Ravens Make Costly Blunder?

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The NFL is big business. They are all about creating desirable content for Americans to consume in both traditional and cutting edge ways. Content is king and if it’s delivered properly revenue streams of all types flow into the league’s coffers.

If you build it, they will come and clearly the NFL is a developer like no other in our country. And if they have it their way the NFL will conquer the world as well.

The league’s teams also have their own objectives when it comes to establishing and growing their individual brands and markets, each looking to scale the walls of the geography that can limit them and make their team more desirable to parts of the country that aren’t married to a particular team.

The Baltimore Ravens are no different but their organizational challenges come with slipperier slopes given the franchise’s relative youthfulness and the borders that land lock their potential growth. With the Steelers to the west, the Eagles to the north, the Redskins to the south and the Atlantic Ocean to the east, widening their fan base isn’t easy.

Making matters worse there remains an inexplicable loyalty amongst some NFL fans in Baltimore, to teams that they adopted as theirs when the Baltimore Colts left town in the dead of night back in the spring of 1984.

Growth targets, on local and regional levels, don’t end for the Ravens with just ambitions to expand their fan base. They also aim to grow their bottom line through ticket sales, corporate suites, events, merchandise and of course advertising on their TV programs, in-stadium and on the team’s official website.

This explains why the team has cracked down on tailgating parties around the stadium, forbidding live entertainment and large groups that believed they were conforming to tailgating and licensing rules and regulations.

It also explains why the Ravens view RussellStreetReport.com as competitors – it is at least in part why we were forced to change our name from Ravens24x7.com.

And just as we do at RSR, the Ravens sales staff is continually looking to find new customers who can benefit from their reach and the audience they attract.

But as a business owner, there are boundaries that we adhere to for the benefit of our current customers. With no intended disrespect to these establishments, we don’t entertain doing businesses with bail bond companies and gentlemen’s clubs despite the interest to do so on their end, because we believe doing so is a potential disservice to our current customers.

It’s difficult to decline business but sometimes it’s the prudent thing to do. The old cliché, “Penny wise and pound foolish” comes to mind for those who might cave into the temptation to accept unconventional revenue streams.

Apparently the Baltimore Ravens have caved in to such temptations.

According to the Washington Examiner, despite the league’s refusal to promote Obamacare, the Ravens have accepted a $130,000 contract to do exactly that. The contract calls for the Ravens to market Obamacare vis-à-vis an ad program with the State of Maryland’s Obamacare exchange known as Maryland Health Connection. The Ravens will use their TV, radio, web and social media platforms to deliver the exchange’s message.

Here’s the Ravens’ official press release on the topic:

“We have a sponsorship/advertising agreement with the Maryland Health Connection, a Maryland state agency charged with creating a health insurance marketplace in Maryland. Under its agreement with the Ravens, Maryland Health Connection will have radio ads during our game broadcasts and other Ravens-related radio and television shows, plus have exposure on Raven digital media properties and some stadium signage for two games. The advertising package with the Maryland Heath Connection is comparable to many other sponsorship agreements the Ravens have sold, including ones with the Maryland Lottery and the Maryland National Guard, as well as corporations like Giant Foods and Verizon.”

Fans are not responding well. They look to the Ravens and the NFL as an escape from the daily pressures of life – one of which happens to be a very controversial program, Obamacare. Now for $130,000 the Ravens are waving what is for many an unpleasant reminder of an unpopular program that many believe is being jammed down their throats.

For $130,000 the Ravens may have jeopardized the loyalty of the fans. They’ve also made it more challenging to expand their reach beyond the boundaries that loosely bind them.

Here are a couple of posts from our Facebook page after a post that had NOTHING to do with the topic, yet fans felt compelled to vent their frustrations.


  • After Ravens agreed to take taxpayer money from Obama to promote his train wreck insurance- I am now a woman without a team. How sad. And how despicable for my sports outlet to get political. Shameful! ~ Daniella Ceccarelli Toomey
  • No likes from me..not after they are getting paid with our tax dollars to support Obamacare…I may have to start watching the Steelers. ~ Sandy Rutkowski Comegys
(Unfortunately for Sandy, the Steelers have come forward to support Obamacare in their own way, hosting a workshop at Heinz Field for folks to sign up.)

