Ravens’ Jimmy Smith Arrested

Jimmy Smith casual

Ravens cornerback Jimmy Smith was arrested last night at The Greene Turtle in Towson according to multiple sources.

The Baltimore Sun is reporting that Smith was charged with misdemeanor disorderly conduct and was later released after being issued a citation.

The arrest marks the fifth time that a Ravens player has been arrested this offseason, four the arrests (Ray Rice, Jah Reid, Lorenzo Taliaferro being the others) were alcohol-related while the fifth (Deonte Thompson) was tied to marijuana possession but later dismissed.

Players report for the first veteran-laden day of training camp on July 24.

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32 Raves on “Ravens’ Jimmy Smith Arrested

  1. Joe on said:

    It says a lot when players are so close to camp and they’re going out and doing this stuff. This team needs more J.J Watt-type of guys.

    • Nick on said:

      He was helping a girl, who was probably passing out, to get home. He was telling the officers that he was helping her and they got an attitude. He complied with the officers after they arrested him.

      • seriously on said:

        Most people do comply after an arrest. It’s what happens beforehand that matters. I love how the “officers” got an attitude yet Smith was the one dropping F-bombs and not complying.

        • Gregg on said:

          I concur. There is nothing wrong with going out and having a good time but use some common sense and quit acting as if the world owes you a job in the NFL. Sure there are officers
          who have the ‘Wyatt Earp’ symdrone but by and large they perform a difficult job. If you think they don’t then
          put on a badge and get paid 40k a year.

  2. John P on said:

    Unbelievable. The kid has problems in college, but stays clean through almost the end of his rookie deal. Ready for a big, lucrative (and earned) contract, he screws up…


  3. JWS on said:

    Not all the facts are known just yet.However…..a few things are facts though:
    , the SMITH WAS WITH HER. He also disobey an officer so the police say 3 times.
    Did SMITH put the cocain in her purse and that is why he was in teh bathroom
    which of course will never be proven. Did he do and was he doing cocain that night?
    It appears the police did not run any testr on Smith. He should have lefteralier but now more questions surround a key strting Raven player. Wil this ever end?
    Why are so many Raven players getting into trouble?

    • Sarcasticfury on said:

      He was in a Green Turtle, he was assisting a woman that was vomiting, cocaine was never mentioned. Honestly there’s no need for him to be surrounded by any concerns or questions.

  4. Voice of Reason on said:

    I cannot believe the mentality of these NFL players these days. Why can’t they stay home and behave like normal human beings? Can’t they go out, have a nice dinner somewhere, and go home early and go to bed? Why is it they have to get in altercations with people and police. If a policeman tells you to do something, YOU DO IT, no questions asked. Have respect for authority. I guess John Harbaugh is banging his head against the wall wondering, where did I go wrong? I told them not to get into trouble before training camp.

  5. Linda on said:

    We need the leadership of Ray Lewis ! When Ray was around the players looked up to him and did not want to disappoint him ! PLEASE…. Someone ! Step up and be “Our Ray Lewis !!!!

  6. CSB on said:

    JWS, spell check is your friend. Not sure what you’re trying to say here.

    Why can’t these boys party at home? I’ll call them men when they start acting like it.

  7. YouPeopleAreRedic on said:

    Ok first off, Baltimore Co cops are Dbags so it wouldn’t take much more than Jimmy Smith having a verbal disagreement with someone at the bar for him to get arrested. Secondly, it was a misdemeanor so whatever it was was only worth a citation and he was released so it obviously wasnt an assault or anything serious….I chalk this up to Baltimore County being policed by horrible police and most likely one of them over stepping their authority.

    But in any case, to all of you saying “OMG he’s ruined his career, how can these people keep doing this horrible stuff”, please shut up, seriously, getting a citation like that can be something as small as a verbal disagreement with someone so either way it doesnt matter that its “close to camp” and the guy wanted to go to a local bar for a drink and some food, he’s not “making bad life choices” so get off your high horses and stop judging people from behind your computer screens.

    • seriously on said:

      A lot of negativity towards police for someone that probably works behind a desk for a living. Maybe you should understand MD criminal law regarding criminal citations before posting incorrect information. I love these posts where its always someone else’s fault other than the person arrested. Good citizens don’t get arrested, period.

