Ravens Make it Official, Hire Engram

Engram Pitt

The Ravens filled the final remaining opening on their coaching staff Tuesday with another young, up-and-coming coach from the college level.

A week after hiring Thomas Hammock from Wisconsin to be their running backs coach, they hired Bobby Engram as their wide receivers coach Tuesday.

Engram played 14 seasons as a wide receiver in the NFL and was the wide receivers coach at Pittsburgh the last two years.

Engram began his coaching career in 2011 as an offensive assistant with the San Francisco 49ers under Ravens coach John Harbaugh’s brother, Jim.

“When you combine Bobby’s NFL pedigree as a player and his coaching experience, you see why we’re excited to add him to our staff,” Harbaugh said in a statement. “He comes highly recommended. He did an outstanding job at San Francisco and Pitt, and he’s an impressive person. He’ll help our receivers and our offense become better.”

Engram, 41, replaces Jim Hostler, who had been Baltimore’s receivers coach since Harbaugh was hired in 2008.

Hostler left the Ravens’ staff in January to become a senior offensive assistant with the Buffalo Bills after Baltimore decided not to promote him to offensive coordinator.

However, in Engram, the Ravens get a former productive NFL receiver and a coach who Pittsburgh’s receivers did well under in both 2012 and 2013.

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11 Raves on “Ravens Make it Official, Hire Engram

  1. Frank on said:

    What a Bad bad bad signing… someone explain how in the hell can torrey /marlon and whoever will come in benefit from a guy like ENGRAM… #1 hes clueless on wwhat it takes to be a WR if he knew he would have been half decent while playing the game
    #2,,, why go after someone that hasent had the experience

    another one of harbaughs mistakes….

    • smitty on said:

      I honestly dont see how Marlon / Torrey and other receiver can’t benefit from Engram whom had 1,000 + receiving yards with 6 touch downs not too long ago before he retired. Engram was a solid receiver in the nfl and what do you mean when you say he hasn’t had experience? He was receiver coach in college and was a offensive assistant in the nfl.

      I think he has enough experience to be a good receiver coach for The Ravens and its even better that he knows about the west coast offense because he played in it during his career in the nfl.

  2. RavenRob on said:


    Pardon my French, sir, but you are a tool. No one has a 14 year career in the NFL not knowing what he is doing (except, perhaps, Jerry Jones). Bobby Engram made the most of every bit of talent he had, combined it with knowledge gained from experience, and kept himself in a league in which a new, younger, cheaper, faster, and maybe more talented crop of wide receivers come every year looking to steal jobs from veterans. Engram will teach Torrey how to beat press coverage, an area he struggled in last year. He’ll teach Marlon Brown to run crisper routes. He’ll get the chance to work with whoever the Ravens might draft. Bobby Engram may not have had the flashiest career, but he was a productive wideout who knew how to get open, secure the ball, and make first downs.

    • Frank on said:

      ull come back at the end of the 2014 season and tell me i was right…. HORRIBLE SIGNING… this guy is CLUELESS… you speak about top 1000 WR to ever play the game and NOPE you wont see his name… just a sad day to be a ravens fan

      • Tony LombardiTony Lombardi on said:

        Frank did you know that the great Kippy Brown is the wide receivers coach for the World Champion Seattle Seahawks?

        He never played in the pros and in college he was Memphis State’s quarterback from 1974-77.

        • frank on said:

          and now you’re going to tell me the WR on the Seahawks are any good? there is a lot of better coaches that have a better resume and a lot more experience then ENGRAM… our WR’s are weak… don’t think hes going to teach them much

          • Tony LombardiTony Lombardi on said:

            Frank the point is that Seattle won a SB with a not-so-household name as their WR coach. I don’t think SB’s are won or lost solely on the capabilities of a WR coach. You’re painting a picture of gloom and doom because the Ravens hired Bobby Engram?

  3. Cheri on said:

    Frank did this guy pee in your cereal or something? it seems personal. At first I did agree with you that I wanted the Ravens to hire an NFL exp.coach or at the very least someone like D.Mason but to say this guy knows nothing about WR play you must not have been watching football very long.This guy managed to play in the league for like 13 years with marginal talent and produce some very good numbers for his skill set.He was praised to always find a way to get open and run crisp routes something the Ravens wide outs lacked to do..He is a former WIDE RECEIVER not a RB who is making a move to WR’s coach. He did a very good Job at U.Pitt

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