There will undoubtedly be more backlash from what the Ravens hope will ultimately be the vocal minority. Winning may also help to mask this temporary lapse of reasoning.

But if they continue with their losing ways this season and if the citizens grow more disenchanted with Obamacare, this might prove to be one of the worst ad campaigns the Ravens have ever accepted.

And that’s a shame for a Super Bowl Champion that started to scale that slippery slope.

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77 Raves on “Ravens Make Costly Blunder?

  1. KeepItOnPoint on said:

    Really? Come on man. Comparing a government program to bail bonds companies and strip clubs?!? Seriously?
    It’s a law. It was deemed constitutional by a conservative Supreme Court. Get over it.
    Quit listening to all the hype and get on with your life.

    • brstevens on said:

      Just because it’s a law and constitutional doesn’t mean the majority of people like it. It just means it’s the law and constitutional.

    • Art Vanderlay on said:

      Obamacare is much more sleazy than Strip clubs or bail bondsmen. It was built on lies from its name sake. “Like your Doctor, you can keep him” Like your plan you can keep it” Passed with no Republican votes. I guess the powers to be in the Peoples republic of Maryland thought this was a no brainer. Football is my escape from the loss of personal liberties that we use to enjoy in this country. I love the Ravens and that wont stop, but keep the politics away from my team!!!

      • Grey on said:

        Just STFU man, and go to your Tea Party meeting with the rest of the reality challenged. Oh, I forgot..you infringed on my personal freedoms by posting this tripe. Go Ravens!

        • Nathan on said:

          Maybe you should educate yourself about the goings on in Washington like most Tea Party members have instead of swallowing the load from the pres and his yes men about this socialized healthcare plan that costs more than we can afford and doesn’t work to do anything that it was touted for being able to do.

    • Anonymous on said:

      It is an illegal act by an illegal criminal put in power. It will kill people. And is hurting jobs and families. I will no longer watch ravens. I loved them once

      • james on said:

        really it will kill people?? im not all for it but to say forcing people to have health care will kill them is sort of an oxymoron isn’t it?? and if this is what stops you from being a fan then you were never a real fan in the first place!!

      • Grey on said:

        Overdramatize much? There are flaws in any large policy legislation, but it will “kill people”? Sorry you can’t watch the Ravens bro, but I’m sure Rupert Murdoch will keep you entertained.

    • Anonymous on said:

      Its the law? Wow ok remember slavery was law at one time. Women couldn’t vote. You could buy guns in MD and NY at one time. Not all laws are good…..

      • Anon #2 Former Ravens Fan on said:

        WORD !!!! That was the BEST Reply yet and I agree. Not all Laws are good and many are just bad. It took a War to end Slavery and it might take one to end obama care.

    • Sad Raven Fad on said:

      Abortion is the Law. Would it be appropriate for the Ravens to promote Abortion? Of course not!
      The NFL refused to participate for a reason…they get it! You never promote anything POLITICAL!!

    • Rumor Ray on said:

      I guess you all did not READ the post? Tony NEVER compared the Law to bail bonds and / or strip clubs, if you read the post he is explaining that he has not accepted them as ad partners as it shines a poor light on the site. I would agree that a strip club on this site would not lend well to Family Friendly. I also agree that the Ravens made a mistake agreeing to this campaign. The NFL stood clear of the issue and I wished our Ravens did too.

      I would also agree with a poster that pointed out below that slavery was also a Law. It was a bad law and took a war to resolve.

  2. spy and jim from dundalk on said:

    My brother and I totally agree on this one,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,we realize it’s all about the dollars but at what cost,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,and yes Tony , there are two of us , not three but two,,,,,,,,,,,,,,that use the same computer because we can’t afford multiple devices , we happen to be rather poor and use the limited dollars we have in other areas,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,I know you got a laugh at our expense in a previous article where we both posted , that’s OK , we can live with this,,,,,,,,,,,,In case you didn’t read our response , we do not know who ‘jimmy from dundalk’ is as we are ‘jim from dundalk’ and ‘spy’ , no jimmy’s are used,,,,,please check your review of our IP as we believe you have made an error,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,If one of us have ever used jimmy from dundalk , it was in error as I only have one brother,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,thanks for your time………………….

