Ravens sign defensive lineman Chris Canty


The Baltimore Ravens have signed free agent defensive lineman Chris Canty. Canty broke the news himself on his Twitter/instagram account.

Canty tweeted a picture of his signed contract just moments after inking the deal, which was reportedly a 3-year $8 million one, according to Jason LaCanfora.

Canty – known for his wild-looking facemask (left) – is a 30-year-old entering his ninth year in the NFL. He spent 2005-2009 with the Dallas Cowboys, where he started every game for the ‘Boys from 06-08.

In 2009, Canty signed a six-year $42 million contract with the New York Giants. He started every game in 2010 and 2011 before playing in only nine games this past season due to starting the season on the PUP list after offseason knee surgery.

In his career, Canty has racked up 19 sacks and 12 pass defenses. The former Virginia Cavalier was having a good game against the Ravens in Baltimore on December 23 before leaving with an MCL injury.


Canty can play tackle or end. According to Jamison Hensley and Jeff Zrebiec, the Ravens see him as a replacement for Cory Redding’s role from a couple years back.

Ozzie Newsome said that the Ravens wanted to improve the middle of the defense. Though they lost Dannell Ellerbe to Miami earlier today, the middle of the Baltimore “D” just got better.

Right player, right price.

Maybe overreacting Ravens fans will now take a breath, since the team has gained – instead of lost – a player?


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16 Raves on “Ravens sign defensive lineman Chris Canty

  1. John on said:

    Ok cool sign …… but lets all face it ;the Superbowl win was worth it, but the Ravens will suck for the next two years , no question about it, so get ready for some sad time in old Baltimore come Sept. I say after next year Suggs and Nata are gone too, if they don’t play well.

    • Jay on said:

      Really? Suck for 2 years? Why? Boldin was a loss, but was only going to be wit us for next season. Kruger we knew was going to be overpaid and Ellerbe, while good is nowhere near worth $35M.

      Take a deep breath dude… we’ll be okay

  2. Nick on said:

    I don’t believe Canty has ever played NT in a 3-4, but you never know. Anything has to be better than Cody. I do like him in the DE rotation though, and would love to see Ngata at nose and McPhee/Canty at DE on passing downs. I’m hoping the Ravens grab Aubrayo Franklin or Sione Pouha for the NT position and draft a guy.

    • Derek ArnoldDerek Arnold on said:

      I’ve seen some say that he’s a five technique. According to Zrebiec and Jamison, he can fill the Redding role. So more of a replacement for Redding – which they apparently didn’t feel they really had – then a nose tackle, yes. Sorry about that. Will fix it.

    • Fernando on said:

      That would def help. We need as much DL help in free agency as possible, but the draft is also loaded (according to people who analyse prospects). But MLB is now a desperate need…

  3. ravensean509@gmail.com on said:

    gotta love the cash involved. Kruger 5yrs-40million, ellerbe, 5yrs-35mil. Canty 3yrs-8million. Right player, right price. BTW, I’m not sure if ellerbe is actually better than Karlos Dansby. Just goes to show you how free agency works. He was a major signing a few years back…………..same as bart scott. It’s overvaluing a player and setting them up to fail. It will be very hard for either kruger or ellerbe to live up to the money although i wish them both the best.

  4. Dan on said:

    With Boldin out the picture now I believe we should go after that WO from West Virginia and plus he’s a local boy from Dunbar high school. Plus he ran the 40 in I think 4.3 which isreal quick. I def think he would be a good fit here in bmore..

  5. eric b on said:

    remember the kid we drafted 17 yrs. ago. he started as a rookie and the rest was history. Maybe we find one another one in the draft. ellerby had the chance to replace “the man” and he took the money and ran. Let’s be patient and let the Oz do his thing! we’ll be OK!

  6. Ravenwoman on said:

    In watching all of the media outlets criticize Ozzie Newsome over the past 48 hours for not landing Kruger and Ellerbe and trading Anquan Boltin is just rediculous to me. Our roster is not going to be set in the next 2 days. In particular, the Norris and Davis show states repeatedly that we don’t have a left tackle, a safety, linebackers, etc., etc. We still have the draft. Then we sign undrafted free agents. Then we sign other free agents who weren’t signed in the first two weeks. Then there are the released players from other teams. We literally have until the middle of August to set the team. I guarantee the Ravens will field a full 53 players, so let up on Oz!

    If you ever notice, the biggest spenders in free agency ultimately end up being the biggest losers as well. What has Cleveland done in the last 49 years? What has Miami done since 1972? Look at the true football powerhouses and they aren’t signing anybody with a big contract number other than their own franchise QBs.


  7. Rumor Ray on said:

    Honestly I would have taken the money and ran as well. Who wants to TRY to Replace 52? Really would anyone want to be the guy that has to try to do that in Baltimore?

    Welcome to the Ravens Canty!

  8. Seymore Butts on said:

    I’m still steaming about that Flacco contract, but as of right now, all I want to know, its what is our cap space RIGHT NOW?

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