Ravens’ salary cap issues frustrate fans


Frustrated as a Ravens fan?

I am.

There are many great qualities to the Baltimore Ravens organization. Sometimes we as fans take certain things for granted. You look at all of the success this team has had over the last 14 years and you become in awe of what you have seen. They are truly one of the best teams in professional sports.

But one area where I do have a problem with the Ravens organization is their management of the salary cap. Many times over the last several years the Ravens have had contract negotiations with a lot of stars on the team from Ray Lewis to Terrell Suggs to Haloti Ngata to Ray Rice to Joe Flacco now. Never once it seems have the Ravens gone and made a deal that would be a year earlier so they don’t have to sweat it out. Every contract has gone this way it seems.

Whether the contract is up or it is one year away from being up, the Ravens always put themselves in this position. Now, it has been two weeks since the Ravens won Super Bowl and the front office knows what is in front of them. They know Flacco is the future of this team. They know other players need to be dealt with too. So what is taking so long? They know better than me, but it just feels like there are better ways to go about this. That’s my issue.

Tight End Dennis Pitta has one year left on his contract. He will most likely sign the one-year tender. But if possible, don’t you think the Ravens should re-sign him long term before he asks for more money next season? Even if it is a $4 million per year, it’s a worth it. Some Raven fans have debated whether or not he is worth that I think he is. Pitta was among the league leaders in TD’s and catches among tight ends last year.

Maybe with the new CBA that is likely to show increase in the cap in 2015 the Ravens won’t have to deal with this anymore.

More likely though, they’ll keep spending and butting their heads against the ceiling year after year.

The Ravens put themselves in this situation. Time is not on their side so they better find a way to come out of this predicament.

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12 Raves on “Ravens’ salary cap issues frustrate fans

  1. ??? on said:

    What are you asking them to do? You’re implying that the Ravens should sign a deal that would clearly not be in their favor rather than letting a player play out the last year of a deal?

    If I said to you last off-season that the Ravens should sign Kruger to an 8 million a year extension, you would call me insane – and there isn’t much room for debate there. Cary Williams turned down a deal that would’ve paid him 5 million a year, now he is looking at much more, it wasn’t in his favor then, so why would he? Your argument is illogical.

    Waiting until contracts expire puts both parties in a much better position to get the most possible value, or do you REALLY think that Jets fans think its a good thing that Sanchez is locked up for the next few years and not currently negotiating a contract?

    • Smoke on said:

      Sorry I just think paying QB all that money takes away from the team. You make the QB happy, but his OL is gone, receivers gone and defense suffers. I bet if you look at stats at teams with QB that get big deals- they are not winning Super Bowls- talent becomes too thin

      • Bill on said:

        The past 10 Super Bowl champions have had very good to great QBs. The QBs are Flacco, E. Manning, Rodgers, Brees, Roethlisberger, P. Manning and Brady. You cannot win without a very good QB. End of story.

      • Greg on said:

        Flacco is worth more than every single free agent that could possibly leave our team this year. End of story.

        Let me use an analogy. The Patriots have only 7 guys from the 2007 perfect season. Brady being one. yet they have been in the super bowl in 2011, and the AFC title game in 2012.

        So…at the end of the day, how vital were those ancillary pieces vs. how vital was Brady to that sustained success?

        Exactly, the QB IS worth all that money. We have waited 15 years to have this kind of first world problem and now we do

  2. Wola Odeniran on said:

    I wouldn’t compare Flacco to Sanchez and while there are some cases that it is good to let the contract play out, that isn’t always the route that teams should go to. Players are known to be more expensive when they play well in the final years of their contracts.

    I have also been on the record saying before that Kruger should walk.
    Cary Williams is not on my list to return either.

    My main point is the Ravens have put themselves in this situation every off season since 2006. If it happens for a few years fine. But this is a long term problem that needs fixing. The Ravens have been playing with fire for a while now, they have just been lucky to not get burned too much. All in all they have done a great job. But they need to fix the cap.

  3. Josh on said:

    When you draft well and are perennially successful, your team will always be up against the cap. Good players will eventually have to get paid big on their second contracts, i.e. Suggs, Ngata, Rice, and, now, Flacco. That is simply the nature of the beast. Look at a team like Tampa Bay. Every year they are well under the cap, and never compete for anything. Like always, I expect the front office to figure out this year’s cap “issues,” and put forth a competitive team next season.

    • Greg on said:

      Brady makes $18 million a year. How is that cut down?

      You guys do know that restructuring is always a good thing for the player right? its not some act of charity. It means they get their salary earlier in a signing bonus as gauranteed money, which is better than waiting until a future year to get it.

  4. Greg on said:

    What you dont understand is that signing a guy to a lower contract early can lead to the player being dissatisfied with his salary later.

    I read somewhere that the Eagles have a track record of signing guys before they have to and the players later became disgruntled when they had an even better next season.

    How happy do you think Rodgers is with $11M a year? Not happy at all. The only difference is that he knows he will get $20M a year in 2014 and is professional enough to deal with it whereas other positions don’t have that longevity like running backs who need their 2nd contract to be big, because a 3rd one is unlikely.

    You want to pay a player what they’re worth, not try to get ‘em early for cheaper and have them become pissed off later.

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