  3. Robert Paulson on said:

    Seriously? The Affordable Care Act is already the law. The Ravens are agreeing to help promote a website that will help Marylanders comply with that law. It’s equivalent to promoting a website that explains the changes to Maryland’s traffic laws. You could use your platform to help people understand the difference, instead of using it further people’s confusion

    • Rumor Ray on said:

      I will support Russell Street Report and yes this is news worthy. If it was not then this one post would not have this may replies. Truth is for the Ravens to take a stance on a political issue is a bad PR move and this site was pointing that out. Most people have never read the Health Care Act and they have no idea what is in it. Read the law and understand it before you accept everything your told. Both sides lie about the law, however the truth is that it is a bad law that should never had been approved as written. Read the 906 pages http://www.gpo.gov/fdsys/pkg/PLAW-111publ148/pdf/PLAW-111publ148.pdf

  4. Kim on said:

    You can probably stop saying “Obamacare” and start referring to the LAW as the Affordable Care Act. It’s the law and it’s going to help millions of poor, impoverished, uninsured families (many of whom love the game of football) get healthcare so they don’t die of preventable diseases.

      • Grey on said:

        I hate getting off Ravens talk here, but really? Even if you totally disagree with it…Illegal act? Passed by congress, and upheld by the supreme court? Uh yeah….I can see how that would look totally illegal.

    • Anonymous on said:

      Kim- you sure bought the lie ! Really? Have you tried to sign on? Have you heard from families that went from paying $400/month to $1200?? Socialism does not work! Wait until YOU need a kidney and you have to be on a waiting list that goes beyond your time on this earth. This is freakin serious and the RAVENS have crossed the line. Have you no principles !!???

  5. dave on said:

    “This explains why the team has cracked down on tailgating parties around the stadium…” ? ? What explains why the team has cracked down on tailgating parties?

  6. J Crow on said:

    Or maybe Steve Bisciotti is just crazy enough to believe that no one should have to go bankrupt because they got sick, or die just because they can’t afford private insurance. I say kudos for supporting a bill that will help and save the lives of good people from West Baltimore and all over the country who maybe can’t afford to buy season or even single game tickets, or NFL merch or subscribe to the Ticket, and to do so at the expense of the support of a certain wealthy faction of their fanbase. As a Ravens fan, I am honestly as proud of their support of ACA as I am of the Superbowl rings. Obama has made a lot of mistakes and overseen some terrible acts in his tenure as president but accessible and affordable healthcare for everybody is one thing that he got right.

    • TheChuck on said:

      Obamacare is not going to prevent people from going bankrupt. People are still going to buy insurance that will hardly cover anything.

      What really need is Universal Healthcare.

      • Paul on said:

        Obtaining healthcare is an individual responsibility. Nobody is turned away from an emergency room. Medicaid is available for the needy.

    • KP on said:

      Last I heard, ERs are obligated to provide treatment for anyone who walks through their doors. IMO, taking a pittance to promote something that is clearly unsustainable is a bad PR move.

  7. J Crow on said:

    I just want to explicitly state what I implied in my earlier post: The Ravens’ support of ACA was obviously a moral and ethical decision, not a financial one. 130 grand is hardly even a drop in the bucket for this team! What is that, like about one-fiftieth of the gate for an average reg. season home game? This decision was made despite financial considerations, not because of them. Bisciotti knew perfectly well that there would likely be sustained revenue repercussions from this partnership and did it anyway. And good for him. Go Ravens.

  8. wayne on said:

    I am always gonna be a ravens fan but come on now OK its BS about the obanacare insurance but we r talking about our Baltimore ravens now

  9. Ravcolt on said:

    Whether one agrees with the law or not, there is a reason the NFL declined to promote it. It alienates half or more of your audience. And the NFL has a large audience. Why encourage people to fling arrows at such a large target? The cost-benefit is not worth it. This is not like promoting a cure for cancer or joining the Peace Corps. Taking money for this was certainly dumb, but the decision to promote it, especially over the NFL’s decision, is dumber. Bisciotti may have been smart leaving his Maryland residence for Florida, but this decision is a big head-scratcher.

  10. Grey on said:

    Stop imposing your own politics on the situation. The ACA is not hurting anyone, if you would stop watching Faux News for 10 minutes, and look at the real numbers. Not the misinformation spouted by the propaganda media outlet of the GOP. Your take is totally wrong…so keep it to yourself.

