According to the London Free Press, Santonio Holmes is not just adding stats to his rap sheet, he’s adding dependents to include on the soon to be filed W-4 form with the Pittsburgh Steelers. Holmes who is apparently aiming to become the NFL’s version of Shaun Kemp has three children, fathered from three different mothers.
Meanwhile, Chris Henry continues to outpace Holmes in the mug shot department having been arrested four times since December.  The good news for Henry is that his driver’s license has been reinstated and that’s bad news for the rest of Ohio.  However the reinstatement comes along with a custom built Breathalyzer that Henry must blow into before starting his car.  While that might give some folks cause for relief, what if someone else blows into the Breathalyzer?  Or what if he buys a new car? 
I’m sure these things have been thought of and measures to police such sneaky attempts have been implemented. 
Meanwhile, a few of the Ravens’ players are spending part of their summer trying to benefit worthy causes.  Ray Lewis recently participated in “Celebrity Paintball Hawaii.”  This paintball tourney was set up to benefit the Hawaii Foodbank and the M.A.D.E. Foundation.  M.A.D.E. is a non-profit organization that provides leadership development and crime prevention through sports programs that take advantage of at-risk youths’ love of basketball and sports programs.  Make A Difference Everywhere professes a motto: “Use sports, don’t let sports use you.”
Others participating in the tourney besides Lewis included other NFL players such as Donnie Edwards of the San Diego Chargers, Javon Walker of the Denver Broncos and Willis McGahee of the Buffalo Bills.  The NBA’s Gary Payton and Jalen Rose participated as well as did entertainers such as B Real, Tamiko Nash, Nicholas Gonzalez of “The O.C.” and Tichina Arnold of “Everybody Hates Chris.”
I suppose we can take two good things away from this news here on a local level.  One, it’s nice to see Ray still involved in worthy causes.  Two, his hammy must be feeling pretty good.
Fullback Ovie Mughelli has been spending time in his native Charleston, SC tossing out the first pitch at a Charleston RiverDogs game.  Mughelli whose parents are natives of Nigeria, is proud of his roots and proud to profess the virtues of education.  He was raised to believe that you can make a difference in your life through education.  He’s beating that drum down there in that quaint Coastal Carolina town.
Judging from his performances at Organized Team Activities (“OTA’s”) Devard Darling is very determined to make an impression in 2006.  He is also trying to impress the folks back in the Bahamas, Darling’s native homeland.  He’s hoping to bring football into Bahamian mainstream culture.  "That was my twin brother’s and my goal and lifetime dream — to institute football in the Bahamas and the culture," Darling said. "I’m about to go back home at the end of this month and put on my first camp back home, so everyone is excited."
Darling’s twin brother DeVaughn, a LB at Florida State, died during an offseason workout in 2001. 
Recently released UDFA LB Ricky Foley has signed on with the British Columbia Lions.  Word from the London Free Press is that the Ravens were impressed with Foley and they will try to bring him back on to the practice squad later – a curious development indeed.  If the Ravens were that interested, you might think they would keep Foley around a bit longer so that he could work with the team in full contact drills to fully assess his practice squad worthiness.  Ah, but then again, maybe the Ravens are trying to disguise the Foley scent from potential predators…like Phil Savage.
Maybe the release of Foley was a bit of a red herring?
Steve McNair spent part of his weekend at the Comcast Jeff Fisher & Friends Charity Softball Game at Greer Stadium.  (Gee, after saying all that it’s probably the third inning.)  Anyway, McNair’s visit was a bit of a surprise as he received a standing ovation from the crowd 9,633 strong and hugs from teammates and coaches.  "It is heartwarming. I love it," said McNair.  "It is good to be back and wish farewell to my good friends and all the fans. It is always fun to come back and see old faces and guys that I have been to battle with. This is great."
C’mon folks…I know what you are thinking and don’t even go there.  It was just a charity softball game with some old buddies. 
He did say to wish them farewell, right?
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