously displays an ability to shed blocks and can consistently keep his eyes and anticipation on the ball carrier.

The one aspect of his game that needs to be improved is in coverage. His speed and athleticism give up ideal range to cover the middle of the field, but he often will let receivers catch easy passes in front of him.

Sometimes, his instincts fail to click when it comes to the intermediate passing game, which is a direct result of the short passes being let up. He often tackles the receiver right away, but there were many instances at Kansas State in which he could have broke on the ball to either break up the pass or record an interception.

That’s something that Brown must improve in the NFL, but right now, it appears that he will be the most talented coverage inside linebacker on the Ravens this season. For a team that struggled with coverage from linebackers in 2012, Brown’s addition is much needed.

It took some help from teams passing on Brown, but right now, it appears that the Ravens will end up with the steal of the draft. Brown’s skill set translates well to the NFL, and he is perfectly capable of becoming an All-Pro at the next level.

19 Raves on “Ravens get a Steal with Arthur Brown

  1. Tyler A on said:

    why use phrases like, “steal of the draft” and “All-Pro”? Let’s let the kid put on that Purple & Black and go to work. No need for expectations from him.
    I am thrilled we got this guy though!

  2. ravcolt on said:

    Giving up two additional picks to move up four spots may turn out to be a steal – for the seller. Does Deron Jenkins or Adam Terry come to mind? This guy may be a player, but let’s trade wisely please.

    • Tony LombardiTony Lombardi on said:

      I seem to recall you complaining about swapping picks with Cleveland to move up one spot in 2006 and giving them a number 6 in the exchange. The move then landed Haloti Ngata. Was that not wise?

      • ravcolt on said:

        Nice memory, that may be all I remember about the year of 2006. I hate giving up picks. I consider draft choices diamonds. The draft is always a crapshoot, yet I think the Ravens traded in desperation here. Trading one extra pick would have been sufficeint to me.

        • Tony LombardiTony Lombardi on said:

          But would it have been sufficient for the Seahawks? Would that 6th round pick who eventually gets cut have been worth keeping at the risk of losing a first round talent like Arthur Brown?

          • JoeR on said:

            Well said Tony. While I agree draft picks are like gold I also believe to have a young talented very well scouted inside line backer is more important. Ravens lost 2 very important line backers this off season. To put a talent like arthur brown in our defense trumps having an extra late round pick on our practice squad

    • Filmstudy on said:

      Outstanding use of the picks to trade up for Brown. A good trade up to me:

      1. Need is addressed
      2. Efficiency of the selection (both not reaching and someone else would take the player before you select again)
      3. Good chart value

      Brown is a trifecta.

  3. Unibomber on said:

    Is 6’0 241 pounds really that undersized? Ellerbe is only an inch taller and the same weight, Ray Lewis also. Willis, Bowman etc. Is that one inch the difference here? Or are some of the best linebackers today “undersized”?

    • bogeyroy on said:

      They say the same thing about Elam…but he is the same size as Polamalu !!! It’s not the player in the fight, but the fight in the player !!!

  4. Anonymous on said:

    Absolutely love the pick! Was disappointed we didn’t draft him @ 32. Was jumping around when JO walked out and he was still there.

  5. Phil from Frostburg on said:

    The ravens could have traded up in the 2nd round for less, only the fifth rounder, if they had worked the phones better. The pick before at #55 was traded for less. It’s only an extra 6th rounder on one hand, but why give up more when you don’t have to?

  6. RustonRifle on said:

    Superb pick, the Ravens had the ammunition to move up to seal the deal on a targeted player and did just that. Well done!!

  7. bogeyroy on said:

    Just curious, how do you know that the Ravens could have worked the phones better…or what was going on during the phone calls ?

  8. Scott on said:

    I’m with Tony here. If you listened carefully to the post-draft pressers last year, DeCosta admitted that folks we targeted were picked right in front of us. (I don’t know this for sure, but I think we had our eyes on TY Hilton (Colts) and Marvin Jones (Bengals) last year). I think this year, with all the extra picks, we were resolved to use them as ammo to get our guy when we had to and not let that happen to us again. I mean, come on, who would you rather have, Asa Jackson or TY Hilton? Trading a pick to move up IS using a pick wisely if you land your guy (think of Flacco in 2008, or Bernard Pierce last year, who I think the Steelers would have snagged if we hadn’t jumped them).

  9. Hollywoodheiz on said:

    Great pick no matter what the cost.
    Only concern now is spelled out clearly by Kyle in the fifth paragraph. Key word being “IF”. “If Brown is healthy” and (McClain) ” if he’s still on the team”. Then our inside linebackers just got extremely better. Right now is when I’ll just remind myself that we are World Champions instead of thinking about the If nots.
    Remember our motto ” next man up”.

  10. RAVENSGATORMAN on said:

    our DEFENSE has just got better with these 3 young starters,including the FA we picked up,now im waiting to see what OZZIE will do for FLACCO,with selecting a WR and LT———–IM READY FOR FOOTBALL TO START NOW

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