    • Art Vanderlay on said:

      Real numbers? Cant get any from Obama. Obamacare has lead to a part-time employment country. Hasnt hurt anyone? Tell that to all the people that are being kicked off their insurance plan they were promised they could keep.

      • Ed in Vegas on said:

        Oh please – Since you’re such a numbers junkie, how many people have been kicked off their insurance plan? How many people have died because of the PPACA like you people keep claiming?

        People kicked off their plans? You mean the free market at work. People getting kicked off their plans are only doing so because their provider is no longer offering them, and the vast majority of those are specifically because they don’t meet minimum standards.

        Justify your outlandish claims or stop making them. For the ones that are true, (People getting kicked off their insurance plan) why don’t you provide some context, namely that the bulk of those people can no longer find their plan because it did not provide comprehensive coverage.

        • Art Vanderlay on said:

          Its been in every major newspaper in the country In Maryland, DC, and Virgina alone carefirst booted 76,000 off their plan alone. Why because of all the regulations in Obamacare. Florida Blue another healthcare provider did the same. I think before you challange what someone points out you should do a little investigating yourself

  11. Ashton VSG on said:

    Tony – you are 100% correct and the reactions to your post are proof of that. It is irrelevant whether the Affordable Care Act is the law of the land or is the greatest thing since the sliced bread. This is about alienating a significant part of your fanbase for no good reason. That is ALWAYS bad business. Rush Limbaugh gets 20 million listeners each week. Was it smart of ESPN to hire him? No, it was a bad business decision because he alienates people. BTW, it was also a bad business decsion to bring back Keith Olbermann for the same reason. If want to be succesfull in business, you don’t alienate you customers. What is so hard to understand about that?

    • Ed in Vegas on said:

      Ashton, encouraging people to get health insurance is not taking sides in a political debate. If people can’t let go of their preconceptions about the PPACA and instead choose to wrongfully demonize it, well such is life.

      I seriously doubt Steve Biscotti needs lectures from anyone on these forums about how he should or shouldn’t run his business. Obviously he feels strongly enough about people being insured and the law that he feels the risk outweighs any potential fan losses regarding it.

      • Ashton VSG on said:

        You have obviously missed my point.

        First, read my post again. It says NOTHING about taking political sides. It talks about making decisions that alienate a significant part of your clients. That is bad business. You are obviously a supporter of the ACA. That is fan-damn-tastic but it is irrelevant to the issue being discussed.

        Second, you think Biscotti is doing this because he cares? Oh, please. He is just a typically arrogant NFL owner – he will do whatever he wants and doesn’t really care what his fans think. Pro football is the greatest game in the world and the NFL is a money making machine, but that doesn’t stop the owners from trying to destroy it. These are the same clowns that gave us PSLs, a team in Jacksonville, Super Bowls in New Jersey, over-leveraged stadium deals, and, if they get their way, 18 game schedules and more games in London. You think that Biscotti is different? Complete nonsense – he is a member of the club.

        Biscotti doesn’t need a lecture? Like hell he doesn’t. It is the height of arrogance for him to wade in any health issue given the sorry state of the NFL’s treatment of health issue relating to their own players. It took the threat of litigation for the owners to start taking an interest in the concussion issue. Where was Biscotti on that? What do you think the toll will be on the player’s health if the NFL expands to an 18 game schedule? Does Biscotti care about that? If Biscotti wants to “care” about health issues, how about “caring” about the suffering of former NFL players who put their bodies and heath on the line for my entertainment and his pocketbook? How about stop penny pinching the former players health care fund and start making real financial contributions. But they can’t do that – they need that money to pay the debt on their Taj Mahal like stadium palaces. Yeah, Biscotti cares. That is priceless!

  12. Conscience... on said:

    Obviously the owner thought the message was more important. The few who are alienated to the point they don’t buy tickets, or Ravens gear will apparently not affect Bisciotti.

  13. Evan on said:

    I’m personally very proud of Mr. Biscotti. The ACA holds little if any benefit for him, and this decision will likely cost the Ravens fans. Nonetheless, he took a miniscule (when compared to his personal wealth) amount of money to publicly support the law and help fight the misinformation about it. It’s awesome to know that we have such a conscientious owner.

  14. Ravcolt on said:

    This was a purely political decision by the Ravens. What is wrong with TL stating that the decision is “jeopardizing the loyalty of the fans,” and then showing examples of such? What’s the propaganda?