  8. RavenLion on said:

    Can never forget how zealous cops are to be a arresting officer of a pro athlete. There are haters with badges too! He shouldn’t of even been detained which is ridiculous that he was. No bond so it’s not that serious!

    • seriously on said:

      He wasn’t detained, he was arrested. Why bother, with all your grammar mistakes it’s not even worth my time.

  9. Mark on said:

    Wasn’t Smith also there at the Seacrets incident in OC? And he’s playing for his next contract? Hard to believe that Ravens players dont get the message when their coach describes arrests of Rice, Reid, Taliaferro and Thompson as “silliness”. 5 arrests in the off season including 2 brutal assaults make the Ravens the sililiest off season team in the NFL.

  10. Ravensfan23 on said:

    I haven’t read anything about drugs. All reports I’ve read say he was helping an intoxicated female in the bathroom and the paramedics asked him to leave and he said no that he was helping her. Guess we’ll have to wait to see…

  11. RJ on said:

    Ravens players in trouble speaks volumes about the ‘higher-ups’ in the organization who tolerate such loathsome behavior!! Unacceptable! When is Coach Harbs actually going to do something, other than tell the guys to behave themselves! I am getting sick and tired of paying mucho bucks to see these primos perform! To be honest with you, they don’t deserve my dollars, and neither does Biscuit!!!!!

  12. RJ on said:

    On second thought, if these accusations are accurate, I’d CUT HIS SORRY A–!!

    But, of course, our organization puts winning above all else – shame on you, BISCUIT!!!

  13. BmoreB on said:

    Harbs should reach out to Marvin Lewis to see what it was that he did after Cinci players were getting busted on a weekly basis a couple of years ago. Whatever it was, it worked.

    Right now, I’m disgusted.

  14. JerryB on said:

    The “Castle” has been renamed, The………”Precinct”! From a legal perspective, this ranks 1 on a scale of 1-10; from a stupidity perspective, it’s a solid……10! Not the worst offense in the world; just….DUMB!

  15. chris on said:

    Screw the cops, They have bigger problems in baltimore than to make a name for themselves arresting someone at a bar

  16. Brian Tray on said:

    I can’t get excited about a citation for disorderly conduct particularly when it involves the failure to do something, not an overt act that was disorderly. Sounds like a dumb decision under stress. Does anyone really care about this???
    Bad judgment though to be in a public place where alcohol is being served. Not horrible but a little too close to the edge given his public profile.
    This doesn’t count against his character though as we have 3 years of good conduct to back that up.
    Stay Home Jimmy!!!! You don’t need this kind of opportunity to be stupid.

  17. mal on said:

    First of all…..he got arrested after the police tried to kick him out the bathroom from helping a female who he went to the Green Turtle WITH. I was a actually there and the police officers were the ine who approached him wrong. If any of you guys were in the same situation, you would have done the same. All yall hear is that someone got arrested and yall bash them for it without finding out the real facts. BaltimoreCounty police are worse than the City Police. Thy walk around with a type of cockiness like thay better than everybody else n I applaud what Jimmy did. I won’t let anybody talk to me any kind of wat, no matter who you are

    • Anonymous on said:

      The police tell you to do something, then you damn well do it!! No ‘ands’, ‘ifs’, or ‘buts’, period! This is just another example of Harbs message falling on deaf ears…embarrassing!

  18. Frank on said:

    Damn you guys are quick to judge and give up on a player that HAD problems and cleaned up his act since he joined the Ravens… if some dumb B#$%h… is drunk/overdosing and some guy is trying to help … wheres the big problem?

    jimmys my favorite player and it KILLS me to hear half you morons bash him…What a shame… i thought we were loyal fans.??


  19. seriously on said:

    Wow, You do realize that when someone calls for police they don’t have the option of not responding just because, as you put it, “they have bigger problems in Baltimore”. Another person calling out police when you probably sit in a climate controlled secure building for a living.

  20. RavenRob on said:

    The police *do* have the option, however, to not take a guy into custody when they could
    simply walk him out the room in question, if they really wanted him out that badly. Also, I’m
    pretty sure police stations and cruisers have air conditioning, too.

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