  15. Ravcolt on said:

    And the fact that the Ravens took taxpayer dollars to promote it makes the decision even more questionable.
    If this isn’t newsworthy not sure what is.

  16. JerryB on said:

    As I have opined elsewhere on this subject, it’s said that, “politics make strange bedfellows” and the Ravens may regret having to lie in this political bed! Hopefully, they will learn from the “fallout” over this decision to steer clear of politics in the future, particularly when the legislation is as controversial as this!

  17. Bruce Romo on said:

    One could react to your editorial in the same vein as Ms Toomey and Comegys — and pick a new blog; but why do that — your page, your opinion ( and, predictably, your perspective differs from Mike Florio on the topic); besides Ken McKusick’s Film Study articles rule!

    {If people are more informed over their options regarding the Affordable Healthcare Act because they saw some info-ad via the Ravens website, so what? I suppose you prefer advertising revenue from the Maryland Lottery, that Papa John tool, and the Chick Fillet Cows — well all those entities carry political baggage with them, too — just not the kind that may offend YOU}}

  18. lobachevsky on said:

    Someone tell me what is wrong with trying to inform people of their options–or simply to let people know they have options & encourage them to check them out–under a program that is the law of the land. There is nothing “political” about that.

    The only “political” part of this is that political opponents of the Obama Administration are doing their damnedest to scare people away from exploring those options, telling horror stories that are at best inapplicable and at worst outright lies, in hopes of keeping a large enough fraction of the population from even taking a look. Their allies in Congress have consistently blocked funding for anything that would contradict this right-wing BS (& in fact are complicit in shortchanging the website in hopes it would result in the very problems now being seen).

    IMO the Ravens are performing a valuable public service (for a price which might not even cover their expenses) in helping their fans understand that they have options under the ACA. Hopefully some of them will check them out–and I confidently predict that nearly all who do will be pleasantly surprised when they find that because of the ACA they can save money on health insurance and quite probably end up with better insurance.

    Which is precisely why the screaming heads don’t want them to even look.

    Why don’t you vociferous opponents of “Obamacare” just have a look? What’s it going to cost you to check out your options? If the website is a hassle, give it a few weeks for things to shake out–you have until mid-December to sign up for insurance that starts January 1.

    What I want to know is what you’re going to think when you find out (as the vast majority of you will) that “Obamacare” is going to benefit you & your family?

    • JerryB on said:

      Obamacare is going to benefit me and my family? Really? I’ve already lost the plan that I had for 40 years and really liked, evidence of just one of the many lies that were told to “sell” this plan, which by the way, was passed behind closed doors and enacted before anyone had read it! They can’t even get the “rollout” right and you think this is going to be a beneficial plan? All, you need to know about this nightmare is that the very legislators who voted for it, have opted……out of it!!!! Must be a damned good plan, right? C’mon, man!

  19. JPP on said:

    Nice article Tony. I agree with your points and thought you presented your view in a non-partisan manner. I come here to discuss football with other fans regardless of any other personal beliefs. We can be any race, religion, or political affiliation on here and it does not matter. The Ravens would be wise to exercise caution when jumping into the controversy of politics.

  20. Mista T on said:

    Good for you, Tony, for addressing the elephant in the room: the NFL, and now the Ravens in particular, should keep their noses out of politics. When the Ravens make some dumbass supportive statement on the stadium video boards, I will, for the first time in 16 seasons of loyal support, be joining the 1000′s of other patrons in a chorus of boos.

    Whether or not a Ravens fan supports socialized medicine, it has absolutely nothing to do with the Ravens.

    Shame on Steve Bisciotti!

  21. Scott on said:

    The answer to the headline is “No.” The little drama on this sponsorship originates from a fringe right wing organization called Judicial Watch, which was then pushed by Drudge and FOX News based on bogus claims. They claim that the Ravens were bullied into accepting the deal by O’Malley against the NFL’s wishes. In fact, Goodell said that teams were welcome to sign their own deals with the NFL’s support (and, as you noted, the Steelers are doing something similar on their own). Sorry to disappoint, but there’s really no story here. Bisciotti is a billionaire Republican, not some Occupy Wall Street hipster radical. He’s not doing this as a political favor for the Democratic president or the governor. I suppose, by the the logic of those upset about this, opponents of the Iraq War could have been angered by the Ravens’ sponsorship with the Maryland National Guard because of their involvement in the war, and the use of taxpayers’ money, but that would have been just as moronic as the whining about this Maryland Health Exchange sponsorship. The Maryland National Guard sponsorship had nothing to do with foreign policy or politics, and this doesn’t either. And the notion of quitting on the team over this as some commenters here claim is overwrought nuttiness. We all see ads on television from politicians and products we don’t like, but it’s not a rational remedy to throw the TV in the garbage, right? So why would you toss the Ravens on the curb?

    Do some reading from non-right wing sources. The Affordable Care Act is a private health insurance exchange. It is not a government run program (that’s Medicare and Medicaid) because the effort to include a government insurance program — the public option — never had the votes or support from the White House. It is based on Romney Care, which was based on a white paper put together by the conservative Heritage Foundation. But if you want to listen to scary stuff from Sarah Palin, Michelle Bachmann and Glenn Beck, knock yourself out. Just leave some gold for the rest of us.

    • Fran the Fan on said:

      Thanks, Scott.

      As a blogger for this site and an individual who, like 800,000 other federal employees have been, and continue to be, used as ploys in this little political comedy, I say “Well Said.”

      The level of misinformation, slanted reporting, and outright lies concerning the PACA is breathtaking. Your last paragraph says it all. I could write more, but this is a sports fan’s site and so I’ll keep the politics out while I continue to support both this web site and the Ravens.

  22. Tony Lombardi on said:

    The point here isn’t to take a stance or to educate on Obamacare. The point IS to question the negative implications that a political decision can have on a business and how it flies in the face of a team’s effort to grow its brand.

    My feelings on Obamacare are irrelevant. Had I claimed a position I could understand the backlash and support. As a fan of the team I wish they hadn’t cast their line into this sea of controversy. Sorry to all who don’t think this is relative to the Ravens. I respectfully disagree.

  23. RON on said:

    1st ravens should stay out of it and 2nd so should this site
    but would some one explain to me how this program any good the poor have to paymore for the one who had insurance lost theres
    for instance the company i work for cancel there policey now we have to pay our own no raises to cover it and we have to pay tax on it

  24. JimZipCode on said:

    Stupidest blog post ever. Take a non-story, and politicize it, and then accuse the team of politicizing it. Example of the worst aspects of new media. I expect better from Ravens 24×7, I mean RSR.

    • Tony LombardiTony Lombardi on said:

      Talk about twisting things to make a point. Nowhere does it say that the Ravens are making this political nor did I. It simply asks if promoting a volatile program will inhibit the team’s ability to expand its fan base.

      Ignorant comment really, I mean stupid.

  25. hard to be a Ravens fan in Tennessee on said:

    I keep seeing people post stuff like “it’s the law” the supreme court ruled it as a tax hence forth why the IRS is heading it up the govt. can NOT make us buy something we don’t want America is a free market and to the people that say oh you’re not going to lose your insurance think again several companies have stated it’s cheaper for them to pay the fines then pay for company insurance. and some people were getting offended because it’s being called Obamacare during the presidential debates when Romney referred to it as Obamacare Obama didn’t care and said he actually liked it so don’t get all pissy about it. And I seen people posting that the Civil War was fought because of slavery No it wasn’t it was fought over State Rights slavery didn’t become an issue until 1863 when Lincoln signed the emancipation procolamation 2yrs after the Civil War had started. the second amendment is LAW but yet Feinstien and other libtards are trying to change it. and who gives a rat @$$ what Tony Lombardi post it’s his site and he can post whatever he wants and who says it doesn’t have anything to do football he speaks about the NFL and the Baltimore Ravens and don’t both of those scream football I think so. and maybe the reason they’re cracking down on tailgating has to do with our right of assembly (I know a little far fetched) but it could be. Stop drinking the Kool-Aid and start thinking for yourself. and before you start calling me a tea party conservative I am neither Republican nor democrap I AM AN AMERICAN AND I WANT MY COUNTRY BACK

  26. bwr on said:

    One party state…. politics driven by ONE party……. wrong party but, O’Mally speaks and business owners listen. Very Stupid move. Time to re locate away from “the Free?????? state. Ha

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